Conley Cemetery, Coldwater Township, Isabella County, Michigan

Surname GIVEN NAME BIRTH Death Other:
AFRY Lee C. can't read  
ALEXANDER Harvey M. can't read Son of J& L Alexander        
ALEXANDER Jackson 1828 1895
ALEXANDER Louisa 1840 1907
ANDERSON Anna no dates   Cement/Wife of C. Anderson      
BAZAIRE Dan Orly 1904 1905  Our Baby    
BECK Mother 1861 1926
BECK William 1856 1919 Father
BELLOWS Mable   22 Oct 1881 1 yr. 3 months        
BELLOWS ? 5 5-May-02 Son of C&S Bellows        
BELLOWS Harriet L. 1864 1896  Mother  
BELLOWS Austin J. 1854 1938  Father  
BELLOWS Hattie can't read Wife of A.J. Bellows      
BELLOWS Mother no dates
BELLOWS Pansy no dates
BELLOWS Cecil D.   4 May 1888 Son of RW & ER Bellows               
BELLOWS Mother no dates
BELLOWS Cecil D. no dates  
BROOKS Elsie M. 4 May 1837 7-Feb-02  Mother  
BROOKS Family Marker
BROOKS David W. 20 Aug 1834 June 5 1902 Father      
BROOKS J. Elmer 1858 1944  
BROWN W.G. no dates
BROWN H.C. no dates ..
BROWN William George   1898
BROWN Charles no dates
BROWN Mother no dates
BROWN George W. 23 Aug 1829 no date Company A, 31st Ohio Infantry 3 Aug 1861 17 Sept 1864
BRUBAKER ? 28 May 1877 10-May-07        
BRUBAKER Harry A.   5 Apr 1890 Our Father      
BRUBAKER Family Marker
BRUBAKER    can't read
BRUBAKER W.B no dates
BRUBAKER Little Ray no dates  
BRUBAKER unknown no dates
BRUBAKER unknown no dates
BRUBAKER VALIANCE Elizabeth 7 May 1844 ?      
BUGBEE Father no dates
BUGBEE George E.   18 May 1873    
BUGBEE Freddie   Oct 8 No Year    
CHERVOLMES Royal 4 Jun 1886 8 May 1890 4 Y, 4 M, 4 D        
COLLEY Eva no dates
COLLEY Walter U.   died 1884 son of SC and LM Colley            
COLLEY Myron no dates
COLLEY Ivy no dates
COLLEY Ivy   died 5 Apr 1879 son of SC and LM Colley              
COLLEY Myron   died 16 Sep 1890 son of SC and LM Colley              
COLLEY Lloyd O. no dates  
CONLEY       Children of Peter and ME Conley    
COLEY Peter   died:24 Nov l900
CONLEY Mary Ellen 1857 1935 .  
CONLEY Peter No dates Father
CONLEY Rachel 11 Dec 1885 Wife of Thomas Conley  
FORBES Isolina M. 1865 1927  
FORBES Mary M. 1846 1921 Mother  
FORBES W.B 3 Jun 1839   Co. A,  10th Michigan Infantry 14 Oct 1861 6 Feb 1865
FORBES Effie no dates
FORBES Alfred no dates
FORBES L.J. no dates
HAIGHT Myrtle   Died: Mar 10 1880 Child of J. and E. Haight              
HAMILTON Myrtle M.   died: 28 May 1902 Daughter of John and Al Fretta                
HAMMOND Marten can't read Son of SC and F Hammond          
HAMMOND Orten C.   died: 26 Feb 1892 Son of SC and F Hammond                
HAMMOND Maude M.  25 Jul 1888 26-Jun-02          
HAMMOND, Orten C.  no dates  
HAMMOND Marten no dates
HAMMOND Mary M. 1856 1915
HAMMOND James Neal 1856 1935  
HARPER Delila V.   died: 22 Apr 1888 Wife of BF Harper          
HARPER Margery No dates
HASKINS Ruth Lenore   died: 21 May 1910      
HASKINS Freddie can't read Son of R Haskins      
HASKINS Emma can't read Wife of William Haskins      
HAWKINS Gerome   died: 14 Nov 1901    
HILL Myrtle Isabell 10 Jan 1888 8 Apr 1888  
HILLIKER Mary e. 2-Dec-04 25-Feb-05 Our Baby    
LETSON S.A. 1842 1919
LETSON Ann E. 1848 1917  
LETSON Burt M.   18 Dec l849 Son of SA and AE Letson          
LETSON Sidel     Child of SA and AE Letson      
LETSON Orin D.  7 Dec 1886 15 May 1875 Child of SA and AE Letson Side2        
LETSON Oliver A. 21 Aug 1868 13 May 1875 Child of SA and AE Letson Side2        
LETSON Mertie B. 11 Sep 1869 20 May 1875 Child of SA and AE Letson Side2        
LETSON Torgin T. Jan 1875 25 May 1875 Child of SA and AE Letson Side 3        
LETSON Belva 20 Jan l889 20 Jan 1889 Child of SA and AE Letson Side 3    
LETSON Mary S. 13 Oct 1871 28 Jul 1872 Child of SA and AE Letson Side4        
LETSON Nina 13 Oct 1871 13 Oct 1871 Child of SA and AE Letson Side 4      
LETSON Nonia 13 Oct 1871 13 Oct 1871 Child of SA and AE Letson Side 4      
LONGTIN Rhoda 12 Dec l892 Can't read  
LONGTIN Michael D.   12 Dec l902 Brother
LONGTIN Alism S.   21 Apr l910 Brother
LONGTON Oscar Zeke 1905 1980 The Mayor of Weidman        
LONGTON Mary 1864 1941 Mother
MCCOY Matthias   14 Jun l891 Son of WS & SA        
MCCOY John   20 Nov l893 in memory of    
MCKIBBEN John W. 15 Sep 1835 3-Dec-12 Father    
MCKIBBEN Lovina 24 Mar 1852 6-Jul-03 Mother, Wf JW McKibben        
MCKIBBEN Hugh 28 Feb 11879 12-Jan-02 Sone of JW & L McKibben          
MCKIBBEN baby   Infant daughter of JW & L        
MCKIBBEN Bertha 28 Apr 1890 13 Oct 1891 daughter of JW & L            
MINER Joseph 1852 1899
ROBERTS Ann Elizabeth   2 Mar l877 Wife of Hanford L.      
ROBERTS Stella   March 2 1904 Wife of Hanford L.    
ROBINSON Letha   8 Dec 1890
RYERSON Mary J. Wright 1852 1939    
RYERSON Harriet A.   1-Apr-00 Loved Wf Martin M. Ryerson        
RYERSON Willie no dates
SMELTS Henry     Co. G, 102nd Ohio Infantry    
SMELTS ?   28 Feb 1886
SHEPHARD ? marker missing
SHEPHARD Family Marker
SHEPHARD Lawrence   1 Dec 1896 Husband & Father  
SHEPHARD Hattie 1856 1908 At rest  
SHEPHARD? Clara M. can't read  
SHILLING Margaret 1838 1923 Mother
SHILLING Solomon 1837 189?
SIDES Wife no dates .
SIDES Isaac W. 1852 1905  
SIDES I.N.S. no dates
SMITH Grover   18 Sep 1891 Our Darling/son R & A Smith    
STEED Judd 1877 1934 Father
STEED Ramah V. 1897 1916  
STEED G.W.     Co. C, 59th Indiana Infantry    
TOWER Albert N.   11-Mar-01 son of IW & E Tower          
TOWER William    13 Oct 1901 son of IW & E Tower        
WAGEMAN Eliza 1852 1908
WAGEMAN Lovi 1853 1929
WALKER Family Marker
WALKER Thomas   18 Dec 1896
WALKER Ruth I. Jan 1837 9-Jan-14        
WATKINS Darius 10Mayl888
WHITE Emma J. can't read Wife of Edward      
WHITE Edward 1826 1910
WHITE Mother
WOOLEY Nancy 4 Feb 1815 26 Mar 1890 Mother
WOOLEY Albert 12 May 1812 16 Jan 1885 Father
WRIGHT Family Marker
WRIGHT Clarence no dates
WRIGHT John 28Sepl899


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