Isabella County Deathes For 1888

ISABELLA COUNTY, MICHIGAN DEATHS 1888                        
No. Date of Death Deceased Name Sex/Color Marital Status Age Yr/Mon/Day Place of Death Cause of Death Birth Place Occupation if >18yrs age Parents Names Residence Date Recorded
1 4/23/1888 Robert Wilson M/White Married 65y/11m/28d Coe Twp. Cancer & Asthma New York Farmer Thomas Wilson Dcs? 6/18/1889
                    Lucy Wilson New York  
2 10/21/1888 Sarah E. Campbell F/White Widow 51y/1m/13d Coe Twp. Erysipelas Ohio House work Henry Gulick Isabella Co. 6/18/1889
                    Ann Gulick Michigan  
3 4/10/1888 David H. Goldsmith M/White Married 79y/8m/12d Coe Twp. Old Age New York Carpenter Joshua Goldsmith Jackson Co. 6/18/1889
                    Ann Goldsmith Michigan  
4 10/23/1888 Nora W. Ritchie F/White Single 5y/2m/6d Coe Twp. Scarlet fever Michigan   John Ritchie Isabella Co. 6/18/1889
                    Margaret Ritchie Michigan  
5 6/7/1888 Parley L. Steward M/White Widower 80y/5m/7d Coe Twp. Lung fever New York Carpenter Elisha Steward New York 6/18/1889
                    Rosina Steward New York  
6 7/8/1888 Henry Northup M/White Single 31y/9m/3d Coe Twp. Consumption New York Farmer Joseph Northup Isabella Co. 6/18/1889
                    Mary E. Northup Michigan  
8 8/19/1888 Hiram T. Hall M/White Married 71y/3m/8d Coe Twp. Lung fever New York Farmer Thomas Hall New York 6/18/1889
                    Anna Hall New York  
9 12/17/1888 R. Montell? Murtha M/White Single 2y/9m/15d Coe Twp. Membranous Croup Michigan   Stephen P. Murtha Coe Twp. 6/18/1889
                    Catherine M. Murtha Michigan  
10 3/9/1888 Hoyt R. Miller M/White Single 5y/4m/28d Coe Twp. Membranous Croup Michigan   William O. Miller Coe Twp. 6/18/1889
                    Eliza M. Miller Michigan  
11 11/11/1888 Howard E. Wanch M/White Single 7y/11m/4d Coe Twp. Membranous Croup Michigan   William H. Wanch Coe Twp. 6/18/1889
                    Malinda Wanch Michigan  
12 8/25/1888 Gilbert Tingley M/White Single 12y/3m/8d Coe Twp. Typho Malarial Fever Michigan   Henry B. Tingley Coe Twp. 6/18/1889
                    Sarah Tingley Michigan  
13 4/24/1888 Lidick Cohoon M/White Widower 85y/9m/2d Coe Twp. Old Age New York Farmer Joseph Cohoon New York 6/18/1889
                    Polly Cohoon New York  
14 8/6/1888 Gertie V. Down F/White Single 7m/11d Coe Twp. Whooping cough Michigan   Alfred C. Down Coe Twp. 6/18/1889
                    Eva M. Down Michigan  
15 9/11/1888 Palmer L. Bigelow M/White Single 8m/11d Coe Twp. Paralysis of Brain Michigan   Horace O. Bigelow Coe Twp. 6/18/1889
                    Iva M. Bigelow Michigan  
16 11/4/1888 Lilian E. Williams F/White Married 23y/1m/26d Coe Twp. Cancer Michigan House work John Campbell Coe Twp. 6/18/1889
                    Sarah E. Campbell Michigan  
17 5/12/1888 Jacob Womer M/White   74y/4d Coe Twp. Lung fever Penn. Tanner Unknown   6/18/1889
18 9/26/1888 Elizabeth Brenner F/White Married 63y Lincoln Twp. Unknown Virginia     Lincoln, MI 6/18/1889
19 6/3/1888 Lydia Bellingar F/White Single 15y Lincoln Twp. Measles Michigan   Edward Bellingar Lincoln, MI 6/18/1889
                    Mary Bellingar Lincoln, MI  
20 4/3/1888 Mary Searles F/White Married 56y Lincoln Twp. Heart disease New York     Lincoln, MI 6/18/1889
21 2/12/1888 Sarah Main F/White Married 50y/5m/5d Fremont Twp. Cancer of the Breast Canada House work Henry Long Canada 6/19/1889
                    Rachall Long Canada  
22 12/25/1888 Abby Alice Uebele F/White Single 17y/8m/17d Fremont Twp. Unknown Indiana House work Christian Uebele Fremont Twp. 6/19/1889
                    Mary Elizabeth Uebele Michigan  
23 12/9/1888 Henry Aaron Russell M/White Single 19y/4d Coe Twp. Lung fever Fremont Twp. Student Henry M. Russell Fremont Twp. 6/19/1889
                Michigan   Emma Russell Michigan  
24 5/21/1888 Orrin Delo M/White Single 1y/7m/10d Fremont Twp. Membranous Croup Fremont Twp.   Fredrick Delo Fremont Twp. 6/19/1889
                    Mary Delo Michigan  
25 5/13/1888 Grace Moor F/White Single 1y/6m/28d Fremont Twp. Measles Michigan   David K. Moor Fremont Twp. 6/19/1889
                    Ellen Moor Michigan  
26 2/26/1888 Martha Haenka F/White Single 2y/5m/23d Detroit Measles & Croup Michigan   Henry Haenke Fremont Twp. 6/19/1889
                    Julia Haenke Michigan  
27 8/6/1888 Albert Harrington M/White Married 43y Deerfield Twp. Fracture of the frontal bone by some blunt instrument in the hands of George Thompson Michigan Farmer Orrin Harrington Vermont 6/19/1889
                    Caroline Harrington    
28 9/14/1888 Sylvestor Taylor M/White Married 69y/11m Fremont Twp.   New York Farmer John Taylor New York 6/19/1889
                    Timcany? Taylor New York  
29 3/4/1888 Sabrina Rosencrans F/White Married 27y/7m/14d Coe Twp. Measles Michigan House work Norman Hulse Fremont Twp. 6/19/1889
                    Melinda Hultz Michigan  
30 11/20/1888 George E. Lowe M/White Married 54y/1m Chippewa Twp. Paralysis Canada Farmer James Lowe Unknown 6/19/1889
                    Jemima Lowe Canada  
31 4/11/1888 Olive May Davis F/White Single 1y/9m/21d Fremont Twp. Inflamation of the Lungs Michigan   Aaron Davis Fremont Twp. 6/19/1889
                    Mary A. Davis Michigan  
32 8/28/1888 Mary E. Russell F/White Single 18y/3m/21d Fremont Twp. Consumption New York House work Isaac A. Russell Fremont Twp. 6/19/1889
                    Isabella Russell Michigan  
33 4/16/1888 Sarah D. Hamilton F/White Married 50y/10m Mecosta Co. Consumption Ohio House wife Benjamin A. Clark Penn. 6/19/1889
                    Sarah Clark Penn.  
34 3/20/1888 Martha A. Fifield F/White Married 41y/10m/15d Fremont Twp. Heart disease Ohio House wife Stephen Howe New York 6/19/1889
                    Percilla Howe New York  
35 11/18/1888 Not Named F/White     Fremont Twp. Stillborn Michigan   Thomas H. Lowe Fremont Twp. 6/19/1889
                    Lucy Lowe Michigan  
37 9/30/1888 Jennie Dasling F/White Married 39y/4m Blanchard Consumption Ohio House work Jennie Robb Michigan 6/19/1889
                    David Robb Michigan  
38 5/14/1888 Garry Kitzmiller M/White Single 1m Blanchard Spinal meningitis Michigan   J.L. Kitzmiller Unknown 6/19/1889
                    Mother not known Unknown  
39 10/30/1888 Angelina Moffatt F/White Widow Unknown Blanchard Old Age Unknown House work Unknown Unknown 6/19/1889
                    Unknown Unknown  
40 7/24/1888 John Rowlader M/White Married 59y/7m/13d Blanchard Chronic Diarrhea Germany Retired Unknown Unknown 6/19/1889
                  Merchant Unknown Unknown  
41 10/7/1888 Lloyd Anspaugh M/White Single 9m/8d Rolland Twp. Tabes Mesentary Michigan   David Anspaugh Michigan 6/19/1889
                    Ella Anspaugh Michigan  
42 12/7/1888 Peter Chapman M/White Married 62y/4m/9d Rolland Twp. Rush of blood to the head New York Farmer Peter Chapman New York 6/19/1889
                    Martha Chapman New York  
43 4/3/1888 Nellie Ruthruff F/White Single 14y/10m/14d Rolland Twp. Typhoid Fever Michigan House work John Ruthruff Michigan 6/19/1889
                    Emily Ruthruff Michigan  
44 12/30/1888 Lucy T. Johnson F/White Single 1y/7m/17d Broomfield Lung fever Michigan   Dewitt S. Johnson Michigan 6/21/1889
                    Almeda Johnson Michigan  
45 12/31/1888 Albert D. Smalley M/White Married 24y Broomfield Mill Explosion Indiana Farmer John Smalley Indiana 6/21/1889
46 12/31/1888 John Carr M/White Married Unknown Broomfield Mill Explosion Canada Farmer Unknown Canada  
47 12/31/1888 W.W. Dush M/White Married Unknown Broomfield Mill Explosion Unknown Miller Unknown Michigan 6/21/1889
48 12/24/1888 Minnie Hummel? F/White Married 36y Broomfield Consumption Prussia Farmer John Priest Prussia 6/21/1889
                    Minnie Priest Prussia  
49 2/28/1888 Ray Ford M/White   2y/4m Broomfield Measles Broomfield, MI   Samuel Ford Broomfield 6/21/1889
                    Mary Ford Michigan  
50 8/28/1888 Mary Ford F/White Married 23y/4m Broomfield Consumption Canada Farmer Joseph Sellers Broomfield 6/21/1889
                    Hannah Sellers Michigan  
51 10/19/1888 Mertie M. Ruegsegger F/White   1y/7m/18d Deerfield Membranous Croup Michigan   Chas. Ruegsegger Deerfield 6/21/1889
                    Sabra Ruegsegger Michigan  
52 4/27/1888 Charles H. Stuart M/White Single 22y/7m/26d Mt. Pleasant Consumption New York Farmer Dewitt Stuart Deerfield 6/21/1889
                    Mary Stuart Michigan  
53 1/6/1888 Belle S. Weeks F/White Married 28y/8m/2d Mt. Pleasant Diphtheria New York House work Dewitt Stuart Deerfield 6/21/1889
                    Mary Stuart Michigan  
54 7/8/1888 Blanche E. Drew F/White   3m/22d Deerfield Twp. Exema Michigan   Jay T. Drew Deerfield 6/21/1889
                    Lillian Drew Michigan  
55 3/13/1888   F/White     Deerfield Twp. Strangulation Michigan   Barney McCormick Deerfield 6/21/1889
                    Mariah McCormick Michigan  
56 9/27/1888   M/White     Deerfield Twp. Unknown Michigan   Timothy Coughlin Deerfield 6/21/1889
                    Mary Coughlin Michigan  
57 9/1/1888 Cassy? M. Baker F/White   1y/10m/24d Branch Co. Dysentery Michigan   Albert Baker Deerfield 6/21/1889
            Michigan       Lottie Baker Michigan  
58 9/15/1888 Edna V. Baker F/White   6m/22d Branch Co. Dysentery Michigan   Albert Baker Deerfield 6/21/1889
            Michigan       Lottie Baker Michigan  
59 7/6/1888 William H. Ackerman M/White Single 14y/8m/18d Deerfield Twp. Consumption Ohio   Michael Ackerman Deerfield 6/21/1889
                    Sarah Ackerman Michigan  
60 11/11/1888 Malinda Conrad F/White Married 24y/12d Deerfield Twp. Consumption Penn. House work George Barnhart Indiana 6/21/1889
                    Nancy Barnhart Indiana  
61 11/24/1888 Jesse W. Conrad M/White   1m/1d Deerfield Twp. Inflamation of the Bowels Deerfield Twp.   William Conrad Deerfield 6/21/1889
                    Malinda Conrad Michigan  
62 9/8/1888 Joseph F. Wyman M/White Single 18y/2m/23d Deerfield Twp. Organic disease of the heart Cedar Springs Mill man O.C. Wyman, Sr. Deerfield 6/21/1889
                    Lucy P. Wyman Michigan  
63 8/12/1888 Earl J. Wyman M/White   1m/21d Deerfield Twp. Cholera Infantum Deerfield Twp.   O.C. Wyman, Sr. Deerfield 6/21/1889
                    Lucy P. Wyman Michigan  
64 3/20/1888 Lorenzo F. Haley M/White Married 32y/8m/20d Deerfield Twp. Pulmonary Consumption Ohio Laborer Franklin Haley Deerfield 6/21/1889
                    Elmira Haley Michigan  
65 2/15/1888 Frank Haley M/White   9m/15d Deerfield Twp. Congestion of the Lungs Michigan   Lorenzo Haley Deerfield 6/21/1889
                    Francis Haley Michigan  
66 11/12/1888 Ethel Ward F/White Single 5y/3m/25d Deerfield Twp. Tonsilitis Michigan   Henry E. Ward Deerfield 6/21/1889
                    Clara R. Ward Michigan  
67 10/23/1888 Sarah Perry F/White   1m/7d Deerfield Twp. Cholera Infantum Michigan   Norris Perry Deerfield 6/21/1889
                    Alvira Perry Michigan  
68 1/26/1888 Twins Day F/White Twins   Deerfield Twp. Stillborn Michigan   Wm. S. Day Deerfield 6/21/1889
      F/White       Stillborn     Mary Day Michigan  
69 7/17/1888 George Hager F/White   3d Deerfield Twp. Unknown Michigan   George L. Hager Deerfield 6/21/1889
                    Mary Hager Michigan  
70 2/14/1888 Ignatius McCann M/White   14d Union Twp. Unknown Michigan   Peter McCann Union Twp. 6/21/1889
                    Mary McCann Michigan  
71 11/20/1888 Bessie M. Wallace F/White     Union Twp. Unknown Michigan   Daniel E. Wallace Union Twp. 6/21/1889
                    Mary I. Wallace Michigan  
72 3/3/1888 Annie Evans F/White Single 24y Union Twp. Consumption Canada House work John Evans Canada 6/21/1889
                  Farmer Sarah Evans Canada  
73 9/15/1888 Lydia Schultz F/White Married 38y Union Twp. Consumption Michigan House work Shubel Palmer? Union Twp. 6/21/1889
                    Margaret Palmer? Michigan  
74 11/12/1888 Richard Wroath? M/White Married 83y Ohio Apoplexy England Farmer John Wroath? Union Twp. 6/21/1889
                    Sarah Wroath? Michigan  
75 12/1/1888 Catherine Ayers F/White   1m Union Twp. Unknown Michigan   Charles Ayers Union Twp. 6/21/1889
                    Catharine Ayers Union Twp.  
76 9/18/1888 Maude Jones F/White Married 20y/11d Union Twp. Child birth Union Twp., MI House work Ezra Stringer Union Twp. 6/21/1889
                    Harriett Stringer Union Twp.  
77 7/11/1888 Eli Southerland M/White Widower 89y Union Twp. Old Age New York Mason Unknown Unknown 6/21/1889
                    Unknown Unknown  
78 6/3/1888 Patrick Clary M/White Married 72y/7m/18d Union Twp. Heart disease Ireland Farmer Patrick Clary Union Twp. 6/21/1889
                    Bridget Clary Union Twp.  
79 10/20/1888 Lena? Hudnutt F/White   1y/3m Union Twp. Spinal Fever Union Twp., MI   Stephen Hudnutt Union Twp. 6/21/1889
                    Ina Hudnutt Union Twp.  
80 9/19/1888 Mrs. B. Bettinhouse F/White Married 22y Mt. Pleasant Child birth Michigan Laborer Unknown Unknown 6/22/1889
            1st Ward     House work Unknown Unknown  
81 9/19/1888 Not Named M/White Single 1d Mt. Pleasant Convulsions Michigan   C. Bettinhouse Michigan 6/22/1889
            1st Ward       Carrie Bettinhouse Michigan  
82 7/2/1888 Carrie Kairns? F/White Single 2y/2d Mt. Pleasant Malaria Michigan   James Kairns? Michigan 6/22/1889
            1st Ward       Rosana Kairns? Michigan  
83 5/22/1888 L.D. Main M/White Widower 74y Mt. Pleasant Fever & Old Age Michigan   Unknown   6/22/1889
            1st Ward       Unknown    
84 12/12/1888 Julia M. Doughty F/White Married 42y/3m/14d Mt. Pleasant Typhoid Fever New York House wife Alden D. Sutton New York 6/22/1889
            2nd Ward       Isabella Sutton New York  
85 10/9/1888 Caroline D. Ward F/White Married 69y/6m/7d Mt. Pleasant Old Age New York House wife Aaron Young New York 6/22/1889
                    Electa Young New York  
86 9/30/1888 Russell N. Swan M/White Married 61y/1m Mt. Pleasant Inflamation of the Bowels New York Laborer Sheldon Swan New York 6/22/1889
                    Rachael Swan New York  
87 8/9/1888 Mabel Sampson F/White Single 2y/6m Mt. Pleasant Cholera Infantum Michigan   Thomas Sampson Michigan 6/22/1889
                    Clara Sampson Michigan  
88 11/17/1888 May L. Graves F/White Single 15y/8m/11d Mt. Pleasant Consumption of the Blood Ohio School girl Elias Graves Flint 6/22/1889
                    Rosa Graves Flint  
89 7/29/1888 Ransler Sutliff M/White Widower 91y/11m/16d Mt. Pleasant Old Age Conn. Farmer Nathaniel Sulliff? Conn. 6/22/1889
                    Unknown Conn.  
90 9/10/1888 Helen Elizabeth Malony F/White Single 6m Mt. Pleasant Cholera Infantum Michigan   Edwin Malony Michigan 6/22/1889
                    Ellen Malony Michigan  
91 8/21/1888 Louis A. Saunders F/White Single 10m/1d Mt. Pleasant Cholera Infantum Michigan   Thomas Saunders Michigan 6/22/1889
                    Abbie Saunders Michigan  
92 9/4/1888 John Davis M/White Married 24y/27d Flint, MI Consumption Canada Laborer Unknown Unknown 6/22/1889
                    Unknown Unknown  
93 10/26/1888 Maude E. Freeman F/White Single 2y/5m/27d Mt. Pleasant Dysentery Mt. Pleasant   J.C. Freeman Michigan 6/22/1889
            3rd Ward   Michigan   Mary Freeman Michigan  
94 8/29/1888 Irene Annis F/White Single 3m/12d Mt. Pleasant Cholera Infantum Mt. Pleasant   Sarah Annis Michigan 6/22/1889
                Michigan   Loren Annis Michigan  
95 5/11/1888 Maudie Connor F/White Single 1y/10m Mt. Pleasant Teething Mt. Pleasant   Marshal Conner Michigan 6/22/1889
                Michigan   Mary Conner Michigan  
96 2/22/1888 Nettie Tweedie F/White Single 8m/11d Mt. Pleasant Teething Mt. Pleasant   Ariel Tweedie Michigan 6/22/1889
                    Minnie Tweedie Michigan  
97 12/7/1888 Emily E. Shick F/White Single 5y/11m/7d Chippewa Twp. Diphtheria Chippewa Twp. Infant G.D. Shick Chippewa Twp. 6/29/1889
                    Clara Shick Chippewa Twp.  
98 9/29/1888 Charlotte Johnson F/White Widow 63y/2m/11d Chippewa Twp. Dysentery New York Housekeeper Ira Miller New York 6/29/1889
                    Sophia Miller New York  
99 2/21/1888 Robert Cook M/White Married 55y Chippewa Twp. Consumption Canada Farmer Unknown Unknown 6/29/1889
                    Unknown Unknown  
100 10/28/1888 Thomas Somerton? M/White Married 71y? Chippewa Twp. General Debility Indiana Farmer Unknown Unknown 6/29/1889
                    Unknown Unknown  
101 11/12/1888 Clayton Salisbury M/White Single 1y/5m/12d Chippewa Twp. Croup Chippewa Twp. Infant E.A. Salisbury New York 6/29/1889
                    Sarah L.Salisbury Michigan  
102 2/14/1888 Bessie Fraser F/White Single 3y/26d Chippewa Twp. Brain Fever Chippewa Twp. Infant Richmond Fraser New York 6/29/1889
                    Almira Fraser New York  
103 4/9/1888 Mortimer D. Hibbard M/White Single 2y/9m Chippewa Twp. Croup Chippewa Twp. Infant Edward M. Hibbard Ohio 6/29/1889
                    Carrie A. Hibbard New York  
104 7/29/1888 Mary L. York F/White Single 1m Chippewa Twp. Sore Mouth Chippewa Twp. Infant Jebadiah York Canada 6/29/1889
                    Mary E. York Michigan  
105 3/15/1888 Owens F/White Single 29d Denver Twp. Fits Denver Twp. Infant Elias Owens Michigan 6/29/1889
                    Lydia Owens Michigan  
106 11/29/1888 Bertha Goddard F/White Single 2m/9d Denver Twp. Inflamation of the Bowels & Lungs Denver Twp.   Jerome Goddard Denver, MI 6/29/1889
                    Delia Goddard Denver, MI  
107 12/22/1888 Sarah Conley F/Indian Married 40y Denver Twp. Consumption Denver Twp. Housekeeper Unknown Unknown 6/29/1889
                    Unknown Unknown  
108 1/19/1888 Early Thorpe M/White Single 4y/5m Denver Twp. Diphtheria Denver Twp.   George Thorpe Denver, MI 6/29/1889
                    Viroque? Thorpe Denver, MI  
109 11/10/1888 Cowden M/White     Isabella Twp. Stillborn Isabella Twp.   George Cowden Isabella, MI 6/29/1889
                    Pina Cowden Isabella, MI  
110 11/9/1888 Catharine McLaughlin F/White Single 36y/2m/19d Isabella Twp. Constipation Canada Dressmaker John McLaughlin Isabella, MI 6/29/1889
                    Catharine McLaughlin Isabella, MI  
111 5/10/1888 Nellie Gruett F/White Twin   Isabella Twp. Measles Michigan   Daniel Gruett Isabella, MI 6/29/1889
                    Hannah Gruett Isabella, MI  
112 5/10/1888 Luthie? Gruett F/White Twin   Isabella Twp. Measles Michigan   Daniel Gruett Isabella, MI 6/29/1889
                    Hannah Gruett Isabella, MI  
113 5/25/1888 Ellen Coughlin F/White Married 52y Isabella Twp. Heart disease Canada Housekeeper Unknown Canada 6/29/1889
114 4/14/1888 Clarence Rood M/Indian Single 4y Isabella Twp. Worms Isabella Twp.   David Rood Isabella, MI 6/29/1889
                    Mary Rood Isabella, MI  
115 3/19/1888 Jesse Rood M/Indian Single 7y Isabella Twp. Worms Isabella Twp.   David Rood Isabella, MI 6/29/1889
                    Mary Rood Isabella, MI  
116 10/14/1888 George Reakes M/White Married 60y/1m Isabella Twp. Heart disease England Farmer Edward Reakes England 6/29/1889
                    Sarah Reakes England  
117 11/3/1888 Catharine Shanahan F/White Married 76y Isabella Twp. Old Age Ireland Housekeeper Unknown Ireland 6/29/1889
                    Unknown Ireland  
118 3/9/1888   M/White   3d Isabella Twp.   Isabella Twp.   Dennis Shanahan Canada 6/29/1889
                    Caroline Shanahan Ohio  
119 9/18/1888   M/White   2m/23d Isabella Twp.   Isabella Twp.   John Sumner Michigan 6/29/1889
                    Jane Sumner Canada  
120 4/10/1888 Eliza Davis F/Indian Single 25y Isabella Twp. Measles Isabella Twp.   Unknown Isabella Twp. 6/29/1889
121 2/1/1888 Adam Collins M/Indian Single 1y Isabella Twp.   Isabella Twp.   John Collins Michigan 6/29/1889
                    Polly Collins Michigan  
122 8/3/1888 Elizabeth Mitchell F/White Widow 75y Isabella Twp. Heart disease Ireland Housekeeper Unknown Ireland 6/29/1889
123 Feb. 1888 Nancy J. Bush F/White Married 37y Isabella Twp. Child birth Canada Housekeeper J.T. Hanna   6/29/1889
                    Mary A. Hanna Canada  
124 7/26/1888 Emma Byron F/White Married 33y Isabella Twp. Child birth Canada Housekeeper Anthony Dubois Canada 6/29/1889
                    Unknown Canada  
125 8/29/1888 Julia Smith F/Indian Married   Isabella Twp. Consumption Isabella Twp. Housekeeper Thomas Chickum Unknown 6/29/1889
                    Unknown Unknown  
126 5/14/1888 Eliza McNeill F/White Married 40y Nottawa Twp. Child birth England House wife Northfield Reynolds England 7/6/1889
                    Eliza Reynolds England  
127 6/7/1888 James Luther M/White Single 6m/3d Nottawa Twp. Consumption of the Lungs Michigan   Henry Bowen Maine 7/6/1889
                    Alice Bowen Canada  
128 11/28/1888 Unknown M/Indian Single 6y Nottawa Twp. Fracture of the Chest Michigan   John Williams Michigan 7/6/1889
                    Nau-ge-no-Qna? Michigan  
129 11/8/1888 Joseph Pego M/Indian Single 1m/7d Nottawa Twp. Lung disease Michigan   John Pego Michigan 7/6/1889
                    Mary Pego Michigan  
130 11/9/1888 Zeb Ze Qua F/Indian Widow 90y Nottawa Twp. Old Age debility Michigan   Scatz-ze-An? Michigan 7/6/1889
                    Ju Ann? Michigan  
131 12/16/1888 John Chatfield M/Indian Married 75y Nottawa Twp. Lung disease Michigan Farmer Owan Onm? Michigan 7/6/1889
                    Qua-Au-Qun? Michigan  
132 10/22/1888 Ernestine Starr F/White Single 10y/11m/18d Nottawa Twp. Typhoid Fever Canada   Clement Starr Michigan 7/6/1889
                    Elizabeth Starr Michigan  
133 9/9/1888 Mary Waker F/White Single 17y/3m/21d Alpine, MI Typhoid Fever Prussia   Nicholas Waker Prussia 7/16/1889
                    Mary Waker Prussia  
134 2/12/1888   M/White Single   Nottawa Twp. Unknown Nottawa, MI   John Starr Nottawa Twp. 7/6/1889
                    Mary Starr Nottawa Twp.  
135 2/9/1888 Frank Alexander Martin M/White Single 2y/7m/21d Nottawa Twp. Inflamation of the Lungs     Conrad Martin Nottawa Twp. 7/6/1889
                    Catharina Martin Nottawa Twp.  
136 12/18/1888 Chancey Labett M/Indian Single 3m/12d Nottawa Twp. Epileptic Fits Nottawa, MI   Thomas Labett Nottawa Twp. 7/6/1889
                    Charlotte Labett Nottawa Twp.  
137 10/18/1888 Jacob Moses M/Indian Single 4m/3d Nottawa Twp. Epileptic Fits Nottawa, MI   David Moses Nottawa Twp. 7/6/1889
                    Mary Moses Nottawa Twp.  
138 3/21/1888 Joseph Boucher M/White Married 63y/1m/9d Nottawa Twp. Bright's Disease Canada Shoemaker George Boucher Nottawa Twp. 7/6/1889
                    Mary Boucher Nottawa Twp.  
139 9/7/1888   M/Indian Single 2 hours Nottawa Twp. Unknown Nottawa Twp.   Joseph Bailey Nottawa Twp. 7/6/1889
                    Martha Bailey Nottawa Twp.  
140 4/30/1888 Sophia Marsh F/Indian Single 16y Nottawa Twp. Consumption Nottawa Twp.   Charles Marsh Nottawa Twp. 7/6/1889
                    Martha Au? Nottawa Twp.  
141 3/3/1888 Peter William Shafer M/White Single 4y/11m/26d Nottawa Twp. Lung disease Nottawa Twp.   Michael Shafer Nottawa Twp. 7/6/1889
                    Clara Shafer Nottawa Twp.  
142 10/16/1888 Edward Yuncker M/White Single 5y/2m/16d Nottawa Twp. Typhoid Fever Michigan   Jacob P. Yuncker Nottawa Twp. 7/6/1889
                    Margretta Yuncker Nottawa Twp.  
143 10/22/1888 Joseph H. Yuncker M/White Single 17y/3m/27d Nottawa Twp. Typhoid Fever Michigan Farmer Jacob P. Yuncker Nottawa Twp. 7/6/1889
                    Margretta Yuncker Nottawa Twp.  
144 8/19/1888 Katie Way-Ma-gwas? F/Indian Married 34y Nottawa Twp. Consumption Michigan House wife Man Bus? Nottawa Twp. 7/6/1889
145 10/11/1888 John Shaffer M/White Single 39y/3m/14d Alpine, MI Typhoid Fever Alpine, MI Farmer Baltus Shaffer   7/6/1889
                    Anne E. Shaffer    
146 8/5/1888 Arsenath? Denslow F/White Married 56y Sherman Twp. Congestive Chills New York House work William Savage New York 7/6/1889
                    Vranie Savage New York  
147 8/5/1888 John B. Tinker M/White Married 58y Sherman Twp. Heart disease Ohio Farmer Unknown Unknown 7/6/1889
148 5/13/1888 Cecil E. Woodard M/White Single 1y/3m/2d Sherman Twp. Brain Fever Michigan   Fred D. Woodard Michigan 7/6/1889
                    Alice L. Woodard Michigan  
149 12/25/1888 Mamie M. Adams F/White Single 20d Sherman Twp. Poisoned Michigan   Ed Adams Michigan 7/6/1889
                    Esther Adams Michigan  
150 6/20/1888 Lovina Gardner F/White Married 35y Coldwater Twp. Consumption Canada Housekeeper Levi Carter Canada 7/6/1889
                    Nora Carter Canada  
151 12/26/1888 Albert Vanness M/White Married 44y Coldwater Twp. Pneumonia of the Lungs New York Laborer Unknown Unknown 7/6/1889
152 11/5/1888 James Mayville M/White Single 1m Coldwater Twp. Measles Michigan   Joseph Mayville Michigan 7/6/1889
                    Losin Mayville Michigan  
153 2/11/1888 Nettie Draper F/White Married 24y/9m/5d Coldwater Twp. Dropsey & Inflam. Rheum. Michigan Housekeeper Mason Smith Michigan 7/6/1889
                    Mary Smith Michigan  
154 12/13/1888 George Cole M/White Single 1m Coldwater Twp. Lung fever Michigan   Charles Cole Michigan 7/6/1889
                    Luellie Cole Michigan  
155 4/30/1888 Joseph Elmhirst M/White Single 9m Coldwater Twp. Measles Michigan   Joseph Elmhirst Michigan 7/6/1889
                    Sarah Elmhirst Michigan  
156 5/20/1888 Jessie Adella Elmhirst F/White Single 2y/2m Coldwater Twp. Measles Canada   Joseph Elmhirst Michigan 7/6/1889
                    Sarah Elmhirst Michigan  
157 12/20/1888 Belva Letson F/White Single 3y/4m/10d Coldwater Twp. Shot by an accident Michigan   S. Andrew Letson Michigan 7/6/1889
                    Ann E. Letson Michigan  
158 7/11/1888 Mabel Gray F/White Single 2y Coldwater Twp. Cholera morbus Michigan   Henry Gray Michigan 7/6/1889
                    Mary Gray Michigan  
159 5/4/1888 Cecil R. Bellows M/White Single 1y/5m Coldwater Twp. Measles Michigan   Ralph Bellows Michigan 7/6/1889
                    Florence Bellows Michigan  
160 6/1/1888 Leroy Wogerman M/White Single 3y/11m/11d Coldwater Twp. Measles Michigan   Levi P. Wogerman Michigan 7/6/1889
                    Eliza Wogerman Michigan  
161 4/30/1888 Arthur Bilell M/White Single 8m/9d Coldwater Twp. Measles Michigan   Alexander Bilell Michigan 7/6/1889
                    Mary Bilell Michigan  
162 1/17/1888 William Davis M/White Married 29y/7m/25d Ann Arbor, MI Sugar Diabetes Michigan Farmer George Davis Gilmore, MI 7/6/1889
                    Mary Davis Gilmore, MI  
163 Dec. 1888   M/White Single   Vernon Twp. Stillborn Michigan   Robert Baker Vernon, MI 7/6/1889
                    Mary E. Baker Vernon, MI  
164 7/12/1888 Lloyd Parsons M/White Single 1y/3m Vernon Twp. Canker of Stomach Michigan   A.K. Parsons Vernon, MI 7/6/1889
                    Electa Parsons Vernon, MI  
165 1/14/1888 Mary E. Thompson F/White Single 1y/6m Clayton, MI Unknown Michigan   Unknown Vernon, MI 7/6/1889
                    Unknown Vernon, MI  
166 6/28/1888 Allie Tumball? M/White Single 8y Grant Drowned Michigan   D.C. Murdock Vernon, MI 7/6/1889
                    Mary S. Murdock Vernon, MI  
167 2/19/1888 Phebe McKinnon? F/White Married 23y Vernon Twp. Unknown Canada Housekeeper Unknown Unknown 7/6/1889
                    Unknown Unknown  
168 8/23/1888 Emerson Burnham M/White Married 76y/11m Vernon Twp. Chronic diarrhea & dyspepsia New Hampshire Farmer Unknown Unknown 7/6/1889
                    Unknown Unknown  
169 5/24/1888   M/White Single   Vernon Twp. Stillborn Michigan   Irving Armstrong Vernon, MI 7/6/1889
                    Eliza Armstrong Vernon, MI  
170 9/2/1888 Ella M. Maston F/White Married Unknown Vernon Twp. Confinement Penn. Housekeeper James Duncan Vernon, MI 7/6/1889
                    Sarah Duncan Vernon, MI  
171 11/6/1888 Delbert Herring M/White Single 6m Vernon Twp. Spinal Fever Michigan   John Herring Vernon, MI 7/6/1889
                    Eva Herring Vernon, MI  
172 Mar. 1888 Delbert Bouchey M/White Single 7m Vernon Twp. Spinal Fever Michigan   Gilbert Bouchey Vernon, MI 7/6/1889
                    Caroline Bouchey Vernon, MI  
173 6/29/1888 Brainard McManaman M/White Single   Vernon Twp. Inflamation of the Bowels Michigan   Thomas McManaman Vernon, MI 7/6/1889
                    Bridget McManaman Vernon, MI  
174 8/6/1888 Patrick McGuire M/White Single 17y Vernon Twp. Unknown Canada Farmer John McGuuire Vernon, MI 7/6/1889
                    Cecilie McGuire Vernon, MI  
175 11/2/1888 Elizabeth Phinesy? F/White Single 23y Vernon Twp. Confinement Canada Housekeeper Peter Callam Vernon, MI 7/6/1889
                    ----- Callam Vernon, MI  
176 6/26/1888 George Durling M/White Single 3d Wise Twp. Unknown Michigan   Wilson S. Durling Wise Twp. 7/6/1889
                    Cordelia Durling Wise Twp.  
177 10/15/1888 Alfred Doughty M/White Single 21y/7m Wise Twp. Brain Fever Michigan Laborer Henry Doughty Wise Twp. 7/6/1889
                    Mary E. Doughty Wise Twp.  
178 10/6/1888 Ella M. Chambers F/White Single 1y/1m Wise Twp. Tonsilitis Michigan   Elmer Chambers Wise Twp. 7/6/1889
                    Orphy? Chambers Wise Twp.  
179 6/28/1888 James A. Burwash M/White Married 62y/3m Wise Twp. Affliction of Brain Canada Merchant Stephen Burwash Canada 7/6/1889
                    Sarah Burwash Canada  
180 7/30/1888 Ethel M. Lansing F/White Single 1y/5m Wise Twp. Congestion of the Brain Michigan   John H. Lansing Canada 7/6/1889
                    Elizabeth Lansing Canada  
181 1/1/1888 Mary E. Edwards F/White Single 4y/11m/8d Wise Twp. Hardening of the Liver Michigan   John Edwards Canada 7/6/1889
                    Anne Edwards Canada  

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