Isabella County Deaths For 1886

ISABELLA COUNTY, MICHIGAN DEATHS 1886                        
No. Date of Death Deceased Name Sex/Color Marital Status Age Yr/Mon/Day Place of Death Cause of Death Birth Place Occupation if >18yrs age Parents Names Residence Date Recorded
59 2/14/1886 Claud U. Kaylor M/White   2y Coe Twp. Inflamation of Lungs Michigan   G.A. Kaylor Coe, MI 5/21/1888
                    Estella Kaylor Coe, MI  
60 1/24/1886 Not Named Kaylor F/White   4d Coe Twp. Unknown Michigan   G.A. Kaylor Coe, MI 5/21/1888
                    Estella Kaylor Coe, MI  
116 9/29/1886 Aggie Horan F/White Single 20d Mt. Pleasant Unknown Mt. Pleasant   Thomas Horan Mt. Pleasant 6/16/1888
                    Mary Horan Mt. Pleasant  
117 6/13/1886 Myrtle Ward F/White Single 5m/9d Mt. Pleasant Cholera infantum Mt. Pleasant   Frank Ward Mt. Pleasant 6/16/1888
                    Susan Ward Mt. Pleasant  
118 2/28/1886 Rika Gardner F/White Married 36y/9m/28d East Saginaw Malarial fever Germany   Christian Mitsner Mt. Pleasant 6/16/1888
                    Mary Mitsner Mt. Pleasant  
119 1/27/1886 Harry Heron M/White Single 1y/1m/12d Mt. Pleasant Inflamation of Lungs Riverdale, MI   Sylvester Heron Riverdale, MI 6/16/1888
                    Hattie Heron Riverdale, MI  
120 3/4/1886 Henry Gulick M/White Widower Not given Union Twp. Congestion of Lungs New Jersey Farmer ---- Gulick New Jersey 6/16/1888
121 2/20/1886 Ann Gulick F/White Married Not given Union Twp. Cancer of Stomach New Jersey Farmer's wife William Dean Unknown 6/16/1888
                    Unknown Unknown  
339 3/24/1886 Mary Hines F/White Married 25y/11m/4d Broomfield Eczema ot Tetter? Canada Not given Charles Robitzsch Mecosta Co., MI 5/12/1887
                    Catherina Robitzsch Mecosta Co., MI  
340 5/23/1886 Elijah Lett M/Mulatto Married 84y Broomfield Paralytic stroke Ohio Farmer Not given   5/12/1887
                    Not given    
341 2/27/1886 Maud Johnson F/White Single 9m/3d Denver Breaking of Blood Vessel Michigan   Reginold Johnson Denver, MI 5/13/1887
                    Cordilla Johnson Denver, MI  
342 9/26/1886 Frank Salisbury M/White Single 1y/4m/16d Chippewa Cholera infantum Chippewa, MI Child E.A. Salisbury Isabella Co., MI 5/20/1887
                    Sarah L. Salisbury Isabella Co., MI  
343 2/4/1886 Emma Oberlin F/White Single 12y/2m/27d Chippewa Diphtheria Chippewa, MI Child Joseph Oberlin Isabella Co., MI 5/20/1887
                    Catherine Oberlin Isabella Co., MI  
344 9/3/1886 Erwin B. Palmenter M/White Single 9m/8d Chippewa Cholera infantum Chippewa, MI Child Wesley Palmenter Isabella Co., MI 5/20/1887
                    Sarah L. Palmenter Isabella Co., MI  
345 11/6/1886 Sarah Ann Durfee? F/White Married 41y Chippewa Unknown Ohio Housekeeper Abraham Lanabough Ohio 5/20/1887
                    Catherine lanabough Ohio  
346 12/3/1886 Catherine York F/White Married 41y/7m/10d Chippewa Consumption Canada Housekeeper Rufus Huntley? Isabella, MI 5/20/1887
                    Catherine Huntley? Isabella, MI  
347 3/8/1886 Martin Freeman M/White Single 48y? Chippewa Diabetes or Dropsey Unknown Lumberman Unknown Unknown 5/20/1887
                    Unknown Unknown  
348 9/29/1886 Mabel Cassady F/White Single Not given Vernon Whooping cough Michigan   John Cassady Michigan 5/21/1887
                    Emma Jane Cassady Michigan  
349 9/29/1886 Charles O'Connor M/White Single Not given Vernon Typhoid fever     James O'Connor Michigan 5/21/1887
                    Amanda O'Connor Michigan  
350 11/7/1886 Mrs. Buck F/White Married 77y Vernon Congestion? Of Lungs New York Not given Not given Not given 5/21/1887
351 4/13/1886 Ellen McEllheues? F/White Not given 42y Vernon Heart Disease Ireland Not given Not given Not given 5/21/1887
352 7/18/1886 Caroline Dickenson F/White Not given 75y Vernon Old age Not given Not given Not given Not given 5/21/1887
353 11/21/1886 Matisan Jer--e? M/White Not given 60y Vernon Falling down stairs Not given Not given Not given Not given 5/21/1887
354 6/4/1886 Richard Bogan M/White Not given 28y Vernon Congestion of Stomach Not given Not given James Bogan Michigan 5/21/1887
                    Julia Bogan Michigan  
355 6/15/1886 Charlotte Lucas F/White Married 24y Canada Consumption Canada   Albert Lockwood Canada 5/21/1887
                    Amelia Lockwood    
356 6/2/1886 Frank Bick M/White Married 36y Coldwater Inflamation of Stomach Germany Farmer Yendor Bick Michigan 5/26/1887
                    Catherine Bick Michigan  
357 5/5/1886 Shelts F/White Single 4m Coldwater Inflamation of Brain Michigan   Issaac Shelts Michigan 5/26/1887
                    Ella Shelts Michigan  
358 3/7/1886 Catherine E. Gould F/White Married 34y/6m/1d Coe Congestion of Lungs Michigan House wife Daniel Bickley? Coe, MI 5/26/1887
                    Olive? Bickley? Coe, MI  
359 12/12/1886 Charlotte Ellis F/White Married 42y/2m/6d Coe Epileptic Va. H. wife Stephen Wilber Va. 5/26/1887
                    Elizabeth Wilber Va.  
360 12/22/1886 Not Named F/White   7d Coe Ulcer on Back Coe   Andrew Boughman Coe, MI 5/26/1887
                    Sarah Boughman Coe, MI  
361 8/19/1886 Zella? A. Stahl F/White   2y/3m/10d Coe Pneumonia of Lungs Michigan   Emanias? Stahl Coe, MI 5/26/1887
                    Emily Stahl Coe, MI  
362 12/22/1886 Kittie A. Dorland F/White Married 28y Pine River Twp. Rupture of Stomach Canada H. wife Philip Hormich? Canada 5/26/1887
                    Jane Hormich? Canada  
363 10/14/1886 Not Named F/White   11d Coe Inflamation of Lungs Michigan   Allan Gay Michigan 5/26/1887
                    Ida Gay Michigan  
364 5/21/1886 Daniel Shoney? M/White Married Not given Coe Typhoid fever Pa. Farmer Henry Shoney? Pa. 5/26/1887
                    Elizabeth Shoney Pa.  
365 12/9/1886 George W. Miller M/White Married 70y/1m?/25d Coe General Debility New York Farmer Unknown   5/26/1887
366 11/20/1886 Peter Gruber M/White Married 71y/10m/24d Coe Seminal Gout & Nephritic? Pa. Farmer John Gruber Pa. 5/26/1887
                    Catherine Gruber Pa.  
367 1/24/1886 Jessie J. Struble M/White Married 56y/10m/16d Coe Congestion of Brain Ohio Doctor John Struble Ohio 5/26/1887
                    Sarah Struble Ohio  
368 12/22/1886 Charles Miller M/White Single 31y Gilmore Killed by falling tree Germany Common Unknown Gilmore Twp., MI 5/28/1887
369 3/2/1886 Floyd Yeoman M/White Single 8m/16d Gilmore Twp. Spinal Meningitis Michigan   Edward Yeoman Michigan 5/28/1887
                    Dorothy Yeoman Michigan  
370 2/28/1886 William Brubaker M/White Single 23y/11m/10d Gilmore Twp. Suicide Ohio Farmer H.A. Brubaker Michigan 5/28/1887
                    Elizabeth Brubaker Michigan  
371 12/13/1886 Not Given M/White Single 0d Colwater Twp. Stillborn Michigan   James Schofield Michigan 5/28/1887
                    Mary Schofield Michigan  
372 6/25/1886 Not Given F/White Single 0d Gilmore Twp. Stillborn Michigan   Lorenzo Burges Gilmore Twp., MI 5/28/1887
                    Ida Burges Gilmore Twp., MI  
373 2/25/1886 Usariah? Dunhane? M/White Married 66y/6m Lincoln Paralysis New York Farmer William Dunhane?   5/28/1887
                    Ann Dunhane?    
374 4/16/1886 John Fox M/White Married 54y Lincoln Erysipelas? Ireland Farmer Unknown Ireland 5/28/1887
375 10/27/1886 Timothy Battle M/White Married 80y Lincoln Urinary? disease Ireland Farmer Roger Ireland 5/28/1887
376 11/15/1886 Charles B. Allen M/White Single 17y/3m Lincoln Typhoid fever Ohio Farmer Thos. A. Allen Ohio 5/28/1887
                    Sarah A. Allen Ohio  
377 1/16/1886 Walter Rungan? M/White Single 2y/3m Lincoln Scalded Michigan None Wm. Rungan New York 5/28/1887
                    Lucy Rungan Maine  
378 5/7/1886 Albert Burdich M/White Single 1y/10m Lincoln Congestion Michigan None Daniel Burdich Ohio 5/28/1887
                    Mary Burdich Canada  
379 6/15/1886 Not Named M/White Single Stillborn Lincoln Stillborn Michigan   Joseph Rudler New York 5/28/1887
                    Mary Rudler Canada  
380 12/23/1886 Genet? E. Brownridge F/White Single 2y/6m Lincoln Spinal Fever Canada   Joseph Brownridge Canada 5/28/1887
                    Isabella Brownridge Canada  
381 5/23/1886 Vena Grace Hunt? F/White Single 11m Lincoln Whooping cough Michigan   James A. Hunt New York 5/28/1887
                    Helen J. Hunt New York  
382 1/5/1886 Howard Gall? M/White Single Stillborn Lincoln Stillborn Michigan   P.A. Gall? New York 5/28/1887
                    Mahala Gall? Ohio  
383 11/14/1886 John Geo. Beaderstead M/White Single 1y/11m/7d Nottawa Croop Michigan   Frederick Beaderstead Michigan 5/31/1887
                    Mary Berg Michigan  
384 3/28/1886 Alfred W. Campbell M/White Widower 88y/7m/ Nottawa Old age Vermont Farmer William Campbell New York 5/31/1887
                    Unknown New York  
385 10/16/1886 Anna Simmen? F/White Single 6y/6m/28d Nottawa Diarrhea Michigan   Henry Simmen? Michigan 5/31/1887
                    Caroline Simmen? Michigan  
386 6/2/1886 James Loul-? M/White Single 18y Nottawa Consumption Canada Engineer Unknown Canada 5/31/1887
                    Unknown Canada  
387 2/13/1886 Sarah C. Dimona? F/White Married 39y/1m/8d Union Twp. Inflamation of Lungs Michigan   Thomas Jeffers Michigan 6/1/1887
                    Pheboe Jeffers Michigan  
388 1886 Helen Stockman F/White Single 3y Union Twp. Diphtheria New York   Theodore Stockman Union Twp., MI 6/1/1887
                    Catherine Stockman Union Twp., MI  
389 12/4/1886 Henry W. Chamberlain M/White Married 51y/1m/4d Union Twp. Dropsey New York Farmer Luther Chamberlain New York 6/1/1887
                    Lucy Chamberlain New York  
390 3/12/1886 Austin H. Philips M/White Single 23y/9m/4d Union Killed in camp Canada Laborer Luther Philips Union Twp., MI 6/1/1887
                    Mary A. Philips Union Twp., MI  
391 10/5/1886 Mary I---lin? F/White Married 70y Union Old age England House wife John Green Ontario, Canada 6/1/1887
                    Anna Green Ontario, Canada  
392 4/13/1886 Harrietta A. Howard F/White Widow 91y/2m/0d Union Twp. Old age Canada Unknown Silas Pearsons Canada 6/1/1887
                    Elizabeth Pearsons Canada  
393 9/18/1886 Jessie A. Morrison F/White   4y/0m/12d Union Twp. Chronic diarrhea Canada   Charles Morrison Michigan 6/1/1887
                    Elizabeth Morrison Michigan  
394 5/29/1886 Thomas McCue M/White Single 24y/1m/29d Mt. Pleasant Consumption Canada Laborer Thomas McCue Mt. Pleasant 6/1/1887
                    Manah McCue Mt. Pleasant  
395 5/16/1886 Elmore Shim M/White Single 3d Mt. Pleasant Unknown Mt. Pleasant None Lewis W. Shim Mt. Pleasant 6/1/1887
                    Helen Shim Mt. Pleasant  
396 4/30/1886 Minnie May Lowen F/White Single 19y/6m/1d Union Twp. Consumption Union Twp. Teacher Mathias Lowen Union Twp., MI 6/1/1887
                    Isabella Lowen Union Twp., MI  
397 10/9/1886 Earnest G. Curtis M/White Single 11m/23d Mt. Pleasant Spasms Mt. Pleasant None Edgbert? G. Curtis Union Twp., MI 6/1/1887
                    Lena A. Curtis Union Twp., MI  
398 4/8/1886 Nora? Conklin F/White Married 22y Union Twp. Diphtheria Indiana   Samuel Stuckey Michigan 6/1/1887
                    Maura? Stuckey Michigan  
399 12/29/1886 Susan E. Bennett F/White Married 26y/7m/9d Mt. Pleasant Diphtheria Michigan   George Atkin Michigan 6/1/1887
                    Sophia Atkin Michigan  
400 12/19/1886 George F. Bennett M/White Single 4y/1m/1d Mt. Pleasant Diphtheria Michigan   H.W. Bennett Mt. Pleasant 6/1/1887
                    Susan Bennett Mt. Pleasant  
401 6/11/1886 Morrie E. Bowen M/White Single 6y/8m/9d Mt. Pleasant Diphtheria Michigan None Eugene S. Bowen Mt. Pleasant 6/1/1887
                    Ella Bowen Mt. Pleasant  
402 8/3/1886 Gertrude L. Gillott F/White Single 13y/5m/16d Mt. Pleasant Diphtheria Michigan None Sylvester S. Guillott Michigan 6/1/1887
                    Martha J. Guillott Michigan  
403 9/23/1886 Not Named F/White Single 1d Mt. Pleasant Unknown Michigan   Edward Maloney Mt. Pleasant 6/1/1887
                    Ellen Maloney Mt. Pleasant  
404 6/20/1886 Wilson Johnson M/White Married 82y Fremont Unknown Canada Pump maker Unknown   6/1/1887
405 6/30/1886 Ellie Smith F/White Single 1y/1m Fremont Tonsillitis Michigan   John Smith Michigan 6/1/1887
                    Minnie Smith Michigan  
406 11/16/1886 Dolly L. Hugeford? F/White Married 66y/20d Fremont Old age New York House wife John Tucker Deceased 6/1/1887
                    Esther Tucker Deceased  
407 4/28/1886 Florence M. Flock F/White Single 13y/9m/2d Fremont Consumption Michigan School girl William Flock Michigan 6/1/1887
                    Berthie? Flock Deceased  
408 1/10/1886 Ray Stanton M/White Single 13y/22d Fremont Diphtheria Michigan School boy Amos Stanton Michigan 6/1/1887
                    Sarah Stanton Michigan  
409 1/6/1886 Jessie Stanton M/White Single 10y/4m/26d Fremont Diphtheria Michigan School boy Amos Stanton Michigan 6/1/1887
                    Sarah Stanton Michigan  
410 4/28/1886 Clara Bellingar F/White Married 18y/6m/10d Rolland Child birth Michigan House wife Fred Delo Michigan 6/1/1887
                    Mary Delo Michigan  
411 2/19/1886 Charles H. Richardson M/White Single 24y/3m/9d Fremont Diphtheria Michigan Deformed Seth S. Richardson Michigan 6/1/1887
                    May E.Richardson Michigan  
412 10/12/1886 Oliver S. Dougherty M/White Single 10y/4m/1d Fremont Diphtheria Michigan School boy Geo. W.H. Dougherty Michigan 6/1/1887
                    Sylvia Dougherty Michigan  
413 9/4/1886 Edward F. France M/White Single 19y/9m Fremont Cerebro spinal meningitis Indiana Farmer Not Known   6/1/1887
414 8/4/1886 Carrol Wilson M/White Single 1m/29d Fremont Cholera infantum Michigan Child Oliver Wilson Michigan 6/1/1887
                    Lilly Wilson Michigan  
415 6/29/1886 Wesley Moor M/White Married 67y/9m/28d Fremont Dropsey New York Farmer Unknown   6/1/1887
416 3/29/1886 Martha J. West F/White Single 2y/3m Isabella Dropped dead Michigan None William West Michigan 6/3/1887
                    Mary Ann West Michigan  
417 10/10/1886 Not Given M/White Single   Isabella Unknown Michigan   Joshua Harrison Isabella, MI 6/3/1887
                    Mina? Harrison Isabella, MI  
418 9/2/1886 Daniel B. Burr M/White Single 2y/2m Isabella Whooping cough Michigan   Joseph Burr Isabella, MI 6/3/1887
                    Margaret Burr Isabella, MI  
419 3/11/1886 Thomas F. Carroll M/White Single 2y/10m Isabella Congestion of Lungs Michigan None Thomas Carrol Michigan 6/3/1887
                    Wailda? Carrol Michigan  
420 12/20/1886 Not Given   Stillborn?   Isabella Unknown Michigan   James Mogg Michigan 6/3/1887
                    Cora Mogg Michigan  
421 7/29/1886 Alexander Wilson M/White Married 36y/10m Isabella Paralysis Unknown Farmer Alexander Wilson Unknown 6/3/1887
                    Harriet Wilson Unknown  
422 8/22/1886 Maggie Riggle F/White Single 7y/1m Isabella Inflamation of Brain Michigan None Jacob Riggle Michigan 6/3/1887
                    Magdalena Riggle Michigan  
423 10/18/1886 Nellie B. Scott F/White Single 3y/1m/8d Isabella Burned by steam Michigan None Ransom Scott Michigan 6/3/1887
                    Anna Scott Michigan  
424 6/3/1886 William E. Vandervender? M/White Single 22y/10m Isabella Bright's Disease Michigan Farmer William Vanderventer Michigan 6/3/1887
                    Sarah Vanderventer Michigan  
425 6/17/1886 James R. Monroe M/White Married 50y/10m Chippewa Rheumatism of the heart New York Baptist James A. Monroe New York 6/3/1887
                  minister Jane Monroe New York  
426 12/13/1886 Forest Bush M/White Single 4y/9m Isabella Lung disease Unknown   Alex Bush Michigan 6/3/1887
                    Ella A. Bush Michigan  
427 8/29/1886 Atkin Peters M/Indian Single 1y/29d Isabella Diphtheria Michigan   Henry Peters Michigan 6/3/1887
                    Jane Peters Michigan  
428 3/5/1886 Maud S. Stevenson F/White Single 2y/3m/24d Wise Lung Fever Penna. Child Cassious L. Stevenson Michigan 6/6/1887
                    Mary G. Stevenson Michigan  
429 4/13/1886 Carl L. Stevenson M/White Single   Wise Stillborn Michigan None Cassious L. Stevenson Michigan 6/6/1887
                    Mary G. Stevenson Michigan  
430 7/24/1886 Tray? Ferguson M/White Single 1y/2m/18d Wise Whooping cough Michigan None Thos. W. Ferguson Michigan 6/6/1887
                    Mary Ann Ferguson Michigan  
431 9/14/1886 Edward Foley M/White Single 2m Wise Cholera infantum Michigan None James Foley Michigan 6/6/1887
                    Emma Foley Michigan  
432 Feb. 1886 Mary J. Bergey F/White Married 45y/9m/6d Wise Not given Ohio House wife Jacob Bowers Deceased 6/6/1887
                    Susan A. Bowers Deceased  
433 4/10/1886 Caroline Baker F/White Widow 68y/11m/24d Wise Inflamation of Bowels Germany Domestic Not Known Unknown 6/6/1887
                  helper Not Known Unknown  
434 10/1/1886 Hester? A. Simonde? F/White Married 45y Wise Not given Ontario House wife Deceased   6/6/1887
435 3/27/1886 Not Named F/White Single 27d Wise Whooping cough Michigan   Fletcher M. Tubbs Michigan 6/6/1887
                    Maggie A. Tubbs Michigan  
436 11/27/1886 Abram Chambers M/White Married 47y/2m Wise Canker of Stomach Ont. Not given Deceased    
                    Amelia Chambers Ontario, Canada 6/6/1887
437 2/17/1886 James M. Cameron M/White Single 1y/5m Rolland Unknown Rolland   A.B. Cameron Rolland 6/6/1887
                    Esther Cameron Rolland  
438 5/15/1886 Elmer Myers M/Black Single 15y/1m Rolland Spinal disease Penna.   E. Myers Rolland 6/6/1887
                    Mary Meyers Rolland  
439 11/15/1886 Mrs. C. Obvill? F/White Widow Not given Rolland Not given Unknown Unknown Unknown   6/6/1887
440 11/12/1886 John Hayse? M/White Single 28y Rolland Burned to death   Night watch Unknown   6/6/1887
441 11/29/1886 John McDonald M/White Married Not given Rolland Not given Canada C. Laborer Unknown   6/6/1887
442 9/9/1886 K.B. Ovenhouse F/White Single 1y Rolland Malarial fever Ohio   J. Owenhouse Rolland 6/6/1887
                    Mary Ann Ovenhouse Rolland  
443 7/26/1886 Mattie Guy F/Mullatto Single 15y? Rolland Consumption Michigan   Wm. Guy Rolland 6/6/1887
                    Elizabeth Guy Rolland  
444 5/29/1886 Edith McCarthy F/White Single 6y Rolland Diphtheria Michigan   John McCarthy Rolland 6/6/1887
                    Carrie McCarthy Rolland  
445 4/11/1886 Maggie Murphy F/White Single 8y/5m Rolland Diphtheria Michigan   John Murphy Rolland 6/6/1887
                    Johannah Murphy Rolland  
446 4/16/1886 Mary Murphy F/White Single 4y/6m Rolland Diphtheria Michigan   John Murphy Rolland 6/6/1887
                    Johannah Murphy Rolland  
447 4/21/1886 Willie Murphy M/White Single 9m Rolland Diphtheria Michigan   John Murphy Rolland 6/6/1887
                    Johannah Murphy Rolland  
448 6/13/1886 Sophia Buhrer? F/White Single 2y Rolland Diphtheria Michigan   C. Buhrer? Rolland 6/6/1887
                    Fannie Buhrer? Rolland  
449 4/9/1886 Carrie A. Losey F/White Married 18y/7m/21d Sherman Inflamation of Bowels Michigan Farmer David A. Carr Michigan 6/7/1887
                    Louisa Carr Michigan  
450 8/8/1886 Lavina J. Lyon F/White Single 1y/3d Sherman Whooping cough settled? on lungs Michigan   Walter Lyon Michigan 6/7/1887
                    Mary Lyon Michigan  
451 4/24/1886 James H. Tinker M/White Married 50y/11m/21d Sherman Typhoid pneumonia Ohio Farmer Sylvester Tinker Ohio 6/7/1887
                    Mary C. Tinker Ohio  
452 9/15/1886 Margaret E. Kirvan F/White Single 1y/1m/13d Sherman Heart Disease Michigan   Elias A. Kirvan Michigan 6/7/1887
                    Cora A. Kirvan Michigan  
453 2/24/1886 Elias Benn? M/White Married 59y/6m/11d Deerfield Heart Disease -----? of war? New York Farmer John Benn? New York 6/7/1887
                    Elizabeth Benn? New York  
454 2/26/1886 Herman Bentler M/White Single   Sherman Stillborn Michigan   Herman Bentler Michigan 6/7/1887
                    Mary Bentler Michigan  
455 1/11/1886 Mariah Lynch F/White Single   Sherman Stillborn Michigan   John Lynch Michigan 6/7/1887
                    Annie Lynch Michigan  
456 9/26/1886 Chrisey Day F/White Single 4m/9d Watertown Inflamation of Bowels Michigan None Wm. S. Day Michigan 6/8/1887
                    Mary Day Michigan  
457 7/14/1886 Twin Not Named F/White Single   Fremont Stillborn Michigan   Harry H. McLane Michigan 6/8/1887
                    Anna McLane Michigan  
458 7/14/1886 Twin Not Named F/White Single   Fremont Stillborn Michigan   Harry H. McLane Michigan 6/8/1887
                    Anna McLane Michigan  
459 3/14/1886 Carrie A. Lloyd? F/White Married 27y/3m/13d Deerfield Consumption New York House wife Squire? S. Covert Michigan 6/8/1887
                    Ellen Covert Michigan  
460 10/13/1886 Wm. J. Gruss M/White Single 11m/17d Deerfield Cholera infantum Michigan   Peter Gruss Michigan 6/8/1887
                    Anna Gruss Michigan  
461 12/29/1886 Trifla Bushon M/White Married 19y/10m/23d Deerfield Falling of a limb from a tree Canada Laborer Fred Bushon Michigan 6/8/1887
                    Matilda Bushon Michigan  
462 1/15/1886 Stillborn Housinger M/White Single   Deerfield Stillborn Michigan   Thos. J. Housinger Michigan 6/8/1887
                    Lydia Housinger Michigan  
463 10/8/1886 Margaret Smith F/White Married 64y/9m/28d Fremont Unknown Penna. House wife Deceased   6/8/1887
464 2/13/1886 Frank S. Robinson M/White Married 50y/6m/2d Mt. Pleasant Bright's Disease Ken? Probate clerk John T. Robinson Michigan 6/10/1887
                    Ruth Robinson Michigan  
465 Dec. 1886 D.H. Gilman M/White Married Not given Mt. Pleasant Unknown New York Not given Not given   6/10/1887
                    Not given    
466 4/19/1886 Not Given M/White     Mt. Pleasant Stillborn Mt. Pleasant   William J. Bly Michigan 6/10/1887
                    Eudora Bly Michigan  
467 1/20/1886 No Name F/White     Mt. Pleasant Stillborn Mt. Pleasant   Timothy Sullivan Michigan 6/10/1887
                    Maggie Grady Sullivan Michigan  
468 9/16/1886 Hattie C. Roberts F/White   5m/26d Mt. Pleasant Cholera infantum Mt. Pleasant   Frank L. Roberts Michigan 6/10/1887
                    Jennie Roberts Michigan  

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