1903 Isabella County Births

Child No. Birth Date Name (if any,and color other than white) Sex Birth Place Full Name of Each Residence Birth Place Occupation of Father Date of Record
412 22-Nov-03 Edna Torpey F Ohio John Torpey Mt. Pleasant Ohio Farmer  
          Celesta Toprey   Ohio    
413 25-Aug-03 Virgilene Hamilton F Mt. Pleasant Robert Hamilton Mt. Pleasant Canada Section Boss  
          Della Hamilton   Michigan    
414 30-Mar-03 Milon henry Craps M Mt. Pleasant Alonzo Craps Mt. Pleasant New York Electrician  
          Sarah Craps   Michigan    
415 20-Jul-03 Tabricia Viola Adams F Mt. Pleasant George W. Adams Mt. Pleasant Wisonsin Laborer  
          Edith Adams   Michigan    
416 07-Sep-03 Floy Clarrie Hilton F Mt. Pleasant Joseph Hilton Mt. Pleasant Ohio Engineer  
          Jennie Myers Hilton   Ohio    
417 28-Mar-03 Roy Jason Dingman M Mt. Pleasant Jason Dingman Mt. Pleasant Michigan Laborer  
          Margaret Linebaugh   Michigan    
418 18-Dec-03 Blanche Ouderkirk F Mt. Pleasant Charles Ouderkirk Mt. Pleasant Illinois Carpenter  
          Lillian Ouderkirk   New York    
419 23-Nov-03 Harriet Dent F Mt. Pleasant Asher Dent Mt. Pleasant Michigan Laborer  
          Myrtle Dent   Michigan    
420 09-Aug-03 Bernice Bundy F Mt. Pleasant William Bundy Mt. Pleasant Ohio Laborer  
          Anna Bundy   Michigan    
421 09-Dec-03 Elias Hollinger M Mt. Pleasant Homer Hollinger Mt. Pleasant Indiana Carpenter  
          Elena Hollinger   Dakota    
422 30-Jul-03 Leona Bringard F Mt. Pleasant Frank Bringard Mt. Pleasant Michigan Saloon Keeper  
          Roa Bringard   Canada    
423 24-Oct-03 Clarnece Breidenstine M Mt. Pleasant Peter Beidenstine Mt. Pleasant Germany Merchant  
          Mary Breidenstine   Michigan    
424 01-May-03 Lola Mae Mayhew F Mt. Pleasant Elihue Mayhew Mt. Pleasant Michigan Minister  
          Cora Mayhew   Michigan    
424 1/2 04-Dec-03 Sanford Dallas Edmonds M Mt. Pleasant Frank Elmer Edmonds Mt. Pleasant New York    
          Linnie May Bowen   Michigan    
425 17-Jan-03 Vivian Pardo F Mt. Pleasant William Pardo Mt. Pleasant Canada Barber  
          Minnie Pardo   Canada    
426 05-Oct-03 Carl V. Dougherty M Mt. Pleasant Thomas Dougherty Mt. Pleasant Canada Laborer  
          Katy Dougherty   New York    
427 23-Aug-03 Vivian Tryer F Mt. Pleasant Frank Tryer Mt. Pleasant Ohio Laborer  
          Sada Tryer   Ohio    
428 20-Jan-03 Ruth Burkholder F Mt. Pleasant Rudolph Burkholder Mt. Pleasant Michigan Carpenter  
    Later chg: Burkhalter     Anna Baker Burkholder   Michigan    
429 12-Dec-03 Gerald Cotter M Mt. Pleasant John Cotter Mt. Pleasant Michigan Carpenter  
          Ellen Cotter   Michigan    
430 17-Jul-03 Mary Carr F Mt. Pleasant Pat Carr Mt. Pleasant Michigan Stock Buyer  
        Ralph Doughty Ellen Carr   New York    


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