1921 District 2 Nottawa School Census List

School Census of the Township of Nottawa, County of Isabella for the school year ending July 11, 1921
District Two: the following is a correct list, as taken by Jos. Schueller, of the names and ages of all children belonging to district No. 2 ,
five years of age and under twenty years, together with the name and address of parent or guardian and that said census was taken in a house to house
canvas during the fifteen days prior to June 1, 1921.
Eight grades were taught in the school, with 0  pupils graduating from the eighth grade in 1920 -1921 . 
KEY: Date of Birth is for those age 5 and 19 at the time of the census; the date of birth is entered as entered by the enumerator.
         All spellings of names, both given and surname, are as the enumerator recorded them.
         There were 112 children between the ages of 5 and 20 in the district, 54 males and 58 females.  Of those 15 attended school
         during the school year, 6 males and 15 females. 
         A district library was established in 1907. In 1920-21 there were 0 new volumes added for a total of  205 volumes.
         Explanation of the relationship to the child is given if it is not the parent in the column Full Name of Parent or Legal Guardian.   
Teachers:  Philomena C. Marhofer, Second Grade Certificate, taught 9 months for a salary of $810.00
Enumerator: Jos. Schueller 

Enrollment by Grades:
Grade Boys Girls Total
Kindergarden 1 2 3
First Grade 2 0 2
Second  Grade 2 1 3
Third Grade 0 1 1
Fourth Grade 0 0 0
Fifth Grade 0 0 0
Sixth Grade 2 1 3
Seventh Grade 0 0 0
Eighth Grade 2 1 3
Ninth Grade      
Tenth Grade      
Eleventh Grade      
Twelfth Grade      
Totals  9 6 15

Bernard Smith16 Wm SmithRosebush2
Vera Smith12   2
Virgal Smith10   2
Helen Marhofer16 Peter MarhoferWeidman2
Dorethy Marhofer14   2
Julius Marhofer11   2
Madona Marhofer6   2
Edward Weiber14 John WeiberWeidman2
Walter Weiber11   2
Alfred Pohl17 Jackob PohlWeidman2
Anna Pohl15   2
Leona Bruer8 Nick BruerWeidman2
Renada Bruer6   2
Anna Schafer9 Tony SchaferMt. Pleasant2
Edward Schafer8   2
Oscar Schafer511/14 1915  2
Helen Schumacher1910/9 1901Peter SchumacherRosebush2
Carl Schumacher17   2
Bernard Schumacher15   2
Alvin Schumacher13   2
Agness Schumacher10   2
Fredrick Schumacher7   2
Lorance Schumacher510/5 1915  2
Helen Lawens18 William LawensRosebush2
Katie Lawens1910/8/1901  2
Philomena Lawens14   2
Edward Lawens11   2
Eva Weiland18 Jos. WeilandRosebush2
Arnold Shohl17 Frank ShohlRosebush2
Albert Shohl15   2
Rose Shohl12   2
John Wagner13 Parents Dead Legal Guardian Mrs. Frank ShohlRosebush2
Ramie Endress18 Peter EndressMt. Pleasant2
Philmena Endress18   2
Dorethy Endress13   2
Jsoeph Endress9   2
John Endress9   2
Alvin Endress7   2
Alfred Pohl18 Nick PohlMt. Pleasant2
Victor Pohl15   2
Clara Gatchter1010/16 1901Mrs. Henry Boge, Mother remarriedRosebush2
Elinor Boge12 Henry BogeRosebush2
Marrion Boge9   2
Henryitta Boge7   2
Elsie Fedewa18 Jos FedewaRosebush2
John Fedewa16   2
Willie Fedewa13   2
Renie Fedewa9   2
Leo Smith17 Jos SmithMt. Pleasant2
Ella Smith13   2
Harrold Smith8   2
Walter Smith58/4 1915  2
Frank Ulerich13 John UlerichMt. Pleasant2
Rose Fedewa17 Ferd FedewaMt. Pleasant2
Edward Fedewa12   2
Norman Fedewa9   2
Helen Bogerman16 Bill BogermanMt. Pleasant2
Isabella Bogerman13   2
John Fedewa15 Peter FedewaRosebush2
Elinor Fedewa13   2
Tillie Nyer17 Jacob NyerRosebush2
Anythoy Nyer16   2
John Nyer14   2
Francis Nyer12   2
Mary Nyer10   2
Frank Nyer8   2
Margurate Schafer9 Frank A SchaferRosebush2
Orelda Schafer8   2
Marrie Schafer52/1 1916  2
Geraldeen Laubenthal15 Will LaubenthalRosebush2
Howard Laubenthal13   2
Anna Smith16 E. N. SmithRosebush2
Gerald Smith14   2
Willie Smith12   2
Nora Smith8   2
Dora Smith8   2
Thomas Fox12 Louis FoxRosebush2
Gertrude Fox10   2
Mary R Fox7   2
Clarence Fox511/23 1915  2
Charley Gross17 John GrossRosebush2
Vera Gross9   2
Cellie Tillman18 John TillmanRosebush2
Rasola Ahlers59/4 1915Theador AhlersWeidman2
Lorence Schafer10 John SchaferWeidman2
Charles Schafer8   2
John Dole18 Jos. F. DoleWeidman2
Frank Cook11 Henry CookWeidman2
John Schafer18 Mat SchaferWeidman2
Philomena Schafer17   2
Walter Endress9 John EndressWeidman2
Florence Endress8   2
Ester Endress6   2
Charley Schafer17 Frank SchaferWeidman2
Arnold Schafer15   2
Helen Schafer13   2
Mable Schafer11   2
Mike Schafer6   2
Margurate Faber17 Fred FaberRosebush2
Edward Faber16   2
Leona Faber12   2
Agness Faber9   2
Beatress Ballard12 Bert BallardRosebush2
Leonard Ballard8   2
Orelia Dorr18 Mike DorrRosebush2
Clarence Schueller6 Jos. SchuellerWeidman2
Elen Marhofer14 Henry MarhoferWeidman2
Clayton Lorenz56/29 1915Henry LorenzWeidman2
Olga Martin18 Wm MartinRosebush2
Reta Martin16   2
Hugo Martin13   2
Marry Martin9   2


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