No. Date of Death Deceased Name Sex/Color Marital Age Place of Death Cause of Death Birth Place Occupation Name(s) of Person(s) Residence Date Recorded
Status Yr/Mon/Day if > 30years Reporting
122 10/13/71 Nona Leston F/White Infant 1/2day Coldwater Unknown Coldwater Cysil A. Leston Coldwater 5/14/7-
Ann C. Leston Coldwater
123 11/01/71 Nina Leston F/White Infant 18d Coldwater Unknown Coldwater Cysil A. Leston Coldwater 5/14/7-
Ann C. Leston Coldwater
124 08/10/71 Howard M. Butterfield M/White 2y/2m/10d Coldwater Dysentery Coldwater H-------? Butterfield Coldwater 5/14/7-
Helen A. Butterfield Coldwater
125 08/05/71 David Loyd Colley M/White 2y/10m/16d Coldwater Dysentery Coldwater Samuel Colley Coldwater 5/14/7-
Lucia Melissa Colley Coldwater
126 08/12/71 Florence May Berry F/White 1y/6m/6d Coldwater Dysentery Coldwater Angeline Berry Coldwater 5/14/7-
Allen Berry Coldwater
127 03/28/71 Agnes Euphemia McKersie F/White 3m/28d Coldwater Congestion of Coldwater Maria McKersie Coldwater
the Lungs James McKersie Coldwater
128 08/06/71 Adeline Moore F/White Not Known Coldwater Dysentery Unknown Laurie Moore Coldwater 5/14/7-
Joseph Moore Coldwater
129 08/13/71 Robbert Shepherd M/White Widowed 72y/7d Coe Inflammation England Woolen John Shepherd England 5/14/7-
Bowels Manufacturer Unknown
130 02/13/71 John Reynolds M/White Married 48y/1m/27d Coe Inflammation Vermont Miller Rachel Reynolds Ohio 5/14/7-
Lungs John Reynolds Ohio
131 11/29/71 Hoyt Campbell M/White Single 11y/9m/13d Coe Abscep of Coe Lucinda Campbell Coe 5/14/7-
Liver Austin Campbell
132 03/20/71 Mary Ellen Burton F/White Single 4y/1m/1d St. Louis, Scarlet Fever St. Louis, Julia M. Burton Coe 5/14/7-
Gratiot Gratiot Co., MI Marshall Burton
133 01/18/71 Merrit H. Leonard M/White Married 52y/4m/27d Coe Tp. Diabetes Pennsylvania Physician Elizabeth Leonard Pennsylvania 5/14/7-
Isabella Co., MI Mellitus Scot Leonard
134 09/24/71 Gerry H. Kroll M/White Single 20y/11m/16d Coe Typhoid Fever Lenawee Co. Farmer Eliza Kroll Coe 5/14/7-
Michigan Daniel Kroll
135 04/14/71 Not Named F/White 2d Coe Unknown Coe Not Given
James M. Komidy? Coe 5/14/7-
136 04/18/71 Annie F. Packer F/White Widowed 74y/1m/27d Coe Rheumatism Philadelphia, Pa. --------- Thomas Philadelphia, Pa. 5/14/7-
Elizabeth Thomas
137 06/09/72 Not Named F/White Coe Unknown Coe Wilmina Leonard Coe 5/14/7-
Merritt Leonard
138 06/22/71 Wilmina Leonard F/White Married 19y Coe Consumption Greene Co., Pa. --------- Walters Pennsylvania 5/14/7-
--------- Walters
139 01/18/71 Rebecca Leonard F/White Married 26y Coe Consumption Greene Co., Pa. Martha Fordyce Pennsylvania 5/14/7-
Jacob Fordyce
140 01/08/71 Thomas E. Harbinson M/White Widowed 27y/6m Salt River, MI Consumption Pennsylvania School Teacher Unknown Pennsylvania 5/14/7-
141 03/26/71 Louis Marteley M/White Single 7y/4m/3d Ohio Inflammation Ohio Mary Marteley Vernon 5/14/7-
Bowels James L. Marteley
142 03/22/71 Herbert L. Ayers M/White Single 3y/11m Ohio Scarlet Fever Ohio Opha L. Ayers Vernon 5/14/7-
James L. Ayers Vernon
143 10/07/71 Esther Atkins F/White Single 5d Vernon Unknown Vernon Alice Atkins Vernon 5/14/7-
George Atkins Vernon
144 07/10/71 Sarah L. Malcolm F/White Single 2y Vernon Dysentery & Vernon Mary Ann Malcolm Vernon 5/14/7-
Brain Inflammation Robert Malcolm Vernon
145 07/16/71 Marcus D. Loomis M/White Single 19y/5m/20d Vernon Consumption Pennsylvania Farmer Eliza Loomis Vernon 5/14/7-
Justin Loomis Vernon
146 07/26/71 William J. Malcolm M/White Single 3y/6m Gilmore Cholera Infantum Gilmore Mahlon Malcom Gilmore 5/15/7-
Margaret Malcom Gilmore
147 07/30/71 Florence C. Malcom F/White Single 2y/1m Gilmore Cholera Infantum Gilmore Mahlon Malcom Gilmore 5/15/7-
Margaret Malcom Gilmore
148 08/31/71 Reubin M. Malcom M/White Single 6m/2d Gilmore Cholera Infantum Gilmore Mahlon Malcom Gilmore 5/15/7-
Margaret Malcom Gilmore
149 08/11/71 David S. Phipps M/White Single 3y/7m/10d Gilmore Cholera Infantum Gilmore Eleanor Phipps Gilmore 5/15/7-
Isaac N. Phipps Gilmore
150 08/13/71 George Phipps M/White Single 1y/2m/4d Gilmore Cholera Infantum Gilmore Eleanor Phipps Gilmore 5/15/7-
Isaac N. Phipps Gilmore
151 04/11/71 Dennis D. Marvin M/White Single 24y/4m/5d Isabella Co., MI Crushed between Ohio Farmer Sarah Marvin Lincoln 5/17/7-
two logs on river William Marvin Lincoln
152 December 1871 John Law bequo my M/Indian Married 40y/6m Isabella Stabed Michigan Indian Unknown 6/10/7-
153 May 1871 Amelia Jackson F/Indian Single 5m Isabella Lung Fever Michigan Jacob Jackson Isabella 6/10/7-
Mrs. Jackson
154 August 1871 Mary I. Yaw bay F/Indian Married 28y Isabella Consumption Michigan Unknown Isabella 6/10/7-
155 February 1871 Neghey hinci ? F/Indian Single 18y? Isabella Consumption Michigan Joshua Negiyhave Isabella 6/10/7-
156 March 1871 Steven Go qin M/Indian Married 68y Isabella Consumption Michigan Unknown Unknown 6/10/7-
157 October 1871 Ke-ghick Sr. M/Indian Married 45y Isabella Typhoid Fever Michigan Unknown Unknown 6/10/7-
158 January 1871 Wain de-nay-be-qua F/Indian Single 20y Isabella Consumption Michigan Unknown Unknown 6/10/7-
159 June 1871 Wain be-nay-to-quay F/Indian Single 25y Isabella Consumption Michigan Unknown Unknown 6/10/7-
160 May 1871 Pay-she-toe F/Indian Single 10y/4m Isabella Consumption Michigan Pay-she-tor 6/10/7-
Mrs. Pay-she-tor
161 December 1871 Wain-to-be-qua F/Indian Single 23y Isabella Consumption Michigan Way-aw-be-twis Isabella 6/10/7-
162 June 1871 Aw-be-way-qua-ma F/Indian Single 3y Isabella Consumption Michigan Aw-be-quo-un Isabella 6/10/7-
Mrs. Aw-be-quo-un
163 August 1871 Mary Aw-be-tung Jr. M/Indian Single 20y Isabella Fever Michigan May Aw-be-tung Isabella 6/10/7-
164 June 1871 Paw-to-qui-ung M/Indian Single 2y Isabella Consumption Michigan Akew Bell Isabella 6/10/7-
Mrs. Bell
165 July 1871 John Pi daw-ge-was-no M/Indian Single 5y Isabella Fever Michigan Joe. Pe-daw-ge-wan-no Isabella 6/10/7-
166 November 1871 Elizabeth Londay F/Indian Single 6y Isabella Unknown Michigan Isabella 6/10/7-
167 Sept. 1871 Esther Andrews F/Indian Single 2y Isabella Cholera Infantum Michigan John Andrews Isabella 6/10/7-
Polly Andrews
168 Sept. 1871 Sarah Alma F/White Married 17y Broomfield Unknown Canada Amos Kinsey Sherman 6/10/7-
169 06/02/71 Franklin N. Fraser M/White Single 16y/8m/20d Chippewa By lightning New York Farmer John Fraser Chippewa 5/25/7-
Sylvia Fraser
170 03/29/71 Martin Hetherington M/White Married Unknown Fremont Canser Unknown Farmer Unknown Unknown 6/10/7-
171 05/27/71 Leonard Aldrich M/White 2d Rolland Unknown Rolland Hazen Aldrich Rolland 5/18/7-
Eliza J. Aldrich
172 08/19/71 Edwin Saunders M/White 8m Pine River Cholera Infantum St. Louis, MI George W. Saunders Union 6/18/7-
Harriett Saunders
173 06/03/71 Not Named F/White At Birth Union At birth Union Felis Laframboise Union 6/18/7-
Euphemia Laframboise
174 03/24/71 Alma Adell Carpenter F/White 11m/29d Union Bronchitis Union Will H. Carpenter Union 6/18/7-
Louisa M. Carpenter
175 09/13/71 Henry Chase M/White Married 61y/2d Union Kidney Comp---? New York Farmer Union 6/18/7-
176 04/15/71 George Bradley M/White Married 61y New York Heart Disease New York Minister Union 6/18/7-

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