No. Date of Death Deceased Name Sex/Color Marital Age Place of Death Cause of Death Birth Place Occupation Name(s) of Person(s) Residence Date Recorded
Status Yr/Mon/Day if > 30years Reporting
177 08/06/72 Delbert Herring M/White Single 2m/16d Vernon Dysentery Michigan John Herring Vernon 5/23/7-
Harriett Herring
178 02/24/72 Thomas Grogan M/White Married Unknown Owen, Ill. Brain Fever Ireland Laborer Unknown Unknown 5/23/7-
179 12/29/72 Frank McKeever M/White Single 11y/3m/29d Vernon Spinal Disease Unknown Peter McKeever Vernon 5/30/7-
Margarit McKeever
180 03/25/72 Ann Baker F/White Married 17y/2m/10d Fremont Fits at Child Ohio Wm. K. Moor Fremont 06/09/73
Birth Eliza Moor
181 06/30/72 No Name F/White Single 1d Fremont Debility at Michigan Mahlon Manley Fremont 06/09/73
Birth Hannah Manley
182 08/05/72 John T. Coggshall M/White Widower 63y Fremont Spinal Disease Connecticut Farmer Unknown Unknown 06/09/73
183 06/07/73 Sarah Ann Coggshall F/White Married 46y Fremont Consumption New York Unknown Unknown 06/09/73
184 09/29/72 Ada Bell Hutchinson F/White Single 1y/7m Broomfield Infantile Fever Michigan John Hutchinson Broomfield 05/15/73
Isabella Hutchinson
185 06/23/72 William Hatterman M/White Single Unknown Broomfield Drowning Unknown Farmer Unknown Mecosta Co. 05/15/73
Accidental Michigan
186 03/01/72 George Lefler M/White Married 36y St. Louis Intemperance Pennsylvania Miner Fred Lefler Pennsylvania 05/12/73
Lucy Lefler
187 03/29/72 John Campbell M/White Single 5m Salt River Lung Fever Michigan Thomas Campbell Michigan 05/12/73
Eliza Campbell
188 07/30/72 David Black M/White Married 86y Lincoln Bronchitis Pennsylvania Cooper Unknown Unknown 05/12/73
189 04/12/72 Caroline Leidy F/White Married 37y Lincoln Childbed Fever Ohio Unknown Unknown 05/12/73
190 10/01/72 Jacob Gates M/White Married 49y Lincoln Quick Pennsylvania Farmer Joseph Gates Unknown 05/12/73
Consumption Rachel Gates
191 10/26/72 Willie F. Knife M/White 4y/3m/15d Lincoln Congestion on Michigan Bennett C. Knife Ohio 05/12/73
Brain Louisa Knife New York
192 02/19/72 Ranster B. Ayling M/White Single 21y Midland, MI Rheumatism of Pennsylvania Farmer James Ayling England 05/12/73
the Heart Margaret Ayling Pennsylvania
193 05/15/72 Ada May Dougherty F/White Single 1y/10m/6d Coldwater Heart Disease Coldwater, MI Sidwell Dougherty Coldwater 05/29/73
Helen J. Dougherty
194 09/01/72 Calvin L. Steed M/White 7y Coldwater Diptheria Indiana George W. Steed Coldwater 05/29/73
Elisabeth B. Steed
195 09/18/72 Charles H. Lay M/White Married 56y/6m/24d Gilmore Congestion of Connecticut Farmer Unknown Unknown 05/29/73
196 11/15/72 Frankie Bailey M/White Single 4y/6m/20d Rolland Croup Michigan John C. Bailey Rolland 06/16/73
Mary Bailey
197 08/08/72 Mariah Henry F/Indian Married 46y Isabella Consumption Canada Housekeeper Bos-to-nay Canada 05/27/73
O-maw-nay Karo Canada
198 09/16/72 Charlotte Davis F/Indian Single 2y/2m Isabella Chill Fever Michigan Samuel Davis Isabella 05/27/73
Martha Davis
199 11/10/72 Abram Williams M/Indian Married 48y Isabella Consumption Michigan Farmer Eha-Nouh Isabella 05/27/73
200 12/26/72 Moses Irons M/Indian Single 22y Isabella Consumption Michigan Farmer John Irons Isabella 05/27/73
Mazy Irons
201 02/10/72 Martha Cheen-quah-ne F/Indian Widow 50y Isabella Consumption Michigan Housekeeper Shaw-wah-nah-ko-um Taymouth 05/27/73
Waw-pa-skah-mo-quay Michigan
202 05/15/72 Polly Pe-tah-se-ga-quay F/Indian Single 45y Isabella Consumption Michigan Basket maker Shaw-wah-nah-ko-um Taymouth 05/27/73
Waw-pa-skah-mo-quay Michigan
203 06/10/72 Mary Benjamin F/Indian Single 11y Isabella Chill Fever Michigan Student John Benjamin Isabella 05/27/73
Eliza Benjamin
204 12/15/72 Martha Tib-si-co F/Indian Single 14y Isabella Consumption Michigan Student Jacob Tib-si-co Isabella 05/27/73
Elizabeth Tib-si-co
205 07/18/72 Emma Bradley F/Indian Single 8y Isabella Consumption Michigan Samuel Bradley Isabella 05/27/73
Nancy Bradley
206 03/10/72 Mary Wah-bo-ke-mah F/Indian Married 40y Isabella Consumption Michigan Housekeeper Sha-kan Isabella 05/27/73
207 06/20/72 Mary Sha-kaw F/Indian Married 35y Isabella Consumption Michigan Housekeeper James Shaw Isabella 05/27/73
Mary Ann Shaw
208 09/20/72 Mary Ann Shaw F/Indian Single 7m Isabella Worm fit Michigan Isaac Shaw Isabella 05/27/73
Sarah Shaw
209 05/25/72 Andrew J. Campan Male, Half- Married 34y Isabella City Erysipela Michigan Merchant Unknown Unknown 05/27/73
Breed Ind.
210 04/10/72 Joshua Ang-gah-si-gay M/Indian Single 7y Isabella Chill Fever Michigan Peter Ang-gah-si-gay Isabella 05/27/73
Julia Ang-gah-si-gay
211 06/28/72 John Ang-gah-si-gay M/Indian Single 17y Isabella Unknown Michigan Student Peter Ang-gah-si-gay Isabella 05/27/73
Julia Ang-gah-si-gay
212 04/15/72 Andrew Chatfield M/Indian Single 17y Isabella Consumption Michigan Student Samuel Chatfield Isabella 05/27/73
Charlotte Chatfield
213 07/04/72 O-shah-wa-ko-ge-gohe-go-quay F/Indian Married 40y Isabella Consumption Michigan Housekeeper Nah-wa-qua-ge-zhick Isabella 05/27/73
214 04/10/72 George H. Jackson M/Indian Single 4y Isabella Unknown Michigan John Jackson Isabella 05/27/73
Sarah Jackson
215 07/25/72 John Aish-te-waw-bun-dun M/Indian Married 54y Isabella Pneumonia Michigan Tanner Wah-wah-sum Saginaw 05/27/73
Pe-nay-se-way-quay Michigan
216 04/12/72 Margaret A. Cofe? F/White Married 25y Isabella Ulcer of New York Housekeeper Unknown Unknown 05/27/73
217 10/22/72 Matilda Slough F/White Married 54y Isabella Consumption Ohio Housekeeper Unknown Unknown 05/27/73
218 02/28/72 Julia C. Cushway F/White Married 27y/8m/28d Chippewa Chill Fever & New York John Praser Chippewa 07/16/73
Inflam. of Stomach Sylvia Straser Michigan
219 01/28/72 Sylvia A. Cushway F/White Single 5y/5m/5d Chippewa Inflammation of Michigan Frank B. Cushway Saginaw City 07/16/73
Stomach Julia C. Cushway Michigan
220 05/14/72 Newman Grant Kobel M/White 1m/14d Union Inflammation of Michigan David Kobel Union 05/22/73
Lungs Marion Adeline Kobel Michigan
221 12/29/72 Libbie Carroll F/White Married 48y Union Cancer of the Ireland John McHale Ireland 05/22/73
Rectum McHale
222 04/28/72 Nelson Mosher M/White Married 68y Union Inflammation of New York Lawyer James Mosher New York 05/22/73
the Lungs Mosher
223 05/28/72 Mary E. Bennett F/White Married 30y Union Erysipela New York Nelson Mosher Union 05/22/73
Katherine Mosher
224 05/03/72 Andrew Jackson Stilwell M/White Married 30y Union Inflammation of Ohio Carpenter Pethuel Stilwell Union 05/22/73
the Lungs Clara Stilwell
225 06/25/72 Peggy Smith F/White Married Unknown Union Pleurisy Ohio George S. Wolf Union 05/22/73
Margaret Wolf Michigan
226 02/22/72 Rowland Griffen M/White 5m Union Dropsy of the Michigan Miles Griffen Union 05/22/73
Brain Alice Griffen Michigan
227 12/06/72 Valorius A. Brown M/White Single 21y/5m/8d Coe Catarrhal Fever Ohio Druggist Simeon C. Brown Salt River 08/18/73
Margaret S. Brown Michigan

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