1903 Isabella County Births

Child No. Birth Date Name (if any,and color other than white) Sex Birth Place Full Name of Each Residence Birth Place Occupation of Father
57 1/2 29-Mar-03 Gladys Belle Saskill F Mt. Pleasant Howard Harmond Saskill Mt. Pleasant Michigan Plumber
          Jennie David   New York  
58 26-Sep-03 Vina Hitchcock F Coe Ira H. Hitchcock Lincoln New York Farmer
          E. Ola Hitchcock   Michigan  
59 21-Oct-03 Howard E. Miser M Lincoln Isaac Miser Lincoln Indiana Farmer
          Nellie Miser   Michigan  
60 02-Oct-03 Herald M. McMacken M Lincoln Howard Mc Macken Lincoln Ohio Farmer
          Eliza McMacken   Michigan  
61 12-Dec-03 Lettie M. Knipe F Lincoln Alfred Knipe Lincoln Ohio Farmer
          Rose Knipe   Michigan  
62 14-Aug-03 Clista Hill F Lincoln Fred Hill New York New York Farmer
          Blanche Hill Lincoln New York  
63 14-Aug-03 Thelma Thatcher F Lincoln Verna Thatcher Lincoln Michigan Farmer
          Ida Thatcher   Michigan  
64 18-Aug-03 Elva De Hart F Lincoln Glenn De Hart Lincoln Michigan Farmer
          Flossie DeHart   Michigan  
65 11-Jan-03 Clark Myers M Lincoln Archie Myers Lincoln Michigan Farmer
          Samantha Myers   Vermont  
66 18-Nov-03 Schrock F Lincoln Adils Schrock Lincoln Michigan Farmer
          Nellie Schrock   Michigan  
67 15-Jan-03 Mary L. Wood F Lincoln Charles Wood Lincoln New York  
          Mary Wood   Ohio  
68 16-Aug-03 Edith Thelma Hulse F Pine River Addison Hulse Fremont Michigan Farmer
          Pearl Hulse   Michigan  
69 10-May-03 Buel Clistin Evans M Fremont Herbert Evans Fremont Michigan Farmer
          Madue Bundy Evans   Michigan  
70 11-Sep-03 William E. Sanderson M Fremont Joseph F. Sanderson Fremont Michigan Farmer
          Clara B. Sanderson   Michigan  
71 19-Mar-03 Alice J. Stutting F Rolland August W. Stutting Fremont Michigan Farmer
          Florence M. Stutting   Michigan  
72 03-May-03 Amelia Maye Lint F Fremont Shermen Lint Fremont Michigan Farmer
          Effie Fox Lint   Michigan  
72 1/2 08-Apr-03 Robert Bentley Pease M Deerfield Jason B. Pease Mt. Pleasant Michigan Farmer
          Ida Van Horn   Michigan  
73 04-Sep-03 Harriet Sandbrook F Fremont John Sandbrook Fremont England Farmer
          Abbie Sandbrook   Pennsylvania  
74 08-May-03 Orrie Bert Allen M Fremont Benjamin Allen Fremont Michigan Farmer
          Elllma Allen   Michigan  
75 22-Dec-03 Raymond Leslie Delo M Fremont William Delo Fremont Canada Farmer
          Effie Delo   Michigan  



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