1903 Isabella County Births

Child No. Birth Date Name (if any,and color other than white) Sex Birth Place Full Name of Each Residence Birth Place Occupation of Father
95 26-Nov-03 Gladys Zuella Ayling F Deerfield Henry Ayling Fremont Pennsylvania Farmer
          Addie Ayling   Canada  
96 24-Mar-03 Harriet Gladys Pickham F Fremont David Pickham Fremont Canada Farmer
          Ada Parks Pickham   Michigan  
97 01-Sep-03 Ruth Williams F Fremont Harry Williams Fremont Michigan Farmer
          Macy Williams   Michigan  
98 06-Jan-03 Clifford Jones M Deerfiled James Jones Fremont Michigan Farmer
          Daisy Harrison Jones   Michigan  
99 04-Apr-03 Floyd McQueen M Lincoln Luther McQueen Fremont Michigan Laborer
          Minnie McQueen   Michigan  
100 30-Apr-03 Vernell Richardson M Fremont Silas Richardson Fremont Michigan Saloon Keeper
          Flora Richardson   Michigan  
101 07-May-03 Robert Sandbrook M Fremont Thomas Sandbrook Fremont Michigan Farmer
          Margaret Sandbrook   Ohio  
102 28-Mar-03 Creole Delo F Fremont Hugh Cuthbert Fremont Michigan Laborer
      Ilegit.   Edith Delo   Michigan  
102 1/2 06-Sep-03 Helen Regina Bogeman F Nottawa William Bogeman Fremont Germany Farmer
          Elizabeth Koch   Germany  
103 31-May-03 Olive Armentha Cook F Fremont Lorenzo Cook Fremont Michigan Stone Mason
          Mary E. Cook   Michigan  
104 26-May-03 Lyle Hunt M Fremont Lucius E. Hunt Fremont Michigan Carpemter
          Anna E. Hunt   Ohio  
105 03-Oct-03 Hassie May Buhrer F Rolland Jacob Buhrer Rolland Ohio Farmer
          Gertie Buhrer   Ohio  
106 08-Nov-03 Stewart Vaughn Garrison M Rolland Stewart Garrison Rolland Michigan Farmer
          Bernice Garrison   Michigan  
107 11-Jul-03 Jacob Charles Stamm M Rolland Godfrey Stamm Rolland Switzerland Farmer
          Lizzie Stamm   Switzerland  
108 29-Feb-04 Edna A. Hotchkiss F Rolland Fred Hotchkiss Rolland Michigan Laborer
          Nora Hotchkiss   Michigan  
109 18-Feb-04 Lena Mallory F Rolland William Mallory Rolland Michigan Butcher
          Carrie Mallory   Michigan  
110 06-May-03 Everett D. Chapman M Rolland Burt Chapman Rolland Michigan Farmer
          Lena Chapman   Michigan  
111 19-Oct-03 Jesse A. Headley M Rolland Boble Headley Rolland Michigan Farmer
          Nettie Headley   Michigan  
112 21-Aug-03 James F. Brut M Rolland Frank Burt Rolland Michigan Laborer
          Edith Burt   Michigan  
113 25-May-03 Gertrude Fern Snyder F Rolland William A. Snyder Rolland Ohio Farmer
          Edith Lillian Snyder   Michigan  



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