1918 Nottawa Township School Census District 6 

School Census of the Township of Nottawa, County of Isabella for the school year ending July 8, 1918

KEY: Date of Birth is for those age 5 and 19 at the time of the census; the date of birth is entered as entered by the enumerator.
         All spellings of names, both given and surname, are as the enumerator recorded them.
         There were 58 children between the ages of 5 and 20 in the district, 31 males and 27 females.  Of those 31 attended school
         during the school year, 15 males and 16 females.  1 child was enrolled in the 7th grade and 4 were enrolled in the 8th grade.
         A district library was established in 1907. In 1918 there were 8 new volumes added for a total of 133 volumes.
         Explanation of the relationship to the child is given if it is not the parent in the column Full Name of Parent or Legal Guardian.
Teachers: Eleanor Battles, 3rd Grade Certification, taught 4/34 months for a salary of $236.31, Ruby Metcalf, 3rd Grade Certification,
                taught 4 months for a salary of $199.00  
Enumerator: H. J.Yuncker  

Clara Faber15 Theador FaberWeidman6
Frank Faber12 Theador FaberWeidman6
Charlie Gachter16 Jsoeph GachterWeidman6
August Gachter13 Joseph GachterWeidman6
Julie Gachter11 Joseph GachterWeidman6
Irine Gachter9 Joseph GachterWeidman6
Vera Gachter7 Joseph GachterWeidman6
May Gachter55-29-1913Joseph GachterWeidman6
Marion Grewett18 Elfred GrewettWeidman6
Luciel Grewett  Elfred GrewettWeidman6
Stanley Grewett14 Elfred GrewettWeidman6
Lenord Johnson16 G. W. JohnsonWeidman6
Clyed Johnson14 G. W. JohnsonWeidman6
Velma Johnson12 G. W. JohnsonWeidman6
Beatrice Johnson8 G. W. JohnsonWeidman6
Arthur Lomis11 Claud LomisWeidman6
Gorden Lomis9 Claud LomisWeidman6
Wm. McGrogan8 Mother, Josephine McGroganWeidman6
Teador McGrogan6 Mother, Josephine McGroganWeidman6
Richard Neubecker8 George NeubeckerWeidman6
Joseph Neubecker6 George NeubeckderWeidman6
Kathrine Neubecker6 George NeubeckerWeidman6
Mable Parks195-2-1889Edvin ParksWeidman6
Bernice Parks16 Edvin ParksWeidman6
Beatrice Parks13 Edvin ParksWeidman6
Helena Parks11 Edvin ParksWeidman6
Edna Parks9 Edvin ParksWeidman6
Louis Parks6 Edvin ParksWeidman6
Katie Parsh13 Andrew ParschWeidman6
Magdelena Parsh10 Andrew ParschWeidman6
Herbert Straus18 Crist StrausWeidman6
Magerete Strauss17 Crist StrausWeidman6
Hilda Straus6 Crist StrausWeidman6
Wm. Smith1911-8-1898Joseph SmithWeidman6
George Smith15 Joseph SmithWeidman6
John Schafer18 John SchaferWeidman6
Katie Schafer16 John SchaferWeidman6
Wm. Schafer10 John SchaferWeidman6
Katie Martin17 Joseph MartinWeidman6
Jacob Martin10 Joseph MartinWeidman6
Harold Vogel6 Andrew VogelWeidman6
Hubert Burman7 Anthony BurmanWeidman6
Florence Townsend15 Deness TownsendWeidman6
Carthur Townsend14 Deness TownsendWeidman6
Bob Townsend12 Deness TownsendWeidman6
Gladis Townsend7 Deness TownsendWeidman6
Wm. Yuncker17 H. J. YunckerWeidman6
John Yuncker15 H. J. YunckerWeidman6
Hurbert Yuncker13 H. J. YunckerWeidman6
Lillian Yuncker11 H. J. YunckerWeidman6
Elva Yuncker9 H. J. YunckerWeidman6
Howard Yunker6 H. J. YunckerWeidman6
Floyed Emons17 Ward EmmonsGilmore Township, Farwell6
Clyed Emons14 Ward EmmonsGilmore Township, Farwell6
Harry Emons11 Ward EmmonsGilmore Township, Farwell6
Russell Emons8 Ward EmmonsGilmore Township, Farwell6
Florence Emons16 Ernest EmmonsGilmore Township, Farwell6
Elva Emons8 Ernest EmmonsGilmore Township, Farwell6


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