1903 Isabella County Births

Child No. Birth Date Name (if any,and color other than white) Sex Mabel Doughty Full Name of Each Residence Birth Place Occupation of Father Date of Record
431 27-Oct-03 Mary Ruth Doghty F Mt. Pleasant Ralph Doughty Mt. Pleasant Michigan Merchant  
          Mabel Doughty   Michigan    
432 17-Mar-03 Guesey Brown F Chicago Same Brown Chicago Michigan Merchant  
          Jennie Brown   Illinois    
433 11-Aug-03 Shultz F Coldwater Ed Shultz Coldwater Ohio Farmer  
      Stillborn   Tacy Shultz   Pennsylvania    
434 23-Nov-03 Bethel Phena F Sherman City Adelbert Phena Sherman City Ohio Laborer  
          Cora Phena   Michigan    
435 23-Apr-03 May B. MacKersie F Sherman City George A. Mackersie Sherman City Michigan Farmer  
          Mildred Mackersie   Michigan    
435 27-May-03 Maggie Lane F Coldwater Adelbert Lane Coldwater Michigan Farmer  
          Amelia Lane   Michigan    
437 21-Apr-03 Charles Johnson M Sherman City Burt Johnson Sherman City Canada Laborer  
          Mary Johnson   Ohio    
438 18-May-03 Rodgers F Coldwater John Rodgers Coldwater Indiana Farmer  
      Stillborn   Mina Rodgers   Michigan    
439 02-Feb-04 Alfred C. Novarre M Coldwater Frank Novarre Coldwater Michigan Farmer  
          Ella Novarre   Maryland    
439 1/2 19-Oct-03 Earl Aubrry Thompson M Lincoln Perry Thompson Lincoln Michigan Farmer  
          Estella Black   Michigan    
440 19-Dec-03 Violet Williams F Coldwater Chasley Williams Coldwater Michigan Farmer  
          Julia Williams   Ohio    
441 05-Mar-03 Clifford J. Chiadle M Coldwater Emerson Chiadle Coldwater Ohio Farmer  
          Anna Chiadle   Canada    
442 26-Apr-03 Orten M. Gorden M Coldwater Edward Gorden Coldwater Michigan Farmer  
          May Gorden   Michigan    
443 22-Jan-03 Ronald S. Gorden M Coldwater Benjamin Gorden Coldwater Michigan Farmer  
          Lena Gorden   Michigan    
444 10-Apr-03 Florence A. Haskins F Coldwater William Haskins Coldwater Michigan Farmer  
          Calista Haskins   Michigan    
445 16-Jul-03 William Jones M Coldwater William Jones Coldwater Michigan Laborer  
          Eva Jones   Michigan    
446 01-Jul-03 Matilda Sisco F Coldwater John Sisco Coldwater Maryland Laborer  
          Maggie Sisco   Maryland    
447 11-Jan-03 Atchinson M Coldwater Samuel Atchinson Coldwater Canada Farmer  
          Anna Atchinson   Canada    
448 28-Jul-03 Margaret Irene Warner F Union John C. Warner Union Ohio Farmer  
          Genevive Irene Warner   Michigan    
449 16-Mar-03 Mable L. Delemater F Mt. Pleasant John A. Delemater Mt. Pleasant Michigan Farmer  
          Adaline Delemater   Ohio    
Child No. Birth Date Name (if any,and color other than white) Sex Birth Place Full Name of Each Residence Birth Place Occupation of Father Date of Record
450 23-Apr-03 Rolland J. Brown M Mt. Pleasant James S. Brown Mt. Pleasant Michigan Insurance  
          Blanche E. Barber   Michigan    
451 22-Apr-03 William Daniel Morgan M Deerfield Jay L. Morgan Mt. Plesant Michigan Farmer  
          Nettie Shain   Michigan    
452 21-Aug-03 Walter Joseph Sanderson M Freman Emlon A. Sanderson Freman Michigan Farmer  
          Minnie B. Ferier   New York    
453 25-Feb-03 Frank Marrs M Broomfield Murt Marrs Weidman Michigan Farmer  
          Caroline Bell   Michigan    
454 02-Apr-03 Roy Rolland Craven M Deerfield Charles J. Craven Owasso Michigan Farmer  
          Eva Bell Mathews   Michigan    
455 01-Jun-03 James Henry Clark M Coldwater Harry Clark Barryton Canada Farmer  
          Cornelia E. Thrush   Michigan    


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