1920 District 5 Nottawa School Census List

School Census of the Township of Nottawa, County of Isabella for the school year ending July 12, 1920
District Five : the following is a correct list, as taken by Michael Schumacher, of the names and ages of all children belonging to district No. 5,
five years of age and under twenty years, together with the name and address of parent or guardian and that said census was taken in a house to house
canvas during the fifteen days prior to June 1, 1920.
Eight grades were taught in the school, with  two pupils graduating from the eighth grade in 1919 -1920 .  

KEY: Date of Birth is for those age 5 and 19 at the time of the census; the date of birth is entered as entered by the enumerator.
         All spellings of names, both given and surname, are as the enumerator recorded them.
         There were 51 children between the ages of 5 and 20 in the district, 27 males and 24 females.  Of those 30 attended school
         during the school year, 18 males and 12 females. 
         A district library was established in 1907. In 1919-20 there were 15 new volumes added for a total of  75 volumes.
         Explanation of the relationship to the child is given if it is not the parent in the column Full Name of Parent or Legal Guardian.   
Teachers:  Louise Tilmann, Second Grade Certificate, taught 9 months for a salary of 765.00$
Enumerator: Michael Schumacher

Enrollment by Grades:
Grade Boys Girls Total
Kindergarden 1 0 1
First Grade 1 2 3
Second  Grade 2 2 4
Third Grade 0 0 0
Fourth Grade 2 1 3
Fifth Grade 3 1 4
Sixth Grade 1 2 3
Seventh Grade 4 2 6
Eighth Grade 4 2 6
Ninth Grade      
Tenth Grade      
Eleventh Grade      
Twelfth Grade      
Totals  18 12 30

Francis Martin19Sept 23, 1900Tony MartinRosebush Route 35
Anna Martin17 Tony MartinRosebush Route 35
Carl Martin10 Tony MartinRosebush Route 35
Harold Martin7 Tony MartinRosebush Route 35
Alma Fox16 Mathias FoxRosebush Route 35
Rose Fox15 Mathias FoxRosebush Route 35
Sylvester Fox14 Mathias FoxRosebush Route 35
Fredrink Fox12 Mathias FoxRosebush Route 35
Herman Fox7 Mathias FoxRosebush Route 35
Harold Spooner18 Charles SpoonerRosebush Route 35
Walter Spooner15 Charles SpoonerRosebush Route 35
Marian Spooner12 Charles SpoonerRosebush Route 35
Howard Spooner9 Charles SpoonerRosebush Route 35
Florence Spooner7 Charles SpoonerRosebush Route 35
Eva Jarman19June 11, 1900Shay JarmanFarwell Route 15
Thern Jarman14 Shay JarmanFarwell Route 15
Leonard Jackson13 Elden JacksonFarwell Route 15
Walter Jackson11 Elden JacksonFarwell Route 15
Cecelia Wawersick16 Emanuel WawersickFarwell Route 15
Joseph Wawersick15 Emanuel WawersickFarwell Route 15
Edward Wawersick13 Emanuel WawersickFarwell Route 15
Mary Wohlscheid17 Matt WohlscheidFarwell Route 15
Anna Wohlscheid15 Matt WohlscheidFarwell Route 15
Ernest Halfmann`18 Frank HalfmannFarwell Route 15
Clemens Halfmann15 Frank HalfmannFarwell Route 15
Loretta Halfmann11 Frank HalfmannFarwell Route 15
Andrew Blasen`18 Joseph BlasenFarwell Route 15
Anna Blasen14 Joseph BlasenFarwell Route 15
Loretta Blasen11 Joseph BlasenFarwell Route 15
Christine Blasen7 Joseph BlasenFarwell Route 15
Guy Burr8 John BurrRosebush R. 35
Irene Pung8 William PungFarwell Route 15
Dorothy Pung6Apr 28, 1914William PungFarwell Route 15
Alfred Schumacher19Nov 24, 1900Michael SchumacherFarwell Route 15
Antonette Schumacher15 Michael SchumacherFarwell Route 15
John Cotter18 Frank CotterRosebush Route 35
Rachel Cotter16 Frank CotterRosebush Route 35
Christine Cotter14 Frank CotterRosebush Route 35
Luke Cotter12 Frank CotterRosebush Route 35
Mildred Cotter9 Frank CotterRosebush Route 35
Harold Cotter7 Frank CotterRosebush Route 35
Tony Vogel15 Joseph VogelFarwell Route 15
Peter Vogel12 Joseph VogelFarwell Route 15
Bertha Doll16 Matt DollFarwell Route 15
Edwin Fox8 Matt FoxRosebush R 35
Willmer Cotter5Feb. 16, 1915Frank CotterRosebush R 35
Edward Smith5April 1915Joseph SmithFarwell R 15
Roy Smith5April 6, 1915Albert SmithFarwell R 15
Margaret Black10April 11, 1910Andy BlackFarwell R 15
Leo Black6July 15, 1913Andy BlackFarwell R 15
Standa Sebnok6Nov. 17 1913John SebnokRosebush R 35


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