City High Schools Graduate Class of 140 Seniors

Academy and High School Commencement Programs This Week

Isabella County Times-News, Thursday, June 13, 1940


   More than 140 students will be graduated from the twelfth grade in Mt. Pleasant schools this week.  Graduation exercises for 112 students will be held at Mt. Pleasant high school tonight.  A class of 30 seniors will receive diplomas at Sacred heart church Friday evening.

   J. B. Edmonson, dean of the school of education at the University of Michigan will give the commencement address at Mt. Pleasant high school.  Presentation of diplomas will be made by C.L. Maguire, president of the board of education.  The high school music department will offer the musical program.

   The commencement address at Sacred Heart academy will be given by a Sacred Heart alumnus of Douglas, the Rev. Raymond Sweeney.  The Rev. Leo J. Farquharson will distribute the diplomas.

   Exercises at both schools will begin at 8:00 p.m.

   Those to receive diplomas from Mt. Pleasant high school tonight are:

   Carl Archey, Marjorie Ash, Charles Ashcraft, Geneva Baker, Jane Baker, Margaret Balint, Joan Barret, Harriet Battle, Pearl Beeman, Barbara Bellingar, Leona Beltnick, Sallie Braden, Shirley Bragg, Clair Brasington, Iva mae Brien, Dale T. Brown, Annibel Bush, Richard Chase, Wilma Clark, Chirley Cleavinger, Ralph Cole, Quentin Collin, Garth Crawford, Helen Crawford, Merlin Crouch.

   Richard Decess, Robert DuHamel, Veeda Dunn, Verva Dunn, Frank Edmonds, Ronald Ervin, Jack Fall, Russell Farington, Duval First, William Frantz, Emery Freeman, Mary Ellen French, John Funnell, Norma

Gilmore, David Gover, Ten Graim, Froud Grass, Richard Haight, Helen Hamilton, Mary Ellen Hileman, Frances Holp, Jeanne Hood, Elton Huber, Helene Hutto, Ann Johnson, Norman Johnson, Harold Johnston.

   John Keebauch, Colleen Kelly, Paul Kennedy, George Lackie, Dale Leiter, Marion Leiter, Roy Linton, Lujean Lirones, Mary Ruth Logan, Robert McCabe, Rosemary McGuire, Merle Maybee, Marion Mead, Elwyn Merrill, Frances millard, Austin Miller, Robert Mitchell, Hester Moore, Iris Muyskens, Shirley Lou Noe, Monica Nutter, Charles Pety, Laverne Philo, Virgil Pitts, Dorothy Price, Rosella Prowdley, Orville Roberts.

   Bernolene Sage, Philip Sanders, Eileen Schertel, Marja Servoss, Helen Showalter, Mabel Smith, ruby Smith, Harold Sodeman, Roy Spencer,  Daniel Stacy, Hazel Stacy, Helen Stacy, Betty Jo Strain, Bonnie Jeanne Strandburg, Luella Strouse, Jean Anne Tice, Martin Tompkins, James Trudeau, Winifred Van Wie, Florin Walton, Durward Warner, Betty Webster, John Weideman, Jack Westbrook, James Wheeler, Dale Whitehead, Mary Whitney, Nelson Wiggins, Marie Williamson, Carolyn Wilmot, Dorothy Wilson, Vernon Wilson, Waveline Winland.


1940 Graduating Class Sacred Heart Academy

Isabella County Times-News, Thursday, June 6, 1940

Picture of the Class


   Top row, left to right: Robert Sweeney, Robert King, Maurice Sheppard, Thomas Fitzpatrick, Timothy Milloy, Robert Heintz.

   Center row: John Lynch, Anna Mary Kane, Patricia Fitzgerald, John McGuirk, Betty Brandell, Robert Gaffnet,

Eleanor Gross, Cecil Epple, Jeannette Lanwehr, Julia Ann McNerney, Victor Wezensky.

   Front row: Helen Brewer, Evelyn Donohue, Anne Nicols, Mary Jean Collins, Joan McConnell, Margaret Schrot, Helen Windell, Vera Ahlers.

   Members of graduating class not in picture are Alice Fall, Arden Campbell, Marie Heintz, Walter Voisin and Richard Nowland.



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