High School Senior Class To Hear Dr. Chas. A. Fisher

Isabella County Times-News, Thursday, June 19, 1941


            Director of the Extension division at the University of Michigan, Dr. Charles A. Fisher, will deliver the Commencement address to the 1941 graduating class of the Mt. Pleasant high school, Thursday evening, June 19, at 8:00 p.m.

            106 seniors will parade across the high school auditorium stage to receive their diplomas of high school graduation from C. L. Maguire, president of the Mt. Pleasant Board of Education.

            Dr. Fisher has been a member of the Extension staff at the University of Michigan since 1926 when he was made assistant director of the Extension division.  Since that time he as been very active in educational work.  Dr. Fisher served for a time as a member of the Ann Arbor Board of Education and is at the present time, a vice president of the Michigan Congress of parents and Teachers and an active sponsor of the Parent Education Institute which is held each year on the University of Michigan campus.  Before his affiliation with the university, Dr. Fisher was a high school principal at Benton Harbor and later at Kalamazoo.

            Seniors will be seated on the auditorium stage for the commencement exercises.  After Dr. Fisher’s address, L.C. Wendt, principal of the high school, will present the class to C.L. Maguire, president of the Board of Education, who will in turn award the diplomas. The high school A Cappella choir will provide the music.

            Seats will be reserved for parents, relatives and friends of the graduating class and the general public will be admitted to the balcony and to vacant seats still available after 8:15 p.m.

            Commencement exercises will mark the close of the school year and will bring to an end a busy week for the students and teachers alike.

            The seniors first made their appearance, garbed in royal blue flowing caps and gowns, at the Vesper Service, Sunday afternoon, June 15.  A concert by the high school band under the direction of Preston Mayhew occupied a thirty-minute period preceding the vesper service and the senior processional.

            The Baccalaureate sermon was delivered by the Rev. Harold Beach Adams, rector of St. Johns Episcopal church, with the Rev. C. B. Hawkins, pastor of the First Presbyterian church pronouncing the invocation and benediction.

            Vesper music was furnished by the Boys’ Choir of St. Johns Episcopal church.

            The members of the 1941 graduating class are:

            Audra Allen, Rosebush; Frank Barnard; Kathryn Barnes, Joan Bell, Faye Bennett.

            Stanley Black, R-3; William Boersma, Mary Brian, Jacqueline Brien, Milton Brown, R-4; Nettie Bullard, R-5; John Burgess, Jane Buzard, Terry Carey, Mildred Collard, Louise Courser, R-2; Donald Courtney, Watson Road; Kenneth Cowden, Rosebush; Mildred Curtiss, Helen Dakin, Dwight Dangler, Paul Decess.

            Melvin Detwiler; Bernard Dole; Margaret Donalson;Clark Eldred; Clara Elliott, R-1; William Elliott; Virginia Fedcke; Lucille Ferris; Evelyn Fryfogle; Althea Gifford; Joan Giles; Margie Goffnett; Kathryn Gooden; Tharon Grass, Shepherd; Helen Gruette; Robert Haight, R-2; Geraldine Hall.

            Jon Hanson; Virginia Hensley R-4; Velma Hitchcock; Lilliam Holp, R-5; Welbie Houghton, R-2; Florence House, R-2, Rosebush; Evelyn Hoyle, R-4; Loleeta Ingmire, R-5; Dorothy Johnson; Forest Johnston, R-2, Rosebush; Myron Johston, R-2; Loretta Judge, R-3.

            Russell Kenaga; Dorothy Kile, R-2; Edna Langworthy; Ruth Larimer; Mary Lawrence; Russell Lethorn; Shirley Martin, Rosebush; Janet McIntosh; Ann McNamara; Evely Marsh; William Millarad, R-2; Adella Miller, Rosebush; Jo Anne Miler; Joyce Morey; Paul Myers.

            Edith Nichols; George Payne; Mary Jean Pierpont, R-3; Marcille Price; Ed Prior; Duane Prout, R-1, Rosebush; Oscar Prout, R-1, Rosebush; Ina Mae Racer; Betty Richards; Beth Robison, R-3, Rosebush; Evelyn Schmidt; Harold Schmidt; Ed Scholl; Katherine Sebring; Junior Servoss.

            Matha May Settle; Patty Skeats; Mary Smalley; Lawrence Smith; Barbara Snyder; William Sole; Charles Spitsbergen, R-3; Lale Stalter, R-5; John Stickle; Jean Thorpe, R-5; Stewart Traines; Steve Vargo, R-2, Rosebush; Harold Verleger, R-3; Madelyn Walker, Rosebush; Robert Wardrop; Dorothy Weller; Elinor Wendt; Betty Westbrook; Helen Wilson; Jean Wilson, R-4, Shepherd; George Winesburgh, R-2; Patsy Wittekind; Duane Wyman.


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