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No. Date of Deceased Name Sex/Color Marital Age Place of Cause of Death Birth Place Occupation Parents Residence Date
Death Status Yr/Mon/Day Death if >30yrs age Names Recorded
556 12/10/78 Ida Augusta Macklin F/White Single 1y/4m Broomfield Typhoid Fever Michigan Daniel Macklin Broomfield 05/08/79
Annie Macklin
557 09/02/78 B--a? Elless Bailey M/White Single 2y/3m/13d Broomfield Summer Complaint Millbrook John C. Bailey Broomfield 05/08/79
Michigan Mary A. Bailey
558 06/14/78 Mary A. Hickman F/White Single 6y/7m/14d Nottawa Typhoid Malaria Michigan Child Peter L. Hickman Nottawa 05/08/79
Mary A. Hickman Michigan
559 10/24/78 Mary Stuble? F/White Married Chippewa Night Mare Penna Farmer's wife Catherine Murphy Penna. 05/09/79
Robert Murphy
560 04/03/78 Edward Flora M/White Married 28y Chippewa Poison Ohio Farmer 05/09/79
561 04/30/78 Sophronia? Howarth F/White Married Chippewa Hemorrhage of New York Farmer's wife J. Godfrey New York 05/09/79
Lungs D. Godfrey
562 09/28/78 May Johnson F/White Single Chippewa Fever Michigan Wallace Johnson Penna. 05/09/79
Maria? Johnson
563 08/22/78 Claud L. Wellman M/White Single 4y Coldwater Cholera Infantum Michigan Farmer Lafayette Wellman Coldwater, MI 05/14/79
Maggie Wellman
564 12/10/78 James Garner M/White Single 10m/7d Fremont Abcess Fremont, MI John Garner Fremont, MI 05/20/79
Amilla? Garner
565 11/19/78 Burdan Peas M/White Single 5y/4m Fremont Diptheria Fremont, MI James Peas Fremont, MI 05/20/79
Malinda Peas
566 08/11/78 David E. Gearhart? M/White Single 4m/11d Fremont Lungs Fremont, MI Andrew Gearhart? Fremont, MI 05/20/79
Elizabeth Gearhart?
567 05/19/78 Ed--y M. Johnson F/White Single 3y/4m/3d Fremont Lungs Fremont, MI Osmond Johnson Fremont, MI 05/20/79
Delila Johnson
568 Nov. 1878 Mary Jane Whitney? F/White Married 36y Lincoln Heart Disease Canada West Farmer Unknown Unknown 05/23/79
569 July 1878 Albert Teed M/White Single 16y Lincoln Drowned Unknown Laborer Unknown Unknown 05/23/79
570 08/11/78 Levi Casterlein? M/White Single 11y/7m/19d Lincoln Typhoid Fever Illinois Samuel Casterlein Lincoln, MI 05/23/79
Marietta Casterlein
571 10/03/78 Ernest J. Headley M/White Single 7y/15d Lincoln Typhoid Fever Michigan Samuel Headley Lincoln, MI 05/23/79
Louisa Headley
572 08/23/78 Edwin D. Woodin M/White Single 11m/16d Lincoln Spinal Fever Michigan Lewellyn Woodin Lincoln, MI 05/23/79
Huldah Woodin
573 07/07/78 Thomas Pollard M/White 1m/12d Isabella Unknown Michigan James Pollard Isabella, MI 05/26/79
Ellen Pollard
574 05/15/78 Henry Day-o-maij? M/Ind Married 28y Isabella Unknown Michigan Farmer Henry Day-o-maij? Isabella, MI 05/26/79
Gea gua quay Day-o-maij?
575 08/20/78 Elliott Day-o-maij? M/White Married? 1m Isabella Unknown Michigan Henry Day-o-maij? Isabella, MI 05/26/79
Jane? day-o-maij?
576 03/28/78 Charles Sackett? M/White Married 32y/4m Denver Accident New York Farmer Abraham Sackett? New York 05/26/79
Esther Sackett?
577 04/11/78 Franklin Sackett? M/White 2y Isabella Unknown Michigan Charles Sackett? Isabella, MI 05/26/79
Louisa Sackett?
578 07/10/78 Hall M/White 5d Isabella Unknown Michigan Joseph Hall Michigan 05/26/79
Jennett Hall
579 09/15/78 Mosely W. Potter M/White Married 57y/7m/9d Vernon Kidney disease New York Farmer James Potter New York 05/27/79
Lydia Potter
580 08/10/78 Roy E. Gowles M/White 3y/3m/5d Deerfield Dysentery Ohio Whitney Gowles Deerfiled 05/30/79
Maria M. Gowles
581 09/03/78 James Luylandt? M/White 7m/18d Gilmore Cholera Infantum Ohio K. Luylandt Gilmore, MI 05/31/79
Martha Luylandt
582 03/30/78 Patrick Meusthis? M/White Widower 62y/5m Mt. Pleasant Pneumonia Ireland Farmer Unknown Unknown 06/02/79
583 08/02/78 Louisa Drake F/White Married 57y Coe Twp. Congestive Chill New York Farmer's wife 06/02/79
584 10/10/78 Louisa Sawyer F/White Married 27y/11m/10d Wi-ovoke? Falls Dropsey Vermont Farmer's wife Richard Hay Salt River, MI 06/02/79
Cordelia Hay
585 10/01/78 Charles W. Sawyer M/White 3y/4m/11d Salt River Dropsey Michigan Rueben? Wellman Salt River, MI 06/02/79
Mira Wellman
586 12/11/78 Charlie A. Campbell M/White 3m/10d Salt River Dropsey Michigan James Campbell Salt River, MI 06/02/79
Euphemia Campbell
587 12/14/78 Clarence Holden M/White 1y/12d Wise Inflammation of the Michigan Partrick Holden Loomis, MI 06/03/79
Lungs Alice Holden
588 08/22/78 Bradford C. Davis M/White Married 50y Wise Inflammation of the New York Not known Not known 06/03/79
589 06/16/78 Corwin Ames M/White 7m/7d Wise Inflammation of the Michigan Ira Ames Loomis, MI 06/03/79
Lungs Jane? Ames
590 04/07/78 David W. Feslar M/White 3m/22d Wise Inflammation of the Michigan David Feslar Loomis, MI 06/03/79
Lungs Mary Feslar
591 07/07/78 Nettie Oriveby? F/White Married 23y Wise Not Known Michigan Not known Not known 06/03/79
592 05/26/78 Job Curey M/White Single 24y Wise Not Known Canada 06/03/79
593 11/28/78 El. Dell F/White Married 37y Wise Typhoid Fever Ohio Michael L. Weeks? Ionia, MI 06/03/79
Barbara Weeks?
594 02/22/78 Carrie E. Cospar F/White Married 32y Wise Apoplexy New York E. Walling Wise 06/03/79
Not known
595 08/12/78 Adda Tubbs F/White Single 17y Wise Not Known Michigan Robert Tubbs Holly, MI 06/03/79
Not known
596 02/18/78 Eddie Hursh M/White 3y Wise Scalded with water Michigan Stesl--y? A. Hursh Loomis, MI 06/03/79
Alice Hursh
597 06/08/78 Norman Roxe? M/White Married 37y Sherman Caught in machinery New York Farmer 06/07/79
of mill
598 12/17/78 George E. Woodin M/White Married 30y Sherman Caught in machinery New York Miller Henry Woodin Sherman, MI 06/07/79
of mill Sarah B. Woodin
599 09/13/79 Mary Ruth Reed F/White Single 7m/18d Denver Whooping cough Wise Twp., MI James Reed Denver, MI 06/30/79
Sarah A. Reed
600 02/13/78 Agnes? Johnston F/White Single 4y/6m/8d Twp. of ? Scarlet fever Canada West R--ol? Johnston Denver, MI 06/30/79
Ardilla Johnston
601 04/28/78 Watkins F/White Single 19d Denver Inflammation of the Denver, MI William Watkins Denver, MI 06/30/79
Bowels Elizabeth Watkins
602 02/19/78 James? Logan M/White Single 17y/6m/5d Union Killed by log Canada Farmer Patrick Logan Isabella Co.,MI 07/01/79
Elizabeth Logan
603 04/28/78 Ann Logan F/White Widow 77y Union Old age Ireland Patrick Davis 07/01/79
Catherine Davis
604 07/03/78 Charles Price? M/White Single 1d Union Not Known Michigan Morris R. Price Isabella Co.,MI 07/01/79
605 11/03/78 Dickie Dillion? M/White Single 8y Union Rheumatism? Michigan M---is B. Dillion Isabella Co.,MI 07/01/79
Sarah C. Dillion
606 07/21/78 Nettie Palmer F/White Single 2y/6m Union Spinal meningitis Michigan Josiah Palmer Isabella Co.,MI 07/01/79
Fannie A---? Palmer
607 06/28/78 Arthur Emmett Buckley M/White Single 3y/18d Union Bloody Dysentery Michigan Daniel Buckley Isabella Co.,MI 07/01/79
Mira Buckley
608 08/23/78 Lillian Myrtle Tygart F/White 1y/11m Union Cholera Infantum Michigan Albert Tygart Isabella Co.,MI 07/01/79
Minerva Tygart
609 10/19/78 Levi Yeaks? M/White Married 59y/11m Union Delirium Tremens Penna Farmer Not known Isabella Co.,MI 07/01/79
610 03/12/78 James Cawley M/White Married 39y Union Consumption Ireland Farmer Mark Cawley 07/01/79
Catherine? Cawley
611 04/27/78 Rufus Price M/White Single 7m Union Rupture? Michigan Derrick Price Isabella Co.,MI 07/01/79
Margaret Price
612 07/05/78 Jennie McGillis F/White Single 1yr/1m Union Not Known Michigan John McGillis Isabella Co.,MI 07/01/79
Sarah McGillis
613 03/18/78 Charles Patrick Garvie? M/White Single 9m Union Billious Fever Michigan John Garvie? Isabella Co.,MI 07/01/79
Mary Garvie?
614 04/24/78 Ella E. Lower F/White Single 19y/10m/20d Union Chlorosis Indiana Matthias Lower Isabella Co.,MI 07/01/79
Isabella Lower
615 04/03/78 Edward Flory M/White Married 28y Union Killed by poison, Ohio Farmer Julius Flory Ohio 07/01/79
eating wild turnip Elizabeth Flory
616 April 1878 Not Named Root M/White Single 1/2 hour Union Not Known Michigan Thomas J. Root Isabella Co.,MI 07/01/79
Martha C. Root
617 11/01/78 Nancy McLaughlin F/White Married 36y Union Bleeding, Not Known Canada Wm. Bawber, Sr. Isabella Co.,MI 07/01/79
Clarissa Bawber
618 10/22/78 Mary O.? Maxwell F/White Married 49y Union Consumption France George F. Goble Williams Co., OH 07/01/79
Mrs. Goble
620 04/10/78 Elwin Dopp M/White Single 1m/12d Rolland Unknown Rolland, MI Edwin Dopp Rolland, MI 02/20/80
Frances Dopp
621 06/12/78 Elmer Dopp M/White Single 3m/15d Rolland Unknown Rolland, MI Edwin Dopp Rolland, MI 02/20/80
Frances Dopp

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