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     Gilmore Church of Christ

     The Gilmore Church of Christ was an outgrowth of a Community Sunday School which was organized in 1880 at the Schofield School House.  In 1882, following a revival meeting with Evangelist Gates from Forrest Hill, the church was formally organized, with 13 members.  Many names of the present membership are related to the Fordyces, Woods, Longs, Leonards and Grimms that were the Charter members.

     In 1889 the church began meeting in the log "Chapel" on the J. H. Wood farm on Fordyce Road.   Following a forest fire which destroyed the chapel the congregation met in the Methodist Church building which was located one mile east of Wood's Store, at that time.  Later they moved to the Baptist Church Building which they purchased and was located across Vandecar Road from the Gilmore Cemetery.

     In 1901 the building which the church now occupies was constructed under the leadership of their minister, Mr. Dains.  This building has been remodeled, changed and added to, down through the years.  The latest change was the addition of the educational unit which was dedicated in 1962.  Recently the congregation has been holding two worship services in order to accommodate the people attending, so more changes are apt to be forthcoming in the near future. 

     During the ministry of S. L. Randall, the stone parsonage was constructed in 1916.  Brother Randall had the distinction of holding the longest ministry with the Gilmore Church until the recent 13 year ministry of C. Hiram "Hi" Gates.

     Some of the other ministers down through the history of the congregation include: C. M. Cook, L. C. Griffith, John Sefton, James Egbert, Mr. Green, Mr. Moon, C. Gardiner, Abel Mudge, C. B. Lyon, as well as Ralph Woodard, Glenn Hall, J. S. Penick, Howard Krause, Ray Green, Newton Huffine and the present minister since 1966, George Getchel.

     The Gilmore Church of Christ is an autonomous body, electing its own office and hiring its own ministers.   It is part of a large movement spreading throughout the World, which desires to restore in the present day and age, the faith and practices of the Church found in the New testament.  As such, the Bible is the only "rule of faith and practice", and Christ is the only creed.

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