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No. Date of Deceased Name Sex/Color Marital Age Place of Cause of Death Birth Place Occupation Parents Residence Date
Death Status Yr/Mon/Day Death if >30yrs age Names Recorded
622 05/13/79 Infant M/White Infant Union Unknown Michigan Brown, George T Union, MI 05/13/80
Brown, Rosa E
623 06/01/79 Infant White Infant Union Unknown Michigan Dibble, Frank Union, MI 05/13/80
Dibble, Eliza
624 04/19/79 McGillis M/White Child Isabella City Unknown Michigan McGillis, John Isabella Co., MI 05/13/80
McGillis, Sarah
625 04/29/79 McGillis, Sarah F/White Married 34y/5m/1d Isabella City Child bed fever Canada Housewife John Walter Canada 05/13/80
Mary Walter
626 02/22/79 Welcome? Clark Chesebro M/White Child 7m Isabella City Inflammation on Michigan Syrwocis? Chesebro Isabella City, MI 05/13/80
Lungs Lania? Chesebro
627 06/09/79 Morris F/White Child 4d Union Michigan Robert Morris Union, MI 05/13/80
Margaret Morris
628 09/27/79 George M. Wyman Male Single 19y/10m/7d Union Consumption Michigan Farmer E.H. Wyman Union, MI 05/13/80
Jane Wyman
629 10/22/79 Lucy Jane Wyman Female Child 1y/1m/23d Union Inflammation of Michigan E.H. Wyman Union, MI 05/13/80
Lungs Jane Wyman
630 08/09/79 Anna Garvin F/White Single 29y Union Consumption Canada Housekeeper Patrick Garvin Canada 05/13/80
Mary Garvin
631 04/15/79 Mary Elnora? Brown F/White Single 2y/1m Union Inflammation of Michigan Brown, Hiram? Michigan 05/13/80
Lungs Brown, Cynthia
632 10/13/79 Otis Wm. Miller M/White 9y/3m/23d Union Diphtheria Michigan Miller, Joshua Michigan 05/13/80
Miller, Mary Michigan
633 10/31/79 Hugh H. Miller M/White 4y/4m/4d Union Diphtheria Michigan Miller, Joshua Michigan 05/13/80
Miller, Mary Michigan
634 09/03/79 Minie R. Stevens F/White Single 14y/7m Isabella Consumption Michigan Housekeeper Stevens, Elijah Michigan 05/13/80
Stevens, Mahala Michigan
635 02/22/79 Infant Moore M/White Child Union Unknown Michigan Moore, Franklin Michigan 05/13/80
Moore, Sarah Michigan
636 06/03/79 Hattie E. Barnes? F/White Single 14y/10m Union Typhoid Fever Michigan Scholar Barnes?, Emory Union, MI 05/13/80
Barnes?, Sarah Union, MI
637 10/21/79 Archie S. Barnes? M/White Child 11y/6m Union Diphtheria Michigan Scholar Barnes?, Emory Union, MI 05/13/80
Barnes?, Sarah Union, MI
638 07/15/79 Infant Heutz F/White Infant Union Unknown Michigan Infant Heutz, Herman Union, MI 05/13/80
Heutz, Louisa Union, MI
639 05/25/79 John E. Shaw M/White Married 39y/5m Union Consumption Nova Scotia Carpenter Shaw, Angus? Nova Scotia 05/13/80
Shaw, Mary Nova Scotia
640 06/11/79 Alexander Shaw M/White Single 14y/10m/11d Union Accidental Michigan Scholar Shaw, John Union, MI 05/13/80
Gunshot Shaw, Mary Union, MI
641 12/29/79 Wm. Bamber M/White Married 73y Union Ulcer in the England Farmer Bamber, Edward England 05/13/80
Stomach Bamber, Margaret England
642 03/25/79 William H. Struble M/White Single 25y/5m/17d Broomfield Erysipelas Ohio Farmer William W. Struble Chippewa, MI 05/15/80
Mary Struble
643 12/06/79 Emma Landon F/White Single 2y/3m/6d Chippewa Lung Fever Michigan John T. Landon Chippewa, MI 05/15/80
Martha Landon
644 10/31/79 Walter T. McLow M/White Single 23y/4m/27d Lincoln Typhoid Fever Vermont Turner? Walter McLow Lincoln, MI 05/22/80
Corlina? McLow
645 04/08/79 Elmer? Groves? F/White Married 57y/5m/4d Lincoln Epileptic? Fits New York Farmer's wife Ezral Lagrett Lincoln, MI 05/22/80
Don't Know
646 12/08/79 Solomon Dougherty M/White Married 59y/5m/4d Lincoln Consumption Indiana Farmer Don't Know Lincoln, MI 05/22/79
Don't Know
647 07/04/79 Eva Rebecca Vannata F/White Single 16y/11m/4d Fremont Consumption Michigan Lived Home William Vannata Fremont, MI 05/22/79
Mary Vannata
648 08/02/79 Marion Josephine Hunt F/White Single 12y/11m/28d Fremont Diphtheria Michigan Lived Home Jason A. Hunt Fremont, MI 05/22/79
Chloe Hunt
649 12/29/79 Thomas G. Williamson M/White Single 5y/11m/18d Fremont Measles & Michigan Thomas G. Williamson Fremont, MI 05/22/80
Hooping Clarrissa A. Williamson
650 10/09/79 Ada May Moor F/White Single 2y/2m/16d Fremont Measles & Michigan James Moor Fremont, MI 05/22/80
Hooping Elizabeth Moor
651 11/05/79 Archie A. Sanderson M/White Single 2y/6m/29d Fremont Measles Michigan Frederick M. Landerson Fremont, MI 05/22/80
Rachel B. Landerson
652 03/30/79 Asa P. Richardson M/White Married 81y/10m/29d Fremont Old Age Vermont? Farmer Paul Richardson Vermont 05/22/80
Not Known
653 11/12/79 Gertrude O. Richardson F/White Single 5m/4d Fremont Whooping Michigan Asa Richardon Fremont, MI 05/22/80
Cough Amelia Richardson
654 12/24/79 William Delo M/White Single 1m/5d Fremont Whooping Michigan Frederick Delo Fremont, MI 05/22/80
Cough Mary Delo
655 01/25/79 John Garner M/White Married 33y/3m/10d Fremont Inflammation of Indiana Farmer James Garner Fremont, MI 05/22/80
Bowels Sarah Garner
656 03/10/79 No Name M/White Infant Roland Born Dead Michigan George W. English Fremont, MI 05/22/80
Nancy English
656 1/2 09/24/79 Hugh M. Batchelder M/White Single 3m/29d Fremont Measles Michigan Floyd J. Batchelder Fremont, MI 05/22/80
Harriet L. Batchelder
657 08/02/79 Louise Button F/White Widow 72y/9m/23d Deerfield Heart Disease Mass? Farmer Elsha Beels Mass 05/25/80
Clarissa Bels
658 11/25/79 William H. Perry? M/White Single 3y/8m/22d Deerfield Diphtheria Ohio Farmer's son Louis E. Perry Ohio 05/25/80
Nora? Perry
659 04/15/79 Not Named M/White Stillborn Rolland Verworked? D- Doxsie Rolland 05/25/80
Engeliese? Doxsie Michigan
660 01/27/79 Ervin Dopp M/White 21d Rolland Rolland Edwin Dopp Rolland 05/25/80
Frances Dopp
661 05/18/79 Elmer Dopp M/White 4m Rolland Cold and sore Rolland Edwin Dopp Rolland 05/25/80
mouth Frances Dopp
662 06/15/79 Catherine Kyes F/White Married 44y Coe Twp. Consumption New York Housekeeper Don't Know Don't Know 05/25/80
663 06/01/79 No Name Given F/White Single 1d Coe Twp. Don't Know Michigan John H. Drum? Michigan 05/25/80
Mary J. Drum?
664 06/15/79 Billings Walton M/White Married 45y/6m/16d Coe Twp. Disease of Michigan Farmer Don't Know Don't Know 05/25/80
665 06/05/79 Hiram J. Austin M/White Single 16d/9m/2d St. Louis Measles Michigan Farmer Thomas Austin Michigan 05/25/80
L.F. Austin
666 10/30/79 Charles Merton Gouldsmith M/White Single 9y/11m/5d Coe Diphtheria Michigan William S. Gouldsmith Michigan 05/25/80
Cornelia A. Gouldsmith
667 08/01/79 Anna Hutchinson F/White Married 48y/10m/4d Coe Consumption Ohio Housekeeper Christopher Auble? Ohio 05/25/80
Mary Auble?
668 08/28/79 No Name Given M/White Single 18d Coe Erysipelas Michigan Edward H. Harris? Michigan 05/25/80
Mary Harris?
669 10/27/79 Elmer W. Ankron? M/White Single 5y/8m/25d Coe Diphtheria Michigan Thos. Ankron? Michigan 05/25/80
Elisabeth Ankron?
670 10/03/79 Richard E. Pethrel M/White Single 4y/1m/22d Coe Diphtheria Michigan Maras Pethrel? Coe 05/25/80
Elizabeth Pethrel?
671 08/29/79 Yada A. Vronian F/White Single 1y/3m/21d Coe Spinal Michigan D.C. Vronian Coe 05/25/80
Complaint Julie E. Vronian
672 01/12/79 Edith Terry F/White 3m/21d Isabella Unknown Michigan Charles N. Terry Michigan 05/27/80
Ada C. Terry
673 07/10/79 Angline Lager F/White Married 25y Isabella Unknown Canada Michigan 05/27/80
674 08/02/79 Abbie Lawson F/White 3y/7m Isabella Unknown Isabella John Lawson Michigan 05/27/80
Louisa Lawson
675 12/18/79 Alvora Andrus? F/White 1y/2m Isabella Dropsey Isabella Thomas Andrus? Canada 05/27/80
Clara? Andrus?
676 07/04/79 Ellen J. Greenway F/White Married 26y Isabella Confinement Newport James Croford Canada 05/27/80
Jane Croford
677 05/01/79 Sarah Benjamin F/Indian Married 26y Isabella Consumption Michigan John Benjamin Michigan 05/27/80
Eliza Benjamin
678 04/10/79 Joseph Jackson M/Indian 05/27/80
679 10/05/79 Susan Sackett F/White 1y/1m Isabella Teeth Michigan Charles Sackett New York 05/27/80
Louisa Sackett Canada
680 05/01/79 Sarah Benjamin F/White 26y Isabella Consumption Michigan John Benjamin Michigan 05/27/80
Eliza Benjamin
681 09/06/79 Cathrine Cosgrove F/White Single 18y Isabella Fever Canada Michael Cosgrove Michigan 05/27/80
Nora Cosgrove
682 03/08/79 Ernest B. Little M/White Single 11m Vernon Bronchitis Michigan John Little Vernon 05/27/80
Philemon Little
683 09/29/79 Samuel J. Gardner M/White Single 17y/6m/6d Vernon Killed by gun Canada Farmer Joseph Gardner Vernon 05/27/80
shot wound Alicia J. Gardner
684 12/05/79 Imogene L. Dawson F/White Single 3y/3m/5d Vernon Diphtheria Michigan David Dawson Vernon 05/27/80
Ellen Dawson
685 12/04/79 Florence Gerren? F/White Single 1y/10m Vernon Diphtheria Indiana James Garren Vernon 05/27/80
Lana Gerren
686 10/28/79 Joseph Ramey M/White Married 60y Vernon Consumption Canada Farmer Samuel Ramey Dead 05/27/80
Prudence Ramey Dead
687 11/03/79 Celia Ramey F/White Single 15y Vernon Diphtheria Canada Joseph Ramey Dead 05/27/80
Ellen Ramey Vernon
688 01/10/79 No Name Given O'brien F/White Single 1d Vernon Unknown Michigan Thomas O'Brien Vernon 05/27/80
Carrie O'Brien Vernon
689 08/15/79 Emmeline Miller F/White Single 2y/3m Vernon Chill fever Ohio M.H. Miller Vernon 05/27/80
Hattie Miller
690 11/03/79 George Davidson M/White Single 4y/5m Vernon Diphtheria Canada James Davidson Vernon 05/27/80
Mary J. Davidson Canada
691 11/16/79 Mariah Davidson F/White Single 2y/1m Vernon Diphtheria Canada James Davidson Vernon 05/27/80
Mary J. Davidson Canada
692 05/13/79 John Bradbeen M/White Married 41y/4m Vernon Heart disease England Farmer Unknown Unknown 05/27/80
Unknown Unknown
692 1/2 05/24/79 Orphi Odealy Wen? F/White Married 17y Nottawa Child birth Michigan Farmer John Hyslop Nottawa, MI 05/31/80
and Child Margaret Hyslop Nottawa, MI
693 11/19/79 Rich F/White Single 10d Broomfield Want of vitality Michigan Samuel Rich Broomfield Twp. 06/01/80
Paulina Rich Michigan
694 07/11/79 Hutchinson M/White Single Five minutes Broomfield Not Known Michigan John Hutchinson Broomfield 06/01/80
Isabella Hutchinson Michigan
695 12/06/79 Broomfield M/White Single 5m/5d Broomfield Lung Fever Michigan William Broomfield Broomfield 06/01/80
Elizabeth Broomfield
696 08/19/79 Bertha Martin F/White Single 11m/6d Sherman City Choked by Sherman, MI R.C. Martin Coldwater 06/03/80
candy Delphine Martin
697 10/08/79 Wm. A. Forbes M/White Single 5y/8m Coldwater Diphtheria Coldwater Wm. B. Forbes Coldwater 06/03/80
Croop Mary A. Forbes
698 10/11/79 L.J. Forbes M/White Single 11y/7m Coldwater Diphtheria Coldwater Wm. B. Forbes Coldwater 06/03/80
Croop Mary A. Forbes
699 09/14/79 Lorana? Wierman? F/White 1y/2m/17d Coe Twp. Consumption Michigan Calvin Wierman Michigan 06/05/80
Mary E. Wierman
700 12/12/79 Kezziah Robbins F/White Married 40y Gilmore Diphtheria Ohio Housekeeper William Phipps Michigan 06/05/80
Sarah Phipps
701 12/30/79 Alfred Robbins M/White Single 3y/4m/11d Gilmore Diphtheria Michigan Charles Robbins Michigan 06/05/80
Kezziah Robbins
702 12/13/79 Albert Robbins M/White Single 5y/6m/8d Gilmore Diphtheria Michigan Charles Robbins Michigan 06/05/80
Kezziah Robbins
703 12/09/79 Lucy Robbins F/White Single 9d Gilmore Diphtheria Michigan Charles Robbins Michigan 06/05/80
Kezziah Robbins
704 12/27/79 Rachel Malcom F/White Married 32y/10d Gilmore Diphtheria Indiana Housekeeper William Phipps Michigan 06/05/80
Sarah Phipps
705 10/02/79 Edward McCauley M/White Married 67y/6m/12d Gilmore Lung Fever Portugal Carpenter Not Known Not Known 06/05/80
706 09/30/79 Almira? Clark F/White Single 6y/6m/7d Handy? Diphtheria Michigan Farmer's Winson? Clark Sherman, MI 06/09/80
Livingston Co.? daughter Esther J. Clark
707 08/04/79 Martha McIlroy F/White Single 5d Sherman Brain Fever Michigan Farmer's Benjamin McIlroy Sherman, MI 06/09/80
daughter Eunice? McIlroy
708 09/25/79 Dora Bell Keich F/White Single 9y/2m/25d Sherman Cause of death Michigan Farmer's John Keich Sherman, MI 06/09/80
she was Idiotic daughter Hannah F. Keich
709 12/25/79 Bertha B. Dell F/White 1y/2m Wise Typhoid Fever Michigan James R. Dell Wise, MI 06/10/80
Elizabeth Dell
710 12/28/79 Geo. W. Wise M/White Married 54y Wise Consumption Ohio Lumberman Not Known Not Known 06/10/80
Not Known Not Known
711 11/18/79 Rosa Jones F/White Married 22y Wise Diphtheria Michigan Not Known Not Known 06/10/80
Not Known Not Known
712 11/11/79 Lizza Holden F/White 6y Wise Diphtheria Michigan Patrick Holden Wise, MI 06/10/80
Alice Holden
713 11/26/79 Baby Hursh F/White 0d Wise Want of vitality Michigan Sturling A. Hursh Wise, MI 06/10/80
Alice Hursh
714 07/24/79 Mary C. Fish F/White Married 28y Wise Dropsey Canada Not Known Not Known 06/10/80
Not Known Not Known
715 09/16/79 Baby Fish M/White 1m/26d Wise General Debility Michigan Anson Fish Wise, MI 06/10/80
Mary C. Fish

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