1903 Isabella County Births

Child No. Birth Date Name (if any,and color other than white) Sex Birth Place Full Name of Each Residence Birth Place Occupation of Father Date of Record
395 17-Mar-03 Ruth Stranch F Wise William C. Stranch Wise Ohio Farmer  
          Delilah Stranch   Michigan    
395 1/2 21-Aug-03 Charles Richard Brown M Wise Cicero Webster Brown Wise Ohio Printer  
          Jessie Perry Cluskey   Michigan    
395 01-Dec-03 Benjaman Wansey M Wise Elias Wansey Wise Michigan Farmer  
          Rosie Wansey   Michigan    
397 09-Dec-03 Ethel White F Wise Lerta A. White Wise Michigan Farmer  
          Almeda Harlin White   West Virginia    
398 25-Dec-03 Bernice Snear M Wise Frank Snear Wise Pennsylvania Farmer  
          Bell Snear   Canada    
399 20-Apr-03 John P. Wood M Wise John P. Wood Wise Michigan Carpenter  
          Anna Wood   Canada    
400 26-Oct-03 Krienke H. Faber M Wise William Faber Wise Michigan Farmer  
          Margaritte Faber   Canada    
401 07-Jul-03 Annie William F Wise Unknown Wise   Farmer  
          Mary Billings   Michigan    
402 30-Nov-03 Roger Henderson M Mt. Pleasant Dell Henderson Mt. Pleasant Michigan Laborer  
          Rose Henderson   Michigan    
403 01-Apr-03 Lowell Veeder M Isabella Co. Samuel Veeder Mt. Pleasant Michigan Farmer  
          Bertha Veeder   Michigan    
404 30-Mar-03 Phyllis Johnson F Mt. Pleasant William Johnson Mt. Pleasant Canada Meat Cutter  
          Maggie Johnson   Michigan    
405 09-Jul-03 Ormund R. Flynn M Mt. Pleasant Adam Flynn Mt. Pleasant Canada Laborer  
          Emma Flynn   Michigan    
406 17-Jul-03 Donald Whitney M Mt. Pleasant Tilden Whitney Mt. Pleasant Michigan Cigar Maker  
          Julie Whitney   Michigan    
407 29-Aug-03 Richard C. Bilcox M Mt. Pleasant James Bilcox Mt. Pleasant Canada Laborer  
          Mary Bilcox   Pennsylvania    
407 1/2 04-Oct-03 Dorothy Root F Mt. Pleasant George M. Root Mt. Pleasant New York Merchant  
          Florence Root   Michigan    
408 23-Sep-03 Violet Scamps F Mt. Pleasant Will Scamps Mt. Pleasant Ohio Laborer  
          Mary Scamps   Michigan    
409 02-Aug-03 Walter Leffingwell M Mt. Pleasant Frank Leffingwell Mt. Pleasant Ohio Night Watch  
          Emma Leffingwell   Michigan    
409 1/2 03-Feb-03 Mary Helen Connelly F Deerfield john T. Connely Deerfield Michigan Farmer  
          Mary Danger   Michigan    
410    08-Jan-03 Cora May Rosamond F Mt. Pleasant Archie Rosamond Mt. Pleasant Michigan Carpenter  
          Gertrude Rosamond   New York    
411 11-Aug-03 Marjorie Whitten F Mt. Pleasant William Whitten Mt. Pleasant Canada Meat Cutter  
          May Whitten   Canada    


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