Appleton Charles W.   Graded School Course, (Life-Western Normal), Nashville, Supt., 1898
Bellis Arthur E.   Graded School Course, (L. '03), U. of M., Laramie, Wyoming, Prof. of Physics 1898
Bellis James    Graded School Course, (L. '04), Seattle, Washington, Bookkeeper 1898
Bevins John W.   Graded School Course, 501 10th St., Sacramento, Calif., Bookkeeper 1898
Butcher Ward A.   Graded School Course, Delta, Colorado, Solicitor 1898
Cameron Ernest   Graded School Course, (Life-Normal College), Mt. Pleasant, County Commissioner of Schools 1898
Casler Spurgeon   Graded School Course 1898
Cole Delford*   Graded School Course 1898
Hayes E. Lewis   Graded School Course (Life-Normal College and U. of M.), 268 North Prospect St., Grand Rapids, Mechanical Drawing City Schools and Y.M.C.A. 1898
Meagher Ignatius   Graded School Course, Bay City, Coal and Wood and Contractor 1898
Robbins Ross   Graded School Course (G.'99), Shelbyville, Superintendent 1898
Straight Chester   Graded School Course (L. '04), Greenville, Superintendent 1898
Antons Amalia E.   Graded School Course (L. '09), Marine City, Kindergarten and 1st Grade 1898
Ashley Myrtle Maude   Graded School Course 1898
Baker Julia I.   Graded School Course, 110 St., Woman's Hospital, New York City, Post-Graduate Student in Nursing 1898
Baldwin  Lizzie M. (Mrs. Goodwin)   Graded School Course, Shepherd, Michigan 1898
Balmer Mrs. Helen E.   Graded School Course, Lansing, Michigan 1898
Bell  M. Helene   Graded School Course 1898
Briggs Virginia   Graded School Course 1898
Bunn Laura G. (Mrs. Morris)   Graded School Course, Stanton, California 1898
Burdick Rae Idella*   Graded School Course 1898
Carpenter Ester A. (Mrs. E. V. Stone)   Graded School Course, 1917 Fifth Ave., Bay City 1898
Cobb Ada A.   Graded School Course, Potterville, at home 1898
Cole Nellie E.   Graded School Course (L. '04), Kalkaska, Princ. Of Co. Normal 1898
Culver Carrie Gail   Graded School Course 1898
Dayton Grace Beth*   Graded School Course 1898
Dusenbury Elizabeth (Mrs. F. D. Loomis)   Graded School Course, Battle Creek, Michigan 1898
Garvin Nellie (Mrs. Daniel Carey)   Graded School Course, Kalkaska, Michigan 1898
Gibbs Marion E.   Graded School Course 1898
Grant Jessie (Mrs. Glerum)   Graded School Course, Evart 1898
Hawley Katherine E. (Mrs. W. J. Clark)   Graded School Course, Escanaba, 226 Mich. Ave. 1898
Hill Mattie B.   Graded School Course (Life-Normal College), 40 Erskine St., Detroit, 5th Grade, Campau School 1898
Hunt Emma F.   Graded School Course 1898
Jameson Josephine (Mrs. Phillip LeBlonde)   Graded School Course, Bessemer 1898
Leonardson Charlotte   Graded School Course (L. '08), Marinette, Wisconsin, Principal Ward School 1898
McCue Nellie   Graded School Course, Muskegon County Normal 1898
McDonald Loretta   Graded School Course, Mt. Pleasant, 6th Grade, Maple St. School 1898
Manners Jessie A.   Graded School Course (Kg. '05), 137 Henry St., Detroit 1898
Maloney Clara   Graded School Course 1898
Nelson Alice L. (Mrs. James Fitch)   Graded School Course, Socorro, New Mexico 1898
Partridge Fannie E. (Mrs. Chas. A. Price)   Graded School Course, Ithaca, Michigan 1898
Ranger Arabella J. (Mrs. Fred Shorts)   Graded School Course, Kent City, Michigan 1898
Richmond Margaret E.   Graded School Course 1898
Robinson Anna L.   Graded School Course, 1230 Amsterdam Ave., New York City, student, Columbia 1898
Sculley Clarissa M. (Mrs. C. H. Henderson)   Graded School Course, Coleman, Michigan 1898
Skinner Mayme A.   Graded School Course 1898
Slater  Anna E.   Graded School Course, Porto Rico 1898
Smith Lily C.   Graded School Course 1898
Symes Leona F. (Mrs. B. A. Howard)   Graded School Course, Sanford, Florida 1898
Vowles Lillie C.*   Graded School Course 1898
Westbrook Blanche I.   Graded School Course 1898
Wittemann Rosa   Graded School Course 1898
Young Katherine E.      Graded School Course, Marine City, Michigan, Stenographer 1898
Youngs Eva L .l.   Graded School Course 1898

Address as of 1910.

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