1925 D2 Nottawa School Census List

School Census of the Township of Nottawa, County of Isabella for the school year ending July 13, 1925
District One: the following is a correct list, as taken by Jos. Schueller, of the names and ages of all children belonging to district No. 2,
five years of age and under twenty years, together with the name and address of parent or guardian and that said census was taken in a house to house
canvas during the fifteen days prior to June 1, 1925.
Twelve grades were taught in the school, with 17 pupils graduating from the eighth grade in 1923-1924.  Six entered high school.

KEY: Date of Birth is for those age 5 and 19 at the time of the census; the date of birth is entered as entered by the enumerator.
         All spellings of names, both given and surname, are as the enumerator recorded them.
         There were 111 children between the ages of 5 and 20 in the district, 52 males and 59 females.  Of those 50 attended school
         during the school year, 21 males and 29 females. 
         A district library was established in 1907. In 1924-25 there were 10 new volumes added for a total of  359 volumes in the interm. and 1350 in the High
         Explanation of the relationship to the child is given if it is not the parent in the column Full Name of Parent or Legal Guardian.   
Teachers: Sr. M. Euphrasine Gross, High School Life
               Sr. M. Christine Gardener, High School Life, Certificate granted by Mich Central Normal
               Olga M. Martin 3 grade Rural June 20, 1925
Enumerator: Jos. Schueller

Enrollment by Grades:
Grade Boys Girls Total
First Grade 2 4 6
Second  Grade 0 1 1
Third Grade 0 1 1
Fourth Grade 1 0 1
Fifth Grade 0 2 2
Sixth Grade 0 1 1
Seventh Grade 0 1 1
Eighth Grade 9 7 16
Ninth Grade 1 5 6
Tenth Grade 3 2 5
Eleventh Grade 0 0 0
Twelfth Grade 5 5 10
Totals 21 29 50

NAME OF CHILD AgeDate of birth of those 5 and 19 NAME OF PARENT OR LEGAL GUARDIAN ADDRESSDistrict
Ahlers, Rosalia8 Theador AhlersWeidman2
Ahlers, Martha7 Theador AhlersWeidman2
Ahlers, Helen56/8/1919Theador AhlersWeidman2
Boge, Eleanor16 Henry BogeRosebush2
Boge, Marrion13 Henry BogeRosebush2
Boge, Henrietta11 Henry BogeRosebush2
Boge, Leona7 Henry BogeRosebush2
Bogemann, Isaella17 Bill BogermanRosebush2
Cook, Frank15 Henry CookWeidman2
Corwin, Elen18 Marhoefer, Henry, Uncle, Legal GuardianWeidman2
Endress, Leonard57/29/191Mother dead, father WIS, Mathias Schafer UncleWeidman2
Endress, Philomena196/6/1905Peter EndressMt Pleasant2
Endress, Dorothy17 Peter EndressMt Pleasant2
Endress, Joseph13 Peter EndressMt Pleasant2
Endress, John13 Peter EndressMt Pleasant2
Endress, Alvin11 Peter EndressMt Pleasant2
Endress, Walter13 John EndressWeidman2
Endress, Florence12 John EndressWeidman2
Endress, Ester10 John EndressWeidman2
Endress, Edna8 John EndressWeidman2
Faber, Leona16 Fred FaberRosebush2
Faber, Agnes14 Fred FaberRosebush2
Fedewa, Edward16 Ferd FedewaMt Pleasant2
Fedewa, Norman13 Ferd FedewaMt Pleasant2
Fox, Thomas16 Lewis FoxRosebush2
Fox, Girtrude14 Lewis FoxRosebush2
Fox, Mary Allice10 Lewis FoxRosebush2
Fox, Clarence9 Lewis FoxRosebush2
Fedewa, Willia17 Jos FedewaRosebush2
Fedewa, Irene13 Jos FedewaRosebush2
Gross, Vera13 John GrossWeidman2
Gross, Catherine7 John GrossWeidman2
Gross, Homer10 Parents parted, uncle John GrossWeidman2
Laubenthal, Vada8 Wm LaubenthalRosebush2
Laubenthal, Howard17 Wm LaubenthalRosebush2
Laubenthal, Geraldine193/2/1906Wm LaubenthalRosebush2
Laubenthal, Clara6 Wm LaubenthalRosebush2
Lawens, Edward15 Wm LawensRosebush2
Lawens, Philomena18 Wm LawensRosebush2
Martin, Alda7 Martin, WmRosebush2
Martin, Hugo17 Martin, WmRosebush2
Martin, Mary14 Martin, WmRosebush2
Marhoefer, Dorothy18 Peter MarhoeferWeidman2
Marhoefer, Julius15 Peter MarhoeferWeidman2
Marhoefer, Freda7 Peter MarhoeferWeidman2
Marhoefer, Madona11 Peter MarhoeferWeidman2
Neyer, John17 Jacob NeyerRosebush2
Neyer, Francis15 Jacob NeyerRosebush2
Neyer, Mary13 Jacob NeyerRosebush2
Neyer, Frank11 Jacob NeyerRosebush2
Neyer, Hattie57/8/1919Jacob NeyerRosebush2
Olvera, Peter16 John OlveraWeidman2
Olvera, Gabrial15 John OlveraWeidman2
Pohl, Victor198/4/1905Nick PohlMt. Pleasant2
Ulrich, Frank17 John UlrichMt Pleasant2
Riehl, Joseph7 John RiehlRosebush2
Riehl, Regina510/19/1919John RiehlRosebush2
Riehl, Richard7 Leo RiehlRosebush2
Riehl, Loraine56/9/1919Leo RiehlRosebush2
Schafer, Harold6 Andrew SchaferWeidman2
Schafer, Mabel16 Frank SchaferWeidman2
Schafer, Michael10 Frank SchaferWeidman2
Schafer, Doris8 Frank SchaferWeidman2
Schafer, Leonard6 Frank SchaferWeidman 
Smith, Ella17 Jos SmithMt. Pleasant2
Smith, Harold12 Jos SmithMt. Pleasant2
Smith, Walter10 Jos SmithMt. Pleasant2
Schafer, Anna13 Tony SchaferMt. Pleasant2
Schafer, Edward12 Tony SchaferMt. Pleasant2
Schafer, Oscar9 Tony SchaferMt. Pleasant2
Schafer, Walter7 Tony SchaferMt. Pleasant2
Schumacher, Edna7 Schumacher, PeterRosebush2
Schumacher, Alvin17 Peter SchumacherRosebush2
Schumacher, Bernard193/27/1906Peter SchumacherRosebush2
Schumacher, Agnes14 Peter SchumacherRosebush2
Schumacher, Frederick11 Peter SchumacherRosebush2
Schumacher, Lorence9 Peter SchumacherRosebush2
Schumacher, Edna7 Peter SchumacherRosebush2
Schumacher, Joseph510/16/1919Peter SchumacherRosebush2
Schohl, Albert194/2/1906Frank SchohlRosebush2
Schohl, Rose16 Frank SchohlRosebush2
Schohl, Helen Mrs.17 Frank SchohlRosebush2
Smith, Gerald18 E. N. SmithRosebush2
Smith, Willie17 E. N. SmithRosebush2
Smith, Nora13 E. N. SmithRosebush2
Smith, Dora13 E. N. SmithRosebush2
Smith, Arnold6 E. N. SmithRosebush2
Schafer, Margarite13 Frank SchaferRosebush2
Schafer, Arielda12 Frank SchaferRosebush2
Schafer, Marie9 Frank SchaferRosebush2
Schafer, Lillian56/19/1919Frank SchaferRosebush2
Starr, Valeria8 Wm StarrWeidman2
Starr, Wilma51/15/1920Wm StarrWeidman 
Schafer, Lorence14 John E SchaferWeidman2
Schafer, Charles12 John E SchaferWeidman2
Schafer, Edna7 John E SchaferWeidman2
Schafer, Rita54/26/1920John E SchaferWeidman2
Smith, Vera17 Wm SmithWeidman2
Smith, Virgil13 Wm SmithWeidman2
Schueller, Ruth7 Jos. SchuellerWeidman2
Schueller, Clarence10 Jos. SchullerWeidman2
Tilmann, Mary6 Wm TilmannWeidman2
Tilmann, Raymond7 Tony TilmannRosebush2
Thelen, John14 Frank ThelenRosebush2
Thelen, Rosalia12 Frank ThelenRosebush2
Thelen, Williard10 Frank ThelenRosebush2
Ulrich, Frank17 John UlrichMt. Pleasant2
Weipert, Walter15 John WeipertWeidman2
Weipert, Edward18 John WeipertWeidman2


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