Mount Pleasant High School


Commencement Exercises


The Auditorium


Thursday Evening, June 15, 1922


Prof. W.G. French, Commencement Orator

Rev. Henry Morgan, Commencement Chaplain




                        1.  March                                                                               High School Orchestra


                        2.  Invocation


                        3.   (a)   A Song of the Years

                              (b)   Moonlight

                                                                                                                        High School Chorus


                        4.  Address:  “The New Education”

                                                                                                                        Prof. Walter H. French


                        5.  (a)  Only A Dream of Summer

                             (b)  Out of the North

                                                                                                                        High School Chorus


                        6.  Presentation of Diplomas                                           Dr. C. D. Pullen


                        7.  Benediction


Class Roll


Lavina B. Ackerman

William R. Avard

Elsie E. Beach

Charles Lawrence Bentley

Hervey Beutler

Roy P. Bowerman

Flossie May Buhrer

Lela Oevia Chrestenson

Phil D. Collins

Milton J. Converse

Beatrice M. Cowden

Ralph E. Crawford

Doris Davidson

Lionel L. Davis

Ralph Owen Deeter

Fannie A. Diehl

Olive M. Dorn

Leslie C. Hedrick

Lucile I. Hess

Minnie T. Honeywell

Phyllis G. Johnson

Kathlyne Kellogg

Clare B. Kidder

Susan Ellen Lesh

Oneita Ione Low

Harold McMacken

Mynard E. Maybee

Florence Meyer

Stanley A. Monroe

Audrey Isobel Morgan

Helen Margaret Morrison

Kenneth F. Moss

Harry Randle Munson

Joseph F. Olsen

Mary E. Porterfield

Marian C. Pullen

Alice Kathryn Quick

Jonly C. Ripley

Gilbert Chilson Roberts

Dorothy C. Root

Stuart N. Rowe

Arthur G.E. Savage

Laurence E. Showalter

Tillie Sisco

Leah Jeannette Smith

Ralph Lyle Stickle

Margaret Ione Warner

Wade H. Weaver

Ruth Naomi Winslow

Harold B. Wyman




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