ISABELLA COUNTY DEATHS - 1877                        
No. Date of Deceased Name Sex/Color Marital Age Place of Cause of Death Birth Place Occupation Name(s) of Person(s) Residence Date
  Death     Status Yr/Mon/Day Death     if >30yrs age Reporting   Recorded
484 12/10/1877 Charles Campbell M/White   3m Coe Spinal meningitis Coe   James Campbell Coe 5/9/1878
                    Sephora? Campbell Michigan  
485 4/17/1877 Lewis Wilsey M/White   8m/22d Coe Consumption Coe   Hufman Wilsey Coe 5/9/1878
              of Lungs     Flomda? Wilsey Michigan  
486 8/15/1877 Mary Fonts? F/White Married 30y/25d Coe Pulmonary Ohio Housekeeper John B. Boyles Coe 5/9/1878
              consumption of Lungs     Belinda Boyles Michigan  
487 12/1/1877 Nelby L. Ely M/White   10m/4d Coe Inflammation of Ohio   Aslen? B. Ely Coe 5/9/1878
              Bowels     Amelia I. Ely Michigan  
488 9/16/1877 Unknown M/White   2d Coe Unknown Coe   Unknown Coe 5/9/1878
                    Emma Drake Michigan  
489 4/26/1877 Emma Traggett F/White Single 4y/2m/15d Chippewa Spinal Fever Michigan   Charles Traggett Michigan 5/9/1878
                    Rachel Traggett    
490 4/16/1877 Daniel Johnston M/White Married 62y/4m/14d Chippewa Consumption Unknown Farmer David Johnston Unknown 5/9/1878
                    Mary Johnston Unknown  
491 3/20/1877 Mary Shaw F/Indian Widow 75y Isabella Old Age Michigan Housekeeper Unknown   5/13/1878
492 2/4/1877 Frank L. Calkins M/White Single 27d Clare Consumption Michigan   Levi J. Calkins Isabella 5/13/1878
              of Lungs     Elvira M. Calkins Michigan  
493 11/27/1877 Rebecca Hamilton F/White Single 15y/6m/17d Isabella Typhoid Fever Canada   Robert H. Hamilton Isabella 5/13/1878
                    Margaret Hamilton Michigan  
494 4/29/1877 Doll Bennett F/Indian Single 1y/5d Isabella Unknown Michigan   Peter Bennett Isabella 5/13/1878
                    Priscilla Bennett Michigan  
495 5/10/1877 Daniel Johnson M/White Married 68y/7m/20d Isabella Inflammation of Canada Farmer Benjamin Johnson Canada 5/13/1878
              Lungs     Sarah Johnson    
496 9/25/1877 Hall M/White     Isabella Stillborn Michigan   Joseph Hall Isabella 5/13/1878
                    Jeannett? Hall Michigan  
497 11/30/1877 Ardella? Mathews F/White Single 1y/6m/6d Isabella Inflammation of Michigan   Ephraim Mathews Isabella 5/13/1878
              the Brain     Helena Mathews Michigan  
498 11/29/1877 Mattie Watkins? F/White Single 7m/20d Isabella ?ned clothes caught Michigan   William Walkins Isabella 5/13/1878
              ? stove     Elizabeth Walkins Michigan  
499 8/25/1877 Non ke ghick? M/Indian Single 25y Isabella Consumption Michigan Farmer O bera quiome? Isabella 5/13/1878
                    Unknown Michigan  
500 2/15/1877 Jacob Way bay ke ghisk? M/Indian Single 1y/8m/10d Isabella Consumption Michigan   Joseph Way-bay-ka-ghick Isabella 5/13/1878
                    Sarah Way-bay-ke-ghick Michigan  
501 8/10/1877 Sarah Way-bay-ke-ghick F/Indian Married 40y Isabella Consumption Michigan Housekeeper Alo ke ge ghe gua--ham? Isabella 5/13/1878
                    Nau ghe naw? Michigan  
502 10/9/1877 Joshua Benjamine M/Indian Single 16y Isabella Consumption Michigan Farmer John Benjamine Isabella 5/13/1878
                    Eliza Benjamine Michigan  
503 3/27/1877 Mary Billings F/Indian Married 27y Isabella Consumption Michigan Housekeeper Bradfor Foster Isabella 5/13/1878
                    Pay mos se wo quay? Michigan  
504 4/15/1877 Peter Egleson M/Indian Single 5y/6m Isabella Consumption Michigan   Joseph Egelson Isabella 5/13/1878
                    Anna Egleson Michigan  
505 8/25/1877 Way me guance? M/Indian     Isabella Stillborn Michigan   David Way me guance Isabella 5/13/1878
                    Jane Way me guance Michigan  
506 March 9 William Pay chi win ne? M/Indian Married 55y Isabella Consumption Michigan Farmer Waso Isabella 5/13/1878
                    Cheni? Michigan  
507 6/28/1877 Mary Brownstetter F/White Single 8y/10m/15d Union Inflammation of Michigan   Michael Brownstetter Union 5/17/1878
              Brain     Caroline Brownstetter Michigan  
508 August 1877 Wallace Hays Tilden M/White Single 6m Mt. Pleasant Fits caused by Michigan   William Whitney Mt. Pleasant 5/17/1878
              Tetany?     Salinda Whitney Michigan  
509 8/4/1877 Herbert Hopkins M/White Single 11m/14d New York Cholera Infantum? Michigan   Samuel W. Hopkins Mt. Pleasant 5/17/1878
            State       Maggie V. Hopkins Michigan  
510 2/26/1877 Hentz? F/White Single 1d Mt. Pleasant Unknown Michigan   Herman Hentz Mt. Pleasant 5/17/1878
                    Louise Hentz Michigan  
511 9/13/1877 Imagene McCambley F/White Single 1y/5d Mt. Pleasant Cholera Infantum Michigan   John McCambley Mt. Pleasant 5/17/1878
                    Mary McCambley Michigan  
512 8/5/1877 Lizzie Bell Thompson F/White Single 17y/2m/25d Mt. Pleasant Typhoid Fever Michigan   Cyrus H. Thompson Mt. Pleasant 5/17/1878
                    Palina? T. Thompson Michigan  
513 11/17/1877 Joan Westlake F/White Married 29y Mt. Pleasant Pleurisy Kentucky   Henry Hampton Kentucky 5/17/1878
514 1/29/1877 Sarah Relyea F/White Single 20y Union Twp. Infection? of Kidneys Michigan   Joseph Relyea Union Twp. 5/17/1878
                    Mary Relyea Michigan  
515 10/8/1877 Not Named McCortney? M/White Single 9m Union Twp. Cholera Infantum Michigan   Henry McCortney? Union Twp. 5/17/1878
                    Jennie McCortney Michigan  
516 11/15/1877 Franklin Southord M/White   13y/9m Coe Twp Typhoid Fever Michigan   Thomas Southord Isabella Co. 5/18/1878
            Isabella Co., MI       Betsey Southord Michigan  
517 9/4/1877 Lepha Dodds M/White   1y/8d Mt. Pleasant Teething? Chippewa Twp.   John Dodds Isabella Co. 5/18/1878
                Isabella Co., MI   Mary Dodd Michigan  
518 9/10/1877 Martha Battese F/Indian   3y Nottawa Twp Unknown Isabella Twp   John Battese Isabella Co. 5/18/1878
                Isabella Co., MI   Woh waso no guay Battese Michigan  
519 7/9/1877 Blank M/White Single 3d Lincoln Twp Fits Lincoln Twp   Alfred Hoover Lincoln Twp 5/20/1878
                    Ellen Hoover Michigan  
520 7/9/1877 Blank M/White Single 6d Lincoln Twp Fits Lincoln Twp   Alfred Hoover Lincoln Twp 5/20/1878
                    Ellen Hoover Michigan  
521 7/28/1877 Eunice Headley F/White Single 3m/20d Lincoln Twp   Lincoln Twp   Samuel Headley Lincoln Twp 5/20/1878
                    Loty? A Headley Michigan  
522 9/7/1877 Henry Coffey M/White Single 18y/2m/11d Lincoln Twp Spinal Fever Illinois Farmer William Coffey Lincoln Twp 5/20/1878
                    Emma Coffey Michigan  
523 5/28/1877 Amelia Cole F/White Single 23y/5m/5d Lincoln Twp Consumption Indiana   Benjamin Cole Lincoln Twp 5/20/1878
                    Eunice Cole Michigan  
524 6/14/1877 Benjamin Cole M/White Married 67y/26d Lincoln Twp Congestive? Brain New York State   Whitman Cole   5/20/1878
                    Eunice Cole    
525 8/4/1877 Franklin L. Parson M/White Single 4m/16d Gilmore Inflammation of Michigan   Harvey Parsons Gilmore 5/20/1878
              the Brain     Lizza Parsons Michigan  
526 5/1/1877 Joseph Phillips M/White Single 14y/6m/7d Gilmore Killed by the falling Wayne Co.   N.J. Phillips Gilmore 5/20/1878
              out of a tree Michigan   Cyntha? Phillips Michigan  
527 9/12/1877 Unknown M/White Single   Gilmore Stillborn Michigan   Charles Robbins Gilmore 5/20/1878
                    Kezzeah Robbins Michigan  
528 8/27/1877 Unknown F/White Single 4y/1d Gilmore Unknown Gilmore   Franklin Long Gilmore 5/20/1878
                Michigan   Katherine Long Michigan  
529 7/21/1877 Delaney F/White Single 2d Coldwater Unknown Michigan   Viola Delaney Coldwater 5/24/1878
                    Edwin Delaney Michigan  
530 11/21/1877 Ann Elizabeth Roberts F/White Married 23y/5m/25d Coldwater Dropsey Ohio Housewife Ryerson Harriet Coldwater 5/24/1878
                    Ryerson Mast----? Michigan  
531 10/25/1877 Nellie Dougherty F/White   5y/7m/1d Coldwater Quick Consumption Michigan   Nettie Dougherty Coldwater 5/24/1878
                    Sidney Dougherty Michigan  
532 5/11/1877 Not Named Archey M/White Single 14d Sherman Unknown Michigan   David Archey Sherman 5/24/1878
                    Mary Archey Michigan  
533 5/30/1877 Rachel Himmell F/White Married 32y Broomfield Delivery of Child Prussia Housekeeper Unknown Prussia 5/30/1878
                    Unknown Prussia  
534 9/28/1877 William Himmell M/White Single 3m/29d Broomfield Unknown Michigan   Theodore Himmell Broomfield 5/30/1878
                    Rachel Himmell Broomfield  
535 4/7/1877 William Holden M/White Single 1y/3m Wise Lung Fever Michigan   Patrick Holden Loomis 6/4/1878
                    Alice Holden Michigan  
536 11/25/1877 John M. Hursh M/White Married 64y Wise Heart Disease New Jersey Lumberman Not Known Loomis 6/4/1878
537 8/18/1877 Corintha Griffen F/White Single   Wise Billious Fever Canada   Sylvester Griffen Canada 6/4/1878
                    Victoria Griffen Canada  
538 10/28/1877 Hannah Gre---? F/White Married 35y Wise Typhoid Fever Canada   John Williams Canada 6/4/1878
                    Polly Williams Canada  
539 7/13/1877 James A. Burwash M/White   14d Wise Fits Wise   James A. Burwash Canada 6/4/1878
                Michigan   Catherine Burwash Canada  
540 3/11/1877 Bell Cousins? F/White Married 28d Wise Typhoid Fever New York   John Cuney? Ohio 6/4/1878
                    Not Known Ohio  
541 7/25/1877 Earl Freland M/White   1y Wise Brain Fever Michigan   Wilson Freland Loomis 6/4/1878
                    Mary Freland Michigan  
542 2/18/78? David Dougherty M/White Married 69y/7m/19d Fremont Consumption Ohio Farmer James Dougherty Deceased 6/4/1878
                    Polly Dougherty Deceased  
543 9/10/1877 Lovina Baxter F/White Widow 63y/2m/25d Fremont ? of the Brain New York   Samuel Baxter Deceased 4/6/1878
                    Elizabeth Baxter Deceased  
544 8/8/1877 Nancy Caldwell F/White Married 55y/5d Fremont Dropsey New York   Johnathan Russell Deceased 6/6/1878
                    Nancy Russell Deceased  
545 8/4/1877 Sharlott Dougherty F/White Single 11m/2d Fremont Spinal complication? Michigan   Wm. Dougherty   6/6/1878
                    Margaret Dougherty    
546 12/15/1877 Nancy Na ga tow F/Red Married 90y/8m/19d Denver Consumption Saginaw   O gah onish? Saginaw 6/7/1878
                Michigan   Ca goh be ga gah Michigan  
547 4/5/1877 Eva Alger F/White Married 22y/6m Clare Heart Disease Canada Housewife   Canada 6/10/1878
548 8/19/1877 Corintha? Jane Griffith F/White Single 8y/18d Loomis Typhoid Fever Canada   Sylvester Griffith Vernon 6/10/1878
                    Victoria Griffith Michigan  
549 12/23/1877 Ernest W. Halstead M/White   2y/4m/8d Vernon Consumption Michigan   Elmer Halstead Vernon 6/10/1878
                    Anna Halstead Michigan  
550 1/29/1877 Florence Horning F/White Married 19y/1m/23d Clare Consumption N.Y. Musician John Past Clare 6/10/1878
                    Fancy Past Michigan  
551 12/2/1877 Norvill Jones M/White Married 38y Vernon Consumption Ohio Farmer Richard Jones Ohio 6/10/1878
                    Martha Jones Ohio  
552 9/1/1877 James O'Brien M/White Single 17y Vernon Consumption Canada   Michael O'Brien Vernon 6/10/1878
                    Catherine O'Brien Michigan  
553 10/10/1877 Lydia A. Moss F/White Married 46y/1m/2d Rolland Heart Disease Valney Farmer's wife Lydia Ann Moss Rolland 6/18/1878
                New York     Michigan  
554 9/27/1877 Ardell Taylor F/White Single 1y/4m/1d Rolland Summer complaint Michigan   O.T. Taylor Rolland 6/18/1878
                    Cary R. Taylor Michigan  
555 9/27/1877 Adell Taylor F/White Single 1y/4m/1d Rolland Summer complaint Michigan   O.T. Taylor Rolland 6/18/1878
                    Cary R. Taylor Michigan  

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