1920 District 3 Nottawa School Census List

School Census of the Township of Nottawa, County of Isabella for the school year ending July 12, 1920
District Three: the following is a correct list, as taken by John Fox, of the names and ages of all children belonging to district No. 3,
five years of age and under twenty years, together with the name and address of parent or guardian and that said census was taken in a house to house
canvas during the fifteen days prior to June 1, 1920.
  grades were taught in the school, with   pupils graduating from the eighth grade in 192 -192 .  All   entered high school.

KEY: Date of Birth is for those age 5 and 19 at the time of the census; the date of birth is entered as entered by the enumerator.
         All spellings of names, both given and surname, are as the enumerator recorded them.
         There were 81 children between the ages of 5 and 20 in the district, 26 males and 55 females.  Of those 43 attended school
         during the school year, 15 males and 28 females. 
         A district library was established in 1907. In 1919-20 there were 10 new volumes added for a total of  121 volumes.
         Explanation of the relationship to the child is given if it is not the parent in the column Full Name of Parent or Legal Guardian.   
Teachers:  Regina Faber, taught 9 months for a salary of 630$
Enumerator:  John Fox
The School House is located in Section 13

Enrollment by Grades:
Grade Boys Girls Total
Kindergarden 4 11 15
First Grade 1 2 3
Second  Grade 1 2 3
Third Grade 1 3 4
Fourth Grade  0 4 4
Fifth Grade 4 4 8
Sixth Grade 1 0 1
Seventh Grade 2 2 4
Eighth Grade 1 0 1
Ninth Grade      
Tenth Grade      
Eleventh Grade      
Twelfth Grade      
Totals  15  28  43

Rosa Fussmann11 Henry FussmannMt. Pleasant 53
Anna Fussmann15 Minnie FussmannMt. Pleasant 53
Christ Fussmann13  Mt. Pleasant 53
Joseph Fussman8  Mt. Pleasant 53
Edward Fussman7  Mt. Pleasant 53
Sophie Fussman5May 10, 1915 Mt. Pleasant 53
Emma Schmidt18 Carl SchmidtRosebush 33
Ernest Schmidt16 Thressia SchmidtRosebush 33
Elisebeth Schmidt15  Rosebush 33
Carl Schmidt9  Rosebush 33
Amelia Schmidt7  Rosebush 33
Evelyn Bitchman10 Nick BitchmanRosebush 33
Vernon Bitchman14 Anna BitchmanRosebush 33
Jerome Bitchman13  Rosebush 33
Tony Bitchman19July 15, 1900 Rosebush 33
Joseph Peters17 Frank PetersRosebush 33
Lena Peters9 Lousia PetersRosebush 33
Mary Peters6  Rosebush 33
Dora Zien18 John ZienMt. Pleasant 53
Lousia Zien16 Anna ZienMt. Pleasant 53
Edward Zien14  Mt. Pleasant 53
Luallia Zien8  Mt. Pleasant 53
Luella Zien8  Mt. Pleasant 53
Gusta Zien11  Mt. Pleasant 53
Ida Bierschbach17 Peter BierschbachMt. Pleasant 53
Clara Bierschbavch15 Hattie BierschbachMt. Pleasant 53
Frank Bierschbach13  Mt. Pleasant 53
Julius Bierschbach11  Mt. Pleasant 53
Agnes Bierschbach9  Mt. Pleasant 53
Geraldine Miller6 Peter Bierschbach, Mother Dead, G. GrandchildMt. Pleasant 53
Celia Kremsreiter13 Joseph KremsreiterMt. Pleasant 53
Thressia Kremsreiter11 Mary KremsreiterMt. Pleasant 53
Richard Kremsreiter8  Mt. Pleasant 53
Luellia Kremsreiter6  Mt. Pleasant 53
Agnes Finnery7 Mike & Min. FinnertyMt. Pleasant 53
Theordine Andres9 Joseph AndresMt. Pleasant 53
Celestine Andress7 Gusta AndresMt. Pleasant 53
Loretta Andres5June 20, 1914 Mt. Pleasant 53
Loraine Andres5June 20, 1914 Mt. Pleasant 53
Maggie Funnel18 Tom FunnellMt. Pleasant 53
Bertha Funnel16 Mother DeadMt. Pleasant 53
Hazel Funnel12  Mt. Pleasant 53
Marion Funnel9  Mt. Pleasant 53
Dortha Hauck10 Harry HauckRosebush 33
Anna Hauck9 Clara HauckRosebush 33
Walter Hauck8  Rosebush 33
Luellia Hauck6  Rosebush 33
Carl Hauck5June 21, 1914 Rosebush 33
Lillian Hauck16 John Hauck Rosebush 33
Helen Hauck12 Veronica Hauck Rosebush 33
Irena Hauck9  Rosebush 33
Frank Berg17 Frank Berg Rosebush 33
Albert Berg15 Maggie Berg Rosebush 33
Loretta Berg9   Rosebush 33
Martha McGuirk18 Minnie McGuirk Rosebush 33
James McGuirk16 Father Dead Rosebush 33
Thomas McGuirk14   Rosebush 33
Gertrude McGuirk10   Rosebush 33
Marieta Pash7 Mike Pash Rosebush 33
Martha Pash5Sept 7 1914Lillian Pash Rosebush 33
Walter Roelisberger9 Fred Roelisberger Rosebush 33
Harold Roelisberger7 Ethel Roelisberger Rosebush 33
Mabel Roelisberger5May 5 1915  Rosebush 33
Stephen Fox11 John FoxMt. Pleasant 53
Marguerita Fox7 Clara FoxMt. Pleasant 53
Loretta Fox5Jan 6 1915 Mt. Pleasant 53
Francis Bauer11 Frank BauerMt. Pleasant 53
Angline Bauer10 Adel BauerMt. Pleasant 53
Anna Bauer8  Mt. Pleasant 53
Frank Bauer7  Mt. Pleasant 53
Henry Bauer5Sept 30, 1914 Mt. Pleasant 53
Gerold Fox11 Frank FoxRosebush 33
Florance Fox10 Francis Fox Rosebush 33
Chrisstine Fox7   Rosebush 33
Edward Dole17 Tony Dole Rosebush 33
Lorane Dole6 Nora Dole Rosebush 33
Mildred Schumacher7 Joseph & Alma Schumacher Rosebush 33
Leo Schafer5Feb 6, 1915Mat. Grinzinger, G. Uncle, Mother DeadMt. Pleasant 53
Eva Sroka9 Albert SrokaMt. Pleasant 53
Veronca Sroka7 Mary SrokaMt. Pleasant 53
Isabella Township    3
Maurine Nolan10 Mr. & Mrs. Georg Nolan 3


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