Minutes of Session and Church Register Calkinsville (Rosebush) Presbyterian Church

 March 17th, 1880

Minutes of the Organization of the1st Presbyterian Church at Calkinsville, Michigan.

Pursuant to Previous announcements after devine service held in the Mc Night School House on the Evening of March 17th 1880.
The 1st Presbyterian Church of Calkinsville in connection with the Prebytery of Saginaw
was organized the following named presented letters of Dismission from other Churches and was enrolled as Members:


James McNight
Mae McNight, his wife
John McLaughlin
Catherin McLalughlin his wife
Margret Dingman, Wife of T. Dingman
Mr. Stewart
Nancy Burk, Wife of A Burk

From the 1st Presbyterian Church of Mt. Pleasant

 Alexander Cameron from the Presbyterian

 Mr. Alexander Cameron being nominated for the office of Elder was on motion unanimously elected to that office having signified his acceptance of the same he was duly Ordained according to the provisions of the Presbyterian Form of Government.

 Session closed in the usual form

 Rev. Wm Campbell, Moderator

 October 12, 1880 Mr. T. Dingman examined and accepted as a member of the church on Profession of his faith in Christ.

June 18th, 1882 Hanna Fraser, Wife of Thomas Fraser Presented a letter of dismission from 1st Presbyterian Church of Toledo, Ohio.  Received into membership.

 July 15th, 1883  Mr. James McNight was nominated to the Office of ruling Elder.

Thompson Walton
Daniel S. Lamont
Lorena Johnston, Wife of Robert Johnston appeared before the session as candidates for admission to the full communion of the church. 

They were severally examined respecting there experimental acquaintance with the Christian religion there approval of the doctrinal standards of the Presbyterian church and there readiness to submit themselves to the discipline of Christ House and there Examination was Sustained.

 Isabella Lamont – wife of D. T. Lamont Presented a letter from the 1st Presbyterian church of Brussels, Ontario.

Tinia Walton Wife of  Thompson Walton  presented a letter of dismissal from the 1st
Presbyterian church of Brucefield, Ontario. 

October 7th, 1886

 Alexander Burk appeared before the session and was examined on his religious experience when having made a satisfactory profession of his faith in the Lord Jesus Christ he was admitted to the sealing ordinance of the Lords Supper.

 Alex Burk after due examination was admitted to the ordinance of Baptism and the Lords supper.

 February 20th, 1887


 Session meet in the church at 2 o’clock.  Present

Present Rev. F. A. Bissel, Moderator


Alexand Cameron

James McNight

 William Scott

Maryann Scott his wife

Thomas Fraser

Daniel Morrison

Delis Swindelhurst, Wife of m. Swindelhurst

Lizebeth Johnson, Wife of H.Johnson

Miss Margaret Harvey


Appeared before , etc.


June 16th 1887


Session Meet in the church at 2 o’clock p.m.

Present Rev. W. Robinson, Moderator

With Elders
Alexan Cameron

James McNight


Meeting was opened with Prayer,  Minutes of the last meeting read


Emanuel Crotser

Isabella Crotser, his wife

Malcom McLoud

Mary Jane McLoud

Elseann Terry

Geroge Moss

Elisebeth Moss, his wife

Miss Lorena Dingman

Miss Mary Morrison, by letter from Erskine Church Montreal Ontario

William Terry


Appeared before…..


October 8th, 1887

Same as above

James Clulie

Ann Jane Clulie,his wife

Joseph Kile Johnson

Miss Martha Alberta Johnson

Addison McKay

Sarah McKay, his wife


Appeared before…………….


October 9th, 1887


Same as above in terms of the meeting called to order, etc.


Jonah Archer
John Mogg

Mary Mogg, wife of Ruben Mogg

Elisebth McLoud,wife of John McLoud


Appeared before thesession.


February 19th, 1888


Session Meet in the Church at 2 o’clock p.m.

Present Rev. Luke Noll, Moderator


With Elders

Alexander Cameron

James McNight

Alexander Burk

Agness Dunn, Wife of R. Dunn

Miss Mary L. Morrison

Mary Jane, Archer, Wife of Jonah Archer

Sarah E.Angle, Wife of W. Angle

Miria Cretsinger, Wife of Jacob Critsinger

William Swindlehurst


Appeared before the session and were examined on there religious experience when have made a satisfactory Profession of there faith in the Lord Jesus Christ they were admitted to the Sealing Ordinance of the Lords Supper.


Session Closed with Prayer

Daniel L. Lamont



1888 forward to 1900  Members accepted into the church:


Miss Katie McLachlan

Mrs. Jennie Raymond

Reuben Mogg

Robert Johnston

Mrs. Roxalana Mussell

Mr. George McKay

???? Cameron

Mrs. Elizabeth Bush

Miss Florence Ella Archer

Miss Isabella Parks

Miss Isabella Morrison

Mr. James L. Bush

Mr. Calvin Cameron

Alexander Bush

Ada Cameron

Mrs Alquista Heimsch

Albert John Archer

Mrs. Rosella Watson

Mr. John Watson

Miss MinnisWatson


1889, April 14

Rev. James A. Griffes was called to be pastor of this church.


Henry Mogg

Amanda Mogg

Mrs. Melissa D. McKay

Mr. Christian Heimsch


Nov. 2, 1890 Named changed to Rosebush

Mrs. Ellen Slocumb

David Mussell

Christie Morrison, wife of Donald Morrison

Piria Cowden

Mary  Lee Johnson

Mrs. John Armstrong

Mrs. James Scott

Sarah Jane Cluley

Hattie Swindelhurst

Katie Burk

James Willis

John Hummell

Mrs. Samuel Cameron

Jane Nolan

J. G. Harese

James Swindlehurst

James Watson

Isabella Spaulding

Mrs. James Swindelhurst

James Crawford

Jane Crawford

Sarah Harnsy

Nella Batgly

Miss Laura Reigles from the Free Will Baptist Church of Davison

James Marsh

Lorina Marsh,his wife

Acceptedinto membership by letter:  Mrs. J. M. Dallas and Mrs. Wesley Patterson

By examination Mrs. Fitchet, Mrs. Houghten, Mrs. Funnell and Mrs. McLauglin

Maggie Funnell

Susie Funnell

Futh Funnell

Edith Patterson

By Baptism

Bula May daughter of Joseph Johnson

Albert Lea son of Mrs. Wm. Archer

George E. son of Mrs. Angell

By letter

James Hudson

Mrs. J.Hudson

Elmer  Prudent

Mrs. E. L. Prudent

By profession of Faith

Elizabeth Houghten


Profession of Faith

Anna Robinson

Frances Ervin

Baptized as children:

John Gordon, son of Mr.and Mrs. John Gordon

Frank Clay, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Robinson

Clara daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Swindlehurst

Hellen same

Lily same

Emma daughter of same  (April 30, 1899)

Andrew same

Hugh, same

Martha  daughter of Mr.and Mrs. Frank Robinson

Blanch same

Edna May same

Issac Charles son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ervin

Mason B.   sam

Myrtle Bell, same


Mr. William Thompson

Mrs. William Thompson

Baptized sons of Mr. and Mrs. James Cluley

George Henry and Davide Harrison


Son and daughter of Mrs. John Houghton

John Donald

Maud Caroline


Nina daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Thompson


William H. McKay

Elizabeth Ada McKay

Laura may Campbell

Mable McDonald

George Fraser

Joseph R. Collie



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