1919 Nottawa School Census District 2 

School Census of the Township of Nottawa, County of Isabella for the school year ending July 14, 1919, District 2
KEY: Date of Birth is for those age 5 and 19 at the time of the census; the date of birth is entered as entered by the enumerator.
         All spellings of names, both given and surname, are as the enumerator recorded them.
         There were 111 children between the ages of 5 and 20 in the district, 54 males and 57 females.  Of those 18 attended school
         during the school year, 12 males and 6 females.  4 children were enrolled in the 7th grade and 0 were enrolled in the 8th grade.
         A district library was established in 1907. In 1919 there were 51 new volumes added for a total of 184 volumes.
         Explanation of the relationship to the child is given if it is not the parent in the column Full Name of Parent or Legal Guardian.   
Teachers:  Josie Bengal, Elementary Rural 1921
Enumerator: Jos. Schueller

NAME OF CHILDAgeDate of birth of those 5 and 19FULL NAME OF PARENT OR LEGAL GUARDIANADDRESS7th or 8th grade
Tomas10 Louis FoxRosebush #3 
Gertrude8 Louis FoxRosebush #3 
Mary51/12/14Louis FoxRosebush #3 
Tillie15 Jacob NyerRosebush #3 7th
Anthony14 Jacob NyerRosebush #3 
John12 Jacob NyerRosebush #3 
Francis10 Jacob NyerRosebush #3 
Mary7 Jacob NyerRosebush #3 
Frank510/18/14Jacob NyerRosebush #3 
John14 Peter FedewaRosebush #3 7th
Elenor11 Peter FedewaRosebush #3 
Minnie18 Wm. BogermanRosebush #3 
Helen14 Wm. BogermanRosebush #3 8th
Isabella10 Wm. BogermanRosebush #3 
Lillie18 Jos FedewaMt. Pleasant 5 
Elsie17 Jos FedewaMt. Pleasant 
John14 Jos FedewaMt. Pleasant 7th
Willie11 Jos FedewaMt. Pleasant 
Irean7 Jos FedewaMt. Pleasant 
Frank11 John UllrichMt. Pleasant 
Robert18 Jos SmithMt. Pleasant 
Leo15 Jos SmithMt. Pleasant 7th
Lizzie10 Jos SmithMt. Pleasant 
Harrold6 Jos SmithMt. Pleasant 
John18 Henry BogeMt. Pleasant 
Clara17 Henry BogeMt. Pleasant 
Elenora10 Henry BogeMt. Pleasant 
Marie7 Henry BogeMt. Pleasant 
Henrietta55/3/14Henry BogeMt. Pleasant 
Bertha1910/8/99Ferd FedewaMt. Pleasant 
Rose15 Ferd FedewaMt. Pleasant 8th
Edward10 Ferd FedewaMt. Pleasant 
Norman7 Ferd FedewaMt. Pleasant 
Marie17 Geo ZuckerMt. Pleasant 
Celestine6 Tony EshMt. Pleasant 
Francis511/13/14Tony EshMt. Pleasant 
Alfred16 Nick PohlMt. Pleasant8th
Victor13 Nick PohlMt. Pleasant7th
Cathrine1911/25/99P. J. SchumacherRosebush #3 
Helen17 P. J. SchumacherRosebush #3 
Carl15 P. J. SchumacherRosebush #3 
Bernard13 P. J. SchumacherRosebush #3 
Alvin11 P. J. SchumacherRosebush #3 
Agness8 P. J. SchumacherRosebush #3 
Fred58/1/14P. J. SchumacherRosebush #3 
Mathew18 Frank ShohlRosebush #3 
Arnold15 Frank ShohlRosebush #3 7th
Albert13 Frank ShohlRosebush #3 
Rose10 Frank ShohlRosebush #3 
John Wagner11 Mrs. Frank Shohl, GuardianRosebush #3 
Katie17 Wm. LawrensRosebush #3 8th
Helen16 Wm. LawrensRosebush #3 8th
Philomena11 Wm. LawrensRosebush #3 
Edward9 Wm. LawrensRosebush #3 
Olga16 Wm. MartinRosebush #3 
Rita14 Wm. MartinRosebush #3 8th
Hugo11 Wm. MartinRosebush #3 
Mary7 Wm. MartinRosebush #3 
Rose16 Frank SchaferRosebush #3 
Charles15 Frank SchaferRosebush #3 8th
Arnold13 Frank SchaferRosebush #3 
Helen11 Frank SchaferRosebush #3 
Mable10 Frank SchaferRosebush #3 
Regena1911/18/99Fred FaberRosebush #3 
Marguarate16 Fred FaberRosebush #3 
Edward14 Fred FaberRosebush #3 7th
Leona10 Fred FaberRosebush #3 
Agness8 Fred FaberRosebush #3 
Howard11 Wm. LaubentalRosebush #3 
Geraldine13 Wm. LaubentalRosebush #3 
Cacelia16 John TillmanRosebush #3 8th
Margurate7 Frank A. SchaferRosebush #3 
Orelda6 Frank A. SchaferRosebush #3 
Charles15 John GrossRosebush #3 8th
Vera7 John GrossRosebush #3 
John16 Jos. DollWeidman8th
Frank9 Henry CookWeidman 
Leo199/8/99Conrad MartinWeidman 
Adam18 Conrad MartinWeidman 
Arthur18 Jack PohlWeidman 
Alfred15 Jack PohlWeidman 
Anna13 Jack PohlWeidman 
Harold6 Jos. BruerMt. Pleasant 1 
Edward6 Anthony SchaferMt. Pleasant 1 
Anna7 Anthony SchaferMt. Pleasant 1 
Walter7 John EndressWeidman 
Florence6 John EndressWeidman 
Anna194/01/99Mat SchaferWeidman 
John16 Mat SchaferWeidman 8th
Philomena15 Mat SchaferWeidman 8th
Laurence8 John E. SchaferWeidman 
Charles6 John E. SchaferWeidman 
John17 Henry MarhoferWeidman 7th
Allan12 Henry MarhoferWeidman 
Helen18 Peter MarhoferWeidman 
William14 Peter MarhoferWeidman 7th
Dorthy12 Peter MarhoferWeidman 
Julius9 Peter MarhoferWeidman 
Mary194/4/99Milal DorrRosebush 
Orelia16 Milal DorrRosebush 7th


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