1925 District 1 Nottawa School Census List 

School Census of the Township of Nottawa, County of Isabella for the school year ending July 13, 1925
District One is a fractional district encompassing two townships: Nottawa and Sherman
The district is organized under the graded school act.
District One: the following is a correct list, as taken by William Schauppener, of the names and ages of all children belonging to district No. 1,
five years of age and under twenty years, together with the name and address of parent or guardian and that said census was taken in a house to house
canvas during the fifteen days prior to June 1, 1925.
Twelve grades were taught in the school, with 7 pupils graduating from the eighth grade in 1923-1924.  All 7 entered high school.

KEY: Date of Birth is for those age 5 and 19 at the time of the census; the date of birth is entered as entered by the enumerator.
         All spellings of names, both given and surname, are as the enumerator recorded them.
         There were 134 children between the ages of 5 and 20 in the district, 68 males and 66 females.  Of those 122 attended school
         during the school year, 65 males and 57 females. 
         A district library was established in 1905. In 1924-25 there were 0 new volumes added for a total of  284 volumes.
         Explanation of the relationship to the child is given if it is not the parent in the column Full Name of Parent or Legal Guardian.   
Teachers:  S. B. Crane, Central Normal, Life Certificate
                Samuel Gardner, Central Normal, Life Certificate
                Noomi Block, Central Normal, Life Certificate
                Merle Robart, Second, 1927
All teachers taught for 9 1/2 months. 
Enumerator: William E. Schauppener

Enrollment by Grades:
Grade Boys Girls Total
Kindergarden 9 6 15
First Grade 2 1 3
Second  Grade 6 3 9
Third Grade 9 3 12
Fourth Grade 3 10 13
Fifth Grade 4 5 9
Sixth Grade 4 3 7
Seventh Grade 3 7 10
Eighth Grade 3 4 7
Ninth Grade 11 7 18
Tenth Grade 5 3 8
Eleventh Grade 3 4 7
Twelfth Grade 3 1 4
Totals 65 57 122

NAME OF CHILD AgeDate of birth of those 5 and 19 NAME OF PARENT OR LEGAL GUARDIAN ADDRESSDistrict
Nottawa Township     
Ronald Carr10 Harvey CarrWeidman1
Harold Carr16 Harvey CarrWeidman1
Gretrude Chase17 James ChaseWeidman1
Averel Chase15 James ChaseWeidman1
Hiram Chase12 James ChaseWeidman1
Orval Chase9 James ChaseWeidman1
Floyd Chase7 James ChaseWeidman1
Kenneth Drallette17 Miles A. DralletteWeidman1
Wendell Drallette13 Miles A. DralletteWeidman1
Fey Davis14 Marshall DavisWeidman1
Bond Davis12 Marshall DavisWeidman1
Letha Davis10 Marshall DavisWeidman1
Ila Decatar17 John DecatarWeidman1
Mary L. Faber6 John FaberWeidman1
Nina Flower10 J. A. FlowerWeidman1
Louise Grewett193-10-1906Martin GrewettWeidman1
Charles Johnson512-24-1919Charles JohnsonWeidman1
Howard Johnson11 Charles JohnsonWeidman1
Bernice Johnson14 Charles JohnsonWeidman1
Gerald Johnson8 Charles JohnsonWeidman1
Gladys King12 Noah KingWeidman1
Mabel King10 Noah KingWeidman1
Irene Ley11 Henry LeyWeidman1
Helen Ley9 Henry LeyWeidman1
Joseph Ley7 Henry LeyWeidman1
Leamus Mead1910-10-1905Thomas MeadWeidman1
Blanch Mead15 Thomas MeadWeidman1
Norman Mead10 Thomas MeadWeidman1
Philomena Miller18 J. M. MillerWeidman1
Quintin Neubecker17 Fred S. NeubeckerWeidman1
Frederick Neubecker15 Fred S. NeubeckerWeidman1
Norbert Neubecker13 Fred S. NeubeckerWeidman1
Mary Neubecker8 Fred S. NeubeckerWeidman1
Floyd Otterbine15 John OtterbineWeidman1
Russell Otterbine14 John OtterbineWeidman1
Alden Smith6 Will SmithWeidman1
Miles Smith11 Will SmithWeidman1
Marie Smith17 Fred SmithWeidman1
Edith Smith13 Fred SmithWeidman1
Viola Smith11 Fred SmithWeidman1
Edward Simmer16 Pierce SimmerWeidman1
Arnold Simmer12 Pierce SimmerWeidman1
Wendell Simmer9 Pierce SimmerWeidman1
Gertrude Snyder15 B. G. SnyderWeidman1
Clarence Snyder11 B. G. SnyderWeidman1
R. D. Sprague16 A. L. SpragueWeidman1
Catherine Sprague13 A. L. SpragueWeidman1
Ada Sprague10 A. L. SpragueWeidman1
Alfred Sprague8 A. L. SpragueWeidman1
Harlan Sprague51-12-1920A. L. SpragueWeidman1
Ray Smith16 Earl SmithWeidman1
Marian Schauppner16 Wm E SchauppenerWeidman1
Geraldine Schauppner10 Wm E SchauppenerWeidman1
Wm Shawegan16 Sam ShaweganWeidman1
Harold Strauss7 Clayton StrausWeidman1
Stephen Strauss5 Clayton StrausWeidman1
Carrol Van Ommeneon11 Howard Van OmmeranWeidman1
Vera Bonneville11 George BonnevilleWeidman1
Sherman Township     
Delbert Abbott194-16-1906Ozra AbbottWeidman1
Orval Abbott7 Ozra AbbottWeidman1
Grace Abbott17 Ozra AbbottWeidman1
Donald Abbott11 Ozra AbbottWeidman1
Helen Beutler9 George BeutlerWeidman1
John Beutler8 George BeutlerWeidman1
Donald Beutler7 George BeutlerWeidman1
Robert Benn6 Frank BennWeidman1
Barbara Benn8 Frank BennWeidman1
Elizabeth Benn7 Frank BennWeidman1
Ruby Bolinger192-17-1906Alice BolingerWeidman1
Elsie Bolinger16 Alice BolingerWeidman1
Clover Carr10 Winthrop CarrWeidman1
Betly Carr6 Winthrop CarrWeidman1
Wm Cahill Jr17 Wm CahillWeidman1
Elton Cahill14 Wm CahillWeidman1
Clarence Dillenbeck195-31-1906Ray DillenbeckWeidman1
Violet Dillenbeck14 Ray DillenbeckWeidman1
Miles Faverau16 Bert FaverauWeidman1
Leland Faverau12 Bert FaverauWeidman1
Erma Fverau11 Bert FaverauWeidman1
Theron Faverau8 Bert FaverauWeidman1
Della Frantz17 Glen FrantzWeidman1
Helen Fender13 Austin FenderWeidman1
Neva Fender6 Austin FenderWeidman1
James Gross15 Frank GrossWeidman1
Ernest Gross12 Frank GrossWeidman1
Lucile Gross16 Elmer GrossWeidman1
Melvin Gross15 Elmer GrossWeidman1
Orval Gross8 Elmer GrossWeidman1
Henrietta Gardner17 P. E. GardnerWeidman1
Raymond Gardner13 P. E. GardnerWeidman1
Gladys Hampton11 T. C. HamptonWeidman1
Margaret Johnson14 Carrie Middlesworth, Grandmother, GuardianWeidman1
Louis Johnson18 Bert JohnsonWeidman1
Hilda Johnson14 Bert JohnsonWeidman1
Rosila Kaninsky11 Wm KaninskyWeidman1
Anna Kaninsky9 Wm KaninskyWeidman1
Leighton McArthur8 Leon McArthurWeidman1
Gerald McArthur7 Leon McArthurWeidman1
Russell Parks17 Grace ParksWeidman1
Lee Parks14 Grace ParksWeidman1
Amy Parks12 Grace ParksWeidman1
Orville Parks8 Grace ParksWeidman1
Stella Pridgeon17 Jennie PridgeonWeidman1
Erma Pridgeon15 Jennie PridgeonWeidman1
Nellie Pridgeon10 Jennie PridgeonWeidman1
Clara Pennington15 James PenningtonWeidman1
Ralph Pennington14 James PenningtonWeidman1
Huldah Pennington12 James PenningtonWeidman1
Mildred Pennington11 James PenningtonWeidman1
Glen Pennington6 James PenningtonWeidman1
Leota Russell17 Wm E RussellWeidman1
Cleon Russell15 Wm E RussellWeidman1
Mildred Russell8 Wm E RussellWeidman1
David Russell57-6-1919Wm E RussellWeidman1
Jack Ritchie192-10-1906John RitchieWeidman1
Gladys Ritchie17 John RitchieWeidman1
Keith Ritchie13 John RitchieWeidman1
Dan Dean Ritchie8 John RitchieWeidman1
Genevieve Scott18 Adam ScottWeidman1
Glen Scott17 Adam ScottWeidman1
Frank Smith191-14-1906Anna SmithWeidman1
Josephine Tomlinson17 Fred TomlinsonWeidman1
Alma Thomas17 George ThomasWeidman1
Lucile Thomas14 George ThomasWeidman1
Francis Thomas12 George ThomasWeidman1
Thelma Thomas10 George ThomasWeidman1
Wm Thomas8 George ThomasWeidman1
Harriet Wetmore16 Edith Wilson, MotherWeidman1
Olydine Wolfe13 Allen WolfeWeidman1
Beatrice Wolfe12 Allen WolfeWeidman1
Lyle Wolfe6 Allen WolfeWeidman1
Ina Wooden13 C. C. WoodenWeidman1
Dorothy Wooden6 C. C. WoodenWeidman1
Veigil Eldred55-12-20Fey EldredWeidman1

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