Isabella County Deaths For 1885

ISABELLA COUNTY, MICHIGAN, DEATHS 1885                        
No. Date of Death Deceased Name Sex/Color Marital Status Age Yr/Mon/Day Place of Death Cause of Death Birth Place Occupation if >18yrs age Parents Names Residence Date Recorded
166 Aug. 1885 Smith Wa-ba-so-wa? M/Indian Single 4m Nottawa Convulsions Fits Michigan   Jean Baptiste Wa-ba-so-wa? Nottawa, MI 4/29/1886
                    Mary Wa-ba-so-wa? Nottawa, MI  
167 5/25/1885 Samuel She-wa-gon? M/Indian Married 35y Nottawa Consumption of Lungs Michigan Farmer She-wa-gon Michigan 4/29/1886
                    Betsy She-wa-gon Michigan  
168 12/12/1885 John Joseph Schafer M/White Single 3y/6m Nottawa Inflamation of Lungs Michigan   John Schafer Nottawa, MI 4/29/1886
                    Maria Catherine Schafer Nottawa, MI  
169 3/6/1885 William Schupback M/White Single 8m/6d Nottawa Spinal Fever Michigan   Frederick Schupback Nottawa, MI 4/29/1886
                    Sophia Schupback Nottawa, MI  
170 1/30/1885 Anthony Cob-mo-say M/Indian Single 1 hour Nottawa Mother was dying with Typhoid Fever Nottawa   Paul Cob-mo-say Nottawa, MI 4/29/1886
                    Elizabeth Cob-mo-say Nottawa, MI  
171 2/1/1885 Elizabeth Cob-mo-say F/Indian Married 22y Nottawa Typhoid Fever Michigan Housekeeper Doctor Chatfield Isabella, MI 4/29/1886
                    Margaret Chatfield Isabella, MI  
172 4/15/1885 Still Born Way-me-gos M/Indian     Nottawa Miscarriage caused by nursing previous child while pregnant? Nottawa   John Way-me-gos Nottawa, MI 4/29/1886
                    Mary Way-me-gos Nottawa, MI  
173 11/13/1885 Charles Ogemas? M/Indian Widower 26y Nottawa Consumption of Lungs Lapeer Co., MI Farmer John Ogemas? Nottawa, MI 4/29/1886
                    Kask-Key Ogemas? Nottawa, MI  
174 9/19/1885 Eliza Davis F/Indian   2y Nottawa Worm Fits Nottawa   Andrew Davis Nottawa, MI 4/29/1886
                    Mary Davis Nottawa, MI  
175 9/30/1885 Theresa Doll F/White Married 23y West Phalia Clinton Co., MI Consumption of Lungs Michigan Housekeeper Michael Pung Nottawa, MI 4/29/1886
                    Christina Pung Nottawa, MI  
176 4/22/1885 John Jackson M/Indian   7days? Nottawa Fits Michigan   Boguck Jackson Nottawa, MI 4/29/1886
                    Nancy-mos-qua Jackson Nottawa, MI  
177 2/1/1885 Ada Johnston F/White   1y/11m/28d Deerfield Lung complaint Canada   David Johnston Deerfield, MI 4/29/1886
                    Jane Johnston Deerfield, MI  
178 9/5/1885 Cortsel? C. Conant M/White   3y/4m Deerfield Diphtheria Michigan   Wm. C. Conant Deerfield, MI 4/29/1886
                    Julietta Conant Deerfield, MI  
179 2/5/1885 Edward Hackett M/White   5d Deerfield Spasms Deerfield, MI   John Hackett Deerfield, MI 4/29/1886
                    Sarah Hackett Deerfield, MI  
180 2/6/1885 Timothy McMahon M/White Married 60y Deerfield Consumption Ireland Farmer Timothy McMahon Ireland 4/29/1886
                    Ann McMahon Ireland  
181 12/4/1885 John McMahon M/White Single 22y?/5m/10d Meredith Killed loading saw logs Canada Laborer Timothy McMahon Deerfield, MI 4/29/1886
                    Hannah McMahon Deerfield, MI  
182 2/9/1884 Francis E. Boyden M/White Widower 81y/8m/18d Deerfield Old age Vermont Farmer Unknown Vermont 4/29/1886
183 1/19/1885 Elizabeth Miller F/White   11y/5m/17d Deerfield Diphtheria Iowa   John Miller Sr. Deerfield, MI 4/29/1886
                    Mary Miller Deerfield, MI  
184 7/28/1885 Carrie Bredburner? F/White Married 31y/11m/6d Deerfield Consumption Ohio House wife Thos. Castle Ohio 4/29/1886
                    Elizabeth Castile Ohio  
185 2/18/1885 Ellen Wicks F/White Married 46y/2m Deerfield Consumption Germany House wife John Smith New York 4/29/1886
186 10/5/1885 Joseph H. Drew M/White   14y/6m Deerfield Diphtheria Michigan   John A. Drew Deerfield, MI 4/30/1886
                    Mary A. Drew Deerfield, MI  
187 10/9/1885 William A. Drew M/White   12y/10m Deerfield Diphtheria Michigan   John A. Drew Deerfield, MI 4/30/1886
                    Mary A. Drew Deerfield, MI  
188 10/15/1885 Franklin Kiser M/White   1m/2d Hartford Van Buren Co. Cholera infantum Michigan   J.F. Kiser Deerfield, MI 4/30/1886
                    Eliza J. Kiser Deerfield, MI  
189 10/25/1885 Anna Olger F/White   16y Fremont Female complaint Michigan   James Olger New York 4/30/1886
                    Harriett Olger Michigan  
190 4/14/1885 Franklin Mull M/White Married 50y/1m/11d Deerfield Consumption New York Farmer Wm. Mull New York 4/30/1886
                    Clarinda Mull New York  
191 7/12/1885 Floy? Hill F/White   3y/17d Deerfield Diphtheria Michigan   G.R. Hill Deerfield, MI 4/30/1886
                    Phoeba Hill Deerfield, MI  
192 6/21/1885 Freddie B. Davis M/White   7y/10m/1d Deerfield Diphtheria Michigan   Eugene Davis Deerfield, MI 4/30/1886
                    Mary C. Davis Deerfield, MI  
193 6/28/1885 Mary C. Davis F/White Married 29y/9m/9d Deerfield Diphtheria Ohio   Nathan Skidmore Deerfield, MI 4/30/1886
                    Servillia Skidmore Deerfield, MI  
194 11/30/1885 Hellen I. Winters F/White Married 39y/4m/4d Deerfield Paralysis New York House wife John M. Hursh Dead 4/30/1886
                    Elizabeth Hursh Mt. Pleasant  
195 1/16/1885 Joseph Hammersmith M/White Married 35y Deerfield Injury by falling limb Ohio Farmer Unknown   4/30/1886
196 11/5/1884 John W. Baker M/White Married 58y Deerfield Consumption England Farmer Wm. J. Baker England 4/30/1886
197 6/5/1885 Not Named Pennington F/White     Deerfield Still born Michigan   John Pennington Kans. 4/30/1886
                    Mary Pennington Kans.  
198 1/23/1885 James Grisdale M/White   18y/6m Deerfield Chronic liver disease Canada Farmer Wilfred Grisdale Michigan 4/30/1886
                    Eliza Grisdale Michigan  
199 6/4/1885 Not Named Grisdale F/White     Deerfield Still born Michigan   Wilfred Grisdale Michigan 4/30/1886
                    Eliza Grisdale Michigan  
200 4/1/1885 Not Named Morrison M/White   3d Deerfield Cold on Lungs Michigan   Donald Morrison Michigan 4/30/1886
                    Mary Morrison Michigan  
201 10/28/1885 Geo. Egbert M/Indian Married 36y Deerfield Consumption Michigan   Egbert Lee Michigan 4/30/1886
                    Mary Lee Michigan  
202 9/23/1885 Not Given Mussell M/White Single   Denver Unknown Michigan   David Mussell Denver, MI 5/8/1886
                    Roxa? Mussell Denver, MI  
203 11/20/1885 Mancevey? Archer F/White Single 1y/9m/ Isabella Lung fever Isabella, MI   William Archer Isabella, MI 5/20/1886
                    Eliza Archer Isabella, MI  
204 3/10/1885 Jane? Render F/White Single 4m Isabella Spinal Fever Isabella, MI   John Render Isabella, MI 5/20/1886
                    Sarah Jane Render Isabella, MI  
205 12/27/1885 James A. Lewis M/White Single 24y Millbrook Accident by a log Bay Co., MI   N.C. Lewis Isabella, MI 5/20/1886
                    Edith? Lewis Isabella, MI  
206 1/14/1885 Edward N. Henry M/Indian   1y/11m/1d Isabella Typhoid Fever Canada   William Henry Isabella, MI 5/20/1886
                    Mary Ann Henry Isabella, MI  
207 6/15/1885 Sarah? Ashqueble M/Indian   50y Isabella Unknown Isabella, MI   Unknown Isabella, MI 5/20/1886
208 3/7/1885 Rachael Kennedy F/White   3d Isabella   Isabella, MI   Not given   5/20/1886
209 5/31/1885 Frank B. Calkins M/White   4y Isabella Spinal Fever Isabella, MI   Burton E. Calkins Isabella, MI 5/20/1886
                    Augusta A. Calkins Isabella, MI  
210 10/25/1885 Mary Morrison F/White Married 42y/2m Canada Consumption of Lungs Scotland   Donald Morrison Isabella, MI 5/20/1886
                    Mary Morrison Isabella, MI  
211 12/29/1885 Clare E. Monroe F/White Single 19y/1m/22d Isabella Spinal Fever Otoway? Co, MI   J.A. Monroe Isabella, MI 5/20/1886
                    Jane Monroe Isabella, MI  
212 10/17/1885 Mary Roy F/White Single 36y/7m/17d Isabella Rheumatism & Dropsey Erie Co., NY   Francis Roy Isabella, MI 5/20/1886
                    Catherine Roy Isabella, MI  
213 4/22/1885 Harvey S. Owens M/White Single Unknown Clare Co., MI Killed by logs Canada Farmer Sylvester W. Owens Vernon, MI 5/15/1886
                    Elizabeth Owens Vernon, MI  
214 9/10/1885 Morden M/White   7m/1d Vernon Twp. Meningitis of Brain Canada Farmer Westley Morden Vernon, MI 5/15/1886
215 3/8/1885 George Moore? M/White Single 35y Chippewa Siphilis Mass. Doctor Unknown   5/15/1886
216 8/3/1885 Alexander Holde----th? M/White Single 30y Chippewa Consumption Canada Farmer Unknown   5/15/1886
217 9/12/1885 Charles Steele M/White Single 57y Chippewa Consumption Switzerland Farmer Unknown   5/15/1886
218 6/14/1885 Beatrice E. Packard F/White Single 9y/10m/12d Chippewa Spinal Fever Canada   J.W. Packard Chippewa 5/15/1886
                    Sarah E. Packard Chippewa  
219 8/20/1885 Rosannah Gilmore? F/White Married 44y/3m/20d Chippewa Consumption Ohio Housekeeper Adam Reaser? Wayne Co., OH 5/15/1886
                    Elizabeth Reaser? Wayne Co., OH  
220 4/21/1885 John O. Bowns M/White Single 7y/6m/9d Chippewa Diphtheria Michigan   John Bowns Chippewa 5/15/1886
                    Jane Bowns Chippewa  
221 4/25/1885 Samuel C. Bowns M/White Single 4y/6m/0d Chippewa Diphtheria Michigan   John Bowns Chippewa 5/15/1886
                    Jane Bowns Chippewa  
222 4/29/1885 Jane Bowns F/White Single 8y/3m/2d Chippewa Diphtheria Michigan   John Bowns Chippewa 5/15/1886
                    Jane Bowns Chippewa  
223 5/2/1885 Etta B. Bowns F/White Single 11y/4m/0d Chippewa Diphtheria Michigan   John Bowns Chippewa 5/15/1886
                    Jane Bowns Chippewa  
224 5/7/1885 Bella Bowns F/White Single 3y/1m/8d Chippewa Diphtheria Michigan   John Bowns Chippewa 5/15/1886
                    Jane Bowns Chippewa  
225 5/8/1885 Minnie F. Bowns F/White Single 13y/2m/1d Chippewa Diphtheria Michigan   John Bowns Chippewa 5/15/1886
                    Jane Bowns Chippewa  
226 12/19/1885 James J. Bennett M/White Married 64y/11m/23d Mt. Pleasant Consumption New York Farmer James Bennett New York 5/15/1886
                    Hannah Bennett New York  
227 8/20/1885 Mary Adams F/White Single 1d Sherman Unknown Michigan   Edward D. Adams Sherman 5/15/1886
                    Rostta? A. Adams Sherman  
228 10/15/1885 Anna Guthery F/White   2y/11m?/27d Rolland Diphtheria Michigan   Samuel Guthery Rolland 5/15/1886
                    Eliza Guthery Rolland  
229 10/25/1885 Minnie Guthery F/White   1y/6m Rolland Diphtheria Michigan   Samuel Guthery Rolland 5/15/1886
                    Eliza Guthery Rolland  
230 11/5/1885 Ross Spencer M/White   7y/0m/5d Rolland Diphtheria Michigan   S.J. Spencer Rolland 5/15/1886
                    Flora Spencer Rolland  
231 6/15/1885 Sophy Freidal F/White   11y/2m/0d Rolland Diphtheria Michigan   Jacob Freidal Rolland 5/15/1886
                    Philipien? Freidal Rolland  
232 7/26/1885 John Freidal M/White   11m/0d Rolland Diphtheria Michigan   Jacob Freidal Rolland 5/15/1886
                    Philipien? Freidal Rolland  
233 11/3/1885 Earny Burkholder M/White   9m/27d Rolland Diphtheria Michigan   William Burkholder Rolland 5/15/1886
                    Basberz? Burkholder Rolland  
234 9/30/1885 Jay Guy M/Mullatto   10y/3m/11d Rolland Diphtheria Michigan   Thos. D. Guy Rolland 5/15/1886
                    L.B. Guy Rolland  
235 10/3/1885 Esty Guy F/Mullatto   6y/5m Rolland Diphtheria Michigan   Thos. D. Guy Rolland 5/15/1886
                    L.B. Guy Rolland  
236 10/4/1885 Ira Anspaugh M/White   8y/2m/6d Rolland Diphtheria Michigan   David Anspaugh Rolland 5/15/1886
                    Ella Anspaugh Rolland  
237 7/31/1885 De Forest Courser M/White   11y/3m/5d Rolland Diphtheria Michigan   Ephram Courser Rolland 5/15/1886
                    Martha Courser Rolland  
238 1/20/1885 Looly M/White   3d Rolland Unknown Michigan   James Looly Rolland 5/15/1886
239 4/10/1885 Spencer M/White     Rolland Still born Michigan   Loren Spencer Rolland 5/15/1886
240 1/24/1885 William Todd M/White Married 23y/8m/20d Fremont Consumption Ohio Farmer James Todd Deceased 5/27/1886
                    Jane Todd Deceased  
241 7/28/1885 Minnie B. Hess F/White Single 2y/4m/9d Fremont Diphtheria Michigan   Caleb Hess Fremont 5/27/1886
                    Mary J. Hess Fremont  
242 8/1/1885 Nora J. Layman F/White Single 1y/6m/4d Fremont Inflamation of Bowels Michigan   George Layman Fremont 5/27/1886
                    Eliza M. Layman Fremont  
243 1/19/1885 Charlotte Harris F/White Single 16y/8m/6d Fremont Consumption Ohio House help Ambrose Harris Fremont 5/27/1886
                    Susan Harris Deceased  
244 7/17/1885 Lillian A. Grant F/White Single 10y Fremont Diphtheria Michigan School girl Thomas J. Grant Blanchard, MI 5/27/1886
                    C-----? Grant Blanchard, MI  
245 7/17/1885 Mayard? Richardson M/White Single 12y/5d Fremont Diphtheria Michigan School boy Carl G. Richardson Fremont 5/27/1886
                    Caroline Richardson Fremont  
246 8/16/1885 Burty Richardson M/White Single 8y/2m/28d Fremont Diphtheria Michigan School boy Asa Richardson Kansas 5/27/1886
                    Almeda Richardson Kansas  
247 10/16/1885 Not Named M/White Single   Fremont Still born Michigan   William Draper Fremont 5/27/1886
                    Kate Draper Fremont  
248 11/6/1885 Emma B. Richardson F/White Single 20y/20d Fremont Diphtheria Ohio House help Seth G. Richardson Fremont 5/27/1886
                    Mary E. Richardson Fremont  
249 11/21/1885 George H. Richardson M/White Single 17y/3m/18d Fremont Diphtheria Michigan Farmer Seth G. Richardson Fremont 5/27/1886
                    Mary E. Richardson Fremont  
250 6/21/1885 Jennie Sullivan F/White Single 9y/8m/3d Fremont Diphtheria Ohio School girl Amos Sullivan Fremont 5/27/1886
                    Mary Sullivan Fremont  
251 7/13/1885 Charles E. Garner M/White Single 2d Fremont Unknown Michigan   James Garner Fremont 5/27/1886
                    Alwilda? Garner Fremont  
252 6/3/1885 John Delo M/White Married 68y/6m/4d Fremont Dropsy Germany Farmer Unknown Deceased 5/27/1886
                    Unknown Deceased  
253 8/8/1885 John Shrader M/White Single 13y/10m/9d Fremont Diphtheria Michigan School boy Lewis Shrader Fremont 5/27/1886
                    Catherine Shrader Fremont  
254 3/14/1885 Jerome? Bacholder M/White Married 56y/8m/14d Fremont Consumption New York Farmer Aaron Bacholder Deceased 5/27/1886
                    Rhoda Bacholder Deceased  
255 6/2/1885 Katie Krieghbaum F/White Single 24y/3d Fremont Consumption Indiana House help George Krighbaum Fremont 5/27/1886
256 4/8/1885 John H. Sampsel M/White Single 2y/9m/11d Fremont Croup Michigan   John Sampsel Fremont 5/27/1886
                    Lida E. Sampsel Fremont  
257 12/16/1885 Flora A. Flock F/White Single 13y/6m/8d Fremont Quick Consumption Michigan School girl William Flock Fremont 5/27/1886
                    Bersheba Flock Fremont  
258 11/6/1885 George Ellis M/White Single 9y/6m/15d Fremont Diphtheria Michigan   Andrew Ellis Fremont 5/27/1886
                    Josephine Ellis Fremont  
259 12/21/1885 Charley Ellis M/White Single 6y/5m/14d Fremont Diphtheria Michigan   Andrew Ellis Fremont 5/27/1886
                    Josephine Ellis Fremont  
260 1/30/1885 Alice Allan F/White Widow 47y/16d Fremont Inflamation of Bowels Ireland Housekeeper Unknown Unknown 5/27/1886
                    Unknown Unknown  
261 9/26/1885 Ethel? F. McLane F/White Single 3m/13d Fremont Diphtheria Michigan   Harry H. McLane Fremont 5/27/1886
                    Ida F. McLane Fremont  
262 4/11/1885 Nancy Pease F/White Widow 72y/8m/28d Fremont Unknown New York Housekeeper Unknown Unknown 5/27/1886
                    Unknown Unknown  
263 4/18/1885 Robert R. Johnson M/White Single 2m Fremont Unknown Michigan   Dewitt S. Johnson Fremont 5/27/1886
                    Almeda? M. Johnson Fremont  
264 10/2/1885 Hiram Sawyer M/White Married 47y Fremont Neuralgia of Hart Ohio Farmer Unknown Deceased 5/27/1886
                    Unknown Deceased  
265 7/14/1885 Mary Haney F/White Married 26y/9m/14d Union Inflamation of Bowels Ohio Farmer Gobe Zimmerman Ohio 5/29/1886
                    Lucretia Zimmerman Ohio  
266 7/22/1885 Albert A. Preston? M/White Married 57y/11m/6d Union Unknown Vermont Farmer Wm. Preston? Vermont 5/29/1886
                    Mary Preston? Vermont  
267 2/2/1885 Claudie Lemmingon? M/White Single 2y/2m Lincoln Spinal Fever Michigan   Henry Lemmingon?   5/29/1886
                    Jane Lemmingon?    
268 9/15/1885 Effie May Woodin F/White Single 16y/9m/15d Ronald Typhoid Pneumonia Michigan   Amos E. Woodin Lincoln 5/29/1886
                    Menty? Woodin Lincoln  
269 10/4/1885 Ambrose Burr M/White Widower 80y Lincoln Old age Conn. Farmer Murry Burr   5/29/1886
                    Sarah Burr    
270 9/7/1885 Louie Kellogg M/White Single 8m/23d Lincoln Poison Lincoln   Sheverick? Kellogg Lincoln 5/29/1886
                    Nettie Kellogg Lincoln  
271 9/14/1885 Lena Kellogg F/White Single 9m/0d Lincoln Poison Lincoln   Sheverick? Kellogg Lincoln 5/29/1886
                    Nettie Kellogg Lincoln  
272 4/23/1885 Elva Caszatt F/White Single 74y/9m/19d Lincoln Dropsy Ohio Weaver Francis Caszett Ohio 5/29/1886
                    Deborah Caszett Ohio  
273 1/8/1885 Not Named M/White Single   Lincoln Still born Lincoln   William Bush New York 5/29/1886
                    Flora Bush New York  
274 9/29/1885 Permela? Parsons F/White Married 65y/5m/22d Coe Paralysis New York H wife Nicaner? Munson Not Given 5/29/1886
                    Louisa Munson Not Given  
275 3/18/1885 Catherine M. Oring? F/White Married 73y/9m/11d Coe Dropsy Pa. H wife John Hopper   5/29/1886
                    Elizabeth Hopper    
276 3/1/1885 Jennie Melville F/White Married 28y/8m Coe Consumption Michigan H wife Joseph Myres Coe, MI 5/29/1886
                    Margaret Myres Coe, MI  
277 7/9/1885 Billings Carter M/White Married 72y/11m/24d Coe Paralysis New York Farmer Billings Carter   5/29/1886
                    Johanna Carter    
278 12/3/1885 Frank M. Williams M/White Married 33y/5m/15d Coe Paralysis New York Farmer William R. Williams Coe, MI 5/29/1886
                    Betsy Williams Coe, MI  
279 4/23/1885 John G. Merritt M/White Married 57y/4m/3d Coe Hemorage of Stomach New York Invalid Carpenter Merritt Not Given 5/29/1886
                    Sarah J. Merritt Not Given  
280 5/1/1885 Mary Kennedy F/White Married 57y/11m/15d Coe Cancer Ohio H wife Stephen West Not Given 5/29/1886
                    Rebecca West Not Given  
281 2/23/1885 Lillie B. Moore F/White Single 7y/3m/4d Coe Catarrhal fever Michigan   James W. Moore Coe, MI 5/29/1886
                    Elizabeth Moore Coe, MI  
282 12/14/1885 Solomen Doran M/White Married 65y/5m/27d Coe Paralysis of Heart Virginia Farmer John Doran Not Given 5/29/1886
                    Mary Doran Not Given  
283 7/8/1885 Hortence Barns F/White Married 38y/9m/24d Clinton Co.? Diabetes Ill. H wife Joseph Hickox Henry Co., Ill 5/29/1886
                    Betsy Hickox Henry Co., Ill  
284 12/30/1885 Simeon? S. Smith M/White Married 45y/1m/22d Ann Arbor Paralysis & Blood Poison Pa. Merchant Alexander Smith Parkersburg, W.Va. 5/29/1886
                    Susanna Smith Parkersburg, W.Va.  
285 9/25/1885 James G. Forward M/White   1m/29d Wise Congestion of Lungs Michigan   W.A. Forward Wise Twp. 6/1/1886
                    Dorra Forward Wise Twp.  
286 10/21/1885 Dorra Forward F/White Married 36y/4d Wise Congestion of Lungs Ont. House wife James Garrison? Ont. 6/1/1886
                    Christine Garrison? Ont.  
287 5/10/1885 Ethel M. Butler F/White Babe 7d Wise Unknown Michigan   Chas. Butler Wise, MI 6/1/1886
                    Mary Butler Wise, MI  
288 8/7/1885 Louisa Tubbs? F/White Married 44y/4m Wise Not given Genesee Co., MI House wife James Vanwalkenburg? Fenton, MI 6/1/1886
                    Lucy Vanwalkenburg? Fenton, MI  
289 12/15/1885 Rachael L. Conley F/White Married 19y Coldwater Consumption Michigan Farmer John Lowrey Michigan 6/1/1886
                    Sarah Lowrey Michigan  
290 9/8/1885 Edwin R. Hopkins M/White Married 35y/4m/21d Gilmore Heart Disease New York Farmer L. Hopkins Michigan 6/14/1886
                    B. Hopkins Michigan  
291 5/14/1885 Edward P. Newvell M/White Married 39y Gilmore Consumption New York Farmer Abraham Newvell New York 6/14/1886
                    Rebecca Newvell New York  
292 9/4/1885 John L. Myers M/White Married 81y Broomfield Old age   Farmer Not given Not Given 6/14/1886
                    Not given Not Given  
293 2/10/1885 Campbell F/White Single 10d Millbrook       George Campbell Broomfield 6/14/1886
                    Etta Campbell Broomfield  
294 3/18/1885 Lett F/Mullatto Single       Broomfield   Joseph Lett Broomfield 6/14/1886
                    Elizabeth Lett Broomfield  
295 7/30/1885 Louisa Hummell? F/White Single 2m/6d Broomfield Fits Broomfield   William Hummell? Broomfield 6/14/1886
                    Minnie Hummell? Broomfield  
296 9/12/1885 Clarence L. Ford M/White Single 8y/6m Broomfield Diphtheria Broomfield   Peter Ford Mt. Pleasant 6/14/1886
                    Laura Ford Mt. Pleasant  
297 9/12/1885 Marion A. Ford M/White Single 5y/1m Broomfield Diphtheria Broomfield   Peter Ford Mt. Pleasant 6/14/1886
                    Laura Ford Mt. Pleasant  
298 10/13/1886 Herbert D. Smith M/White Single 11y/5m/28d Broomfield Diphtheria Union, MI   David Foutch Not Given 6/14/1886
                    Allace Foutch Not Given  
299 12/28/1885 James Lewis M/White Single 24y Broomfield Log rolled on him Not given Farmer & Lumberman Not given Isabella Twp. 6/14/1886
                    Not given    
300 9/19/1885 Thomas Edward McCue M/White   1y/1m/4d Mt. Pleasant Diphtheria Mt. Pleasant   John McCue Mt. Pleasant 6/14/1886
                    Catherine McCue Mt. Pleasant  
301 6/13/1885 George E. Hicks M/White   13y/2m/22d Mt. Pleasant Drowned Ramone?, MI   George A. Hicks Mt. Pleasant 6/14/1886
                    Ellen A. Hicks Mt. Pleasant  
302 4/14/1885 Rama Maloney F/White   2y Mt. Pleasant Spinal Fever Mt. Pleasant   Edward Maloney Mt. Pleasant 6/14/1886
                    Ella Maloney Mt. Pleasant  
303 2/12/1885 Nellie M. Heckthorn? F/White   10m/12d Union Twp. Inflamation of Lungs Union Twp.   Charles Heckthorn? Mt. Pleasant 6/14/1886
                    Mary Heckthorn? Mt. Pleasant  
304 9/10/1885 Robert Hall M/White   6y/7d Mt. Pleasant Diphtheria Mt. Pleasant   Alexander Hall Mt. Pleasant 6/14/1886
                    Jane A. Hall Mt. Pleasant  
305 9/2/1885 Ralph L. Walldorff M/White   5y/11m/29d Mt. Pleasant Diphtheria Nebraska   Charles E. Walldorff Mt. Pleasant 6/14/1886
                    Not given Not Given  
306 9/21/1885 Emma G. Brooks F/White   13y/5m/18d Mt. Pleasant Diphtheria Kent Co., MI   Arthur B. Brooks Mt. Pleasant 6/14/1886
                    Hannah Brooks Mt. Pleasant  
307 5/15/1885 Ella Hawkins F/White   12y/6m/15d Mt. Pleasant Diphtheria Ingham Co., MI   Luther Hawkins Mt. Pleasant 6/14/1886
                    Louise? Hawkins Mt. Pleasant  
308 5/4/1885 Mary A. Conelly F/White   74y/3m Mt. Pleasant Palpitations of Heart Ireland House tender Michael Conelly Mt. Pleasant 6/14/1886
                    Mary K. Conelly Mt. Pleasant  
309 10/11/1885 Bridget Casey F/White   20y Mt. Pleasant Diphtheria Canada Servant girl William Casey Mt. Pleasant 6/14/1886
                    Maggie Casey Mt. Pleasant  
310 9/20/1885 Thomas James McCarty M/White   3y/4m/6d Mt. Pleasant Diphtheria Michigan   Dennis McCarty Mt. Pleasant 6/14/1886
                    Julia McCarty Mt. Pleasant  
311 9/20/1885 Mary E. Lynn? F/White Married 23y/9m/16d Mt. Pleasant Child birth Canada House wife Sammie Danson Mt. Pleasant 6/14/1886
                    Isabelle Danson Mt. Pleasant  
312 9/20/1885 Not Named F/White     Mt. Pleasant Still born Mt. Pleasant   Albert Lynn Mt. Pleasant 6/14/1886
                    Mary E. Lynn Mt. Pleasant  
313 11/27/1885 Myrtle Kane F/White   1y/9m/17d Mt. Pleasant Spinal meningitis Mt. Pleasant   Thomas Kane Mt. Pleasant 6/14/1886
                    Ella Kane Mt. Pleasant  
314 10/1/1885 William L. Granger M/White   99y/6m/26d Mt. Pleasant Old age Troy, NY Farmer Unknown Troy, NY 6/14/1886
315 11/30/1885 Arrilla J. Dinston? F/White   53y Mt. Pleasant Consumption New York Not given   Middlesex, NY 6/14/1886
316 5/3/1885 Mary E. Patridge F/White Married 28y/5m/15d Mt. Pleasant Child birth New York   Albert T. Parkhill Avoca, NY 6/14/1886
                    Elizabeth Parkhill Avoca, NY  
317 4/6/1885 John Manchester M/White   90y/5m/25d Mt. Pleasant Kidney disease? New York Farmer Unknown Vermont 6/14/1886
                    Unknown Vermont  
318 9/17/1885 Lena E. Strong F/White Single 5y/11m/10d Mt. Pleasant Diphtheria Mt. Pleasant   Otis W. Strong Mt. Pleasant 6/14/1886
                    Emma Strong Mt. Pleasant  
319 9/18/1885 Gracil? E. Strong F/White Single 3y/5m/2d Mt. Pleasant Diphtheria Mt. Pleasant   Otis W. Strong Mt. Pleasant 6/14/1886
                    Emma Strong Mt. Pleasant  
320 6/30/1885 Frederick Kuntzelman? M/White Married 53y/4m/26d Mt. Pleasant Consumption Germany Laborer Jacob Kuntzelman? Germany 6/14/1886
                    Unknown Germany  
321 10/20/1885 John Dunivan M/White Single 6m Mt. Pleasant Spinal Fever Mt. Pleasant   Patrick Dunovan Mt. Pleasant 6/14/1886
                    Mary Ann Dunovan Mt. Pleasant  
322 5/15/1885 Myron Nott M/White Single 29y/21d Mt. Pleasant Drowning? New York Druggist Luke Nott Mt. Pleasant 6/14/1886
                    Annie Nott Mt. Pleasant  
323 2/2/1885 Felia Fitzgerald F/White Married Unknown Mt. Pleasant Miss carriage New York House wife Chaney Peck New York 6/14/1886
                    Amantha Peck New York  
324 7/20/1885 Un named Infant F/White Single 2d Union Twp. Unknown Union Twp.   Marvin B. Dinard? Union Twp. 6/14/1886
325 4/1/1885 Jessie Edward Bay M/White   1y/10m/22d Union Twp. Croup Union Twp.   Edward Bay Union Twp. 6/14/1886
                    Martha Bay Union Twp.  
326 Jan. 1885 Eles Yahha M/Indian   2m/10d Union Twp. Consumption Union Twp.   Henry Yahha Union Twp. 6/14/1886
                    Nancy Yahha Union Twp.  
327 9/5/1885 John Alfred Nebus M/White Single 8y/18d Union Twp. Diphtheria Union Twp.   John H. Nebus Union Twp. 6/14/1886
                    Marian Nebus Union Twp.  
328 11/4/1885 Mary Ellen Turney F/White   6y/7m/3d Union Twp. Diphtheria Michigan   John Turney Union Twp. 6/14/1886
                    Jane Turney Union Twp.  
329 11/9/1885 Hughie? Turney M/White   4y/6m/1d Union Twp. Diphtheria Canada   John Turney Union Twp. 6/14/1886
                    Jane Turney Union Twp.  
330 6/4/1885 James L. Kane M/White   4y/8m/29d Union Twp. Unknown Union Twp.   Michael Kane Union Twp. 6/14/1886
                    Maggie Kane Union Twp.  
331 12/10/1885 Polly Anne Lynch F/White Married 71y?/2m/24d Mt. Pleasant Dropsy New York   Cornelius Nickerboch Michigan 6/14/1886
                    Betsy Nickerboch Michigan  
332 2/5/1885 Debora Bartlett F/White Widow 67y/8m/3d Mt. Pleasant Consumption England House wife William Dord Michigan 6/14/1886
                    Elizabeth Dord Michigan  
333 8/24/1885 Ellen Cary F/White Married 31y/5m/24d Union Child birth Canada House wife Patrick Cary Michigan 6/14/1886
                    Mary Cary Michigan  
334 1/25/1885 Hannah Audlin F/White   7y/6m Union Diphtheria Union   Edward Audlin Union Twp. 6/14/1886
                    Eliza Audlin Union Twp.  
335 4/19/1885 Charles Sterling M/White Married 50y Union Pluralasis Scotland Farmer James Sterling Michigan 6/14/1886
                    Hellen Sterling Michigan  
336 8/11/1885 Cleon Piper M/White   3d Clare ------? comp. Harbor Springs, M   George Piper Union Twp. 6/14/1886
337 5/16/1885 Harmonia? Curtis F/White   6m/4d Union Twp. Unknown Union Twp.   C.O. Curtis Union Twp. 6/14/1886
                    Hattie Curtis Union Twp.  
338 8/8/1885 Not Given M/White   10y/6m/18d Mt. Pleasant Diphtheria Mt. Pleasant   Albert A. Loveland Mt. Pleasant 6/14/1886

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