1919 Nottawa School Census District One 

School Census of the Township of Nottawa, County of Isabella for the school year ending July 14, 1919
District One is a fractional district encompassing both Nottawa and Sherman Townships
KEY: Date of Birth is for those age 5 and 19 at the time of the census; the date of birth is entered as entered by the enumerator.
         All spellings of names, both given and surname, are as the enumerator recorded them.
         There were 149 children between the ages of 5 and 20 in the district, 79 males and 70 females.  Of those 129 attended school
         during the school year, 67 males and 62 females.  16 children were enrolled in the 7th grade and 7 were enrolled in the 8th grade.
         A district library was established in 1905. In 1919 there were no new volumes added for a total of 325 volumes.
         Explanation of the relationship to the child is given if it is not the parent in the column Full Name of Parent or Legal Guardian.   
Teachers: Joseph Carpenter (1920), Ruth McNeal (1920), Nita Stenchcomb (1921) Bernice Schaaf (1919)
Enumerator: W. E. Schauffener

NAME OF CHILDAgeDate of birth of those 5 and 19FULL NAME OF PARENT OR LEGAL GUARDIANADDRESS7th or 8th grade
Nottawa Township     
Harold Carr11 Harvey CarrWeidman 
Kenneth Clark11 Grant ClarkWeidman 
Alvin Clark10 Grant ClarkWeidman 
Wahnetta Clark9 Grant ClarkWeidman 
Wilma Clark6 Grant ClarkWeidman 
Charles Chase17 James ChaseWeidman 
Sabin Chase15 James ChaseWeidman7th
Gertrude Chase11 James ChaseWeidman 
Elvaro Chase9 James ChaseWeidman 
Hiram Chase6 James ChaseWeidman 
Oscar Doan1911-8-1898H. B. DoanWeidman 
Orsen Doan18 H. B. DoanWeidman 
Marietta Doan17 H. B. DoanWeidman 
Howard Flawer19Jul 25, 1899David FlawerWeidman 
Gerald Grewett14 Martin GrewettWeidman7th
Carl Grewett1912-23-1899Martin GrewettWeidman 
Louise Grewett13 Martin GrewettWeidman 
Louisa Gross18 J. R. GrossWeidman 
Anna Gross16 J. R. GrossWeidman 
Minnie Gross16 John GrossWeidman 
Ernest Gross18 John GrossWeidman 
Mary Gardener15 P. E. GardenerWeidman7th
Iva Gardener14 P. E. GardenerWeidman 
Henrietta Gardener11 P. E. GardenerWeidman 
Raymond Gardener7 P. E. GardenerWeidman 
Clifford Johnson194-19-1900Wilbur JohnsonWeidman 
Edna King18 Noah KingWeidman 
Clarence King14 Noah KingWeidman 
Gladys King6 Noah KiingWeidman 
Bernice Johnson8 Charles JohnsonWeidman 
Francis Leiferman16 Frank LeifermanWeidman 
Effie Leiferman14 Frank LeifermanWeidman8th
Willard Leiferman10 Frank LeifermanWeidman 
Oscar Langlois14 Mother, Mrs. Frank SedonWeidman 
George Looman18MarriedJohn LoomanWeidman 
Alice Looman16MarriedGeo LoomanWeidman 
Leanus Mead13 Thomas MeadWeidman 
Blanche Mead8 Thomas MeadWeidman 
Frank Miller19Mar 20, 1900J. M. MillerWeidman 
Louisa Miller14 J. M. MillerWeidman8th
Philomena Miller12 J. M. MillerWeidman 
Grace Meyers16 Mother, Mrs. Milo McArthurWeidman 
Raymond Miller15 W. H. MillerWeidman 
Bert Miller9 W. H. MillerWeidman 
Josephine Mitchill17 Floy I. MitchellWeidman 
Marian E. Mitchell10 Floy I. MitchellWeidman 
Richard Neubecker9 Geo NeubeckerWeidman 
Kathryn Neubecker7 Geo NeubeckerWeidman 
Leo Neubecker192-15-1900John NeubeckerWeidman 
Floyd Otterbine9 John OtterbineWeidman 
Russell Otterbine7 John OtterbineWeidman 
Walter Riker17 Mrs. G. L. RikerWeidman 
Louie Riker15 Mrs. G. L. RikerWeidman7th
Edna Riker7 Mrs. G. L. RikerWeidman 
Vernon Simmer17 Pierce SimmerWeidman 
Edward Simmer10 Pierce SimmerWeidman 
Hazel Snyder194-13-1900Barney SnyderWeidman 
Thelma Snyder17 Barney SnyderWeidman 
Gertrude Snyder10 Barney SnyderWeidman 
Clarence Snyder55-21-1914Barney SnyderWeidman 
Elmer Schewagan12 John SchewaganWeidman 
Dollie Sprague19April 30, 1900A. L. SpragueWeidman 
R. O. Sprague10 A. L. SpragueWeidman 
Catharine Sprague7 A. L. SpragueWeidman 
Ada Sprague512-3-1913A. L. SpragueWeidman 
Donald Sickles7 James SicklesWeidman 
Sherman Township     
Wesley Avery11 Guy AveryWeidman 
Elmer Avery7 Guy AveryWeidman 
Clara Avery55-2-1914Guy AveryWeidman 
Harold Abbott16 Ozro AbbottWeidman 
Delbert Abbott13 Ozro AbbottWeidman 
Grace Abbott11 Ozro AbbottWeidman 
Donald Abbott55-6-1914Ozro AbbottWeidman 
Emma Bolinger16 Alice BolingerWeidman 
Beatrice Bolinger14 Alice BolingerWeidman 
Ruby Bolinger13 Alice BolingerWeidman 
Elsie Bolinger10 Alice BolingerWeidman 
Norma Briggs16 Geo BriggsWeidman 
George Benn193-15-1900Ed BennWeidman 
Willner Benn15 Ed Benn8th 
Margaret Cahill14 Wm. Cahill7th 
William Cahill11 Wm. CahillWeidman 
Elton Cahill8 Wm. CahillWeidman 
Gaylord Carr15 S. W. CarrWeidman 
Ruth Dillenbeck16 Ray DillenbeckWeidman 
Clarence Dillenbeck14 Ray DillenbeckWeidman 
Violet Dillenbeck8 Ray DillenbeckWeidman 
Kenneth Drallette11 Miles DralletteWeidman 
Wendell Drallette7 Miles DralletteWeidman 
Miles Faverau10 Bert FaverauWeidman 
Leland Faverau6 Bert FaverauWeidman 
Glen Frantz16 Asa FrantzWeidman8th
Willie Gage12 Ted GageWeidman 
Roy Gage7 Ted GageWeidman 
James Gross8 Frank GrossWeidman 
Gladys Hampton53-10-1914T. C. HamptonWeidman 
Hazel Kuckel15 Jacob KuckelWeidman7th
Roscoe Ohls18 Lorenzo OhlsWeidman 
Roy Ohls194-23-1900Lorenzo Ohls Weidman 
Lethia Ohls9 Lorenzo Ohls Weidman 
Edith Ohls 8 Lorenzo Ohls Weidman 
Bernice Ohls7 Lorenzo Ohls Weidman 
Russell Parks11 Grace Parks Weidman 
Lee Parks8 Grace Parks Weidman 
Amy Parks6 Grace Parks Weidman 
Arthur Pridgeon194-28-1900Will PridgeonWeidman 
Edward Pridgeon17 Will Pridgeon Weidman 
Stella Pridgeon11 Will Pridgeon Weidman 
Erma Pridgeon9 Will Pridgeon Weidman 
Jessie Reed18 M. B. Reed Weidman 
Vernie Reed14 M. B. Reed Weidman 
Charlie Reed12 M. B. Reed Weidman 
William Russell16 Wm. Russell Weidman 
Ernest Russell13 Wm. Russell Weidman 
Leola Russell11 Wm. Russell Weidman 
Cleon Russell9 Wm. Russell Weidman 
Moses D. Rand7 M. D. Rand Weidman 
Robert Rand56-28-1913M. D. Rand Weidman 
Constance Roe17`R. E. Roe Weidman 
Robert Roe16 R. E. Roe Weidman 
Alice Roe14 R. E. RoeWeidman 8th
Paul Roe12 R. E. RoeWeidman  
Frances Roe10 R. E. Roe Weidman 
Forest Rathburn17 Mary Rathburn Weidman 
Marie Rathburn16 Mary Rathburn Weidman 
Wilma Ritchie16 John Ritchie Weidman 
John Ritchie13 John Ritchie Weidman7th
Gladys Ritchie11 John Ritchie Weidman 
Keith Ritchie7 John Ritchie Weidman 
Lyndel Sanderson12 John Sanderson Weidman7th
Leola Sanderson12 John Sanderson Weidman7th
Genevieve Scott14 Adam Scott Weidman7th
Glen Scott11 Adam Scott Weidman 
Ray Smith10 Earl Smith Weidman 
Marian Schauffener10 W. E. SchauffenerWeidman 
Geo Schmitt15 Anna Schmitt Weidman8th
Frank Schmitt13 Anna Schmitt Weidman7th
Park Sedore9 C. Sedore Weidman 
Wilma Sedore56-26-1913C. Sedore Weidman 
Russell Wilson197-30-1899E. W. Wilson Weidman 
Irene Wilson15 E. W. Wilson Weidman8th
Jessie Wiley15 C. E. Wiley Weidman 
Gorden Wiley14 C. E. Wiley Weidman7th
Beulah Wiley13 C. E. Wiley Weidman7th
Cliffard Wiley11 C. E. Wiley Weidman 
Beatrice Wiley8 C. E. Wiley Weidman 
Lucille Wiley6 C. E. Wiley Weidman 
Mildred White17 Frank White Weidman 
Emma White9 Frank White Weidman 


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