Isabella County Deaths For 1887

ISABELLA COUNTY, MICHIGAN, DEATHS 1887                        
No. Date of Death Deceased Name Sex/Color Marital Status Age Yr/Mon/Day Place of Death Cause of Death Birth Place Occupation if >18yrs age Parents Names Residence Date Recorded
1 12/7/1887 Frederick P. Dixon M/White Single 2y/11m/16d Denver Twp. Membranous Croup Michigan   George E. Dixon Denver, MI 5/10/1888
                    Mary A. Dixon Denver, MI  
2 April 1887 Julia Jackson F/Indian Married 26y Denver Twp. Consumption Michigan   Andrew Jackson Denver, MI 5/10/1888
                    Jane Jackson Denver, MI  
3 Aug. 1887 Eliza Jackson F/Indian Single 45y Denver Twp. Consumption Michigan   Unknown Unknown 5/10/1888
                    Unknown Unknown  
4 Aug. 1887 Jane Jackson F/Indian Widow 80y Denver Twp. Unknown Michigan   Unknown Unknown 5/10/1888
                    Unknown Unknown  
5 3/7/1887 Andrew Owens M/White Single 7y/7m/10d Denver Twp. Unknown Michigan   Elias Owens Denver, MI 5/10/1888
                    Lidda Owens Denver, MI  
6 6/28/1887 Jennie McKay F/White Single 9m/23d Denver Twp. Whooping cough Michigan   Addison McKay Canada 5/10/1888
                    Sarah McKay Canada  
7 9/2/1887 Sadie Fitzpatrick F/White Single 6y/9m/12d Isabella Twp. Diphtheria Michigan Farmer's daughter James Fitzpatrick Michigan 5/16/1888
                    Mary Fitzpatrick Michigan  
8 11/15/1887 James Walton M/White Single 16y/5m/14d Isabella Twp. Typhoid Fever Canada Farmer's son Nicolas Walton Michigan 5/16/1888
                    Sarah Walton Michigan  
9 4/20/1887 Not Named Chatfield M/Indian Single Stillborn Isabella Twp. Stillborn Michigan   Thomas Chatfield Michigan 5/16/1888
                    Emma Chatfield Michigan  
10 3/9/1887 William Ashquab M/Indian Widower 60y/4m Isabella Twp. Consumption Canada Farmer Unknown Canada 5/16/1888
                    Unknown Canada  
11 8/19/1887 Sarah Gruitt F/Indian Married 37y Isabella Twp. Consumption Michigan Farmer's wife Thomas Chatfield Michigan 5/16/1888
                    Maryett Chatfield Michigan  
12 11/17/1887 Not Named McClure M/Indian Single 3d Isabella Twp. Unknown Michigan Farmer's son David McClure Michigan 5/16/1888
                    Emma McClure Michigan  
13 1/31/1887 Charles Graham M/White Single 6m/3d Isabella Twp. Spinal fever Michigan Farmer's son William Graham Michigan 5/16/1888
                    Minnie Graham Michigan  
14 6/17/1887 David O'Brine M/White Married 77y/8m/10d Isabella Twp. Heart Disease Canada Farmer James O'Brine Unknown 5/16/1888
                    Catherine O'Brine Unknown  
15 12/20/1887 Peter Batiste M/Indian Single 11y/6m Isabella Twp. Consumption Michigan Laborer's son John Batiste Michigan 5/16/1888
                    Mary Batiste Michigan  
16 3/3/1887 Alfred Bradley M/Indian Single 1m/2d Isabella Twp. Unknown Michigan Farmer's son Joseph Bradley Michigan 5/16/1888
                    Mary Bradley Michigan  
17 9/23/1887 Amy Stewart F/White Single 1y/2m/5d Isabella Twp. Cholera infantum Michigan Farmer's daughter William Stewart Michigan 5/16/1888
                    Mary Stewart Michigan  
18 2/10/1887 Mary Downey F/White Married 41y/5m/6d Isabella Twp. Consumption Michigan Farmer's wife Michael Bennett Michigan 5/16/1888
                    Bridget Bennett Michigan  
19 6/13/1887 William Buckley M/White Single 8y/6m/4d Isabella Twp. Cholera morbus Michigan Farmer's son Daniel Buckley Michigan 5/16/1888
                    Mina Buckley Michigan  
20 4/28/1887 Edward Jordan M/White Single 10y/1m/6d Isabella Twp. Inflamation of the Lungs New York Farmer's son Julius Jorden Michigan 5/16/1888
                    Elizabeth Jordan Michigan  
21 8/1/1887 James Wamaguance M/Indian Single 3y/4m/2d Isabella Twp. Consumption Michigan Laborer's son Silas Wamaguance Michigan 5/16/1888
                    Jane Wamaguance Michigan  
22 4/4/1887 Not Named Brown M/White Single 2d Grand Havin, MI? Heart Disease Michigan Laborer's son Cornelius Brown Michigan 5/16/1888
                    Isabella Brown Michigan  
23 5/31/1887 Olive Mull F/White Single 5d Fremont Twp. Spasms Michigan   Lucius Mull Michigan 5/17/1888
                    Emma Jane Mull Michigan  
24 12/29/1887 Minnie Harrington F/White Single 15d Fremont Twp. Unknown Fremont Twp., MI   Albert Harrington Michigan 5/17/1888
                    Esther Harrington Michigan  
25 11/20/1887 Cora Esther Taylor F/White Single 6y/7m/8d Fremont Twp. Diphtheria Michigan   Sylvester Taylor Michigan 5/17/1888
                    Esther Taylor Michigan  
26 12/10/1887 John Whale M/White Single 79y Fremont Twp. Old age England Teacher Unknown Canada 5/17/1888
                    Unknown Canada  
27 9/13/1887 Flora Flock F/White Single 14d Fremont Twp. Congestion of Brain Michigan   Edwin Franklin Flock Michigan 5/17/1888
                    Bella Flock Michigan  
28 6/1/1887 Draper M/White Single Stillborn Fremont Twp. Stillborn Michigan   William Draper Michigan 5/17/1888
                    Katie May Draper Penna.  
29 5/22/1887 Williams Collins M/White Single 15y/9m/22d Rolland Twp. Drowned Canada Farmer's son John Collins Rolland, MI 5/19/1888
                    Abbie Collins Rolland, MI  
30 2/20/1887 Harry Meyers M/Mullatto Single 10m/13d Rolland Twp. Congestion of Lungs Michigan   Caleb Meyers Rolland, MI 5/19/1888
                    Mary A. Meyers Rolland, MI  
31 4/15/1887 James I. Hayes M/White Single 4d Rolland Twp. Unknown Michigan   George Hayes Rolland, MI 5/19/1888
                    Sarah A. Hayes Rolland, MI  
32 3/24/1887 Dellie Painter F/White Single 1d Rolland Twp. Unknown Michigan   J.W. Painter Rolland, MI 5/19/1888
                    Mary E. Painter Rolland, MI  
33 5/30/1887 Edith M. McCarthy F/White Single 5y/11m/8d Rolland Twp. Diphtheria Michigan   John McCarthy Rolland, MI 5/19/1888
                    Carrie McCarthy Rolland, MI  
34 9/27/1986 William Guy M/Black Single 1y/9m? Rolland Twp. Hip disease Michigan   Henry Guy Rolland, MI 5/19/1888
    (Reported last year)               Nancy Guy Rolland, MI  
35 3/2/1887 James Childs M/White Single 9m Rolland Twp. Lung disease Michigan   J.H. Childs Rolland, MI 5/19/1888
                    Alice Childs Rolland, MI  
36 7/30/1887 Not Named Miller M/White Single 1d Rolland Twp. Unknown Michigan   A.H. Miller Rolland, MI 5/19/1888
                    Laura Miller Rolland, MI  
37 9/29/1887 Mary A. Guy F/Mullatto Married 69y Rolland Twp. Unknown Virginia House wife Rufus Fowler Rolland, MI 5/19/1888
38 6/28/1887 Lydia Wilsey F/White Widow 64y/10m/16d Coe Twp. Paralysis Michigan House wife John Childs Jackson, MI 5/21/1888
                    Mary Childs Jackson, MI  
39 4/2/1887 Mabel Cahoon F/White Single 11y?/2d Coe Twp. Consumption Michigan   Benjamin Cahoon Coe, MI 5/21/1888
                    Endora F. Cahoon Coe, MI  
40 10/3/1887 Not Named Childs F/White Single   Coe Twp. Stillborn Michigan   Danom? Childs Coe, MI 5/21/1888
                    Celia Childs Coe, MI  
41 4/20/1887 Pheobe Freeman F/White Married 71y/6m/6d Coe Twp. Cancer of Stomach Canada House wife Silas Woodard Canada 5/21/1888
42 12/12/1887 Not Named M/White Single   Coe Twp. Stillborn Michigan   Wm. H. Vroman Coe, MI 5/21/1888
    (Vroman)               Rosa Vroman Coe, MI  
43 9/19/1887 Gertrude E. Beard F/White Single 10y/9d Coe Twp. Brain fever Michigan   Wm. S. Beard Coe, MI 5/21/1888
                    Martha M. Beard Coe, MI  
44 2/19/1887 Avis Howe M/White Single 1m Coe Twp. Inflamation of Lungs Michigan   Wm. H. Howe Coe, MI 5/21/1888
                    Rebecca E. Howe Coe, MI  
45 5/14/1887 Margaret Farming? F/White Married 52y Coe Twp. Inflamation of Liver Ireland House wife Joseph Roberts Oakland Co. 5/21/1888
                    Mary Roberts Michigan  
46 8/14/1887 Irene Hulburt F/White   2y/2d Coe Twp. Unknown Michigan   David H. Hulburt Coe, MI 5/21/1888
                    Delia Hulburt Coe, MI  
47 6/16/1887 Mary T. Eddy F/White Married 84y/10m/29d Coe Twp. Consumption Vt. House wife James Tower Vt 5/21/1888
                    Naomi Tower Vt  
48 11/9/1887 James Eddy M/White Widower 86y/9m/27d Coe Twp. Hernia Vt. Farmer Caleb Eddy Vt 5/21/1888
                    Mary S. Eddy Vt  
49 11/2/1887 Lemie? E. Palmer F/White Single 4y/1m/12d Coe Twp. Membranous Croup Michigan   John H. Palmer Coe, MI 5//21/88
                    Mary S. Palmer Coe, MI  
50 7/27/1887 Not Named Little F/White   5d Coe Twp. Canker of Stomach Michigan   Sylvester Little Coe, MI 5/21/1888
                    Myrtle P. Little Coe, MI  
51 5/22/1887 Not Named M/White     Coe Twp. Stillborn Michigan   Not given    
                    Nellie Oanute? Coe, MI 5/21/1888
52 11/19/1887 Not Named F/White     Coe Twp. Stillborn Michigan   John Shoney Coe, MI 5/21/1888
    (Shoney)               Sarah E. Shoney Coe, MI  
53 11/4/1887 Mary A. Omey? F/White Married 40y/10m/28d Coe Twp. Typhoid Fever Ohio   Wm. Fisher West Unita, OH 5/21/1888
                    Mary Fisher West Unita, OH  
54 5/22/1887 Marion E. Bunce M/White Single 1y/4m/18d Coe Twp. Erysipelas Jackson, MI   Edgar H. Bunce Coe, MI 5/21/1888
                    Lydia O. Bunce Coe, MI  
55 5/26/1887 Harry T. Lockhart M/White Single 6y/4m/25d Coe Twp. Inflamation of Bowels Canada   Geo. H. Lockhart Coe, MI 5/21/1888
                    Maggie A. Lockhart Coe, MI  
56 1/9/1887 Lewis Keith M/White Married 84y/3m/24d Coe Twp. Broken limb Penna Farmer Unknown Unknown 5/21/1888
                    Unknown Unknown  
57 10/2/1887 Rex S. White M/White   5m/4d Coe Twp. Spinal fever Michigan   Omer D. White Coe, MI 5/21/1888
                    Esther A. White Coe, MI  
58 6/16/1887 Twins Gaskel F/White     Coe Twp. Stillborn Michigan   George B. Gaskel Coe, MI 5/21/1888
      F/White     Coe Twp. Stillborn Michigan   Annie M. Gaskel Coe, MI  
61 8/1/1887 Fanny Lyon F/White Married 26y Chippewa Heart Disease Michigan Housekeeper Unknown Ohio 5/24/1888
                    Mary Balis Ohio  
62 10/16/1887 Serphrona? Taylor F/White Married 53y/7m/16d Chippewa Typhoid Fever Canada Housekeeper Jessy Landon Canada 5/24/1888
                    Sarah Landon Canada  
63 3/20/1887 John Miles M/White Single 14y/8m/20d Chippewa Unknown Michigan   William Miles Chippewa, MI 5/24/1888
                    Laura Miles Chippewa, MI  
64 6/22/1887 William Murry M/White Married 56y Chippewa Epilepsy Penna Tailor Unknown Unknown 5/24/1888
                    Unknown Unknown  
65 11/25/1887 John Kinney M/White Married 52y Chippewa Heart Disease Unknown Laborer Unknown Unknown 5/24/1888
                    Unknown Unknown  
66 4/2/1887 John Leicht? M/White Single 68y Chippewa Consumption Switzerland Carpenter Unknown Unknown 5/24/1888
                    Unknown Unknown  
67 July 1887 Johnson William M/Indian Single 5y Nottawa Twp. Diarrhea Michigan   John Williams Nottawa, MI 5/29/1888
                    Nancy Williams Nottawa, MI  
68 July 1887 Mary William F/Indian Single 3y Nottawa Twp. Diarrhea Michigan   John Williams Nottawa, MI 5/29/1888
                    Nancy Williams Nottawa, MI  
69 July 1887 William William M/Indian Single 2y Nottawa Twp. Diarrhea Michigan   John Williams Nottawa, MI 5/29/1888
                    Nancy Williams Nottawa, MI  
70 4/25/1887 Anna Thomas F/Indian Single 26y/3m Nottawa Twp. Consumption Michigan   No-naw-wan-goh-nah-gah-skissing? Thomas Deceased 5/29/1888
                    Nancy Thomas Deceased  
71 11/19/1887 Joseph Frances M/White Married 73y Nottawa Twp. Heart Disease Penna Farmer Unknown Deceased 5/29/1888
                    Unknown Deceased  
72 11/21/1887 Elizabeth Frances F/White Married 70y Nottawa Twp. Heart Disease Penna   Unknown Deceased 5/29/1888
                    Unknown Deceased  
73 Nov. 1887 Martha Peters F/Indian Married 19y Nottawa Twp. Consumption Michigan   John Turnip? Deceased 5/29/1888
                    Nottawa Ona Deceased  
74 May 1887 George Peters M/Indian Single 6y? Nottawa Twp. Consumption Michigan   Henry Peters Nottawa, MI 5/29/1888
                    Martha Peters Deceased  
75 8/23/1887 Loren Shafer M/White Married 28y/5m/13d Nottawa Twp. Inflamation of Bowels Michigan Farmer Leonard Shafer Deceased 5/29/1888
                    Unknown Deceased  
76 8/5/1887 Philip A. Vogl M/White Single 3m/5d Sherman Cholera infantum Michigan   Alvis Vogl Nottawa, MI 5/29/1888
                    Amelia Vogl Nottawa, MI  
77 6/13/1887 Lucy Aw-gah-ga F/Indian Single 1y Nottawa Twp. Diarrhea Michigan   Au-gah go? Nottawa, MI 5/29/1888
                    Anna Au-gah-go? Nottawa, MI  
78 7/30/1887 Catherine Martin F/White Single 2d Nottawa Twp. Unknown Michigan   Conrad K. Martin Nottawa, MI 5/29/1888
                    Catherine Martin Nottawa, MI  
79 10/31/1887 Mara Dushom F/White Married 67y/5m Nottawa Twp. Paralysis New York   Isaber Wright Deceased 5/29/1888
                    Amanda Wright Deceased  
80 9/30/1887 Mary Martin F/White Single 4y/11d Nottawa Twp. Rheumatism Michigan   Conrad K. Martin Nottawa, MI 5/29/1888
                    Catherine Martin Nottawa, MI  
81 2/10/1887 Not Named McNeil M/White Single   Nottawa Twp. Stillborn Michigan   William McNeil Nottawa, MI 5/29/1888
                    Eliza McNeil Nottawa, MI  
82 12/26/1887 Mertie Hill F/White Single 7m Coldwater Inflamation of Bowels Michigan   Andrew Hill Coldwater, MI 6/2/1888
                    Alsada Hill Coldwater, MI  
83 5/3/1887 Viola E. Delaney F/White Married 44y Coldwater Mumps resulting in Catarrhl fever Ohio House wife William Baker Michigan 6/3/1888
                    Lorna Baker Michigan  
84 8/20/1887 Nellie McCarty F/White Single 22y Coldwater Consumption New York Domestic Unknown Unknown 6/3/1888
                    Unknown Unknown  
85 12/9/1887 Mrs. William D. Cook F/White Married 34y/2m Coldwater Congestion of Brain Canada House wife Unknown Canada 6/3/1888
                    Unknown Canada  
86 8/3/1887 Mattie Alsada Shults F/White Single 2m Coldwater Spinal fever Coldwater, MI   Edward Schults Michigan 6/3/1888
                    Hillie Schults Michigan  
87 7/11/1887 Maud St. Johns F/White Single 1m/15d Coldwater Pneumonia? Of Lungs Coldwater, MI   Tobias St. John Michigan 6/3/1888
                    Sarah St. Johns Michigan  
88 7/26/1887 Robert Nelson M/White   1m/14d Coldwater Cholera infantum Coldwater, MI   Andrew M. Nelson Coldwater, MI 6/3/1888
                    Jerdena Nelson Coldwater, MI  
89 12/5/1887 Emma Fordyce F/White Married 26y/10m/4d Gilmore Puerperal fever Penna House wife John White Rogerville, Pa 6/4/1888
                    Mary A. White Rogerville, Pa  
90 10/9/1887 Lewis McGlone M/White Married 45y/2m/27d Gilmore Consumption Ohio Farmer Edward McGlone Ohio 6/4/1888
                    Charlotte McGlone Ohio  
91 3/28/1887 Catherine Dalton F/White Married 30y/11m/29d Vernon Twp. Heart Disease Ontario House wife John Rutill East Saginaw, MI 6/4/1888
                    Margaret Rutill East Saginaw, MI  
92 3/9/1887 Catherine Adams F/White Widow 45y/7m Vernon Twp. Female Trouble Germany Housekeeper Unknown Unknown 6/4/1888
                    Unknown Unknown  
93 7/22/1887 Bessie Weaver F/White Married 18y/7m/13d Vernon Twp. Child birth Ontario House wife Wm. Annett Vernon, MI 6/4/1888
                    Mary Annett Vernon, MI  
94 7/17/1887 Arthur Bander M/White Single 19d? Vernon Twp. Membranous Croup Michigan   William Bander Vernon, MI 6/4/1888
                    Clarissa Bander Vernon, MI  
95 4/22/1887 Arthur B. Herring M/White Single 11m?/2d Vernon Twp. Spinal meningitis Michigan   John Herring Vernon, MI 6/4/1888
                    Eva Herring Vernon, MI  
96 12/15/1887 Mary Tetrault F/White Married 35y/11m/16d Vernon Twp. Paralysis Ontario House wife Anthony Marciells? Vernon, MI 6/4/1888
                    Rosanna Marciells? Vernon, MI  
97 3/9/1887 John Horning M/White Single 18d Vernon Twp. Fits Michigan   Ambrose Horning Vernon, MI 6/4/1888
                    Rosa Horning Vernon, MI  
98 2/26/1887 Maria Margarett Seiter F/White Married 52y/7m/20d Vernon Twp. Carcinomas skirhus-menac? Germany   John Seiter Germany 6/4/1888
                    Maria Margaretta Seiter? Germany  
99 3/5/1887 Maud M. Stevenson F/White Single 2y/3m/21d Wise Twp. Hemmorage of the Lungs Penna   Cassius L. Stevenson Wise Twp. 6/6/1888
                    Mary G. Stevenson Wise Twp.  
100 9/13/1887 Jennie Jacobs F/White Single 10m/5d Wise Twp. Cholera infantum Michigan   Richard Jacobs Wise Twp. 6/6/1888
                    Larinda Jacobs Wise Twp.  
101 9/22/1887 William N. Toland M/White Married 45y Wise Twp. Killed by log Canada Farmer Joseph Toland Canada 6/6/1888
                    Myria Toland Canada  
102 2/5/1887 Jessie M. Toland F/White Single 1m/7d Wise Twp. Inflamation of Glotis Wise Twp., MI   William N. Toland Deceased 6/6/1888
                    Francis A. Toland Wise Twp.  
103 4/28/1887 Blossom Tubbs F/White Single 28d Wise Twp. Whooping cough Michigan   Fletcher M. Tubbs Wise Twp. 6/6/1888
                    Maggie Tubbs Wise Twp.  
104 7/19/1887 Franky D. Leiferman F/White Single 3m/8d Nevada Inflamation of Bowels Missouri   Chas. A. Leiferman Missouri 6/7/1888
                    Francis M. Leiferman Missouri  
105 4/21/1887 Francis M. Lieferman F/White Married 32y/4m/11d Nevada Child birth fever Missouri House wife Lorenzo D. Wesmorth? Michigan 6/7/1888
                    Louisa Wesmorth? Michigan  
106 4/4/1887 Alfred R. Ackerman M/White Single 4y?/1m/26d Deerfield Dropsey Michigan   Michael J. Ackerman Michigan 6/7/1888
                    Sarah E. Ackerman Michigan  
107 10/13/1887 Edward Coughlin M/White Single 1y/5m/27d Deerfield Twp Dysentary Michigan   Timothy Coughlin Deerfield 6/7/1888
                    Mary Coughlin Deerfield  
108 7/21/1887 Mary A. Peterson F/White Married 59y/5m/6d Deerfield Twp Cancer Ohio House wife Jacob Richardson Ohio 6/7/1888
                    Sarah Richardson Ohio  
109 8/17/1887 R-----? E. Bennett F/White Single 1y/8m Deerfield Twp Dysentary Michigan   William Bennett Michigan 6/7/1888
                    Emma Bennett Michigan  
110 6/20/1887 Not Named Boetner F/White Single 0d Deerfield Twp Unknown Michigan   John E. Boetner Michigan 6/7/1888
                    Christene Boetner Michigan  
111 11/23/1887 Bertha Armstrong F/White Single 0d Deerfield Twp Unknown Michigan   James Armstrong Michigan 6/7/1888
                    Carrie Armstrong Michigan  
112 4/10/1887 Not Named Day M/White Single 0d Deerfield Twp Unknown Michigan   Wm. S. Day Michigan 6/7/1888
                    Mary Day Michigan  
113 3/31/1887 Wm. A. Cox M/White Single 7m/22d Sherman Twp. Inflamation of Lungs Michigan   Lyman Cox Sherman, MI 6/12/1888
                    Mary E. Cox Sherman, MI  
114 12/2/1887 Sarah Belle Carr F/White Single 16d Sherman Twp. Spinal fever back & head Michigan   Charles A. Carr Sherman, MI 6/12/1888
                    Martha H. Carr Sherman, MI  
115 9/8/1887 Walter L. Chalen M/White Single 9m/23d Sherman Twp. Cholera infantum Michigan   Charles E. Chalen Sherman, MI 6/12/1888
                    Nina Chalen Sherman, MI  
122 11/9/1887 Wilford McCue M/White Single 17y/9m Mt. Pleasant Consumption Canada Laborer Thomas McCue Mt. Pleasant 6/16/1888
                    Maria McCue Mt. Pleasant  
123 5/23/1887 Waldo Curtis M/White Widower 91y Union Twp. Old age Mass. Minister Unknown Unknown 6/16/1888
                    Unknown Unknown  
124 6/29/1887 Garfield Stuckey M/White Single 6y/11m Union Twp. Constipation of Lungs Union Twp.   Samuel Stuckey Union Twp. 6/16/1888
                    Jane Stuckey Union Twp.  
125 3/25/1887 Mina Merrill F/White Single 16y/10m6d Union Twp. Consumption Union Twp.   Adelbert Merrill Union Twp. 6/16/1888
                    Almira Merrill Union Twp.  
126 7/14/1887 Not Named Cary F/White Single   Union Twp. Stillborn Union Twp.   Patrick Cary Jr. Union Twp. 6/16/1888
                    Anne Cary Union Twp.  
127 4/5/1887 Bridget Cuthbert F/White Married 27y Union Twp. Child birth Canada   Patrick Cary Sr. Union Twp. 6/16/1888
                    Ellen Cary Union Twp.  
128 11/6/1887 Hattie Loomis F/White Single 11y/8m/2d Mt. Pleasant Diphtheria Lincoln Twp.   David Loomis Mt. Pleasant 6/16/1888
                    Lucy M. Loomis Mt. Pleasant  
129 11/16/1887 Mary Loomis F/White Single 13y/5m/28d Mt. Pleasant Diphtheria Lincoln Twp.   David Loomis Mt. Pleasant 6/16/1888
                    Lucy M. Loomis Mt. Pleasant  
130 12/4/1887 Alfred Harris M/White Single 11y/9m/1d Mt. Pleasant Diphtheria Mt. Pleasant   Henry Harris Mt. Pleasant 6/16/1888
                    Anne Harris Mt. Pleasant  
131 10/11/1887 Mary Emeline Maxwell F/White Married 38y/4m/7d Mt. Pleasant Typhoid Fever Canada House wife Wm. Slater Union Twp. 6/16/1888
                    Sarah Slater Union Twp.  
132 3/13/1887 Austin Briggs M/White Single 2m/20d Mt. Pleasant Dropsey of Brain Mt. Pleasant   Harrison Briggs Mt. Pleasant 6/16/1888
                    Louvina Briggs Mt. Pleasant  
133 2/22/1887 Charles Labelle Jr. M/White Married 27y/1m/10d Mt. Pleasant Consumption Canada Laborer Charles Labelle Sr. Mt. Pleasant 6/16/1888
                    Mary N. Labelle Mt. Pleasant  
134 10/27/1887 Mertyle Bell Johnson F/White Single 8y/4m/13d Mt. Pleasant Typhoid Fever Evart?, MI   Philip Johnson Mt. Pleasant 6/16/1888
                    Lilly Johnson Mt. Pleasant  
135 7/29/1887 John William Ward M/White Single 5y/1m/1d Mt. Pleasant Diphtheria East Saginaw, MI   Frank Ward Mt. Pleasant 6/16/1888
                    Julia Ward Mt. Pleasant  
136 12/23/1887 Loretta Woodbury? F/White Widow 67y/2m/10d Mt. Pleasant Cancer Vermont Weaver ----- Green Vermont 6/16/1888
                    ----- Green Vermont  
137 8/8/1887 Mary Jane Kennedy F/White   3m/2d Union Twp. Unknown Union Twp.   James M. Kennedy Union Twp. 6/16/1888
                    Harriet Kennedy Union Twp.  
138 1/24/1887 Daniel B Dibble M/White Married 57y/4d Union Twp. Congestion of Lungs New York Farmer John Dibble New York 6/16/1888
                    Eliza Dibble New York  
139 9/8/1887 Martha C. Root F/White Married 37y/6m/8d Mt. Pleasant Typhoid Fever Ohio House wife George E. Butles? Ohio 6/16/1888
                    Ruth E. Butles? Ohio  
140 Oct. 1887 Edwin Homer Smith M/White Single 19y/6m Mt. Pleasant Diphtheria Ohio Laborer Peter Smith Mt. Pleasant 6/16/1888
                    Catherine Smith Mt. Pleasant  
141 8/8/1887 John McClean M/White Single 52y Mt. Pleasant Typhoid Fever Canada Doctor George McClean Canada 6/16/1888
                    Delia McClean Canada  
142 8/17/1887 Mrs. Hattie Hesoran F/White Married 22y/9m/17d Mt. Pleasant Typhoid Fever Michigan House wife Jerome Bacheldor Mt. Pleasant 6/16/1888
                    Mary Bacheldor Mt. Pleasant  
143 7/7/1887 Harry Bartlett M/White Single 1y/2m Mt. Pleasant Spinal fever Michigan   Isaac Batlett Mt. Pleasant 6/16/1888
                    Jane Bartlett Mt. Pleasant  
144 9/8/1887 Ollie Johnson F/White Single 5m/14d Mt. Pleasant Not given Unknown   Samuel L. Johnson Mt. Pleasant 6/16/1888
                    Lucinda Johnson Mt. Pleasant  
145 12/1/1887 Edmund C. Gilpin M/White Single 16y/4m/12d Union Twp. Diphtheria Clinton Co., MI Farming Ann Gilpin Union Twp. 6/16/1888
                    Richard Gilpin Union Twp.  
146 12/31/1887 Samuel N. Gilpin M/White Single 14y/4m/14d Union Twp. Diphtheria Clinton Co., MI Farmer Richard Gilpin Union Twp. 6/16/1888
                    Ann Gilpin Union Twp.  
147 3/23/1887 Gland? Barber M/White Widower 87y/5m/8d Union Twp. Old age France   ----- Barber France 6/16/1888
                    ----- Barber France  
148 12/14/1887 Charlotte E. Francisco F/White Married 39y/7m Union Twp. Typhoid pneumonia & Inflammation of brain New York House wife Edwin Hinkley New York 6/16/1888
                    Lidy Hinkley New York  
149 11/2/1887 Welch M/White   1/24th d Mt. Pleasant Not given Mt. Pleasant   John Welch Mt. Pleasant 6/16/1888
                    Nelly Welch Mt. Pleasant  
150 6/16/1887 John Vanwinkle M/White Married 67y/9m/26d Mt. Pleasant Consumption New York Merchant ----- Vanwinkle Livingston Co., MI 6/16/1888
                    ----- Vanwinkle Livingston Co., MI  
151 10/17/1887 Clara Sampson F/White Single 28d Mt. Pleasant Dropsey of Brain Mt. Pleasant   Thomas Sampson Mt. Pleasant 6/16/1888
                    Clara Sampson Mt. Pleasant  
152 9/28/1887 Loren Krill M/White Married 42y/9m/29d Mt. Pleasant Typhoid Fever New York Miller Frederick Krill New York 6/16/1888
                    Betsy Krill New York  
153 10/18/1887 Harry Rogers M/White Single 5y/5m/13d Mt. Pleasant Diphtheria Montcalm Co., MI   Charles E. Rogers Mt. Pleasant 6/16/1888
                    Emma Rogers Mt. Pleasant  
154 10/20/1887 Daisey Rogers F/White   9y/3m/15d Mt. Pleasant Diphtheria Montcalm Co., MI   Charles E. Rogers Mt. Pleasant 6/16/1888
                    Emma Rogers Mt. Pleasant  
155 10/29/1887 Frankie Rogers F/White   7y/2m/28d Mt. Pleasant Diphtheria Montcalm Co., MI   Charles E. Rogers Mt. Pleasant 6/16/1888
                    Emma Rogers Mt. Pleasant  
156 11/5/1887 Allie Throop F/White   2 1/2d Mt. Pleasant Not given Mt. Pleasant   Oscar Throop Mt. Pleasant 6/16/1888
                    Millie Throop Mt. Pleasant  
157 8/6/1887 Rakin M/White     Union Twp. Stillborn Isabella Co., MI   Edward Rakin Union 6/16/1888
                    Mary Rakin Union  
158 5/29/1887 Alfred Stanton M/White Single 5d Mt. Pleasant Malformed Mt. Pleasant   Alfred Stanton Mt. Pleasant 6/16/1888
                    Ella Stanton Mt. Pleasant  
159 9/28/1887 Willie Thompson M/White Single 13y/1m?/7d Mt. Pleasant Diphtheria Canada Student William Thompson Deceased 6/16/1888
                    Hannah Thompson Mt. Pleasant  
160 10/12/1887 Alex Lorenzo Simons M/White Single 8y/9d Mt. Pleasant Paralysis Ohio   Eugene Simons Mt. Pleasant 6/16/1888
                    Loretta I. Simons Mt. Pleasant  
161 10/23/1887 John Robert Eugene Simons M/White Single 11y/11m/18d Mt. Pleasant Diphtheria Ohio   Eugene Simons Mt. Pleasant 6/16/1888
                    Loretta I. Simons Mt. Pleasant  
162 9/13/1887 David Holland M/White Widower 72y/3m/29d Lincoln Twp. Billious Colic Ohio Farmer Unknown Lincoln, MI 7/17/1888
                    Unknown Lincoln, MI  
163 11/22/1887 Martha J. Vredenburg F/White Married 38y/1m/14d Lincoln Inflammation of Bowels New York Farmer Benjamin Cole Lincoln, MI 7/17/1888
                    Eunice Cole Lincoln, MI  
164 1/20/1887 Eddie M. Scott M/White Single 18y/8m Lincoln Twp. Consumption Canada Not given Job W. Scott Michigan 7/17/1888
                    Mary J. Scott Michigan  
165 9/24/1887 Etha May Gordon F/White Single 2y/3m/13d Lincoln Twp. Membranous Croup Lincoln, MI   Isaac Gordon Michigan 7/17/1888
                    Ella Gordon Michigan  
166 8/24/1887 Mary Bellingar F/White Married 48y/5m Lincoln Twp. Consumption Ohio   William Mull Michigan 7/17/1888
                    Clarinda Mull Michigan  
167 4/3/1887 Warren Wardwell M/White Married 54y/6m/30d Lincoln Twp. Cancer of Stomach New York   Lemuel Wardwell Michigan 7/17/1888
                    Betsey Wardwell Michigan  
168 9/17/1887 Charles E. Puchest M/White Single 21y/11m/29d Lincoln Twp. Consumption Ohio   Chas. L. Puchest Michigan 7/17/1888
                    Lucinda Puchest Michigan  
169 1/22/1887 Elnora Edwards F/White Single 11y/9m/6d Lincoln Twp. Bruise in side Michigan   J.S. Edwards Michigan 7/17/1888
                    Mary S. Edwards Michigan  
170 11/20/1887 Sarah Luce F/White Married 29y/6m/27d Lincoln Twp. Inflammation Ohio   David Pollard Michigan 7/17/1888
                    Susan Pollard Michigan  
171 9/13/1887 Noel Griffith M/White Single 3m/19d Lincoln Twp. Inflammation of Lungs Michigan   Wallace Griffith Michigan 7/17/1888
                    Cora Griffith Michigan  
172 9/21/1887 Louisa Barnes F/White Married 73y/6m Lincoln Twp. Consumption New York   Not given   7/17/1888
                    Not given    
173 8/1/1887 James H. Bowers M/White Single 10m/24d Lincoln Twp. Cholera infantum Michigan   Sam Bowers Michigan 7/17/1888
                    Emma Bowers Michigan  
7 2/14/1887 Jeremiah Vining M/White Single 8m/4d Coe Twp. Inflammation of Lungs Michigan   Merion? Vining Isabella Co. 6/18/1889
                    Eunice Vining Michigan  
36 4/7/1887 Not Named F/White     Rolland Twp. Stillborn Michigan   James C. Moore Fremont Twp. 6/19/1889
                    Eliza Moore Fremont Twp.  

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