No. Date of Deceased Name Sex/Color Marital Age Place of Cause of Death Birth Place Occupation Name(s) of Person(s) Residence Date
Death Status Yr/Mon/Day Death if >30yrs age Reporting Recorded
228 12/17/73 Mary E. Olds F/White Single 6y/5m Vernon Diptheria Michigan Mortimer M. Olds Vernon 05/14/74
Francis A. Olds Michigan
229 04/22/73 Elam Robbins M/White Single 11d Vernon Erysipelas Michigan Elam Robbins Vernon 05/14/74
Sarah Robbins Michigan
230 11/30/73 Rebecca Fishley? F/White Married 26y Ohio Consumption Ohio Farmer's Not Known Ohio 05/14/74
231 06/15/73 Francis McKevor M/White Single 11y/9m/4d Vernon Meningitis of Michigan Shingle Peter McKevor Vernon 05/14/74
the spine maker Margaret McKevor Michigan
232 10/12/73 Thomas McKevor M/White Single 11m/9d Vernon Congestion of Michigan Peter McKevor Vernon 05/14/74
the Liver Margaret McKevor Michigan
233 08/18/73 Edgar H. Wing M/White Single 11y/2m Clare Obstruction of Michigan Lanson Wing Vernon 05/14/74
Village Bowels Anne Wing Michigan
234 11/12/73 Catharine Baker F/White Single 16y/8m Vernon Malarial Fever Canada John Baker Vernon 05/14/74
Sarah Baker Michigan
235 07/22/73 Mary Horning F/White Married 55y/11m Vernon Consumption New York Farmer's Unknown Unknown 05/14/74
236 09/10/73 Elijah Price M/Indian Single 1y Isabella Fits Michigan William Price Isabella 05/15/74
Charlotte Price Michigan
237 04/25/73 Naw-we-cum-go-be-quay F/Indian Single 2m Isabella Unknown Michigan Joseph Wa-be-ge-zhick Isabella 05/15/74
Sarah Wa-be-ge-zhick Michigan
238 06/08/73 Moses Shawway-sor-dunf? M/Indian Married 45y Isabella Consumption Michigan Farmer Unknown Unknown 05/15/74
239 04/10/73 Jane Pontiac F/Indian Single 2y Isabella Worm fits Michigan Joseph Pontiac Isabella 05/15/74
Mary Pontiac Michigan
240 04/11/73 Not Named Pontiac M/Indian Single 15d Isabella Unknown Michigan Joseph Pontiac Isabella 05/15/74
Mary Pontiac Michigan
241 09/25/73 John Isaac M/Indian Single 2y Isabella Measles Michigan Benjamin Isaac Isabella 05/15/74
Jane Isaac Michigan
242 07/20/73 Mary A. Chatfield F/Indian Married 28y Isabella Consumption Michigan Housekeeper Pe ma gr coon Isabella 05/15/74
Ke gi do quay Michigan
243 06/28/73 Ke ne quay Chatfield F/Indian Married 45y Isabella Consumption Michigan Housekeeper Unknown Unknown 05/15/74
244 01/10/73 Shaw ne naw Chatfield F/Indian Married 22y Isabella Consumption Michigan Housekeeper Wa be Isabella 05/15/74
May yaw we ke she go quay Michigan
245 12/15/73 Sophia Chatfield F/Indian Single 25y Isabella Consumption Michigan Housekeeper Ah-se-ne-wee Isabella 05/15/74
Nom be she quay Michigan
246 11/25/73 Jonas Chatfield M/Indian Single 6y Isabella Colic Michigan Charley Chatfield Isabella 05/15/74
Sophia Chatfield Michigan
247 06/05/73 Peter Labott M/Indian Single 14y Isabella Colic Michigan Thomas Labott Isabella 05/15/74
Sophia Chatfield Michigan
248 09/02/73 Luke Pash nin ne M/Indian Single 4y Isabella Measles Michigan James Pash nin ne Isabella 05/15/74
Mary Pash nin ne Michigan
249 02/10/73 Peter Baldwin M/Indian Married 45y Isabella Consumption Michigan Tanner Ke wais Michigan 05/15/74
Unknown Unknown
250 04/15/73 Allen Andrew M/Indian Single 11m Isabella Worm fits Michigan John Andrew Isabella 05/15/74
Eliza Andrew Michigan
251 08/27/73 Susan Bradley F/Indian Single 17y Isabella Liver Complaint Michigan Housekeeper Samuel Bradley Isabella 05/15/74
Nancy Bradley Michigan
252 04/16/73 Sarah Way me guanci F/Indian Married 26y Isabella Unknown Michigan Housekeeper David Shah ne guanci Isabella 05/15/74
Wa wa zau to no quay Michigan
253 11/14/73 George Jackson M/Indian Single 1y/8m Isabella Worm fits Michigan John Jackson Isabella 05/15/74
Sarah Jackson Michigan
254 10/10/73 Martha Francis F/Indian Single 2y Isabella Measles Michigan Major Francis Isabella 05/15/74
Polly Francis Michigan
255 08/02/73 Infant Johns F/Indian 1d Isabella Unknown Michigan Abram Johns Isabella 05/15/74
Me ko se way Michigan
256 12/12/73 Martha Pamesa F/Indian 2y Isabella Measles Michigan Joseph Pamesa Isabella 05/15/74
Nancy Pamesa Michigan
257 09/08/73 John Pe ke kanaw ne quot M/Indian 1y Isabella Measles Michigan John Shaw boras? Isabella 05/15/74
Charlotte Shaw boras? Michigan
258 12/15/73 Samuel Bradley M/Indian 3y Isabella Measles Michigan George Bradley Isabella 05/15/74
Eliza Bradley Michigan
259 06/01/73 Joseph Ah go chin M/Indian Single 19y Isabella Accidentally Michigan Farmer Stephen Ah go chin Isabella 05/15/74
shot Martha Ah go chin Michigan
260 05/14/73 John Irons M/Indian Widower 65y Isabella Consumption Canada Minister Unknown 05/15/74
261 08/25/73 Jane Pa me saw dung F/Indian 11m Isabella Unknown Michigan John Pa me saw dung Isabella 05/15/74
Martha Pa me saw dung Michigan
262 12/31/73 Catherine Barrows F/Indian Married 27y Isabella Consumption Michigan Housekeeper James Shaw Isabella 05/15/74
Martha Shaw Michigan
263 02/01/73 William Ne so got M/Indian Married 75y Isabella Consumption Michigan Doctor Unknown 05/15/74
264 10/10/73 Net ta wash ? M/Indian Widower 25y Isabella Consumption Michigan Farmer Kay bay o day Isabella 05/15/74
Unknown Michigan
265 06/20/73 Naw zhe qusum F/Indian 8d Isabella Unknown Michigan George Naw zhe qusum Isabella 05/15/74
Mary Naw zhe qusum Michigan
266 06/19/73 Infant Dimon M/White 3m/17d Isabella Inflammation of Michigan Marvin B. Dimon Isabella 05/15/74
the Brain Sarah C. Dimon Michigan
267 07/26/73 Infant Schanck F/White 3m/26d Union Unknown Michigan Wm. Schanck Isabella 05/15/74
Mary C. Schanck Michigan
268 11/11/73 Betsey Fuller F/White Married 25y/7m/29d Coe Congestive Chills Ohio Housekeeper Elijah Moore Coe 06/01/74
Samantha Moore Michigan
269 04/03/73 George W. Stahlman M/White Single 1y/8m/29d Coe Spinal Pennsylvania Aaron Stahlman Coe 06/01/74
meningitis Caroline Stahlman Michigan
270 06/30/73 ? Cohoon M/White 3m Coe Whooping Michigan Benj. A. Cohoon Coe 06/01/74
cough Eudoria F. Cohoon Michigan
271 02/22/73 Franklin Freeman M/White 7m/23d Coe Inflammation of Michigan George Freeman Coe 06/01/74
Lungs Mary Freeman Michigan
272 09/08/73 Minnie Parks F/White 11m Coe Brain Fever Michigan Stephen Parks Coe 06/01/74
Sarah Parks Michigan
273 07/25/73 Leonard F/White 16d Coe Canker Michigan Archibald Leonard Coe 06/01/74
Elizabeth Leonard Michigan
274 03/12/73 Sawyer F/White Coe Stillborn Michigan C.W. Sawyer Coe 06/01/74
Louisa Sawyer Michigan
275 08/15/73 Ory L. Stewart M/White Married 53y/1m/25d Coe Scrofula New York Farmer Elisha Stewart 06/01/74
Rozma Stewart
276 08/25/73 Cornelia M. Smith F/White Single 29d Coldwater Whooping cough Michigan Levi S. Smith Coldwater 06/02/74
Fannie M. Smith Michigan
277 07/07/73 William Freese M/White 9d Sherman Unknown Michigan Reuben Freese Coldwater 06/02/74
City? Lydia Freese Michigan
278 09/05/73 Charlie Braman M/White 1y/3m Coldwater Whooping cough Michigan Marvin Braman Coldwater 06/02/74
Flora Braman Michigan
279 08/31/73 Helen Parker F/White Married 16y/7m/14d Coldwater Measles Ohio Housekeeper Henry Shilts Coldwater 06/02/74
Mary Shiltz Michigan
280 02/03/73 Adam Bellinger M/White Married 61y/0m/9d Lincoln Consumption New York Farmer Unknown Unknown 05/30/74
281 07/25/73 William Fults M/White Married 42y? Lincoln Consumption Pennsylvania Farmer Unknown Unknown 05/30/74
282 03/29/73 Jessie Wilcox F/White 1y/2m/29d Lincoln Inflammation of Kansas Isaac E. Wilcox New York 05/30/74
Lungs Mrs. I.E. Wilcox
283 04/05/73 John J. Knapp M/White Single 19y/8m/23d Chippewa Accidentally New York Farmer Rupel Knapp Chippewa 06/01/74
drowned Eliza Knapp
284 09/20/73 Charles M. Parsons M/White Married 26y/3m/11d Rolland Cholera Morbus Indiana Farmer Unknown Unknown 06/10/74
285 08/27/73 James E. Scofield M/White 9m/2d Gilmore Scalded ? Michigan Miles Scofield Gilmore 06/24/74
Accidentally Mary A. Scofield Michigan
286 06/16/73 Frederick Brukyser? M/White Single 19y Wise Accidentally Wisconsin Laborer Unknown Wisconsin 06/24/74
287 12/24/73 Isabella Rutherford F/White Widow 52y Wise Intermittent fever Scotland Housekeeper James Eastman Scotland 06/24/74
Harriet Eastman
288 12/04/73 Richard Alvord M/White Single 22y Wise Brain Fever Unknown Laborer Unknown Unknown 06/24/74
289 04/10/73 Edward Moore M/White Single 20y Wise Accidentally Unknown Painter Unknown Unknown 06/24/74
290 08/03/73 Austin M. Stilwell M/White 2m/19d Union Whooping cough Michigan Stephen Stilwell Union 06/24/74
Sarah J. Stilwell Michigan
291 04/16/73 Sarah Kobel F/White Married 50y Union Inflammation of Ohio Housekeeper George Wolf Ohio 06/24/74
292 09/12/73 Vianna Stuckey F/White Married 36y/5m Union Rheumatism? of Indiana Housekeeper Samuel Abbott Indiana 06/24/74
Heart Elma Abbott
293 09/16/73 William Hackathorn? M/White 8m Union Cholera Infantum Michigan Unknown Unknown 06/24/74
Nancy Brown Michigan
294 05/22/73 E.C. Blanche Fancher F/White 3y/6m Union Typhus? Malaria Michigan Isaac A. Fancher Union 06/24/74
Fever Althea M. Fancher Michigan
295 01/02/73 Robert Heslop M/White Married 82y Union Old age Scotland Farmer Unknown Unknown 06/24/74
296 03/23/73 Margaret Heslop F/White Widow 66y Union Dropsey of the Scotland Housekeeper Unknown Unknown 06/24/74
297 06/29/73 James Brodie M/White Married 69y Union Dropsey of the Scotland Farmer Unknown Unknown 06/24/74

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