1913 Nottawa Township, District 6, Isabella County School Census

School Census Summary of the Township of Nottawa, County of Isabella for the school year ending July 12, 1909

         The number of children 5 years of age and under 20 in the district was 59, 32 males and 27 females. However, the number of
         children who attended school in the district during the school year was 40, 23 males and 17 females.  Average daily attendance
         was 34.  There were 11 children in the district between the ages of 14 and 18, however only 2 of those children attended school.
         Two children were enrolled in the 7th grade and 4 were enrolled in the 8th grade.
         15 volumes were added to the district library during the school year.  The library had a total of 101 volumes.   The district was
         debt free, and had one school building. No new building was anticipated to be built during the next school year.

Teacher May E.Young, taught 9 months and was paid $472.50.  H.J. Yuncker was the enumerator.
More interesting facts contained in the Annual Statistical Report: the district had a dictionary, a globe and maps.  Four students graduated from the 8th grade. The pupils had free textbooks and physiology
and hygiene were taught as required by Section 4680 of the Compiled Laws.


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