Lansing State Journal
October 13, 1938

Services Sunday for New Lutheran at Maple and Arnold Streets

Mt. Pleasant, Oct. 13 - The dedication of the new Lutheran church on the corner of Maple and Arnold streets will take place Sunday, October 16.

The first congregation of this church was organized in 1880, in County Center with these charter members:

John Block
Frederick Biederstedt
George Huber
Leonard Huber
Michael Kipfmueller
John Meader, Sr.
Michael Schnell
Frederick Schupbach
Herman Weber
Simon Weis

None of the original members are alive today, although the wife of one, Mrs. M. Kipfmueller, still survives.
The first church was a large log house in County Center, which had been formerly the court house of Isabella county, then owned by M. Kipfmueller and located on what is now known as the Schertel farm.  In September of 1881, a small frame church was dedicated in County Center, while the members lived in log houses and used ox-carts.  A brick-veneer building, 30 x 50, displaced the frame structure in November, 1909, of which the building committee then was: Edward Huber, John Scheltal, jr., and John Meader, sr.

As the years went by many members of this church and their children, who had married, moved to Mt. Pleasant, and in 1908 members residing in this city were granted their dismissal to worship in a newly erected frame church on North College Street.

January of 1938 the congregation voted to consolidate the two churches, and the frame city church was sold to the American Legion and auxiliary for a hall to meet in.  The brick county church was moved by Simmons' movers to its new location.

Under the general contractor, Frank Fox, the church was rebuilt for dedication October 16, much like its original condition in the county center.

Festival services are to be held both morning and afternoon.

A 10 a.m. the Rev. C. J. Krahnke of Detroit will address the congregation as the personal representative of the Missouri synod's Michigan district church extension board.  The afternoon speakers are: Pastor K. Linsemann of Midland; Pastor D. Mezer of Remus; and Pastor O. Richert of Ivy.  The building committee of the moved and rebuilt church was: Carl Huber, W. Block, Edward Huber, Alfred Huber and J. Recknagel.  The pastor, O. C. Fedcke, extends an invitation to the public to attend these meetings.


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