No. Date of Death Deceased Name Sex/Color Marital Age Place of Death Cause of Death Birth Place Occupation Name(s) of Person(s) Residence Date Recorded
Status Yr/Mon/Day if > 30years Reporting
63 11/23/69 Florence E. Culver Fe/White Single 1y/7m/14d Lincoln Spinal affliction Michigan James H. Colver Lincoln 05/19/69
Caroline Colver
64 09/24/89 George Washington Bird M/White Married 19y/28days Lincoln Typhoid Fever Ohio Bell H. Borsak Lincoln 05/19/70
Ruth Borsak
65 11/17/69 Barnard Madison Edwards M/White Married 49y/11m/25d Lincoln Typhoid Fever New York Farmer Philip Edwards Lincoln 05/19/70
Rocilla Edwards
66 12/11/69 Joel Beebe ? M/White Married 67y Lincoln Unknown New York Farmer Blank 05/19/70
67 12/30/69 Sarah Jane Kiser F/White Single 24y/1m/6d Lincoln Lung Fever Ohio Farmer Frederick Kiser Lincoln 05/19/70
Effie Kiser
68 12/26/69 Jarvis Poliboni Cose M/White Married 48y/11m/26d Lincoln Cancer ? New York Farmer Horace Cose New York 05/19/70
Irma ? Cose
69 09/14/69 Emma Loomis F/White Single 3y Coe Bloody Flux Michigan David Loomis Lincoln 05/19/70
Leney ? M. Loomis
70 09/08/69 Amelia Loomis F/White 8d Coe Bloody Flux Michigan David Loomis Lincoln 05/19/70
Leney ? M. Loomis
71 01/21/69 John A. McLam M/White Single 21y/3d Lincoln Scrofula ? Vermont Walter McLam Lincoln 05/19/70
Caroline McLam
72 12/30/69 Lulla Bell Haner F/White 5m/20d Lincoln Dropsy on the Brain Lincoln Henry Morris Haner 05/19/70
Bell Haner
73 10/02/69 Eliza Burger F/White Single 17y/3m Lincoln Consumption Canada Jacob Burger Lincoln 05/19/70
Sarah Burger
74 02/13/69 Charles Thorman Shattick M/White Single 14y/6m/1d Lincoln Consumption Indiana Elisha B. Shattick Lincoln 05/19/70
Theresa Ann Shattick
75 04/30/69 Adelia Shottnak F/White Married 21y5m Lincoln Consumption Ohio Norman Shottnak Lincoln 05/19/70
Ruth ? Ann Shottnak
76 09/19/69 Lucy Turner ? F/White Married 24y/4m Vernon Consumption Michigan Vernon 05/19/70
77 08/15/69 Oliver Render M/White Single 3m/28d Vernon Lung Fever Michigan James Render Vernon 05/19/70
Mary Render
78 10/04/69 Ezrek ? Alphonzo Cohoon M/White 10d Union Died in infancy Union David James Cohoon Union 05/19/70
Fany An ? Cohoon
79 09/10/69 Horace Handy M/White Married 44y/9m/13d Union Killed by a Tree New York Miner ? Joseph Handy Beam Co., NY 05/19/70
Ruth Handy
80 08/10/69 Marionola Pennabille ? F/White Infant 1y/5m/5d Village of Fits Mt. Pleasant John M. Pennabille Mt. Pleasant 05/19/70
Mt. Pleasant Ann Pennabille
81 Nov. 1869 William James Barr M/White Married 24y/6m Mt. Pleasant Typhoid Pherm--- Canada Physician James Barr St. Catherines 05/19/70
Margie Barr
82 07/21/69 Walter D. Arnold M/White Infant 1y/1m/12d Mt. Pleasant Dysentery Mt. Pleasant Franz E. Arnold Mt. Pleasant 05/19/70
Sinzon ? E. Arnold
83 05/01/69 Charles Gibbs F/White Married 31y/5m/25d Coe Congestion New York William Wolling New York 05/25/70
Polly Wolling
84 06/24/69 Clarence N. Grim M/White 1m/5d Coe Dyptheria Coe J.J. Grim Coe 05/25/70
Elizabeth Grim Michigan
85 10/12/69 Infant F/White Coe Stillborn Coe David Wood Coe 05/25/70
L.M. Wood Michigan
86 02/23/69 Edward D. Alvord M/White 2y/2m/8d Coe Brain Fever Rine River Edward E. Alvord Coe 05/25/70
Gratiot Co., MI Belinda Alvord Michigan
87 05/02/69 Mary Hubbs F/White Widow 61y/11m/29d Coe Old Age Massachusettes John White New York 05/25/70
Elizabeth White
88 01/28/70 Geo. W. Tifield ? M/White 2y Rolland Inflammation of Daniel Tifield? Rolland 07/01/70
the Lungs Mary A. Tifield?
89 08/28/69 Daniel Babcock M/White 3y/6m Rolland Dysentery Belview, Eaton Amos Babcock Rolland 07/01/70
Co., MI Sophronia Babcock
90 09/02/69 Jeremiah Babcock M/White 1y/6m Rolland Dysentery Rolland Amos Babcock Rolland 07/01/70
Sophronia Babcock
91 09/25/69 Minesou J. Bearelsley ? F/White 29y Rolland Consumption Vernonville? Roswell F. Bartlett Vernon 07/01/70
92 02/24/70 Rosella Bartlett F/White Single 2m/9d Vernon Consumption? Eaton Co., MI Emett M. Bartlett Vernon 05/11/71
93 07/01/70 Elmer Herring M/White Single 6m Vernon Inflammation of Vernon John Herring Vernon 05/11/71
Bowel Harriet Herring
94 08/30/70 Hariet Turner F/White Single 3y/5m Gratiot Co., MI Consumption Hillsdale Elisha Turner Vernon 05/11/71
Lucy Turner
95 06/25/70 Thomas Philips M/White Single 3y/11m/11d Gilmore Inflammation of Michigan Michael Philips Gilmore 05/17/71
Isabella Co. the Bowels Jane Philips
96 04/05/70 James Girvin M/White Single 8y/18d Isabella Co. Intussception of Aleganey City Andrew Girvin Isabella Co 05/24/71
State of MI the Bowels Penn May Girvin
97 06/20/70 Not Named F/White Single 1d Genesee Co. Unknown Genesee Co. Orren Skinner Isabella Co 05/24/71
Valona Skinner
98 07/07/70 Ellen Dodds F/White Married 21y Isabella Co. Unknown Michigan Housekeeper William Marion Isabella Co 05/24/71
Sarah Marion
99 12/10/70 Not Named F/White Single 2m/1d Isabella Co. Congestion of the Ohio Benjamin Cohoon Isabella Co 05/24/71
Lungs Eadoria Cohoon
100 10/10/70 Not Named F/White 1m/1d Isabella Co. Unknown Isabella Co., MI George P. Young Isabella Co 05/24/71
Jenna Young
101 04/04/70 Charles Heckathorn? M/White Married 56y/8m/22d Isabella Co. Caused by hiding an Ohio Farmer Unknown 05/24/71
old running sore on leg
102 03/17/70 John Heckathorn M/White Single 1y/4m/6d Isabella Co. Bright's Disease of Isabella Co., MI Charles Heckathorn? Isabella Co 05/24/71
the kidney Nancy Heckathorn?
103 10/07/70 Lydia Robbins F/White Married 61y/11m/22d Isabella Co. -----? Cough New York Tayloress Francis Robbinson New York 05/24/71
Sally Robbinson
104 08/15/70 Not Named M/White Single Isabella Co. Stillborn Isabella Co., MI Sl--- J. Way? Michigan 05/24/71
Luceno ? Way Canada
105 10/03/70 Elizabeth G. Hutchinson F/White 14y/11m/28d Broomfield Billous Fever and Canada Joseph Hutchinson Canada 05/26/71
Typhoid Fever Elizabeth Hutchinson
106 04/16/71 Sophrona Daugherty F/White Single 1y/5m/5d Fremont Unknown Fremont William H. Daugherty Fremont 05/29/71
Margret Daugherty
107 10/26/70 Florence Daugherty F/White Single 2m Fremont Unknown Fremont Geo. Daugherty Fremont 05/29/71
Sylvia Daugherty
108 08/20/70 Sarah Robbinson F/White Married 63y/4m Rolland Old Age Unknown Housekeeper Unknown 05/31/71
109 11/02/70 Horace G. Guy M/Colored 1y/6m/1d Rolland Whooping Cough Rolland Benjamin Guy Rolland 05/31/71
Fannie Guy
110 08/03/70 Hattie E. Demott F/White 1d Rolland Lack of Vitality Rolland Mary J. Demott Rolland 05/31/71
Oscar Demott
111 10/28/70 Cloa? Chapman F/White Married 36y/7d Rolland Consumption New York Housekeeper Unknown Unknown 05/31/71
112 10/15/70 Peter Healy M/White 1m/12d Lincoln Ague Lincoln Michael Healy Lincoln 06/01/71
Mary Healy
113 06/20/70 Moriah E. McDowell F/White Married 48y Lincoln Consumption New York Unknown Unknown 06/01/71
114 05/17/70 Deney McLamb? F/White 4y/1m/1d Lincoln Scarlet Fever Lincoln Walter McLam Lincoln 06/01/71
Caroline McLam
115 08/18/70 Alvira Norton F/White Married 52y/28d Lincoln Consumption New York Wallace Norton Lincoln 06/01/71
Hosea Norton
116 11/15/70 Cynthia Stidwell F/White Married 57y/7m/3d Union Cancer in the Breast Canada
117 11/10/70 Emmaline Quillhart F/White Single 20y Chippewa Typhoid Fever Hillsdale, MI James Quillhart Hillsdale 05/31/71
Jane Quillhart Chippewa
118 03/18/70 Willie Stephens M/White Single 11m Chippewa Inflammation of Michigan Henry Stevens Hillsdale 05/31/71
Brain Jane Stevens Chippewa
118 1/2 08/03/70 Sarah Landon F/White Single 7y/7m/7d Chippewa Croup Michigan John Landon Chippewa 05/31/71
Martha Landon
119 11/15/70 Cynthia Stillwell F/White Married 57y/7m/3d Union Cancer Canada Hosea Bradford Ohio 05/31/71
Bradford Ohio
120 12/28/70 Anna L. Neebes F/White Single 1y/3m/5d Union Diptheria Union John W. Neebes Union 05/31/71
Mary Ann Neebes Union
121 11/05/70 No Name M/White Single Mt. Pleasant Stillborn Mt. Pleasant Albert Bowan Mt. Pleasant 05/31/71
Eunice Bowan Mt. Pleasant

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