Fortieth Anniversary








Central State

Teachers College



Monday, June Twenty-four

Nineteen Thirty-five


Nine Fifteen







                   Invocation                                                                       Rev. C. B. Hawkins


                   Vocal Solo: “Lift Thine Eyes”                                            Logan

                                                Leon Methner


                   Commencement Address

                             “Youthful Delinquency and Education”

                                                Honorable Royal S. Copeland

                                                United States Senator from New York


                   Violin Solo:  “Scherzo Tarantelle”                                    Wieniawski

                             Hannah Spencer

                             Department of Music


                   Conferring of Degrees and Granting of Certificates

                             President E.  C. Warriner


                   Singing of “Alumni Hymn” by the Audience


                             Central loved and fostering mother

                             Like a tower we see thee stand,

                             Gay in sunlight, brave in shadow,

                             Genius of a friendly land.

                             Alma mater, Alma Mater,

                             We revere they helping hand.


                             Thy brave past is our foundation,

                             Of thy strength our own is made,

                             Thy clear eyes are to the future,

                             We will meet it undismayed.

                             Alma Mater, Alma Mater,

                             Hope and faith in thee are stayed.

                             Alma Mater, Alma Mater,

                             Hope and faith in thee are stayed.


                                                                                      Mrs. E. C. Warriner


          Benediction                                                                              Rev. C. B. Hawkins





Bachelor of Arts

                                    Elizabeth Balige                                                                       Mary Winifred McKeever

                                    Lois Florence Bateson                                                               *Barbara E. Marshall

                                    Meta Elizabeth Bixby                                                               Kirke Martin

                                    Wilbur B. Boyden                                                                    F. Earle Mayville

                                    John F. Brown                                                                         Reynold E. Mick

                                    Beatrice L. Burnett                                                                   *Albert Moore (S)

                                    *Paul H. Cardwell                                                                   *Maxine Pattison Moshier (S)

                                    W. Reynolds Cardwell                                                             Emil Robert Pfister

                                    *Ruth Chase                                                                            Madeline Lorraine Race

                                    Edith Virginia Clark                                                                 *Wesley William Riches

                                    Lewis Edward Clark                                                                 Mary Stevens Schuch

Ferris Nathan Crawford                                                           Clinton V. Scott

                                    Keith Richard Dean                                                                 Myrtle R. Sebald

                                    Devere Dockham                                                                     Peter Skeberdis

                                    Edith Frye Edick                                                                      Ruth Swindt

                                    Arthur Gordon Ellico, Sr.                                                         Donalda B. Taylor

                                    Elinor Filion                                                                             Floyd V. Taylor

                                    Rex Charles Gillen                                                                   Verla Eileen Taylor

                                    Erwin A. Hale                                                                          Joyhn William Tebbel

                                    Benjamin VanRiper Hanthorne                                                Irene M. Tennant

                                    Dorothy Agnes Hodges                                                            Viola Verellen

                                    Harold Huntoon                                                                     Frank R. Vincent

                                    *Margaret Frances Johnson                                                       Ethel L. Walter

                                    *F. DeWayne Kyser                                                                  Reva Wheelock

                                    Sister Mary LaNore, O.P.                                                         *Buena M. Wilson (V)

                                    *Willliam D. MacAllister                                                         Helen Woodburn



Bachelor of Science


                                    Helen Marie Achenbach                                                           Emmeline Hornac

                                    *August H. Arndt                                                                    H. W. House

                                    Bessie Helen Baker                                                                   Dorothy E. Hursh

                                    Stanley A. Bare                                                                        *Elizabeth Jackson

                                    Milton Belmore                                                                        Vivian Lucille Johnston

                                    Gaylord E. Bush                                                                      Hilmar O. Leyrer

                                    Margaret A. Byrne                                                                    J. Byron Lincoln

                                    Elizabeth Pauline Carroll                                                         Howard C. Loomis

                                    Charles Albert Conrad                                                             *Paul Lowrey

                                    Marian Davis                                                                           Mary Louise McConnell

                                    John Wesley Dunn                                                                   Florence A. McKnight

                                    *Susan T. Dyer                                                                        *Myrtle Gates Maybee

                                    Eleanor Zorah Eaton                                                                Leon Methner

                                    Ally Orin Ensign                                                                      Beverly I. Milner

                                    *Harry D. Fee                                                                          Ruth Irene Neebes

                                    Frances E. French                                                                     Charles H. Niggeman

                                    Eva Mae Garber                                                                       William Woodrow Novak

                                    G. Lynn Garrett                                                                       Alma Mae Ousterhout

                                    William Myron Georgia                                                           Maurice Pernet

                                    Clayton V. Hamilton                                                               Lucille Lorenne Peterson

                                    Irene Harter                                                                             Harold S. Powers

                                    Desmond Jane Hicks                                                                Wendell O. Regis

                                    Floyd H. Hill                                                                           John Carl Reithel

                                    Morris Russel Hodges                                                               Mariewil H. Schindler

                                    Helen Schomberg                                                                     Kenneth VanHoesen

                                    Dorothy M. Scott                                                                    Marvel E. Warner

                                    Anna Mae Smith                                                                      Ray Warren

                                    Nellie Smith                                                                             Lenora M. Winterberg

                                    Betty K. Somerville                                                                  *John Orlan Wise

                                    Clyde W. Thrasher                                                                   Donald H. Woolson

                                    Deobold VanDalen                                                                  Robert W. Young


Life Certificates


                                    James S. Babcok                                                                       Margaret M. Liston

                                    Agnes E. Baird                                                                         Esther May Luce

                                    Marion A. Cole                                                                        Beatrice L. McLean

                                    Esther Mae Deemer                                                                  Ruth Eleanor Matachett

                                    Catharine Robertson Dittmar                                                   Gordon K. Morton

                                    Lorraine Doughty                                                                    V. Leota Perry

                                    Harry P. Firestone                                                                    Margaret Quinlan

                                    *Mabel Hannah Fitch                                                              Edwin Schalk

                                    O.A. Fox                                                                                  Glenn Sherman

                                    Dorothy Reba Fyle                                                                   Beatrice Eleanor Straw

                                    Dorothy Hyde                                                                         Ora Gail Tobey

                                    Beatrice Elizabeth Killmer                                                        Helen L. Webb

                                    *Vera Klein                                                                              Marion Jeanette Wolf


Five Year Certificates


                                    Helene A. Anderson                                                                 Wilma Caroline Kennedy

                                    Dorothy May Bedaine                                                              Pauline D. Morgan

                                    Odith M. Fosgate                                                                     Clarence E. Walker

                                    Gladys Josephine Graham                                                        Vonnie Elsie Wilcox

                                    *Melva E. Wood


*Honorable Mention for Scholarship

S = Salutatory

V = Valedictory


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