1900 Isabella County Births

Child No. Birth Date Name (if any,and color other than white) Sex Birth Place Full Name of Each Residence Birth Place Occupation of Father Date of Record
151 1/2 July 9, 1898 Dorr Martin Allen M Sherman City Claud Allen Sherman City Michigan Farmer July 19, 1941
          Addie Alice Toombs   Michigan    
152 14-Oct-00 Thomas Duffey F Lincoln Patrick Duffey Lincoln Pennsylvania Farmer May 16, 1901
          Anna Duffey   Ohio    
153 12-Apr-00 Maud Norton F Lincoln John Norton Lincoln Michigan Farmer May 16, 1901
          Mary Norton   Michigan    
154 18-Sep-00 Horold Wasserman M Lincoln Albert Wasserman Lincoln Germany Farmer May 16, 1901
          Rosa Wasserman   Ohio    
155 19-Sep-00 Elmer Carpenter M Lincoln Henry Carpenter Lincoln Unknown Laborer May 16, 1901
          Amanda Carpenter   Unknown    
156 11-Mar-00 Alfred Duffey M Lincoln John Duffey Lincoln Michigan Farmer May 16, 1901
          Celia Duffey   Michigan    
157 01-Nov-00 Lavigna Coughlin F Lincoln John Coughlin Lincoln Canada Farmer May 16, 1901
          Sarah Coughlin   Canada    
158 21-Sep-00 Paul Duffey M Lincoln Michael Duffey Lincoln Ireland Farmer May 16, 1901
          Mary Duffey   Canada    
159 01-Jan-00 Floyd Bush M Lincoln William Bush Lincoln New York Farmer May 16, 1901
          Flora Bush   New York    
160 08-Sep-00 Grace Deming F Lincoln Frank Deming Lincoln Michigan Farmer May 16, 1901
          Alta Deming   Michigan    
161 10-Mar-00 Elmer F. Welsh M Mt. Pleasant Elmer Welsh Mt. Pleasant Michigan Laborer May 16, 1901
        1st Ward Mable Welsh   Michigan    
162 29-Nov-00 Edna B. Lempke F Mt. Pleasant Harry Lempke Mt. Pleasant New York Machinist May 16, 1901
        1st Ward Edna Lempke   Michigan    
163 26-Sep-00 Roy Morrison M Mt. Pleasant John Morrison Mt. Pleasant Canada Rail Road May 16, 1901
        1st Ward Matilda Morrison   Canada    
164 24-Nov-00 Charles Fiffield M Mt. Pleasant John Fifield Mt. Pleasant New York Laborer May 16, 1901
    Later chg: Fifield   1st Ward Isabella Fifield   Michigan    
165 12-Jun-00 Marie Margaret Keenen F Mt. Pleasant Frank Keenen Mt. Pleasant Canada Butcher May 16, 1901
        1st Ward Helen Keenen   Canada    
166 04-Sep-00 Lettie Goosephent F Mt. Pleasant A. Goosephent Mt. Pleasant Canada Tailor May 16, 1901
        1st Ward Mary Goosephent   Canada    
166 1/2 20-Dec-00 Harry O'Dell Patterson M Nottawa George Martin Patterson Nottawa Ohio Farmer June 23, 1941
          Kattie Lee   Ohio    
167 24-Oct-00 Leta F. Camoney F Mt. Pleasant Frank D. Cmoney Mt. Pleasant Nebraska Engineer May 16, 1901
        1st Ward Stella Fleming   Michigan    
168 19-Feb-00 Marie E. Keith F Mt. Pleasant Grant Keith Mt. Pleasant Ohio Laborer May 16, 1901
        1st Ward Kate Keith   Canada    
169 18-Jun-00 Robert A. Hunter M Mt. Pleasant H. H. Hunter Mt. Pleasant Michigan Merchant May 16, 1901
        1st Ward Vana Hunter   Michigan    


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