Central Michigan Normal School Alumni 1905
                                                *Address as of 1910

                                        LIFE CERTIFICATE COURSE


BARTLETT, Silas A., Ellensburg, WA., Prin Private High School, $1,000, 10.

BRONDSTETTER, Michael, Ann Arbor, Student in U of M.

BURK, William A., Lead, S. D., Supervisor of Manual Training, $1,350, 10.

BUSH, Grant, W., Muir, Superintendent, $810, 9.

COOK, R. Thane, Ann Arbor, Student in U of M.

GARLOCK, Mark A., Montesano, WA., Prin in High School, $1,000, 9.

HESS, Samuel H., Thief River Falls, Minn., Science in High School, $630, 9.

JENNER, G. L. (A. B., U of M), Instructor in Science in U of M.

KELLOGG, Harold C., Weehawken, N. J., Parke Davis & Co.

KENNEDY, Robert, Bay City, Prin in Ward School, $800, 9 ½.

KNIRK, Carl F. (A. B. U. Of Illinois), Cleveland, OH, 103 Burton Ave., Head

        of Geog. Dept. Tech, High School, $2,000, 11.

LaRUE, John D., Northville, Superintendent, $1,000, 10.

McMACKEN, Harley J., Trenton, Superintendent, $950, 10.

ROBINSON, Frank E., Bronson, Superintendent, $1,000, 9 ½.

SEVERANCE, Charles, Levering, Superintendent, $720, 9.

STEAD, Albert G., Onaway, Superintendent, $1,200, 10.

WHITCOMB, Earl, Freeport, Superintendent, 9.


ANDRUS, Margaret, Grand Rapids, 1st & 2nd Grades, $750, 10.

ARMSTRONG, Harriet, Mt. Pleasant

BARSTAR, Pauline, Gladstone, 4th Grade, $525, 10.

BRADSHAW, Mabel, Clio, Prin in High School, $600, 10.

BUNN, Sophie, Ashland, Wisc., Teaching

HARDING, Minnie M. (Mrs. Berry), Petoskey.

HESS, Mildred, Mt. Pleasant. Not teaching.

LEESON, Ruberta Joy (Mrs. W. E. Sours), Cadillac.

LIVINGSTON, Hazel I., Ann Arbor, Student in U of M.

LOWE, Mary E. (A.B., U of M), Ass’t in Eng Dept., C. S. N., $1,000, 10 ½

McCUE, Helen, Muskegon, Critic Teacher Co. Normal, $650, 10.

McDONALD, Loretta, Mt. Pleasant, 6th Grade, $427, 9 ½.

MANNERS, Jessie M., Detroit, 137 Henry St., 1st Grade, $750, 10.

PARKER, Lizzie, Chicago, 5349 Wash. Blvd., 5th Grade, $1,000, 10.

REED, Blanche Mae, Albion, 2nd & 3rd Grades, $451, 9 ½

RICHARDSON, Ella M., Flagstaff, Ariz., Critic Northern Arizona Normal,

        $1,210, 11.

RICHMOND, Bertha M., Wakefield, 7th Grade, $550, 10.

SLATER, Elizabeth E (Mrs. Zimmerman), San Juan, Porto Rico.

SLATER, Mary, Elk Rapids, History in High School, $550, 9 ½

TATMAN, Alina M. (Mrs. Seymour Andrus), Clare.


                                   KINDERGARTEN COURSE


MANNERS, Jessie A., Detroit, 137 Henry St., 1st Grade, $750, 10.

SCHIEFLER, Laura A. (Mrs. W. E. Titus), Greenville.


                                   PUBLIC SCHOOL MUSIC COURSE


CHAPMAN, Alice, Manistee, Stenographer & Bookkeeper


                                   GRADED SCHOOL COURSE


HALLOCK, Josiah H (L.’06), Palouse, WA., Principal High School, $900, 9.

KANE, Harry J., Mt. Pleasant, Manager Shoe Dept., Kane Bros.

LEESTMA, Reinder (L.’06), Ypsilanti, Student in Normal College.

SCHNELL, Edw. L., Elk City, ID., Mgr. O. C. Lapp Co., Gen’l Medse.

SHORTS, Warren W., Seattle, WA., Contractor.


BROWN, May Estelle, Big Timber, Mont., Rural School, $650, 10.

CAVANAGH, Mabel E., Midland, Hist. & Eng. In High School, $550, 9 ½

COLE, Bessie, Flint, 4th Grade, $500, 10.

CUTLER, Emma E (Mrs. C. H. Bannister), Bannister.

FLETCHER, Mamie L., Flint, 5th Grade, 10.

FORSBERG, Genevieve, North Bradley, Music, Drawing & Hist., 6th, 7th, & 8th

        Grades, $700, 10.

FRISBIE, Minnie K (L.’08), Norway, Geo. & Botany in High School.

        $760 9 ½

GILLIES, Violet G., Cass City, 2nd Grade, $400, 10.

HANKINS, Faye, Portland, Language in grades, $450, 9 ½

HILL, Nellie C.

JOHNSON, Ethel M (L.’08), Tawas City, $500, 10.

KIRCHNER, Mary A., Charlevoix, Prin of Grammar Grades, $495, 9.

McCOOL, Emma Lucile (L.’07), Billings, Mont., 8th Grade, $855, 9.

MENEREY, Francis L. (L.’07), Dickinson, N. D., 5th Grade, $650

MILLER, Katherine M., Cass City, Grammar grades, $500, 10.

MILLER, Margaret, Cass City. Not teaching this year.

NIECE, Grace, Spokane, WA., 7th & 8th Grades, $800, 9 ½

O’CONNELL, Catherine

OSMUN, Florence, Charlotte, 2nd & 3rd Grades, $425, 9 3/4

POPE, Myrtle J. (L.’08), Redlands, CA, 6th Grade, $720, 9.

RAYMOND, Lottie, Berwyn, Ill., (96 34th St), 1st Grade, $600, 10.

SAMPSON, Mabel C., Vaughn, WA., Ass’t in High School, $600, 10.

SCHULZ, Ellen D., Ann Aarbor, Student in U of M.

SMITH, Gracia M. (Mrs. Dawe), Deckerville.

STEWART, Ruzena J )L.’07), Laingsburg, Prin High School, $550, 10.\

WALLING, Pearl M (Mrs. R. H. Collins), Mt. Pleasant

WELLS, Ethel (Mrs. Deeter), Omaha, Neb., Student in U of Omaha.

WHEELER, Ruth, VanWyck, ID, Private Instructor

YAGER, Florence E., Springport, 2nd grade, $450, 10.


                                   RURAL SCHOOL COURSE


AYLING, Arthur, Merrill, Rural School, $540, 9.

GAREY, Joseph, Mt. Pleasant, Student in C. S. N.

CRAWFORD, George, Mt. Pleasant, Student in C. S. N.


HOFFMAN, Robert, Ann Arbor, Student in U of M.

KELLOGG, William, Pompeii, Rural School, $320, 8.

LEESTMA, Bendert, Ypsilanti, Student in C. S. N.

McCARTY, Earl C., Mt. Pleasant, Student in C. S. N.

MAYES, Walter E., Elkton, Rural School, $550, 9.

PETERSON, Ernest, Wakefield, Asst. Mining Engineer

TOWLE< William (L.’09), Sault Ste. Marie, Prin of Ward School., $750, 10.

WHITCOMB, Claude, Fresno, CA., Mail Clerk

WILEY, Robert, Omena, Superintendent, $520, 8.


ALDRICH, Genevieve (Mrs. Dodds), Lake Odessa

BARRETT, Rose (Mrs. Richard O’Connell)

BATES, Lena Myrtle, Walkerville, Grades, $468, 9.

BELL, Alice (Mrs. E. G. Teeter), Chicago.

BORST, Florence (L.’07), Grand Rapids, 1st Grade, $750, 10.

BOURGEOIS, Julia L., Merle Beach, Rural School, $360, 9.


COLBECK, Ethel, Elmira, Intermediate Grades, $450, 9.

DeALKIRE, Theresa J., Springport

DRUMM, Sadie, Owosso, Rural School.

EAKWRIGHT, Genevieve B.

FIGG, Essie N.

GANNON, Lillian M., Mt. Pleasnt, Rural School, $405, 9.

HACKETT, Mae K., Mt. Pleasant, Rural School, $485.

HAGERMAN, Bertha, Saranac, 8th Grade, $450, 10.

HATHAWAY, Frances L (Mrs. Ernest Hull), Lansing.

KENT, Ethel, Mt. Pleasant, Rural School, $405, 9.

LYBOLT, Gertrude E., Alma

McCONNELL, Catherine, Clare, Rural School.

McNALLY, Lena, Montrose, Primary, $450, 10.

McNERNEY, Rose, Mt. Pleasant, Rural School, $360, 9.

MURPHY, Anna E., Edmore, Rural School, $450, 9.

MURTHA, Mabel (G. ‘06), Mt. Pleasant, 5th Grade, $427, 9 ½

O’CONNELL, Mayme B (Mrs. Raymond McConnell), Clare

RANSOM, Alice (G. ‘06), Medical Lake, WA., 1st Primary, $650, 10.

RHYMES, Sara (Mrs. Waite), Tekonsha

RYAN, Evangeline J., Maple Rapids, Rural School, $360, 9.

SCHELL, Hattie E., Summit City, Rural School, $416, 8.

SHEPARD, Vera Elsie (Mrs. J. A. Pray), Dimondale

SMITH, Luella (Mrs. Badgley) Clare, R. F. D.

TAINTER, Alice, Clarion, Superintendent, $400, 8.

TENNY, Lena (Mrs. Ault), Cadillac, Rural School, $320, 8.

UTTER, Beatrice J.

VanDERVEER, Nancy E.

WAIGHT, May O., Weidman, Grades, $405, 9.

WEBSTER, Edna B. (Mrs. Dalnoder)

WELLS, Ella M. (Mrs. Nickert), Ithaca, R. F. D.



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