Central Michigan Normal School  

         1901 Alumni
          *address as of 1910

                                                GRADE SCHOOL COURSE


ARCHER, A. J., Alma, Bookkeeper, Michigan Sugar Co.

BAIR, Floyd, Grand Ledge, Manufacturer of Gasoline Engines, Motors, etc.

CURTIS, Richard, Walla Walla, WA - Druggist

DeVOE, Isaac M. (L. ‘04), Charlevoix, Superintendent, $1,200, 9.

ETTINGER, Luther Paul (L. ‘04), Ovid, Superintendent, $1,000, 10.

FISHER, Max M., Mt. Washington, MO., Fire Insurance, Statistician

GILPIN, Archie R (L. ‘03), Cheboygan, Superintendent, $1,800, 10.


LIVERMORE, Lloyd L., Mt. Pleasant, Student, C. S. N.

McCLAVE, Harry (L. ‘03) Hillsdale, Co. Commissioner of Schools, $1,200, 12.

MEAD, Clarence H. (U. Of M.), Bluffton, Ind., Physician and Surgeon

MILLER, Harry G., Mt. Pleasant, Editor of Isabella Co. Courier

PARMALEY, Wallace G., Boston, Mass., 117 Falmouth St., Head of Addressing

        Department in a Publishing House

RATHBURN, Geo. W., Deceased

RICKER, Charles I. (L. ‘08), East Lake, Superintendent, $1,100, 10.

RILEY, Glen H., Mt. Pleasant, Real Estate Business

SNIDER, Walter L. (L. ‘04), Mt. Pleasant, Real Estate Business

STEAD, Albert G. (L. ‘05), Onaway, Superintendent, $1,200, 10.

TAYLOR, Geo. W., Beaverton, Farmer and R. F. D. Carrier

TOOTHACKER, W. S., Pentwater, Superintendent, $1,000, 9.

VOELKER, A. C. (L. ‘03), B. S. Drake U.) Leon, Iowa, Superintendent,

        $1,200, 9.



BABCOCK, Maude E. (Mrs. Wellwood), West Branch

BATTLE, Margaret G., Sault Ste. Marie, Math. In Gram. Grades, $575, 10.



BOON, Byrde, Duluth, Minn.

CAMERON, Lillian (L. ‘07), Traverse City, 2nd Grade, $475, 9-1/2.

CAREY, Mary Elizabeth (Mrs. Mansfield), Menominee, 243 Ogden Ave.

CURTIS, Allie (Mrs. Skinner), Buckley

CURTISS, Jennie G.

FOSTER, Fannie (Mrs. W. S. Toothacker), Pentwater

FREEMAN, Jeanette (L.’04 & Albion College), Wellsville, Ohio, English and

        History in High School, $750, 9.

GEIGER, Pauline


GRAY, Mabel (L. ‘07), Seattle, WA, 1712 Summit Ave., 7th Grade, $840, 10.

HAACK, Hulda

HACKETT, Edna, Valley City, N. D.

HACKETT, Gertrude (L. K. ‘09), Brockton, Mass., Kindergarten

HALE, Dalla E., Norway, Science and English, $712, 9-1/2.

HANNETT, E. May (Mrs. Chas. McGinley) Milwaukee, Wis.

HEALY, Verna

HOUGHTON, Elizabeth (Mrs. Atwell), Selma, Ind.

JONES, Edna, Lansing, 507 W. Main, 1st Grade, $500

KANE, Helen May (L ‘08), (Mrs. Peter Ryan), Merrill

LEEPLA, Ella M. (Mrs. Lubker), Tocoma, WA., 3615 S. 7th St.

McDUFFEE, Kate (Mrs. Backus), Harbor Springs

MacKINNON, Elizabeth R. (L. ‘07), Minneapolis, Minn., Primary,

        Minnehaha School, $900. 10.

McRAE, Mary L (L. ‘10), (Mrs. Boosinger), Mt. Pleasant

MURRAY, Margaret E. (L. ‘03), Jackson, 3rd Grade

PICKWORTH, Charlotte

PRAY, Merta E. (Mrs. Cheeney), L. ‘06), Chesaning

RICHARDSON, Ella M. (L. ‘03), Flagstaff, Ariz., Critic North Arizona

        Normal, $1,200, 11.

ROGERS, Ada G. (Mrs. F. L. Smith), Detroit, 610 Mack Ave.


STANSELL, Gertrude M.

STEWART, Madge (L. ‘08), Gary, Ind., 101 5th St., 2nd Grade, $750, 10.

SULLIVAN, Elizabeth, Mt. Pleasant, 4th Grade, $450, 10.

SWIFT, Dora (Mrs. O. P. Jensen), Big Rapids

VICKERY, Edna M. (Mrs. Jas. Graham), Grand Rapids, Woodward Ave.

WHITNEY, Ella, Tekonsha

WILSON, Lois B. (Life-Normal College), Mt. Pleasant, 3rd Grade Critic,

        C. S. N., $1,100, 10-1/2.

WITWER, Edith B., Dowagiac.


                                   RURAL SCHOOL COURSE


BILLINGS, Marion L. (L. ‘07), Mt. Pleasant, Asst. In Psychol. And Ped.,

        C. S. N., $1,000, 10-1/2.

CLULEY, John B. (L. ‘08), Cheboygan, Manual Training, $900, 10.

ETTINGER, Clayton ( R. ‘03) Winn, Physician and Surgeon


MANARY, Otto, Monitor, Superintendent, $765, 9.

PINNEY, Allison, East Jordan, Gardener


BEANE, Althea A., Smiths Creek, 1st-5th Grades, $405, 9.

BOUGEOIS, Julia ( R. ‘05), Merle Beach, Rural School, $360, 9.

BRODIE, Jessie (Mrs. J. Fox) Mt. Pleasant, R. F. D.

BROWN, Fanny (G. ‘02), (Mrs. Sedgwick), Chicago, 4820 Superior St.

BROWN, Florence (Co. Nor.), St. Johns, R. F. D. 2, Rural School

BROWN, Margaret Ashley, R. F. D. 3, Rural School, $320, 8.

CARR, Grace

CLULEY, Rebecca (Mrs. Brown), Rosebush, R. F. D.

COONS, Annis (Mrs. Axtell), Shepherd

CRANDELL, Edna, New York City, Dorner 136 St. And Lenox Ave. Taking

        Post Graduate Course in Nursing, Bellevue Hospital.

GILPIN, Marie (Mrs. F. W. Douglas) Albion

HAGERMAN, Bertha R., Saranac, 8th Grade, $450, 10.

HOYT, Grace (Mrs. Oaks), Flint, 1020 Stevens St.

HUDSON, Effie (G. ‘04), Midland, 8th Grade, $500, 9-1/2.



JUNE, Ivy (Mrs. Echlin), Evart, R. F. D. No. 5.

KEEN, Edith (G. ‘08) Sault Ste Marie, History & Grammar, 7th & 8th Grades,

        $575, 10.

LANGWORTHY, Jessie, Everett, WA., 3319 21st St., 7th Grade, $840, 9-1/2.

LEWIS, Irene (Mrs. Youngs), Alma

LUDY, Celia ( R. ‘06), (Mrs. Geo. E. Gehrett) Shepherd

LYPPS, Maude (G. ‘02)

McCLELLAND, June (Mrs. Hart), Stanton

McKEE, Grace (Mrs. H. A. Lyon) Riverdale

McPHAUL, Katherine, Mt. Pleasant, Bookkeeper

MOORE, Lula.

MOYER, Mrs. Clara, Pleasant Valley

OATLEY, Alvira, Mescik, Rural School, $405, 9.

PENDELL, Adeline (Mrs. G. H. Moffatt) Sac City, Iowa, Teaching Stenography

SAXE, Hattie B. (G. ‘03), Potterville, $405, 9.

SCHNELL, Elsie (Mrs. J. M. Jack), Deceased


SPEARS, Marion (Mrs. E. C. Richmond), Silver Park, Saskatchewan, Canada

SPENCER, Nellie (Mrs. Townsend), Brant

STANLEY, Anna (Mrs. Schofield), Farwell, R. F. D. No. 1, Rural School, $400

SWARTHOUT, Josie (Mrs. Hatchew), Stanton R. F. D., No. 3.

VanCAMP, Sophia

WEST, Minnie (Mrs. Soule), Boyne City




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