No. Date of Deceased Name Sex/Color Marital Age Place of Cause of Death Birth Place Occupation Parents Residence Date
Death Status Yr/Mon/Day Death if >18yrs age Names Recorded
1 1/5/1924 Floyd A. Fettner M/White Single 3m/24d Vernon Glandular Infection Michigan   Elmer Fettner Ohio 6/16/1924
Pearl Horning Michigan
2 1/7/1924 Ardeline Page F/White Married 63y/5m/4d Vernon Cancer New York Housewife Daniel Billinger New York 6/11/1924
  Sarah Althrope England
3 2/21/1924 Martha Jane Goodnow F/White Widow 79y Vernon Cancer of Stomach New York Housewife Thompson New York 6/11/1924
Martha Thompson New York
4 3/4/1924 Not Named House F/White Single   Vernon Stillborn Michigan   George House Michigan 6/11/1924
Rose Schug Michigan
5 3/22/1924 Frank F. Garr M/White Married 65y/2m/25d Vernon Heart Disease Germany Farmer Christian Garr Germany 6/11/1924
Grossman Germany
6 3/25/1924 Thomas n. Brown M/White Married 80y Vernon Fractured Hip Ireland Farmer Brown Ireland 6/11/1924
Unknown Ireland
7 3/10/1924 James Dewey Allen M/White Married 69y/8m/15d Vernon Angina Pastona New York Farmer David P. Allen New York 6/11/1924
  Unknown New York
8 5/1/1924 Geo. Watson Hobson M/White Single 1 hr. Mt. Pleasant Inanition Mt. Pleasant   Geo. W. Hobson Michigan 6/11/1924
Lila O'Berry Michigan
9 5/1/1924 Florence Russell F/White Married 63y/8m/11d Mt. Pleasant Intia capsa fracture of femur New York Housewife Thomas A. Hunt England 6/11/1924
Mary Grinnell New York
10 5/2/1924 Delos Fremont Warner M/WhiteMarried 67y/8m/11d Mt. Pleasant Uremic Poisoning OhioJanitor Charles Warner Ohio 6/11/1924
Jane Weide Germany
11 5/10/1924 Wallace Henry Marsh M/White Widower 64y/7m/28d Mt. Pleasant Acute Angina Pectoris New York Merchant Nathaniel Marsh New York 6/11/1924
Emeline Wallace New York
12 5/16/1924 Robert Jos. Finnerty M/WhiteSingle 2 d Mt. Pleasant Acute Jaundice Mt. Pleasant, MI David Finnerty Canada 6/11/1924
Margaret Yager Michigan
13 5/115/1924 Henrietta Fate F/White Married 42y/2m/7d Mt. Pleasant Myocardial Insufficiency Canada Housewife Sampson Godbald Canada 6/11/1924
  Mary Bowman Canada
14 5/27/1924 Myrtle L. Roy F/White Married 40y/7m/15d Mt. Pleasant Septic Meningitis Michigan Housewife Peter Loomis Michigan 6/11/1924
Ida Swan New York
15 1/5/1924 Charles N. Daggett M/White Married 80y/12d Mt. Pleasant Apoplexy Massachusetts LaborerUnknown Massachusetts 6/11/1924
16 1/1/1924 Nicholas Wollscheid M/White Married 56y/11m/16d Mt. Pleasant Pneumonia Germany Farmer Philip Wollscheid Germany 6/11/1924
Catherine Custer Germany
17 1/9/1924 Timothy Joseph Kennedy M/WhiteMarried 61y/11m/7d Mt. Pleasant Pneumonia CanadaMerchant John Kennedy Ireland 6/11/1924
Rose Egan Ireland
18 1/9/1924 Ola Ellen Fuller F/WhiteMarried 41y/2m/22d Mt. Pleasant Cancer of Stomach MichiganHousewife Frank Smith Michigan 6/11/1924
  Susan Heiser Michigan
19 1/16/1924 Ida Jane Lamb F/White Married 56y/6m/2d Mt. Pleasant Inflamation of Heart New York  Housewife Jesse O'Dell New York 6/11/1924
  Unknown Unknown
20 1/19/1924 Bernerd Bergeron M/White Widower 79y/9m/7d Mt. Pleasant Cancer of Pylorus CanadaLaborer William Bergeron France 6/11/1924
Unknown France
21 1/22/1924 Hazel McClure F/White Married 24y/5m/2d Mt. Pleasant Acidosis Michigan Housewife Thurston Simmons Michigan 6/11/1924
Unknown Unknown
22 1/29/1924 Robert John Hill M/White Single   Mt. Pleasant Unknown Michigan   Bert Hill Michigan 6/11/1924
  Mary L. Gilmore Michigan
23 1/30/1924 Eva May Kelley F/White Single 33y/3m/11d Mt. Pleasant Acute Toxemia North Dakota Housekeeper John Kelley New York 6/11/1924
     Minta E. Spencer Michigan
24 2/1/1924 Fannie M. Swan F/White Married 59y/6m/14d Mt. Pleasant Apoplexy Pennsylvania Housewife Jacob Riggles New York 6/11/1924
Unknown Unknown
25 1/6/1924 Ellen Mary Hills F/WhiteMarried 72y/1m/28d Mt. Pleasant Dilation of Heart IllinoisHousewife William Patrick Illinois 6/11/1924
Mary Knowlis Illinois
26 1/3/1924 Mary Isabell Richmond F/White Single 62y/3m/4d Mt. Pleasant Emphysema New YorkTailoress Frank Richmond New York 6/11/1924
  Catherine Neer New York
27 1/12/1924 Anna Bowen F/White Married 65y/6m/6d Mt. Pleasant Myocarditis Canada Housewife Reuben Loyd New York 6/11/1924
Cynthia Walters New York
28 1/12/1924 Elva Stilwell Dougherty F/White Married 68y/8/25d Mt. Pleasant Dilitation of Heart Michigan Housewife Stephen Stillwell New York 6/11/1924
Jane Davis New York
29 1/19/1924 Dennis Sullivan M/White Married 72y/7m/12d Mt. Pleasant Uremic Poisoning Ireland Farmer Michael Sullivan Ireland 6/11/1924
Julia Flynn Ireland
30 3/1/1924 Eugenia Lydia Lauderbaugh F/White Married 44y//6m/7d Mt. Pleasant Carcinoma of Breast New York Housewife Abraham Hood New York 6/11/1924
Sarah Rowe New York
31 3/22/1924 Ruben Bowen M/White Widower 82y/6m/8d Mt. Pleasant Angina Pectoris Ohio Laborer Jacob Bowen Ohio 6/1//1924
Mary Galentine Pennsylvania
32 3/31/1924 William Osagroens M/White Single 14y/11m/27d Mt. Pleasant Tubercular Meningitis Michigan Student Wm. P. Osagiren Michigan 6/11/1924
Helen Sontgarmon Michigan
33 3/31/1924 Gladys J. Spalsbury F/White Married 30y/10m/24d Mt. Pleasant Meningitis from brain abcess Michigan Housewife Jess Sheldon Michigan 6/11/1924
Charlotte Johnston Ohio
34 4/16/1924 Celia Miser F/White Married 49y/10m/20d Mt. Pleasant Acute Dilitation of Heart Ohio Housewife Adam Graidron Germany 6/11/1924
Ernestine Hileman Germany
35 4/18/1924 Guy Cutter M/White Single 18 hours Mt. Pleasant Acute Toxemia Michigan   Lloyd Cutter Ohio 6/11/1924
Sophia Hinghill Tennessee
36 4/16/1924 Alexander Ettinger M/White Widower 77y/8m/20d Mt. Pleasant Cardiac Angina Pennsylvania Farmer Jonas Ettinger Pennsylvania 6/11/1924
  Mary Shook Pennsylvania
37 4/22/1924 Richard Guy Vas Binder M/White     Mt. Pleasant Stillborn Michigan   Leo G. Vas Binder Michigan 6/11/1924
Florence B. McBrian Michigan
38 4/25/1924 George Dillon M/White Married 72y/5m/18d Mt. Pleasant Acute Myocaridal Insufficiency Canada Farmer James Dillon Ireland 6/11/1924
Catherine Cunningham Ireland
39 4/28/1924 Anita Morgan Hatcher F/WhiteSingle 25y/11m/9d Mt. Pleasant Perforating ulcer anterior wall of stomach Michigan Housework Wm. G. Hatcher England 6/11/1924
  Elizabeth Carry England
40 1/15/1924 Mary Dillsworth F/White Married 81y/5m/27d Sherman Accidentally burned England Housewife Broadhurst England 6/11/1924
Unknown England
41 1/25/1924 Caroline Burroughs F/White Married 65y/10m/29d Sherman Cancer Michigan Housewife John Christopher Germany 6/11/1924
Marie Ettinger Germany
42 1/28/1924 Alvin Kirst Gunckle M/White Single 3y/4d Sherman Hydromania Michigan   Harry Gunckle Indiana 6/11/1924
Francis March Ohio
43 1/30/1924 Virgil W. M. Harrison Smith M/White Single 2y/3m/16d Sherman Croupe Michigan Clayton Smith Michigan 6/11/1924
Clara Haveland Michigan
44 2/1/1924 Herman Lewis M/White Single 87y Sherman Bronchitis Ohio Farmer Frank Lewis Ohio 6/11/1924
Rurnma Paird Ohio
45 2/26/1924 Asa A. Smith M/White Married 69y/4d Sherman Locomotor Alaxia Indiana  Farmer Ezra A. Smith Indiana 6/11/1924
Harriet Sauders Ohio
46 3/26/1924 Miranda C. Kirvan F/White Married 39y/6m/12d Sherman Urarmia Michigan Housewife Clarence Paddock Michigan 6/11/1924
Sophia Beatie Michigan
47 4/13/1924 Richard Henry Gardner M/White Married 74y/6m/2d Sherman Cerebal Apoplexy Pennsylvania Farmer John H. Gardner Pennsylvania 6/11/1924
    Isabella Graham Pennsylvania
48 12/11/1923 Sarah Isabella Miller F/WhiteMarried 56y/7m/5d Rolland Twp. Carcinoma of Uterus Indiana George Cutterman Maryland 6/11/1924
Martha Gamer Indiana
49 1/4/1924 Richard Eugene Snyder M/White Single 3m/6d Rolland Convulsions Michigan   David Snyder Michigan 6/11/1924
  Lila Olger Michigan
50 1/4/1924 William H. Myers M/White Married 49y/8m/1d Rolland Twp. Heart Disease Michigan Farmer Edmond Myers Michigan 6/11/1924
Alice Wheeler Michigan
51 1/11/1924 Sarah J. Baker F/White Widow 74y/11m/28d Rolland Diabetes Ohio Housewife Lorenzo Taylor Unknown 6/11/1924
             Mary Robisson Unknown
 52 2/10/1924 Chas. W. Guy M/BlackWidower 74y/8m/8d Rolland Heart Disease UnknownFarmer Moses C. Guy Unknown  6/11/1924
        Mary Powell Unknown
53 2/16/1924 Allen G. Caleman M/WhteMarried 49y/1m/19d Rolland Gun Shot OhioFarmer Moses Caleman Ohio 6/11/1924
Amanda Lett Ohio
54 2//28/1924 Joseph Tevens M/White Married 60y/13d Rolland Cancer Canada Farmer Michael Tevens Ireland 6/11/1924
Ellen Runaly Ireland
55 3/20/1924 Briggs F/White Single   Rolland Twp. Stillborn Michigan       6/11/1924
Mildred Briggs Michigan
56 4/30/1924 Jacob Disbrow M/White Widower 80y/8m Rolland Twp. Apoplexy Ohio Farmer Nathan Disbrow Pennsylvania 6/11/1924
Mary Leach Pennsylvania
57 12/6/1923 W.M. Carl Richardson M/White Married 52y/8m/9d Broomfield Valvular Heart Disease Michigan Farmer Thomas Richardson Vermont 6/11/1924
Affie King Germany
58 1/14/1924 Wilhelmine Sach F/WhiteWidow 88y Broomfield Acute Nayoavelosed Insufficiency Germany Unknown Germany 6/11/1924
Lesena Brandt Germany
59 2/24/1924 Gells May Denslow F/White Single 7y/5m/19d Broomfield Diptheria Michigan   Isac Demlow Michigan 6/11/1924
Lora Skacubface Michigan
60 2/26/1924 Loomis M/White     Broomfield Defective Circulation Michigan   Ernest D. Loomis Michigan 6/11/1924
Edna Roy Michigan
61 2/18/1924 Leovina Childs F/WhiteWidow 78y/6m/5d CoeCardiac Valvular Regurgis Steabon OhioHousewife Edd Robbins Ohio 6/11/1924
Unknown Ohio
62 2/20/1924 Martha E. Wagner F/White Widow 83y/6m/7d Coe Arterial Sclerosis, Atrophy of Liver Ohio Housewife Abraham Shoe Pennsylvania 6/11/1924
Unknown Pennsylvania
63 1/8/1924 Burnett L. Smith M/White Married 45y/4m/1d Coldwater Pleuritis Michigan Farmer Levi Smith Michigan 6/11/1924
  Fanny Ashley Michigan
64 2/10/1924 David Elsworth Carry M/White Widower 62y/3m/26d Coldwater Broncho Pneumonia and Pleuritis Michigan Farmer David Carrey New York 6/11/1924
Dehlia Kelley New York
65 2/13/1924 Everritt Varce M/White Single 15 minutes Denver Enlarged Liver Michigan   Asa Varch Michigan 6/11/1924
  Bessie Pooelip Europe
66 2/18/1924 Mettie Wheaton F/Red Married 20y/4m/5d Denver Pulmonary Tuberculosis Michigan Housewife Dutch Strong Michigan 6/11/1924
Maggie Chamberlain Michigan
67 3/25/1924 Mary Jackson F/Red Married 53y/9m/9d Denver Twp. Pulmonary Tuberculosis Michigan Housewife James Pashmea Michigan 6/11/1924
Mary Chatfield Michigan
68 1/9/1924 Marian Spencer F/White Widow 87y/2m/20d Gilmore Urina New York Housewife Isaac Cranfield


Conneticut 6/11/1924
69 2/6/1924 Lakins Fordyce M/White Married 70y/1m/1d Gilmore Apoplexy Pennsylvania Farmer Jacob Fordyce Pennsylvania 6/11/1924
Sarah Jacobs Pennsylvania
70 1/28/1924 Laugers Collins M/Red Single 10y/11m/16d Isabella Tuberculosis Pertoneum Michigan   Israel Collins Michigan 6/11/1924
Mary Francis Michigan
71 2/1/1924 Mary Coffey F/White Widow 73y/6m/20d Isabella Myocardial CanadaHousewife J. Foley Ireland 6/11/1924
Unknown Ireland


72 2/17/1924 Anna McGaurlick F/White Widow 71y/7m/19d Isabella Mitral Insufficiency Ireland Housewife Jas. Gallagher Ireland 6/11/1924
Unknown Ireland
73 3/4/1924 Joseph Bradley M/White Married 73y/8m/24d Isabella Lobar Pneumonia Michigan Farmer Sam Bradley Michigan 6/11/1924
Unknown Unknown
74 4/6/1924 Hannah Scott F/White Widow 82y Isabella Old Age Ireland At Home Michael Donahue Ireland 6/11/1924
Unknown Unknown
75 4/22/1924 Blanche Bennett F/Red   17/6m/8d Isabella Pneumonia Michigan  Peter Bennett Michigan 6/11/1924
 Alma Tronsway Michigan
76 1/201924 William McLane M/White Single 64y/4m/12d Shepherd Heart Disease Michigan Shoe Cobbler Edward McLain Scotland 6/11/1924
Mary Malled England
77 1/25/1924 George N. Brown M/White Widower   Shepherd Arterial Sclerosis New YorkRetired Farmer Lemond Brown Vermont 6/11/1924
Salina Hungerford Unknown
78 1/31/1924 Katherine Murtha F/White Widow 67y/9m/8d Shepherd Arterial Sclerosis PennsylvaniaHousewife Henry Gruber Pennsylvania 6/11/1924
Katherine Woolbausch Pennsylvania
79 2/5/1924 Harry V. Abbott M/White Married 52y/3m/11d Shepherd Blood Clot in Artery CanadaPhysician Chas. S. Abbott Ireland 6/11/1924
Eliza Wilson Canada
80 3/20/1924 Hezekiah Nufay Bent M/White Widower 78y/1m/24d Shepherd Heart Disease New YorkRetired Business Manager Unknown Unknown 6/11/1924
Unknown Unknown
81 1/1/1924 Donald Dale Shock M/White Single 3d Lincoln Convulsions Michigan  Nelson Shock Ohio 6/11/1924
Nyredia Hartford Michigan
82 1/17/1924 Sarah E. Sanger F/White Married 84y/2m/24d Lincoln Senility Canada At Home Nathias Stafford Pennsylvania 6/11/1924
Charlotte Acker  England
83 2/9/1924 Joseph Kolarik M/White Married 58y/2m/28d Lincoln Arterial Sclerosis Belgium Farmer Frank Kolarik Europe 6/11/1924
    Unknown Unknown
84 3/31/1924 Mary E.Duffy F/White Widow 64y/6m/16d Lincoln Pernicious Anemia CanadaHousewife John Fox Ireland 6/11/1924
  Sarah Dempsy Canada
85 2/19/1924 John Fox M/White Married 46y/10m/23d Nottawa Amgloid Liver GermanyFarmer John Fox Germany 6/11/1924
  Mary Burg Germany
86 3/101924 Annelln Pluoera F/Mexican Married 18y/7m/23d Nottawa Acute Cardial Insufficiency TexasHousekeeper Unknown Unknown 6/11/1924
Unknown Unknown
87 4/1/1924 Jacob Kuhry M/White Married 72y/8m/19d Nottawa Chronic Nephritis Canada Farmer Michael Kuhry France 6/11/1924
Unknown Unknown
88 4/4/1924 Orbel Shawano F/Red Single 2m/30d Nottawa Bronchial Pneumonia Michigan   Jake Shawano

Sarah Fish

Michigan 6/11/1924
89 1/15/1924 Alfred Snear M/White   4y/5m/12d Wise Acute Gastric Enteritis Michigan   Willilam Snear Pennsylvania 6/11/1924
Cora Rowland Michigan
90 2/22/1924 Anna Thompson F/Red   7m/5d Wise Tuberculosis Michigan   Wesley Thompson Michigan 6/11/1924
Lucy Kah-ge-geb Michigan
91 2/29/1924John Kuffler M/White Single76y/1m/29d Wise Heart Disease GermanyCarpenter M. Kuffler Germany 6/11/1924
Unknown Unknown
92 1/5/1924 Sillaman Travis M/White Married 70y/7m/2d Union Cancer of Stomach Michigan Farmer Richard Travis New York 6/11/1924
Maria Muffett New Jersey
93 1/8/1924 Lee Grant Hensley M/White Married 47y/4d Union Septicemia Illinois Farmer Peter Hensley Unknown 6/11/1924
Ellen Harrick Ohio
94 1/29/1924 Hanna Cuthbert F/White Married 71y/3m/23d Union Heart Disease Canada Housewife Owen McKinna Canada 6/11/1924
Sarah McDugal Unknown
95 2/4/1924 Carl halladay M/White Single 4y/11m Union Lustic Michigan   Vida Halloday Michigan 6/11/1924
  Stella Hoirby Illinois
96 2/29/1924 Elinor Welsh F/White Married 88y/11m/13d Union Acute Indigestion Ireland Housewife Robert Crooke Ireland 6/11/1924
Unknown Unknown
97 3/14/1924 Michael Kane M/White Married 85y/m Union Sclerotic Sclerosis Canada Farmer Robert Kane Unknown 6/11/1924
  Mary Garvin Ireland
98 4/18/1924 Florence Kyser F/White     Lincoln Stillborn Michigan   David Kyser Michigan 6/11/1924
Ida G. Buxton Ohio
99 4/5/1924 Rose Wright F/Whitemarried 37y/8m/21d Lincoln Measles MichiganHousewife Joseph Ancel Michigan 6/11/1924
Hannah Hartley Michigan
100 4/12/1924 Michael W. Wyant M/White Widower88y/9m/20d Lincoln Diabetes New York Farmer Harry Wyant New York 6/11/1924
  Unknown Unknown
101 4/24/1924 Michael Duggan M/WhiteMarried 64y/6m/4d Lincoln Apoplexy MichiganFarmer Edward Duggan Ireland 6/11/1924
Margarite Quinn Ireland
102 5/1/1924 Dora Marie Hoffman F/White Single 2m/18d Coldwater Marasmus Michigan   Roy Cecil Hoffman New York 6/11/1924
Mary E. Tice Michigan
103 5/2/1924 Thomas Bozaire M/WhiteMarried 89y/11m/29d Coldwater Acute Brights' Disease CanadaFarmer Unknown Unknown 6/11/1924
Unknown Unknown
104 6/3/1924 Katherine Ann Bonnell F/WhiteSingle 1y/11m/15d Mt. Pleasant Cerebro Spinal Meningitis Michigan  Edward Bonnell Michigan 7/14/1924
Helen Henney Michigan
105 6/6/1924 Helen Andrews F/RedSingle 16y/5m/18d Mt. Pleasant Acute Nephritis MichiganStudent Peter Andrews Unknown 7/14/1924
Mary Andrews Unknown
106 6/6/1924 John Wesley Doane M/White Married 90y/11m/24d Mt. Pleasant Apoplexy New York Ret. Farmer Erastus Doane New York 7/14/1924
Esther Stringer New York
107 6/9/1924 Pearl May Lawrence F/WhiteMarried 36y Mt. Pleasant Acute Septic Endometritis OhioAt Home John Hessick Pennsylvania 7/14/1924
Orpha Phesick Ohio
108 6/9/1924 Warren B. Hagerman M/White Married 62y/8m/5d Mt. Pleasant Arterial Sclerosis Michigan Farmer Joseph Hagerman New York 08/01/91
Elizabeth Skinner New York
109 6/19/1924 Allen Joshua Ryckman M/White Single 22y/5m/1d Mt. Pleasant Hemorraghe from lungs Michigan Farmer Cecil J. Ryckman Canada 7/14/1924
Carrie L. Nichols Michigan
110 6/20/1924 Jennie Elmira Kennedy F/White Single 7y/5d Mt. Pleasant Peritonitis Canada At home Wm. Kennedy Ontario 7/14/1924
Georgia Sangster Ohio
111 6/23/1924 Hannah McClean F/White Widow 69y/4m/13d Mt. Pleasant Hepatits Ohio At Home Chas. Heckathorne Ohio 7/14/1924
  Nancy Whitney Ohio
112 6/27/1924 Sophia Martin F/WhiteWidow 81y/2m/18d Mt. Pleasant Uramic Poisoning CanadaAt Home Albert Wooley Canada 7/14/1924
Nancy Lake Canada
113 7/16/1924 James L. Thorn M/WhiteSingle 69y/11m/30d Mt. Pleasant Cerebral Apoplexy New YorkLaborer Chas. Thorn New York 7/14/1924
   Sarah Conklin New York
114 7/21/1924 Josephine Alonzo F/White Married 39y Mt. Pleasant Acute Nephritis Mexico Housekeeper Unknown Unknown 7/14/1924
  Unknown Unknown
115 7/23/1924 Harold Brown M/WhiteSingle 2y/5m/13d Mt. Pleasant Skull Fracture Struck by Auto Michigan  Haline Brown Michigan 7/14/1924
  Matie Case Michigan
116 7/22/1924 Elizabeth M. Harris F/White Widow 79y/4m/8d Mt. Pleasant Angina Pectoris Illinois Housekeeping Samuel Blake

Amanda Loverine



117 7/27/1924 Margaret Love F/White Single 5y/8m/27d Mt. Pleasant Due to Burns Michigan   John Love Canada 7/14/1924
 Olive Nielands
118 8/2/1924 Felina Epple F/White Widow 78y/6m/15d Mt. Pleasant Hardening of Arteries France  At Home Peter Bressen France 12/12/1924
  Unknown France
119 8/2/1924 Dorothy E. Fate F/White Married 39y/2m/8d Mt. Pleasant Ulcer of lungs Michigan  Housewife Alonzo Allen Ohio 12/12/1924
  Dorothy Wood Canada
120 8/5/1924 John Nielands M/White Married 75y/10m/5d Mt. Pleasant Gangrene of Intestine OntarioFarmer John Nielands Ireland 12/12/1924
Elizabeth Kilpatrick Ireland
121 812/1924 Brigade Mary Battle F/White Married 70y Mt. Pleasant Chornic Parencymatous Ohio Housewife Patrick Murray Ireland 12/12/1924
Margarete Lyons Ireland
122 8/15/1924 Susanna Limebaugh F/White Single 68y/2m/1d Mt. Pleasant Bright's Disease OhioAt Home Adam Limebaugh Pennsylvania 12/12/1924
Catherine Parish Pennsylvania
123 9/13/1924 Harriet B. Battle F/White Married 40y/10m/7d Mt. Pleasant Septic infection of abdomen Michigan At Home Fred Ottman Netherlands 12/12/1924
  Mary Pott Netherlands
124 9/14/1924 Anna Du Hamel F/White Single   Mt. Pleasant Spina Bifida Michigan   Louis Du Hamell Minnesota 12/12/1924
Theresa Scully Michigan
125 9/13/1924 Francis A. Wright F/White Married 81y/6m/2d Mt. Pleasant Diabetis MichiganHousewife Unknown Unknown 12/12/1924
Unknown Unknown
126 10/3/1924 Karl Edw. Brondstetter M/White Single 2y/18d Mt. Pleasant Laryngeal Diptheria Michigan   Chas. Brondstetter Michigan 12/12/1924
Lydia Hungerford Michigan
127 10/4/1924 Elizabeth L. Crane F/White Widow 84y/2m/12d Mt. Pleasant Peritonitis MichiganAt Home William Taylor New York 12/12/1924
Mary Markell New York
128 10/3/1924 Daniel Knipe M/White Widower 61y/2m/27d Mt. Pleasant Suicide Ohio Ret. Farmer Bennett Knipe Ohio 12/12/1924
Eliza Burdick New York
129 10/3/1924 George Snyder M/Whitemarried 77y/7d Mt. Pleasant Acute Silitation of Heart Pennsylvania Laborer George Snyder Pennsylvania 12/12/1924
Unknown Unknown
130 10/8/1924 Robert Lee Baker M/WhiteSingle 1m/22d Mt. Pleasant Diarrhea Michigan  Charles Baker Michigan 12/12/1924
Elizabeth Baker Michigan
131 10/15/1924 Charles Jones M/White Married 62y/8d Mt. Pleasant Chronic Myocarditis Michigan Farmer Jefferson Jones Ohio 12/12/1924
Laura Bollinger Ohio
132 10/27/1924 Sarah Ellen Whitcomb F/WhiteMarried 67y/1m/24d Mt. Pleasant Embolism of Coronary Artery IndianaHousekeeper Peter E. Mahnensmith Unknown 12/12/1924
  Asleine Rykright Unknown
133 11/10/1924 George Henry Johnson M/WhiteMarried 69y/2m/18d Mt. Pleasant Chronic Arasis MichiganLaborer Alfred Johnson New York 12/12/1924
Sally Lerks New York
134 11/25/1924 Mary J. Wolfer F/WhiteMarried 69y/5m/11d Mt. Pleasant Arteriosclerosis MichiganAt Home David Lerk Conneticut 12/12/1924
Mary Jane Lerk Michigan
135 11/29/1924 Alfred McMullen M/White Married 67y/9m/13d Mt. Pleasant Chronic Myocarditis Canada Laborer Wm. McMullen Canada 12/12/1924
Jennie Bain Canada
136 2/12/1924 Conie L. France F/White Married 45y/6m/6d Chippewa Twp. Tuberculosis Michigan Housewife Albert Harker Michigan 12/12/1924
Ella Young New York
137 1/20/1924 Edna Ella Wright F/White Single 8d Chippewa Twp. Inanition Michigan   Charles Krause Michigan 12/12/1924
Ella Wright Michigan
138 3/16/1924 Fannie Woodruff F/White Single 1y/13m/12d Chippewa Twp. Abcess on Neck Michigan   Pearl Woodruff Ohio 12/12/1924
Amelia Miller Ohio
139 5/9/1924 Martha Elizabeth Henderson F/White Married 51y/5m/6d Fremont Twp. Carcinosis of Uterus Michigan Housewife Joseph Fox Canada 12/12/1924
Jane Bushel Canada
140 5/26/1924 Samuel Baum M/White Married 88y/8m/15d Fremont Twp. Bronchial Pneumonia Pennsylvania Farmer Joseph Baum Germany 12/12/1924
  Katy Hosler Germany
141 7/10/1924 Winfield Scott Green M/White widower 71y/1m/7d Fremont Twp. Status Epilecticus Michigan Farmer Lewis Green New York 12/12/1924
Diana Steadman New York
142 8/13/1924 Georgia May Pierpont F/White Married 55y/3m/7d Fremont Twp. Acute Nephritis Michigan Housewife Peter W. Mock Canada 12/12/1924
Jane McCrea Canada
143 7/28/1924 Dorothy May Funnell F/WhiteSingle 8d Vernon Twp. Premature Birth Michigan   Henry Funnell Michigan 12/12/1924
Selia Richmond Michigan
144 7/14/1924 Florence M. Ford F/WhiteMarried 45y4d Vernon Twp. Shock from Extraction of Teeth CanadaHousewife James Hodgins Canada 12/12/1924
Mary J. Cobleigh Canada
145 7/28/1924 Mary Elizabeth Hales F/WhiteSingle   Vernon Twp. Stillborn Michigan   Ray Hales Michigan 12/12/1924
Selina Haines Pennsylvania
146 10/20/1924 William Page M/WhiteWidower 73y/10m/26d Vernon Twp. Uremic Coniasis New York Farmer William Page England 12/12/1924
Mary King Unknown
147 11/3/1924 Jessie Denton F/White Widow 80y/11m/23d Vernon Twp. Bronchial Pneumonia Canada Housewife John Calewall Unknown 12/12/1924
Unknown Unknown
148 5/13/1924 Elton Ray Dowling M/White Single 6m Lincoln Twp. Peritonitis MichiganFarmer Claude Dowling Michigan 12/12/1924
Katherine Caszatt Michigan
149 5/21/1924 Geo. B. Hawkins M/White Widower 57y/4m/17d Lincoln Twp. Suicide by shooting OhioFarmer Unknown Ohio 12/12/1924
Unknown Ohio
150 6/1/1924 Joseph Fox M/White Single 2hr. Lincoln Twp. Congenital weakness Michigan  Emmet Fox Michigan 12/12/1924
  Geniveve Summer Michigan
151 8/16/1924 Mary Hamilton F/White Widow 77y/8m/16d Lincoln Twp. Carcinoma of Liver Canada Housewife Floyd Webster Canada 12/12/1924
                    Unknown Canada
152 10/9/1924 Phillip Sancher M/Mexican Single 4y/2m Lincoln Twp. Pneumonia Michigan   Justo Sancher Unknown 12/12/1924
                    Varia Tbano Mexico
153 5/12/1924 Catherine Russell F/White Married 71y/1m/27d Deerfield Twp. Acute Myocardial Insufficiency Michigan At Home John Johnson Ireland 12/12/1924
                    Unknown Unknown
154 6/29/1924 Joseph Earl Todd M/White Widower 42y/8m/13d Deerfield Twp. Pulmonary Tuberculosis Illinois Farmer James T. Todd New York 12/12/1924
                    Emma Hogg Canada
155 7/9/1924 Roxana Ash F/White Widow 87y/11m/13d Deerfield Twp. Cardialgia Ohio At Home Charles Cowell Ohio 12/12/1924
                    Anna Wormwood Ohio
156 8/13/1924 Catherine Kile Brandt F/White Widow 87y/9m Deerfield Twp. Senility Pennsylvania At Home John Philipps Pennsylvania
                    Unknown Unknown
157 4/2/1924 James E. Black M/White Married 81y Shepherd Cystitis and Prostatitis Scotland Ret. Farmer Geo. Black Unknown
                    Unknown Unknown
158 5/26/1924 Mary Katherine Fenby F/White Widow 70y/6m/12d Shepherd Cancer of Gall Bladder Canada Housewife Levi Borland Unknown
                    Julia Ann Vanhor Unknown
159 5/30/1924 William Swix M/White Married 83y/10m/20d Shepherd Arteriosclerosis with Dilation of Heart Michigan Ret.Farmer Unknown Unknown
                    Emlyne Townsend Unknown
160 6/21/1924 Servino Mandola M/Brown Single   Coe Twp. Still Born Michigan   Simon Mandola Mexico
                    Josephine Gracia Mexico
161 7/8/1924 Mary Divelbiss F/White Widow 83y/5m/22d Coe Twp. Diabetes Pennsylvania Housewife Elijah Burge Pennsylvania
                    Sara Howard Pennsylvania
162 7/21/1924 Levi H. Burge M/White Married 69y5m/3d Coe Twp. Paralysis West Virginia Farmer Elijah Burge Pennsylvania
                    Sara Howard Pennsylvania
163 7/24/1924 Opal Rauschenberger F/White Single 28d Coe Twp. Premature Birth Michigan   Fred Rauschenberger Michigan
                    Vera Brown Ohio
164 7/30/1924 Maryanna Goffnet F/White Widow 81y/2m/25d Coe Twp. Arteriosclerosis France   Peter Talm France
                    Josephine Clare France
165 7/27/1924 Alta Priestly F/White Married 60y/11d Coe Twp. Cancer of Uterus Unknown Housewife Henry Rice West Virginia
                    Unknown Unknown
166 8/4/1924 Louisa Jane Cline F/White Widow 65y/7m/26d Coe Twp. Organic Heart Disease West Virginia Housewife Samuel Brown Unknown
                    Unknown Unknown
167 8/22/1924 George Snyder M/White Widower 56y/21d Coe Twp. Cancer Michigan Farmer Theodore Snyder Unknown
                    Authramilla Vaness Unknown
168 9/30/1924 John J. Lubold M/White Married 72y/4m/9d Coe twp. Appolexy Pennsylvania Farmer Daniel Lubold Pennsylvania
                    Elizabeth Ruse Pennsylvania
169 5/18/1924 Unnamed Blackmer M/White     Broomfield Twp. Premature Birth Michigan   Hugh Blackmer Michigan
                    Bertha Winter Michigan
170 8/4/1924 Earnest M. Leach M/White Single 31y/5m/4d Broomfield Twp. Septic Poison Michigan Farmer William Leach Michigan
                    Sarah Myers Michigan
171 9/4/1924 N. Henry Lueder M/White Widower 87y/1m/29d Broomfield Twp. Old age Germany Farmer Unknown Unknown
                    Unknown Unknown
172 10/29/1924 Hanford Lyon Roberts M/White Married 76y/1m/28d Broomfield Twp. Valvilitis Pennsylvania Farmer Hasey Roberts Unknown
                    Unknown Unknown
173 6/6/1924 Frank Schohl M/White Married 62y/2m/29d Nottawa Twp. Hemmorraghic Vicarious Germany Farmer Matt Schohl Germany
                    Elizabeth Wagner Germany
174 6/27/1924 Mary Elizabeth Breuer F/White     Nottawa Twp. Stillborn Michigan   Joe Breuer Michigan
                    Emma Gruss Michigan
175 6/27/1924 Edward John Endress M/White Single 6m/25d Nottawa Twp. Bronchial Pneumonia Michigan   John Endress Michigan
                    Lena Hoffman Wisconsin
176 7/5/1924 Anthony Snyder M/White Married 88y/8m/5d Nottawa Twp. Senility Germany Retired Farmer B. Snyder Germany
                    Unknown Unknown
177 7/12/1924 Carl Schmidt M/white Single 28d Nottawa Twp. Premature Birth Michigan   Frank Schmidt Michiganrmany
                    Mary Bagsman Michigan
178 1/3/1924 Mary Schmidt F/White Single 70y/7m/19d Nottawa Twp. Bronchial Pneumonia Michigan Domestic John P. Schmidt Germany
                    Annie Schamis Germany
179 1/2/1924 Virgil Anthony Wieber M/White   1d Nottawa Twp. Hemorlogic Spots on Skin Michigan   Anthony Wieber Michigan
                    Clara Henning Michigan
180 9/21/1924 Joe Aragon M/Mexican     Nottawa Twp. Premature Birth Michigan   George Aragon Mexico
                    Amelia Gorny Mexico
181 11/12/1924 Mary Williams F/Indian Married 70y Nottawa Twp. Appendicitis Michigan Housewife Unknown Unknown
                    Unknown Unknown
182 11/20/1924 Mary Williams F/Red Married 25y Nottawa Twp. Tuberculosis Michigan Housewife Mose Jackson Michigan
                    Mary Walker Michigan
183 6/1/1924 Alfred C. Johnson M/White Widower 76y/1m/17d Nottawa Twp. Apoplexy Michigan Rtd. Farmer William Johnson England
                    ? Sager England
184 7/25/1924 Alice M. McNalley F/White Married 65y/5m/3d Nottawa Twp. Cirrosis of Liver Michigan Housewife Andrew Cole Michigan
                    Sarah N. West Michigan
185 7/5/1924 Morrison Johnston M/White Single   Isabella Twp. Stillborn Michigan   H. D. Johnston Michigan
                    Minnie Morrison Michigan
186 7/16/1924 Evangeline Vazquez F/Mexico Single 9y/7m/27d Isabella Twp. Acute Eucasin Texas   Momel Vasquez Mexico
                    Vicent Wisler Mexico
187 9/7/1924 Hannah Archer F/White Widow 69y/1m/9d Isabella Twp. Apoplexy Ontario, Canada Housewife Robert Clark Ireland
                    Unknown Unknown
188 9/26/1924 Chas. Terry M/White Married 71y/11m/22d Isabella Twp. Softening Of Brain Michigan Merchant Will Terry York State
                    Sarah McCormick York State
189 5/4/1924 Jessie Kahgegah F/Red Married 26y Wise Twp. Pulmonary Tuberculosis Michigan Housewife Joe Corbin Michigan
                    Sophia Thompson Michigan
190 6/9/1924 Frank Chermitz M/White Widower 59y Wise Twp. Ercdacordstis Chalmystitis Hungary Farmer Unknown Unknown
                    Louis Konscs Unknown
191 7/2/1924 Martha E. Gauthier F/White Married 76y/29d Wise Twp. Cerebral Hemorraghe Ohio Housewife Henry Brown Pennsylvania
                    Unknown Unknown
192 9/5/1924 Earl T. Dooley M/White Single 23y/8m/2d Wise Twp. Internal Hemorraghe Ohio Farmer Lawrence Dooley New York
                    Mary Heckles Ohio
193 9/13/1924 Elizabeth Thompson F/Indian Single 20y/7m/12d Wise Twp. Tuberculosis Michigan Domestic John Thompson Michigan
                    Charlotte Johnson Michigan
194 5/25/1924 Walter L. Sheets M/White Single 18y/5m/23d Rolland Twp. Auto Accident Michigan Laborer Andrew Sheets Michigan
                    Lillian Derris Michigan
195 5/12/1924 Thomas D. Jarrard M/White Married 73y/6m/6d Rolland Twp. Apoplexy Ohio Laborer William Jarred Unknown
                    Unknown Unknown
196 5/24/1924 Wm. W. Henry M/White Married 65y/3m/25d Rolland Twp. Apoplexy New York Farmer Joseph Henry Unknown
                    Unknown Unknown
197 5/19/1924 Edith May Krause F/White Married 38y/6m/14d Rolland Twp. Child Birth Michigan Housewife Frances Luce Indiana
                    Sarah Pollard Ohio
198 6/8/1924 Myrtle E. McAllister F/White Married 38y/2m/11d Rolland Twp. Embolism of lungs Ohio Housewife Solomon Miller Unknown
                    Unknown Unknown
199 6/14/1924 Glen V. Mull M/White Single 5y/8m/7d Rolland Twp. Convulsions Michigan   Frank E. Mull Michigan
                    Hazel Williams Michigan
200 6/30/1924 Unnamed Clark F/White Single   Rolland Twp. Stillborn Michigan   Roy Clark Michigan
                    Marion Hoyer Michigan
201 6/2/1924 Richard G. Rixom M/white Married 69y/10m/22d Rolland Twp. Apoplexy Michigan Farmer George Rixom England
                    Susan Adams England
202 7/4/1924 Robert Maiter M/White Single   Rolland Twp. Stillborn Michigan   Ira Maiter Pennsylvania
                    Barbara Hain Michigan
203 7/16/1924 Clois K. Christinan F/White Married 30y/5m/12d Rolland Twp. Tuberculosis Michigan Housewife Mell Jergeum Denmark
                    Mame Matherson Denmark
204 8/16/1924 Amanda D. Kennedy F/White Married 44y/11m/12d Rolland Twp. Streptococcal Infection Ohio Housewife Joe Moulton Ohio
                    Rebecca Fraser Ohio
205 11/6/1924 Mark DeWitt M/White Married 23y/3m/26d Rolland Twp. Pneumonia Michigan Clerk Homer DeWitt Tennessee
                    Mary A. Kriner Michigan
206 11/12/1924 Hiram Wiley M/White Married 63y/6m/28d Rolland Twp. Apoplexy Michigan Decorator Robert Wiley Unknown
                    Unknown Unknown
207 11/27/1924 Harrietta L. Merrill F/White Single 1m/23d Rolland Twp. Choked Michigan   Percy Merrill Michigan
                    Cecilia Merrill Michigan
208 7/7/1924 Daniel Wilkie M/White Married 85y/10m/6d Village of Shepherd Uremia Scotland Rtd. Farmer Unknown Unknown
                    Unknown Unknown
209 7/21/1924 David Drum M/White Married 75y/5m/5d Village of Shepherd Organic Valvular Heart Disease New York Rtd. Farmer Edward Drum New York
                    Jane Hollenbeck Canada
210 7/22/1924 Emagene Sargens F/White Widow 78y/3m/29d Village of Shepherd Atrabiliary New York Housewife Nathan Marble New York
                    Elanor Enis New York
211 7/23/1924 Wellington Irish M/White Married 76y/2m/3d Village of Shepherd Arterial Sclerosis Michigan Farmer Smith Irish Unknown
                    Elza Rice Unknown
212 8/20/1924 ____  Munalla F/Mexican Single 3d Village of Shepherd Syphletic Michigan   Unknown Unknown
                    Jane Villa Mexico
213 9/9/1924 Alfred Claybaugh M/White Single 5y/3m/14d Village of Shepherd Acute Indigestion Michigan None Edd Claybaugh Ohio
                    Ethel Cross Michigan
214 10/15/1924 John Rawson M/White Widower 91y/4m/5d Gilmore Twp. Chronic Prostatitis West Virginia Farmer Stephen Rawson Unknown
                    Elizabeth Gard Unknown
215 8/29/1924 Elizabeth Grimm F/White Widow 91y/5m/26d Gilmore Twp. Apoplexy Virginia At Home James Fox Pennsylvania
                    Sarah Martin Pennsylvania
216 12/1/1924 Herbert Glass M/White Married 79y/5m/29d Gilmore Twp. Mitral Regurgitation Michigan Farmer Rufus F. Glass New York
                    Harriet Rascs New York
217 12/20/1924 Frank Gachter M/White Single 58y/7m/24d Nottawa Twp. Cirrhois of Liver Michigan Farmer Joe Gachter France
                    Anna M. Gusher Germany
218 10/4/1924 Ethel Peters F/Indian Single 2y/8m/8d Isabella Twp. Mastoid Abcess Michigan   James Peters Michigan
                    Helen Bennett Michigan
219 11/29/1924 Wm. Demeter M/White Single 3y/2m/27d Isabella Twp. Pneumonia Michigan   Andrew Demeter Austria
                    Susan Daisy Austria
220 12/12/1924 Cass Mosher M/White Married 77y/2m/26d Isabella Twp. Arteriosclerosis Michigan   Nelson Mosher New York
                    Catherine Tell New York
221 12/20/1924 Loyd Cook M/White Single 10y/6m/20d Isabella Twp. Pneumonia Michigan   Isacc Cook Michigan
                    Anna Peters Michigan
222 12/6/1924 Mary Elizabeth Shook F/White Widow 84y/10m/8d Mt. Pleasant Arteriosclerosis Michigan At home Erick Tabor Rhode Island
                    Margaurite Dority New York
223 12/18/19244 Eliza M. Edmonds F/White Married 66y/25d Mt. Pleasant Myocardia Insufficiency New York At home James Mace England
                    Mary Ann Lubbock England
224 12/24/1924 _____ Chamberlain F/White Single   Mt. Pleasant Stillborn Michigan   J.W. Chamberlain Michigan
                    Allie Keith Ohio
225 12/31/1924 Dale Calvin Offill M/White Single 4d Mt. Pleasant Congestion of lungs Michigan   Claude Offill Ohio
                    Allice Ewing Ohio
226 5/12/1924 Anamaria Rodrigo F/Mexican Single 2m/12d Union Twp. Indigestion Texas   Robail Rodrigo Mexico
                    Maria Rodrigo Mexico
227 7/18/1924 David walter Grewett M/Indian Single 5d Union Twp. Toxic Michigan   Sam Grewett Michigan
                    Ada Smith Ohio
228 7/26/1924 Loretta A. Tatie F/White Married 64y/5m/8d Union Twp. Exhaustion Ohio At home Joseph Wilis Ireland
                    Unknown Unknown
229 9/6/1924 David Crowley M/White Married 61y Union twp. Cirrohsis of liver Canada Farmer Patrick Crowley Ireland
                    Margaret Mahoney Ireland
230 11/13/1924 Sarah Lethorn F/White Married 78y/11m/6d Union Twp. Broncho Pneumonia New York At home Melvin Hatch Vermont
                    Mahley Thomas New York
231 12/3/1924 James Fenton M/White Married 89y/7m/27d Vernon Twp. Senility Canada Farmer James Fenton Ireland
                    Jane Mills New York
232 12/18/1924 Hibbard Nuton Loomis M/White Widower 86y/11m/11d Vernon Twp. Cerebral Apoplexy New York Ret. Farmer Unknown Unknown
                    Unknown Unknown
233 12/26/1924 Margaret Crowley F/White Widow 91y/9m/9d Vernon Twp. Cardiac Insufficiency Ireland   Unknown Unknown
                    Unknown Unknown
234 12/22/1924 _____ Woodbury M/White Single 3d Coldwater Twp. Premature Birth Michigan   Arthur G. Woodbury Michigan
                    Myrtle Cheesebourgh Michigan
235 12/23/1924 Virgil Thayer Sperry M/White   3y/9m/8d Coldwater Twp. Acute Muscular Rheumatism Michigan   Eric O. Sperry Pennsylvania
                    Emma Smith Pennsylvania
236 10/6/1924 Ben H. Hasen M/White Widower 75y/2m/26d Coe Twp. Apoplexy Unknown Ret. Black Smith Unknown Unknown
                    Unknown Unknown
237 11/17/1924 James O'Brien M/White Married 69y/2m/1d Lincoln Cancer of Stomach New York Farmer Wm. O'Brien Ireland
                    Unknown Ireland
238 11/17/1924 Nettie Mae Guthrie F/White Married 31y/11m/18d Lincoln Diptheria Ohio At home Wm. King Ohio
                    Catherine Hoover Ohio
239 12/27/1924 Opal June Good     6m/4d  Lincoln Congenital Weakness Michigan   Noah Good Ohio
                    Lillian Jackson Michigan

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243 10/16/1924 Scoretis Collins M/White Widower 78y/4m/15d Wise Suicide by shooting Michigan Farming Isacc Collins New York
                    Clara Riggs Michigan
244 10/11/1924 Isaac Carrick M/White Married 88y/8m5d Wise Arterio Sclerosis Ohio Farming Unknown Unknown
                    Unknown Unknown
245 5/7/1924 Ludwick Kullman M/White   10d Denver Permature Birth Michigan   Ludwick Kullman Austria
                    Christina Ludenbaugh Austria
246 7/20/1924 Bert W. Cooper M/White Married 41y/7m/28d Denver Chronic Nephritis & Chronic Carditis Michigan Lumberman William Cooper Ohio
                    Christena Davis Ohio
247 9/30/1924 Victor E. White M/White Married 36y/4m/28d Denver Tuberculosis Michigan Laborer Albert W. White Michigan
                    Lucinda White Michigan
248 10/9/1924 Thomas Jackson M/Indian Married 61y/2m Denver Unknown Michigan   Andrew Jackson Canada
                    Unknown Unknown
249 10/17/1924 Ray Jackson McKillip M/White Married 25y/10m/4d Denver Internal Hemorraghe Indiana Farmer Karmack McKillip Indiana
                    Laura Taggert Michigan
250 11/28/1924 Alice Fisher F/Indian Single 4d Denver Curpera Narenaturum Michigan   Joseph Fisher Michigan
                    Leena Wangeesie Michigan
251 11/30/1924 Mary Ann Dixon F/White Married 73y/2m/5d Denver Myocarditis Canada At home Richard Pearson Ireland
                    Mary Haggart Ireland
252 5/2/1924 Dorothy Lou Hampton F/White Single 1m/3d Sherman Cirrhosis of Liver Michigan   T.C. Hampton Michigan
                    Edna Thompson Michigan
253 6/5/1924 Lorena Ellen kent F/White Single 8y/7m/29d Sherman Rheumatic Arthritis Michigan Student Bruce Kent Michigan
                    Effie Leiter Michigan
254 7/22/1924 Fancis Lafette Blodgett M/White Single 51y/5m/5d Sherman Erythrochastic Michigan Farmer Miran Blodgett Indiana
                    Unknown Unknown
255 11/12/1924 Mary Thompson F/White Married 74y/5m/8d Sherman Bright's Disease Pennsylvania Housewife Unknown Pennsylvania
                    Unknown Unknown
256 10/13/1924 Euratus Dargitz M/White Widower 70y/9m Fremont Paralysis Ohio Farmer Franklin Dargitz Pennsylvania
                    Eliza Brubaker Pennsylvania
257 11/11/1924 Maggie Mae Smith F/White Married 34y/27d Fremont Valvular heart Disease Michigan Housewife Wellington Robinson Ohio
                    Emma Himebaugh Ohio
258 4/20/1924 Harriet Davis F/White Married 71y/6m/9d Chippewa Cirrihosis of Liver Ohio Housekeeper Stephen Johnston Ohio
                    Unknown Ohio
259 5/9/1924 _____ Casper M/White     Chippewa   Michigan   Michael Casper Poland
                    Unknown Poland
260 6/9/1924 George Mowl M/White Single 73y/3m/13d Chippewa Heart Trouble England Farmer James Mowl England
                    Helen Jaggard England
261 6/14/1924 Able Halstead M/White Married 73y/5m/8d Chippewa Heart Trouble Canada Laborer Unknown Unknown
                    Unknown Unknown
262 6/16/1924 Ella Mary Titus F/White Married 42y/9m/20d Chippewa Cancer of Uterus Michigan Housekeeper Wm. Marshall Michigan
                    Esther Myers Michigan
263 8/6/1924 Stella Genuine F/White Married 57y/10m/6d Chippewa Apoplexy Pennsylvania Housewife John Burrows Pennsylvania
                    Unknown Unknown
264 9/12/1924 O. W. Tiny M/White Widower 71y Chippewa Dropsy Unknown   Unknown Unknown
                    Unknown Unknown
265 9/24/1924 Sylvia Maumy F/White Widow 87y Chippewa Organic Disease Unknown   Unknown Unknown
                    Unknown Unknown
266 9/25/1924 Mary E. Hunter F/White Widow 86y/6d Chippewa Chronic Myocarditis New York   Calom Parrish New York
                    Elizabeth Davis New York
267 9/27/1924 William Kunzelman M/White   49y/9m/16d Chippewa Abscess of lung Michigan Carpenter Fred Kunzelman Germany
                    Lena Ronk Germany
268 12/1/1924 Milo Bretan Reed M/White Married 48y/7m/1d Sherman Cerebral Apoplexy Michigan Farmer Charles M. Reed Michigan
                    Mary Reed Ohio
269 11/28/1924 Alice E. Fisher F/Red Single 3d Denver Malnutrition Michigan   Joe Fisher Michigan
                    Mary Irout Michigan
270 1/5/1924 Jacob Shamboose M/Indian Married 86y/3d Nottawa Apoplexy Michigan None Unknown Unknown
                    Unknown Unknown

Transcribed by Donna Hoff-Grambau

December, 2001