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Daily Times News
July 21, 1964

Previous Attempt Failed

Twelve Members Accepted in First Presbyterian Church, 1871

     On Sunday afternoon, September 7, 1871, the First Presbyterian Church of Mt. Pleasant was organized. 
Three or four years earlier an attempt to organize a church here had not been successful because all but two
of the 18 interested people had moved away.

     But on that September Sunday afternoon in 1871 12 persons presented themselves and were accepted
as suitable persons to join in the organization of a church.

     Worship was first held in the old Methodist Church, then located north of the Court House on Chippewa
Street.  In 1874 the Board of Trustees resolved to build a Presbyterian Church, "at a value of not less than

     The Ladies' Aid Society had long felt the need of a permanent meeting place, and undertook to procure
the Court Street site for a church building, Mr. Cornelius cost of the lot.

     This magnanimous gift of the Society stimulated the church members and friends to undertake the erection
of a church which was dedicated in 1875.  This building served the needs of the congregation until 1905
when it became inadequate because of the lack of social rooms.  It was sold to the Odd Fellows' Lodge and
was only recently torn down.

     In 1907 the Main Street Church became the new Presbyterian Church home.  This structure was built by
the Cole Brothers and was to cost $7, 975.  Since the pluming and heating would be extra, the total cost
reached $12,000.  This building was in use until 1958 when the congregation moved to the Watson Road

     The Rev. Luke Nutt was the very first pastor of the First Presbyterian Church.  Ministers since 1905
include Mr. MacGraham, Mr. Long, Mr. Green, Mr. Hawkins, Mr. Brunelle, Mr. DeWitt and presently Mr.
Cutler and Mr. Peter.  It would be impossible to list all the members of this church from its beginning.
Still, it is of interest to read in old record books such names as Bouton, Hapner, Fancher, Doughty,
Welper, Hunt-Bishop, Parkhill, Larzelere, Riches, Powers, Benford and Collins.

     The oldest member in point of Bishop.

     Many members have been associated with Central Michigan have enriched the life of this church as elders,
trustees, deacons, musicians and teachers.

Charter Members of the 1st Presbyterian Church

    James Brodie
    Mrs. Christina Brodie
    Alexander Gray
    Henry S. Bouten
    Mrs. Henry Bouten
    Mrs. Sally Hapner
    Mrs. Emily H. Case
    Mrs. Jane A. Warner
    Mrs. Althea Fancher
    Mrs. Mary F. Doughty
    Mrs. Sally Ann Welper
    Mrs. Sarah Huntress

Isabella County Enterprise
March 29, 1895, page 5

A Sketch of Mt. Pleasant's Churches.


By Mrs. Tillie Slater.

     The First Presbyterian Church of Mt. Pleasant was organized in the fall of 1867, but the members were so few that not much was done toward building up the church until the arrival of Rev. Luke Nott, in the spring of 1871, as missionary.  He at once began visiting among the people and holding meetings.  In the fall of that year he, with the aid of Rev. Ellis Wishard of East Saginaw, reorganized the church and Mr. Nott was chosen minister.  During his ministry of four years nearly thirty members were added to the church and in the year of 1874 the church building was erected.  In 1875 he resigned and removed to Saginaw county.  The church then called Rev. Chas. Taylor for minister.  He labored with very good results for six months, but failing health obliged him to resign.

     Rev. E. W. Borden came in April, 1878, to supply the pulpit and remained about a year.

     In the summer of 1879, Rev. William Campbell was engaged to act as pastor and while here he perfected the organization of the church at Calkinsville, which took away from us several members who resided at that place.  They have at present a very flourishing little church.  Mr. Campbell stayed with us about a year.  He is now pastor at South Saginaw.

     Rev. E. G. Cheeseman was our next pastor, coming in the fall of 1882 and resigning in the spring of 1885.  He returned to his old home in New York state, where he died soon after greatly to the regret of his many friends.

     F. A. Bissell was then engaged and remained about a year and a half.  In the summer of 1888 Rev. Melvin Fraser was chosen pastor.  He resigned in the spring of 1890 and since then has gone as missionary to Africa.

     December 31st, 1890, Rev. Wm. H. Hoffman was invited to become our pastor and is still with us.

     Tow years ago the church building was moved forward, a stone foundation put under and a furnace put in.  This winter the church has been remodeled and decorated inside, electric lights added and a new carpet purchased.

     Since the organization of the church there has been one hundred and fifty members enrolled.  May have died and many have moved away, but at the present time there is a membership of seventy-three. 

     In connection with the church we have a Ladies' Aid Society, established in 1867.  It has earned since that time over $3,500, which has been expended for the church in various ways.  We have a Woman's Home and Foreign Missionary Society.
More especially for the young people is the Sabbath school, with 100 members, and the Young Peoples' Society of Christian Endeavor with a membership of about forty.

     So through storm and sunshine we have endeavored to climb upward and onward toward peace and righteousness.


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