No. Date of Death Deceased Name Sex/Color Marital Age Place of Death Cause of Death Birth Place Occupation Name(s) of Person(s) Residence Date Recorded
Status Yr/Mon/Day if > 30years Reporting
1 06/05/67 Clarisa Crowley Fe/White Widow 74y/16days Mt. Pleasant Typhoid Fever Corinth ?, Vermont Farmer's wife Charles Crook Allegany Co., NY 5/13/6-
Mary Crook
2 11/12/67 John Hancy M/White Married 48y/2days Union, Isabella Co. Typhoid Fever Berng, Switz. Farmer John Hancy Carton Bern 5/13/6-
Roxana Hancy Switzerland
3 08/10/67 James Mosher Bennett M/White Single 10m/2days Mt. Pleasant Dysentery Mt. Pleasant Cornelius Bennett Scurfield, Livingston Co., MI 5/13/6-
Isabella Co., MI Mary Bennett Schaghtec---, NY
4 09/21/67 Harriet Ann Nelson Fe/White Married Mt. Pleasant Dysentery Mt. Auborn, NY Absolem F. Haden State of Maine 5/13/6-
5 09/08/67 Gilbert Cooper M/White Married 65y Mt. Pleasant Dysentery New York City Blacksmith 5/13/6-
6 blank Susan Gay Fe/White Single Mt. Pleasant Dysentery Aleghany Co., NY John Gay Mt Pleasant 5/13/6-
Hannah Gay
7 09/03/67 Charles Lee Ianoranken ? M/White Single 11m/23days Mt. Pleasant Dysentery Aleghany Co., NY Peter Ianoranken Mt Pleasant 5/13/6-
Catherine Ianoranken
8 04/13/67 Edgar Swan M/White Single 1y/7m Mt. Pleasant Typhoid Fever Clinton Co., MI Frank Swan Mt Pleasant 5/13/6-
Mary Swan
9 09/28/67 Hyram B. Whitney M/White Single 10m/12days Vernon, Isabella Co. Dysentery Union, Isabella Co. William Whitney Vernon, Isabella Co., MI 5/30/6-
MI MI Salinda Whitney
10 07/14/67 Harriet E. Kirkland Fe/White Married 25y/4m Vernon, Isabella Co. Consumption Seneca Co., NY Eggbert Potterson Jackson Co., MI 5/30/6-
11 05/21/67 Charles Kirkland M/White Single 7days Vernon, Isabella Co. Unknown Vernon, Isabella Co. John Kirkland Vernon, Isabella Co., MI 6/01/6-
MI MI Harriet E. Kirkland
12 05/14/68 Betsy Stanley Fe/White Married 25y/11m/24d Fremont, Isabella Co. Consumption Lorain Co., OH Isaac T. Wellman Fremont, MI 6/01/6-
13 01/19/68 Unreadable M/White Single 3m/3days Fremont, Isabella Co. Unknown Fremont, Isabella Co. George S. Williams Fremont, MI 6/01/6-
Tina A. Williams
14 01/02/68 Tina A. Williams Fe/White Married 21y/11m Fremont, Isabella Co. Childbed Fever Jackson Co., MI Farmer's wife Ebio ? Gibbs Fremont, MI 6/01/6-
Hada Gibs
15 03/02/68 Margarit Duggan Fe/White Single 11m Lincoln Croup Lincoln Edmond Duggan Lincoln 6/3/6-
Margaret Duggan
16 11/-/68 Mary I. Harrison Fe/White Widow 65years Lincoln Heart Disease New Hampshire Doctor Samuel Eadors N. Unnowuig? 6/3/6-
17 10/-/68 Charles Ayling M/White Single 9y/7m Lincoln Bloody Flux England & Penna? Charles Ayling Lincoln 6/3/6-
Margaret Ayling
18 10/-/68 Minnie G. Ayling Fe/White Single 1y/6m Lincoln Bloody Flux England & Penna? Charles Ayling Lincoln 6/3/6-
Margaret Ayling
19 02/16/68 Robert Rife M/White Married 27y Lincoln Fever England Farmer Robert Rife England 6/3/6-
20 01/31/68 J.T. Guthrie M/White Married 58y Lincoln Fever Virginia Farmer Wm. H. & R. Guthrie 6/3/6-
21 03/04/68 Ruth Ann Steadman Fe/White Widow 59y Lincoln Fever New York David King 06/03/68
Ruth Ann King
22 05/03/68 Barnard E. Lamphere M/White Single 1y/8m Lincoln Consumption MI D.C. Lamphere Lincoln 06/03/68
E.A. Lamphere
23 01/25/68 Russell White M/White Married 45y/7m Lincoln Fever New York Farmer Park White New York 06/03/68
Roda White
24 09/05/68 David L. Green M/White Married 74y/27days Lincoln Fever New York Carpenter I. Green New York 06/03/68
B. Green
25 02/28/68 Anna Gi-on? Fe/White Widow 72y Lincoln Fever New York J. Lewis Road Island 06/03/68
L. Lewis
26 08/30/68 Lellan Elsworth Norton M/White Single 5y Serville Fever New York J.E. Norton New York 06/03/68
E.U. Norton
27 09/01/67 Joseph Oberlin M/White Single 1y/11m/5d Chippewa Unknown Chippewa Joseph Oberlin Chippewa 06/17/68
Catherine Oberlin
28 05/20/67 John Robinson M/White Married 56y/11m/2d Chippewa Consumption New York Farmer 06/17/68
29 02/21/68 Levi Miser M/White 1m/2d Chippewa Unknown Chippewa Abraham Miser Chippewa 06/17/68
Magdalina Miser
30 03/26/67 Mary Hutchinson Fe/White Widow 78y/4m/16d Coe, Isabella Old age State of Virginia 06/17/68
31 09/15/67 Harriett M. Kemp? Fe/White 2y/7m/22d Coe, Isabella Dysentery Isabella Co., MI J.W. Kemp? Coe, MI 06/17/68
Co. Rosina Kemp?
32 11/09/67 Sarah M. Eagan Fe/White 4y/5m/24d Coe, Isabella Dysentery Green Co., Pa. S.A. Eagan 06/17/68
Co. Elizabeth Eagan Coe, MI
33 10/19/67 James Sosey M/White 1y/7m/23d Coe, Isabella Dysentery Isabella Co., MI Joseph Sosey Coe, MI 06/17/68
Co. Mary Sosey
34 10/17/67 Ellen V. Way Fe/White 3y/3m/3d Coe, Isabella Dysentery Isabella Co., MI David Way Coe, MI 06/17/68
Co. Letti A. Way
35 06/19/67 Ann Shepherd Fe/White Married 63y/1m/25d Coe, Isabella Infection of heart England John Leach England 06/17/68
Co. Lydia Leach
36 08/26/67 Harriett Parks? Fe/White Married 25y/5m/29d Coe, Isabella Dysentery Franklin Co., NY Edward Drew? Franklin Co., NY
Co. June M. ? Canada East 06/17/68
37 10/04/67 Lewis S. Steiner? M/White 2y/1m/23d Coe, Isabella Dysentery Genesee Co., MI Orrin Steiner? Cortland Co., NY
Co. -elor-- Steiner? Jefferson Co., NY
38 10/22/67 William Bailey M/White 2y/3m/11d Rolland Deformation on Rolland John C. Bailey Rolland 06/18/68
Brain? Mary Bailey
39 01/20/68 Amin Norman M/White Single 29y/6m/21d Ann Arbor, MI Fracture of the Skull Marietta, OH Farmer Granderson Sussman? Rolland 06/18/68
40 11/16/68 Ellen M. Titus Fe/White Single 21d Lincoln Inflamation of the Brain Lincoln Samuel W. Titus Lincoln 5/15/6-
Margaret Titus
41 06/13/68 Thomas Frances Egan M/White Single 1m/16d Lincoln Unknown Lincoln Peter Egan Lincoln 5/15/6-
Isabella Egan
42 09/06/68 George Francis Deming? M/White Single 10d Lincoln Unknown Lincoln Lafayette P. Deming Lincoln 5/15/6-
Ida C. Deming
43 08/30/68 Flora Palmer Fe/White Single 11y/11m Lincoln Unknown Ohio Amasa B. Palmer Lincoln 5/15/6-
Mary M. Gould
44 08/13/68 Mary Elizabeth Fowler Fe/White Single 1y/6m Lincoln Diptheria MI Walter S. Fowler Lincoln 5/15/6-
Phebe Ann Fowler
45 07/21/68 Lucinda Bowker Fe/White Married 43y/3m Lincoln Dropsey New York James Keyes? Calhoun Co., MI 5/15/6-
Casendona Keyes
46 05/20/68 Jane Hoag Fe/White Married 31y Lincoln Consumption New York Bailie Not given 5/15/6-
47 12/25/68 Mary L. Salisbury Fe/White 12d Chippewa Not Known Not given Ephiram Salisbury Chippewa 5/26/6-
Sarah Salisbury
48 04/13/68 Hugh McCully M/White Married 60y/2m/11d Vernon Bilious Colic Ireland Farmer Unknown Unknown 5/29/6-
49 08/13/68 Alyssus N. Bartlett M/White Single 2y/4m/13d Vernon Inflamation of the Brain Coe, Isabella Co., MI R.J.T. Bartlett Vernon 5/29/6-
Emerett L. Bartlett
50 08/19/68 James Hiller M/White Married 30y Vernon Dysentery Unknown Farmer Unknown Unknown 5/29/6-
51 08/11/68 William Stine M/White Single 17y/7m Vernon Dysentery Ohio Farmer George W. Stine Vernon 5/29/6-
Mary Stine
52 10/14/68 Charles A. Philip M/White Single 1y/5m Vernon Dysentery Mt. Pleasant William Philip Vernon 5/29/6-
Sarah Philip
53 07/25/68 John Bogan M/White Single 5y Vernon Dysentery Washtenaw Co., MI Cornelius Bogan Vernon 5/29/6-
Ellen Bogan
54 07/27/68 Ellen Bogan Fe/White Single 7y Vernon Dysentery Wayne Co., MI Cornelius Bogan Vernon 5/29/6-
Ellen Bogan
55 11/05/68 Rhoda Loomis Fe/White Married 30y Vernon Dysentery Crawford Co., Pa. Truman Thomas Vernon 5/29/6-
56 11/01/68 Clora Loomis Fe/White 1y/6m Vernon Dysentery Crawford Co., Pa. Jesse Loomis Vernon 5/29/6-
Rhoda Loomis
57 08/25/68 Alexander Hursh M/White Single 11y/7m Vernon Dysentery Unknown William Hursh Vernon 5/29/6-
58 09/21/68 Electa Davis Fe/White Widow 73y/6m/4d Coe Epileptic Benson, Vermont William Tahnage Vermont 5/30/6-
Polly Tahnage
59 08/26/68 William I. Gurvin M/White 9y/6m/19 Coe Worms Pittsburg, Pa. Andrew Gurvin Coe, MI 5/30/6-
Mary Gurvin
60 09/11/68 Martha Moor Fe/White 5y/1m Fremont Whooping Cough Hancock Co., Ohio W.K. Moor Fremont, MI 06/03/69
and Worms Eliza Moor
61 10/20/68 Ellen M. Davis Fe/White Married 31y/9m/10d Isabella Dropsey New Jersey James McRown New York 09/11/69
Mary McRoan
62 10/31/68 Ellen Jane Broomfield Fe/White Married 28y/6m Broomfield Typhoid Fever Upper Canada Michael Macklin Canada West 10/11/69
Mary Macklin

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