Isabella County Deaths For 1881

ISABELLA COUNTY DEATHS - 1881                        
No. Date of Death Deceased Name Sex/Color Marital Status Age Yr/Mon/Day Place of Death Cause of Death Birth Place Occupation if >30yrs age Parents Names Residence Date Recorded
878 3/20/1881 Fredrick W. Bergey M/White Single 9m Loomis Measles & Inflamation of Lungs Loomis, MI   Ethelbert Bergey Loomis 5/17/1882
                    Elizabeth Bergey    
879 12/29/1881 Not Named M/White Single 12m Loomis Cold Loomis, MI   Geo. Vanderlinder Loomis 5/17/1882
                    Jane Vanderlinder    
880 11/2/1881 Vellie V. Ketchler F/White Single 3y/7m/21d Denver Diphtheria Michigan   George Ketchler Denver, MI 5/17/1882
                    Ennis? Ketchler Denver, MI  
881 10/14/1881 Wm. R. Johnson M/White Single 2m Denver Unknown Michigan   John Johnson Denver, MI 5/17/1882
                    Betsy Johnson Denver, MI  
882 8/16/1881 Mary M. Mogg F/White Single 11m/17d Denver Congestion of the Brain Michigan   William Mogg Denver, MI 5/17/1882
                    Adeline Mogg Denver, MI  
883 11/23/1881 Esther E. Richmond F/White Single 8m/29d Chippewa Lung Fever Michigan   John D. Richmond Chippewa Twp., MI 5/17/1882
                    Eliza J. Richmond Chippewa Twp., MI  
884 4/10/1881 Phillip Servoss M/White Married 63y/2m/16d Chippewa Complication of Diseases New York Farmer Daniel Servoss New York 5/17/1882
                    Dora Servoss New York  
885 10/23/1881 Not Named M/White Single 19d Chippewa Not Known Michigan   Lewis Lyons Michigan 5/17/1882
                    Fannie Lyons Michigan  
886 10/23/1881 Henry Oathout M/White Single 23y/10m/9d Chippewa Consumption New York Laborer Edwin Oathout Michigan 5/17/1882
                    Cordelia Oathout Michigan  
887 10/14/1881 Gertie King F/White Single 10d Chippewa Spinal disease Michigan   James N. King Michigan 5/17/1882
                    Alice N. King Michigan  
888 9/25/1881 Sarah N. Kingsbury? F/White Single 22y Chippewa Insanity Ohio Pariper? Not Known Ohio 5/17/1882
                    Not Known Ohio  
889 11/15/1881 Marget Parrish F/White Married 25y/5m/13d Chippewa Consumption Ohio Housekeeper James Keife Michigan 5/17/1882
                    Marget Keife Michigan  
890 10/18/1881 Louisa A. Miles F/White Married 36y Chippewa Consumption Michigan Housekeeper Jacob Middaugh Michigan 5/17/1882
                    Eliza Middaugh Michigan  
891 3/29/1881 Charley Bailey M/White Single 13y/5m/1d Gratiot Co., MI Brain Fever Michigan Attending Nelson Bailey Fremont, MI 5/19/1882
                  school Elizabeth Bailey Fremont, MI  
892 12/23/1881 Claud L. Dush M/White Single 2y/2m/9d Fremont Spinal fever Michigan   Elza Dush Fremont, MI 5/19/1882
                    Lucinda Dush Fremont, MI  
893 7/7/1881 Minnie Dunn F/White Single 1y/10m/24d Fremont Spinal fever Michigan   David A. Dunn Fremont, MI 5/19/1882
                    Ester Dunn Fremont, MI  
894 7/12/1881 Lovina Hiss? F/White Married 26y/3m/1d Fremont Dropsey of heart New York House wife Sylvester Taylor Fremont, MI 5/19/1882
                    Ester Taylor Fremont, MI  
895 2/16/1881 Andrew Gearhart M/White Married about 50y Fremont Boiler explosion Ohio Carpenter Not Known   5/19/1882
896 11/24/1881 Elizabeth Gearhart F/White Widow about 42y Fremont Consumption of Lungs Ohio House wife Not Known   5/19/1882
897 2/9/1881 Morrilla W. Stanley F/White Married 35y/9m Fremont Child birth Ohio House wife Not Known   5/19/1882
898 3/25/1881 Thomas L. Stanley M/White Single 1m/14d Fremont Lung fever Michigan   Richard Stanley Fremont, MI 5/19/1882
                    Morilla Stanley Deceased  
899 11/15/1881 Mary E. Vannatta F/White Married 41y/3m/12d Fremont Consumption of Lungs Michigan House wife Not Known Deceased 5/19/1882
900 9/13/1881 Josephine Kemers? F/White Single 2m/22d Fremont Inflamation of Brain Michigan   Elizabeth Kremers? Fremont, MI 5/19/1882
                    Georgge J. Kremers? Fremont, MI  
901 8/7/1881 Nelly M. Dush F/White Single 1m/28d Fremont Tonsillitis Michigan   William W. Dush Fremont, MI 5/19/1882
                    Charity M. Dush Fremont, MI  
902 4/19/1881 Elbert E. Sawyer M/White Single 19y/1m/7d Fremont Consumption Ohio Farm hand Hiram Sawyer Fremont, MI 5/19/1882
                    Hitt---? Sawyer Fremont, MI  
903 8/8/1881 Robert J. Manwell M/White Single 4m/11d Fremont Dropsey of brain Michigan   James Manwell Fremont, MI 5/19/1882
                    Annie Manwell Fremont, MI  
904 5/28/1881 Herman Priest M/White Single 8m/14d Rolland Measles Michigan   Job Priest Fremont, MI 5/19/1882
                    Lovinia Priest Fremont, MI  
905 5/28/1881 Not Named M/White Single   Lincoln Stillborn Michigan   John Wilcox Lincoln, MI 5/19/1882
                    Emily Wilcox Lincoln, MI  
906 10/7/1881 John Meyers M/White Single 16y/5m/4d Lincoln Diphtheria Ohio Farmer Charles Meyers Lincoln, MI 5/19/1882
                    Not Known    
907 3/13/1881 Jane E. Loomis F/White Single 1y/6m/6d Lincoln Consumption Michigan   David Loomis Lincoln, MI 5/19/1882
                    Laura Loomis Lincoln, MI  
908 4/4/1881 Arthur G. Loomis M/White Single 5m/2d Lincoln Lung complaint Michigan   David Loomis Lincoln, MI 5/19/1882
                    Laura Loomis Lincoln, MI  
909 9/19/1881 Not Named M/White Single 1m/5d Lincoln Not given Michigan   Jacob Krety Lincoln, MI 5/19/1882
                    Hellen Krety Lincoln, MI  
910 12/9/1881 Not Named Onstett M/White Single 4d Lincoln Not given Michigan   John Onstett Lincoln, MI 5/19/1882
                    Francis Onstett Lincoln, MI  
911 6/16/1881 Marie Holland? F/White Married 56y/6d Lincoln Liver complaint Ohio House wife Not given Coomer Lincoln, MI 5/19/1882
                    Elizabeth Coomer Lincoln, MI  
912 4/21/1881 Rena Bell Reynold F/White Single 6y/6m Lincoln Brain Fever Michigan   John L. Reynold Lincoln, MI 5/19/1882
                    Wenfert Reynold Lincoln, MI  
913 2/14/1881 George Beebe M/White Single 11y/2m Lincoln Consumption Michigan Farmer Henrie Beebe Lincoln, MI 5/19/1882
                    Martha Beebe Lincoln, MI  
914 2/26/1881 Lottie Bell Post F/White Single 4d Lincoln Liver complaint Michigan   Alice A. Post Lincoln, MI 5/19/1882
                    Myron Post Lincoln, MI  
915 3/27/1881 Charles H. Westlake M/White Single 4y Mt. Pleasant, MI Diphtheria Michigan   C.E. Westlake Union 5/19/1882
                    Joan Westlake Dead  
916 11/14/1881 Infant Wood M/White Single   Mt. Pleasant, MI Unknown Michigan   E.S. Wood Union, MI 5/19/1882
                    Jennie L. Wood Union, MI  
917 7/14/1881 Elizabeth McCue? F/White Single 5y Mt. Pleasant, MI Diphtheria Canada   John McCue? Union, MI 5/19/1882
                    Catherine McCue? Union, MI  
918 9/26/1881 Anna Gardner F/White Single 6y Mt. Pleasant, MI Diphtheria Michigan   Peter Gardner Mt. Pleasant, MI 5/19/1882
                    Ricka Gardner Mt. Pleasant, MI  
919 9/28/1881 Willie Gardner M/White Single 8y Mt. Pleasant, MI Diphtheria Michigan   Peter Gardner Mt. Pleasant, MI 5/19/1882
                    Ricka Gardner Mt. Pleasant, MI  
920 8/4/1881 Bessie Barns F/White Single 6y Mt. Pleasant, MI Diphtheria Michigan   Emory Barnes Mt. Pleasant, MI 5/19/1882
                    Sarah S. Barnes Mt. Pleasant, MI  
921 4/1/1881 Not Named Dilloway F/White Single   Detroit, MI Unknown Detroit, MI   George Dilloway Mt. Pleasant, MI 5/19/1882
                    Sarah Dilloway Mt. Pleasant, MI  
922 11/10/1881 William Proctor M/White Married 78y/4m/13d Mt. Pleasant, MI Heart disease Vermont Farmer Robert G. Proctor Deceased 5/19/1882
                    Hannah Proctor Deceased  
923 11/17/1881 Walter Cromwell M/White Single 3y Mt. Pleasant, MI Diphtheria Michigan   Milton Cromwell Mt. Pleasant, MI 5/19/1882
                    Mary E. Cromwell Mt. Pleasant, MI  
924 7/9/1881 James T. Vanhorn M/White Single 1y/9m/10d Union, MI Brain Fever Michigan   John H. Vanhorn Mt. Pleasant, MI 5/19/1882
                    Sarah J. Vanhorn Mt. Pleasant, MI  
925 10/18/1881 Jessie L. Murray F/White Single 6y/11m Mt. Pleasant, MI Diphtheria Michigan   Wm. Murray Mt. Pleasant, MI 5/19/1882
                    Eliza J. Murray Mt. Pleasant, MI  
926 3/15/1881 Estella McDonald F/White Single 4m/15d Union, MI Inflamation of Lungs Michigan   George McDonald Mt. Pleasant, MI 5/19/1882
                    Catherine McDonald Mt. Pleasant, MI  
927 9/20/1881 Charlie E. Carpenter M/White Single 10y/20d Union, MI Diphtheria Michigan Brick maker Wm. H. Carpenter Union, MI 5/19/1882
                    Louisa Carpenter Union, MI  
928 3/14/1881 Elnora Koble F/White Married 27y Union, MI Consumption Indiana House wife --------- Dougherty Deceased 5/19/1882
                    --------- Dougherty Deceased  
929 8/27/1881 Mateland W. Stickles M/White Single 1y/4m Union, MI Inflamation of Bowels Michigan   John A. Stickles Union, MI 5/19/1882
                    Mary J. Stickles Union, MI  
930 8/23/1881 Fredie? Watson M/White Single 5m Union, MI Cholera infantum Michigan   Ira Watson Union, MI 5/19/1882
                    Hellen Watson Union, MI  
931 9/4/1881 Mary Brower F/White Married 27y? Union, MI Consumption Canada House wife --------- Evans Deceased 5/19/1882
                    --------- Evans Union, MI  
932 Aug. 1881 Nellie A. Curtis F/White Single 1y/2m Union, MI Convulsions Michigan   C.O. Curtis Union, MI 5/19/1882
                    Harriet C. Curtis Union, MI  
933 Sept. 1881 Joshua Ma-ga-su M/Indian Married 50y Union, MI Consumption Michigan Farmer Unknown Unknown 5/19/1882
                    Unknown Unknown  
934 4/18/1881 Benjamin Derr M/White Married 33y/4m/6d Mt. Pleasant, MI Chronic pneumonia Ohio ----? sheriff Joseph Derr St. Clair, MI 5/19/1882
                    Rachel M. Derr St. Clair, MI  
935 9/29/1881 Arthur E. Bush M/White Single 8m/29d Mt. Pleasant, MI Dysentery Michigan   Peter Bush Mt. Pleasant, MI 5/19/1882
                    Catherine Bush Mt. Pleasant, MI  
936 7/27/1881 Alex McDonald M/White Married 87y Mt. Pleasant, MI Old Age Canada Farmer Angus McDonald Deceased 5/19/1882
                    Catherine McDonald Deceased  
937 8/1/1881 Margary McDonald F/White Widow 75y Mt. Pleasant, MI Old Age Canada House wife John Kennedy Deceased 5/19/1882
                    Annie Kennedy Deceased  
938 9/25/1881 John Tobin M/White Single 9y Mt. Pleasant, MI Diphtheria Canada   Patrick Tobin Mt. Pleasant, MI 5/19/1882
                    Ellen Tobin Mt. Pleasant, MI  
939 Dec. 1881 Joseph Fessenden M/White Widower 78y Mt. Pleasant, MI Paralysis New Hampshire Cooper --------- Fessenden Deceased 5/19/1882
940 10/10/1881 Jessie Kuntzelman? F/White Single 5y/1m Mt. Pleasant, MI Diphtheria Michigan   Fred Kuntzelman? Mt. Pleasant, MI 5/19/1882
                    Pauline Kuntzelman? Mt. Pleasant, MI  
941 10/12/1881 Eda Kuntzelman M/White Single 1y/6m Mt. Pleasant, MI Diphtheria Michigan   Fred Kuntzelman? Mt. Pleasant, MI 5/19/1882
                    Pauline Kuntzelman? Mt. Pleasant, MI  
942 9/21/1881 James E. Lighthall M/White Single 4m/11d Mt. Pleasant, MI Chronic D-----? Michigan   Unknown Unknown 5/19/1882
                    Luydia Philips Michigan  
943 11/22/1881 Robert G. Monroe M/White Married 41y Mt. Pleasant, MI Consumption Canada Farmer Archibald Monroe Canada 5/19/1882
                    Flora Monroe Canada  
944 12/5/1881 Elizabeth Brennan F/White Widow 70y Mt. Pleasant, MI Old Age Ireland House wife Sandy Thompson Deceased 5/19/1882
                    Mary Thompson Deceased  
945 7/13/1881 Francis J. Law M/White Single 1y/2m/6d Mt. Pleasant, MI Dysentery Canada   Henry Law Mt. Pleasant, MI 5/19/1882
                    Agnes Law Mt. Pleasant, MI  
946 9/30/1881 Gertrude M. Andrus F/White Single 21d Union, MI Dysentery Michigan   Nicholas Andrus Union, MI 5/20/1882
                    Victoria Andrus Union, MI  
947 10/25/1881 Mary Jane Gilpin F/White Single 16y/5m Union, MI Typhoid fever Ohio Housekeeper Richard Gilpin Union, MI 5/20/1882
                    Ann Gilpin Union, MI  
948 4/5/1881 Martin K. Morse M/White Married 33y Union, MI Spinal meningitis? New York Farmer David Morse Chippewa, MI 5/20/1882
                    Rosamond Morse Deceased  
949 11/3/1881 Arthur Gorman M/White Single 24y Union, MI Consumption Canada Farmer David Gorman Deceased 5/20/1882
                    Sarah Gorman Michigan  
950 5/30/1881 Not Named Fisher M/White Single   Union, MI Unknown Michigan   Thomas Fisher Union, MI 5/20/1882
                    Clara E. Fisher Union, MI  
951 Feb. 1881 Susanna Fitzpatrick F/White Single 6y Union, MI Diphtheria Canada   Thomas Fitzpatrick Isabella, MI 5/20/1882
                    Susan Fitzpatrick Isabella, MI  
952 Feb. 1881 Mary Ann Fitzpatrick F/White Single 4y Union, MI Diphtheria Canada   Thomas Fitzpatrick Isabella, MI 5/20/1882
                    Susan Fitzpatrick Isabella, MI  
953 Feb. 1881 Josephine Fitzpatrick F/White Single 2y Union, MI Diphtheria Canada   Thomas Fitzpatrick Isabella, MI 5/20/1882
                    Susan Fitzpatrick Isabella, MI  
954 10/28/1881 Milton Brazu M/White Single 26y/3d Union, MI Typhoid fever Canada Tinner John Brazu Canada 5/20/1882
                    Unknown Unknown  
955 6/28/1881 Polly Jackson F/Indian Married 50y Union, MI Typhoid fever Michigan House wife Unknown Unknown 5/20/1882
                    Unknown Unknown  
956 10/9/1881 Hayes? E. Fine M/White Single 4y/6m/26d Union, MI Diphtheria Michigan   Samuel Fine Union, MI 5/20/1882
                    Sarah A. Fine Union, MI  
957 3/16/1881 Bertha Wyman F/Half breed Single 7m Union, MI Inflamation of Lungs Michigan   Erastus H. Wyman Union, MI 5/20/1882
                    June Wyman Union, MI  
958 5/4/1881 Martha Rodd F/Indian Widow 50y Union, MI Consumption Michigan House wife Nan-qua-qu-quik? Deceased 5/20/1882
959 1/2/1881 Not Named Price F/White Single   Union, MI Unknown Michigan   Dimmick Price Union, MI 5/20/1882
                    Margrett Price Union, MI  
960 Dec. 1881 Kay-she-wa--? ding M/Indian Single 7m Union, MI Inflamation of Lungs Michigan   Unknown Unknown 5/20/1882
                    Wawe-dewe-se-noquay Union, MI  
961 Nov. 1881 John Numan Myer M/White Single 16y Lincoln Diphtheria Switzerland Farmer Charles H. Myer Deceased 5/20/1882
                    Mary Ann Myer Lincoln, MI  
962 6/20/1881 Not Named Audlin M/White Single   Union, MI Unknown Union, MI   Edward Audlin Union, MI 5/20/1882
                    Eliza Audlin Union, MI  
963 7/12/1881 George Alex Davis M/White Single 12y Union, MI Congestive chill Michigan   John Davis Deceased 5/20/1882
                    Mary Ann Davis Michigan  
964 11/30/1881 William J. Little M/White Single 10m/20d Fremont Tonsillitis Michigan   Levi G. Little Deerfield, MI 5/24/1882
                    Mary J. Little Deerfield, MI  
965 3/22/1881 Hattie Wagner F/White Single 9y/2m/5d Penn. Diphtheria Pennsylvania   William Wagner Deerfield, MI 5/24/1882
                    Alzina Wagner Deerfield, MI  
966 3/24/1881 Milton Wagner M/White Single 6y/4m/10d Penn. Diphtheria Pennsylvania   William Wagner Deerfield, MI 5/24/1882
                    Alzina Wagner Deerfield, MI  
967 5/30/1881 William W. Youngs M/White Single 8y/1m/5d Union, MI Congestive chill Canada   William Youngs Deerfield, MI 5/24/1882
                    Anna Youngs Deerfield, MI  
968 10/7/1881 Not Named Youngs F/White Single 2d Deerfield Strangulation Deerfield   William Youngs Deerfield, MI 5/24/1882
                    Anna Youngs Deerfield, MI  
969 Aug. 1881 Sarah Mount F/White Single 1y Gilmore Cancer of the Gilmore   Benjamin P. Mount Gilmore, MI 5/27/1882
              Stomach     Hulda? J. Mount Gilmore, MI  
970 7/23/1881 Berty White M/White Single 1y/12d Coe Inflamation of Lungs Michigan   Corron? White Michigan 5/30/1882
                    Emily White Michigan  
971 10/3/1881 Henry O. Myers M/White Single 5m/28d Coe Inflamation of Bowels Michigan   William Myers Michigan 5/30/1882
                    Ellen Myers Michigan  
972 11/27/1881 George Moore M/White Single 4y/6m/3d Coe Spinal fever Michigan   Joseph M. Moore Michigan 5/30/1882
                    Lydia V. Moore Michigan  
973 9/7/1881 Evie Girven F/White Single 9y/2m/27d Coe Twp. Diphtheria Michigan   Andrew Girven Michigan 5/30/1882
                    Mary Girven Michigan  
974 6/29/1881 William R. Williams M/White Married 67y/9m/2d Coe Paralysis New York Farmer Unknown Unknown 5/30/1882
                    Unknown Unknown  
975 7/17/1881 Blanda J. Conley F/White Married 24y/3m/14d Coe Consumption Ohio Housekeeper Barney? Freeze Ohio 5/30/1882
                    Mary Freeze Ohio  
976 9/21/1881 Mamie C. Baughman F/White Single 15y/2m/24d Coe Typhoid fever Michigan   Sylvester R. Baughman Ohio 5/30/1882
                    Abbie J. Baughman New York  
977 7/17/1881 May Schupbach F/White Single 5y/8m/ Nottawa Typhoid fever Ohio   Fred? Schupbach Nottawa 5/30/1882
                    Sophia Schupbach Nottawa  
978 8/11/1881 Chief Nottawa M/Indian Married 99y Nottawa Old Age Michigan Farmer Unknown Unknown 5/30/1882
                    Unknown Unknown  
979 1/19/1881 Not Named Wallington F/White Single 1d Rolland Not known Michigan   Lafayette Wallington Michigan 5/31/1882
                    Martha Wallington Michigan  
980 10/6/1881 Minnie May Furney F/White Single 4m/24d Broomfield Bowel complaint Michigan   Jesse Furney Michigan 5/31/1882
                    Mary Bell Furney Michigan  
981 8/21/1881 Byron J. Gross M/White Single 1y/5m/21d Broomfield Brain Fever Michigan   John E. Gross Broomfield 5/31/1882
                    Hattie A. Gross Broomfield  
982 9/19/1881 Mary Steel F/White Married 23y Broomfield Child bed fever Ohio House wife William Sellers Ohio 5/31/1882
                    Rachel Sellers Ohio  
983 10/19/1881 Walter Leach M/White Single 2m/27d Broomfield Chills Broomfield, MI   Nelson Leach Broomfield 5/31/1882
                    Alice A. Leach Broomfield  
984 7/2/1881 Frankie Stull? M/White Single 5y/7m/21d Broomfield Spinal fever Ohio   John Stull Broomfield 5/31/1882
                    Elizabeth Stull Broomfield  
985 2/2/1881 Catherine Broomfield F/White Widow 74y/4m Broomfield Old Age Scotland House wife Archibald McLevin Deceased 5/31/1882
                    Catherine McLevin Deceased  
986 9/21/1881 Sarah E. Broomfield F/White Single 6m/10d Broomfield Brain Fever Broomfield, MI   William Broomfield Broomfield 5/31/1882
                    Elizabeth Broomfield Broomfield  
987 2/3/1881 William Battle M/White Married 47y Vernon Diabetes Canada Farmer Martin Battle Canada 5/31/1882
                    Mary Battle Canada  
988 10/20/1881 Michael Horan? M/White Married 68y Vernon Unknown Ireland Farmer Michael Horan? Ireland 5/31/1882
                    Mary Horan? Ireland  
989 2/15/1881 Rhoda J. Thayer F/White Single 10y/6m/ Mecosta Co. Diphtheria Michigan   Orlando? B. Thayer Vernon 5/31/1882
                    Mellissa Thayer Vernon  
990 3/15/1881 Maggie Alg--? F/White Married 20y Vernon Child birth New Brunswick House wife Unknown Unknown 5/31/1882
                    Unknown Unknown  
991 5/13/1881 Dwight J. Brewer? M/White Married 39y Vernon Head crushed by timber New York Farmer James Brewer? Michigan 5/31/1882
                    Lucy Brewer? Michigan  
992 8/28/1881 George Elliot M/White Single 16y/2m Vernon Run over by cars Canada Farmer George Elliot Vernon 5/31/1882
                    Catherine Elliot Vernon  
993 9/22/1881 William O'Conner M/White Single 1y/1m/11d Vernon Congestion of Brain Vernon   James O'Conner Vernon 5/31/1882
                    Amanda O'Connor Vernon  
994 Dec. 1881 Not Named Johnson F/White Single 1 hour Vernon Premature birth Vernon   Robert Johnson Vernon 5/31/1882
995 11/24/1881 Maggie McKeever F/White Single 3y Vernon Diphtheria Michigan   Peter McKeever Vernon 5/31/1882
                    Margrett McKeever Deceased  
996 4/22/1881 William McIntosh M/White Married 73y Vernon Liver complaint New Brunswick Farmer Alexander McIntosh Deceased 5/31/1882
                    Margrett McIntosh Deceased  
997 12/11/1881 Hattie May Bush F/White Single 1y/3m Isabella Diphtheria Isabella, MI   James Bush Michigan 6/2/1882
                    Jane Bush Michigan  
998 11/14/1881 Mary O. Johnson F/White Single 3y/3m/14d Isabella Diphtheria Isabella, MI   Moses E. Johnston Michigan 6/2/1882
                    Ria Johnston Michigan  
999 5/15/1881 John Crawford M/White   77y Isabella Unknown Scotland   John Crawford Scotland 6/2/1882
                    Jane Crawford Scotland  
1000 7/24/1881 Samuel Bradley? M/Indian   55y Isabella Unknown Michigan   Unknown Unknown 6/2/1882
                    Unknown Unknown  
1001 11/16/1881 Jessie M. Graham F/White Single 1y/9m Isabella Diphtheria Isabella, MI   Thomas Graham Michigan 6/2/1882
                    Sarah Graham Michigan  
1002 7/28/1881 Nancy E. Menshane? F/White Married 52y Jackson Co. Cancer New York   Joseph Hawkins New York 6/2/1882
                    Jane Hawkins New York  
1003 4/19/1881 Ralph Hamilton M/White Single 8y Isabella Diphtheria Canada   Robert H. Hamilton Michigan 6/2/1882
                    Margrett Hamilton Michigan  
1004 4/19/1881 Mary Jane Hamilton F/White Single 10y Isabella Diphtheria Canada   Robert H. Hamilton Michigan 6/2/1882
                    Margrett Hamilton Michigan  
1005 4/20/1881 John May-me-quance? M/Indian Single 2y Isabella Unknown Michigan   David May-me-quance? Michigan 6/2/1882
                    Jane May-me-quance? Michigan  
1006 11/7/1881 Catherine E. Graham F/White Single 14y/11m/24d Isabella Diphtheria Canada Housekeeper Joseph A. Graham Michigan 6/2/1882
                    Mary A. Graham Michigan  
1007 11/8/1881 Laura Isabela Graham F/White Single 11y/6m/9d Isabella Diphtheria Canada   Hugh Graham Michigan 6/2/1882
                    Elizabeth Graham Michigan  
1008 5/29/1881 Minerva A. Archer F/White Single 5y/6m Isabella Diphtheria Isabella, MI   Jonah Archer Michigan 6/2/1882
                    Mary J. Archer Michigan  
1009 9/22/1881 Rosa Dill Wilder F/White Single 5y/22d Isabella Diphtheria Isabella, MI   Albert Wilder Michigan 6/2/1882
                    Thedocia Wilder Michigan  
1010 1/7/1881 Charles Maxwell M/White Single 1y/9m Isabella Diphtheria Canada   William Maxwell Michigan 6/2/1882
                    Arvilla Maxwell Michigan  
1011 4/2/1881 Not Named Maxwell M/White Single 14d Isabella Unknown Isabella, MI   William Maxwell Michigan 6/2/1882
                    Arvilla Maxwell Michigan  
1012 11/21/1881 Not Named Crowley F/White Single 2m Isabella Unknown Isabella, MI   Walter Crowley Michigan 6/2/1882
                    Sarah Crowley Michigan  
1013 10/7/1881 Phineas Carl M/White Single 7y Isabella Diphtheria Sanford, MI   David Hall Michigan 6/3/1882
                    Margrett Hall Michigan  
1014 9/7/1881 William E. Koyle M/White Single 4y/5m/24d Isabella Diphtheria Lapeer Co., MI   Alex Koyle Michigan 6/3/1882
                    Ophelia Koyle Michigan  
1015 9/9/1881 Martha L. Koyle F/White Single 8y/8m/6d Isabella Diphtheria Lapeer Co., MI   Alex Koyle Michigan 6/3/1882
                    Ophelia Koyle Michigan  
1016 9/18/1881 Herod N. Koyle M/White Single 10y/2m Isabella Diphtheria Lapeer Co., MI   Alex Koyle Michigan 6/3/1882
                    Ophelia Koyle Michigan  
1017 9/12/1881 Alice Ferry F/White Single 1y/6m Isabella Diphtheria Isabella Twp.   Charles Ferry Michigan 6/3/1882
                    Ada Ferry Michigan  
1018 9/27/1881 Mabel Ferry F/White Single 5y Isabella Diphtheria Isabella Twp.   Charles Ferry Michigan 6/3/1882
                    Ada Ferry Michigan  
1019 11/12/1881 Andrew Johnson M/White Single 15y Isabella Diphtheria Canada Farmer Hugh Johnson Michigan 6/3/1882
                    Elizabeth Johnson Michigan  
1020 12/16/1881 Alice Hunter F/White Married 27y Isabella Confinement Pennsylvania House wife Joseph Campbell Penn. 6/3/1882
                    Mary Campbell Penn.  
1021 11/20/1881 Patrick Tobin M/White   80y Isabella Old Age Ireland Farmer Unknown Unknown 6/3/1882
                    Unknown Unknown  
1022 11/12/1881 Gertrude L. Graham F/White Single 5y Isabella Diphtheria Isabella   James Graham Michigan 6/3/1882
                    Margrett Graham Michigan  
1023 10/15/1881 Not Named Steward F/White Single 21d Isabella Unknown Isabella   Archibald Steward Michigan 6/3/1882
                    Jane Steward Michigan  
1024 7/28/1881 Lizzie A. Weed F/White Single 6m/15d Isabella Unknown Isabella   George Weed Michigan 6/3/1882
                    Mary A. Weed Michigan  
1025 4/23/1881 James E. Devlin M/White Single 6y/6m/18d Isabella Consumption Michigan   John Devlin Michigan 6/3/1882
                    Julia Devlin Michigan  
1026 8/4/1881 Joel L. Thayer M/White Married 60y Isabella Unknown New York Farmer Unknown Unknown 6/3/1882
                    Unknown Unknown  
1027 11/9/1881 Mary Roupe F/White Married 27y Isabella Unknown Canada Housekeeper Henry Yager Unknown 6/3/1882
                    Bellmire? Yager Unknown  
1028 9/18/1881 Not Named Roupe M/White Single 1d Isabella Unknown Michigan   Henry Roupe Michigan 6/3/1882
                    Mary Roupe Michigan  
1029 12/21/1881 Henry Roupe M/White Married 22y Isabella Consumption Ohio Farmer Henry Roupe Ohio 6/3/1882
                    Mary Roupe Ohio  
1030 4/15/1881 Joseph Hamilton M/White Single 12y Isabella Diphtheria Canada Farmer Robert H. Hamilton Michigan 6/3/1882
                    Margrett Hamilton Michigan  
1031 9/7/1881 Mary Shilling F/White Single 16y/3m/22d Coldwater Twp. Typhoid fever Ohio Housekeeper Solomon Shilling Michigan 6/3/1882
                    Margrett Shilling Michigan  
1032 8/21/1881 Eula Ganner F/White Single 6m/3d Coldwater Twp. Paralysis Michigan   Charles Ganner Michigan 6/3/1882
                    Florence Ganner Michigan  
1033 4/26/1881 Margery Harper F/White Married 22y/5m/20d Coldwater Twp. Typhoid fever Canada House wife James Tanner Michigan 6/3/1882
                    Sarah Tanner Michigan  
1034 6/20/1881 William Pearse M/White Married Unknown Coldwater Twp. Typhoid fever Ohio Farmer Unknown Ohio 6/3/1882
                    Unknown Ohio  
1035 9/8/1881 Fred Navarre M/White Single 5m/6d Coldwater Twp. Unknown Michigan   Wm. Navarre Michigan 6/3/1882
                    Elizabeth Navarre Michigan  
1036 3/28/1881 Mary McKersie F/White Single 7m/19d Coldwater Twp. Unknown Michigan   James McKersie Michigan 6/3/1882
                    Minnie McKersie Michigan  
1037 3/23/1881 Salina Ellis F/White Widow 63y/1m/21d Coldwater Twp. Old Age New York House wife John J. Hummer? Deceased 6/3/1882
                    --------- Hummer? Deceased  
1038 3/2/1881 Clare Thompson F/White Single 3y/3m/12d Coldwater Twp. Epileptic fit Michigan   John Thompson Michigan 6/3/1882
                    Alice Thompson Michigan  
1039 10/9/1881 Egbert H. Fine M/White Single 4y/5m/26d Isabella Diphtheria Ohio   Samuel Fine Michigan 6/3/1882
                    Sarah Fine Michigan  
1040 4/3/1881 Elmer Tanner M/White Single 19d Coldwater Twp. Fever Michigan   Jonathan Tanner Michigan 6/3/1882
                    Mary Tanner Michigan  
1041 12/2/1881 Not Named Mecun F/White Single 1d Sherman Unknown Michigan   David Mecun Michigan 6/3/1882
                    Martha Mecun Michigan  
1042 3/28/1881 William J. Bodis M/White Single 17y/3m/3d Sherman Inflamation of Stomach & Bowels Canada Laborer Wm. Bodis Deceased 6/3/1882
                    Mary Baxter Michigan  
1043 7/6/1881 Amy McElroy F/White Married 25y Sherman Child bed fever Michigan House wife Jerome H. Denslow Sherman, MI 6/3/1882
                    Sarah Harrington Unknown  
1044 1/9/1881 Not Named Powers F/White Single   Sherman Stillborn Michigan   Hiram C. Powers Sherman, MI 6/3/1882
                    Jane Powers Sherman, MI  
1045 7/11/1881 Lizzie S. Osgood F/White Married 26y Rolland Not given by Supervisor? Maine Housekeeper John C. Randal Maine 6/14/1882
                    Caroline C. Randal Maine  
1046 12/28/1881 John Winters M/White Single 10m/4d Rolland Inflamation of Lungs Michigan   Byron Winters Canada 6/14/1882
                    Margrett Winters Michigan  
1047 4/26/1881 Edna Guither? F/White Single 7m/7d Rolland Inflamation of Lungs Michigan   George W. Guither? Blanchard, MI  
1048 7/27/1881 Not Named Westerly M/White Single 2m/10d Blanchard Cholera infantum Michigan   Walter Westerly Blanchard, MI 6/14/1882
                    Janie Westerly Blanchard, MI  
1049 7/26/1881 William F. Ebercanser M/White Single 1y/6m Blanchard Spinal fever Traverse City   Emerson Ebercanser Blanchard, MI 6/14/1882
                    Elizabeth Ebercanser Blanchard, MI  
1050 Dec. 1881 Lottie Ebercanser F/White Single 3m/26d Ionia Cholera infantum Blanchard   Emerson Ebercanser Blanchard, MI 6/14/1882
                    Elizabeth Ebercanser Blanchard, MI  
1051 1/16/1881 Wm. Beckley M/White Married 47y/7m Rolland Inflamation of Lungs England Miller & Wm. Beckley Rolland 6/14/1882
                  Farmer Mary Beckley Deceased  
1052 1/20/1881 Peter Sawyer M/White Single Unknown Rolland Killed in woods Canada Laborer Unknown Unknown 6/14/1882
                    Unknown Unknown  
1053 5/30/1881 Leslie Leroy Pegg M/White Single 25d Rolland Unknown Rolland, MI   Charles Pegg Rolland 6/14/1882
                    Eliza Pegg Rolland  
1054 4/24/1881 Nelson Pumfrey M/White Single 24d Rolland Unknown Michigan   James Pumfrey Rolland 6/14/1882
                    Sarah Pumfrey Rolland  
1055 9/1/1881 Esther J. Wood F/White Single 9y/5m/13d Blanchard Cholera morbus Canada   Henry Wood Blanchard, MI 6/14/1882
                    Almira Wood Blanchard, MI  

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