1900 Isabella County Births

Child No. Birth Date Name (if any,and color other than white) Sex Birth Place Full Name of Each Residence Birth Place Occupation of Father Date of Record
225 1/2 26-Jan-00 Grant Loray Briggs M Union Walter Stone Briggs Mt. Pleasant Michigan Farmer May 22, 1901
          Rose Mary Snay   Michigan    
225-A 16-Aug-00 Enda Cleavinger F Union Harley Edward Cleavinger Mt. Pleasant Ohio Laborer May 21, 1901
          Mary Gfish   Ohio    
226 28-May-00 Claude C. Irwin M Wise James Irwin Wise Canada Farmer May 21, 1901
          Addie Irwin   Canada    
227 1-Aug-00 Ruth E. Raymond F Wise Eber Raymond Wise Michigan Farmer May 21, 1901
          Dora Raymond   Indiana    
228 28-Jul-00 James Orvill Jones M Wise Frederick Jones Wise Canada Farmer May 21, 1901
          Alminnie M. Jones   Michigan    
229 15-Jul-00 Russell H. Morrison M Wise Mathew Morrison Wise Canada Farmer May 22, 1901
          Phoebe Morrison   Canada    
230 2-Nov-00 Howard Allen M Wise Jospeh Allen Wise Canada Farmer May 22, 1901
          Flora Allen   Vermont    
231 18-Feb-00 Homer E. White M Adgen Mich Leslie White Wise Michigan Farmer May 22, 1901
          Almedia White   West Virginia    
232 3-Jun-00 Vale Marshall F Wise John Mrashall Wise Canada Farmer May 22, 1901
          Bell Marshall   Michigan    
233 27-Apr-00 Bernice Stevens F Wise Ernest Stevens Wise Michigan Mill Owner May 22, 1901
          Minnin Stevens   Canada    
234 12-Feb-00 Earl L. Parks M Wise Charles Parks Wise Canada Farmer May 22, 1901
          Florence Parks   Iowa    
235 19-Apr-00 Florence M. Kimball F Grand Rapids M. F. Kimball Wise Michigan Farmer May 22, 1901
          Addie M. Kimball   Michigan    
236 26-May-00 Eva Marie Riegle F Isabella Bernard C. Rigle Wise New York Farmer May 22, 1901
          Ida L. Yeager Rigle   Canada    
237 24-Mar-00 Zella F. Bullard F Wise Herbert Bullard Wise Michigan Farmer May 22, 1901
          Hattie Bullard   Canada    
238 23-Dec-00 Vera Edgar F Wise Ervin Edgar Wise Canada Laborer May 22, 1901
          Elizabeth Edgar   Canada    
239 13-May-00 Peter G. Herrman M Wise Philli[pp Herrman Wise Canada Farmer May 22, 1901
          Louise Herrman   Germany    
240 1-Feb-00 Sarah Barkin F Wise Samuel Barking Wise Russia Peddler May 22, 1901
          Fannie Barkin   Russia    
240 1/2 26-May-00 Ritha Nancy Johnson F Coe William Merritt Johnson Coe Michigan Farmer Nov. 2, 1940
          Ethel Jane Leonard   Michigan    
241 4-Jun-00 Bertha Wonsey F Wise Charles Wonsey Wise Michigan Farmer May 22, 1901
          Rosie Wonsey   Michigan    
242 22-Dec-00 Jason J. Methner M Wise Frederick F. Methner Wise Germany Farmer May 22, 1901
          Pauline M. Methner   Germany    


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