1903 Isabella County Births

Child No. Birth Date Name (if any,and color other than white) Sex Birth Place Full Name of Each Residence Birth Place Occupation of Father Date of Record
39 22-Apr-03 Harmon N Coe George Harman Coe Pennsylvania Farmer  
          Mary C. Harmon   Pennsylvania    
40 30-Jul-03 Maylon Stahl N Coe Kelly Stahl Coe Indiana Farmer  
          Rosa Stahl   Ohio    
41 02-Jul-03 Louis Gilbert Capin N Shepherd Albert J. Capin Shepherd Michigan Laborer  
          Minnie Capin   Michigan    
42 22-Nov-03 Lefa Wonch F Shepherd Levi Wonch Shepherd Michigan Farmer  
          Etta Wonch   Michigan    
42 1/2 24-Dec-03 Arthur George EugeneSamge M Vernon George Willis Samga Weidman Michigan Farmer  
          Mary Christina House   England    
43 25-Mar-03 Pauline Titus F Lincoln Sameul Titus Lincoln Michigan Farmer  
          Ella Marshall Titus   Michigan    
44 03-Dec-03 Hazel Green F Lincoln John Green Lincoln Michigan Farmer  
          Henrietta Green   Ohio    
45 29-Dec-03 Ruth Kratz F Lincoln Harvey D. Kratz Lincoln Michigan Farmer  
          Pearl Kratz   Michigan    
46 17-Oct-03 Leo L. McQueen M Lincoln Lester McQueen Lincoln Michigan Farmer  
          Lethes McQueen   Michigan    
47 07-Dec-03 Thema Brandle F Lincoln Ward Brandle Lincoln Michigan Blacksmith  
          Drusilla  Brandle   Michigan    
48 08-Aug-03 Lloyd Bush M Lincoln Homre Bush Lincoln Ohio Farmer  
          Dersie Bush   Michigan    
49 14-Sep-03 William J. Coughlin M Lincoln William J. Coughlin Lincoln Canada Farmer  
          Elizabeth Coughlin   Canada    
50 14-Aug-03 Alfonsa Fox M Lincoln John Fox Lincoln Canada Farmer  
          Katherine Fox   Ireland    
51 19-Apr-03 Julia B. Duffy F Lincoln John Duffy Lincoln Michigan Farmer  
          Celia Duggy   Michigan    
52 21-Oct-03 Lenna Wasserman F Lincoln Albert Wasserman Lincoln Germany Farmer  
          Rose Wasserman   Ohio    
53 14-Aug-03 Thomas E. Harrigon M Lincoln John Harrigon Lincoln Canada Farmer  
          Caroline Harrigan   Michigan    
54 21-Jul-03 Ermina Willoughby F Lincoln James Willoughby Lincoln Michigan Farmer  
          Ada Willoughby   Canada    
55 02-Apr-03 Lloid McQueen M Lincoln Luther McQueen Lincoln Michigan Farmer  
          Ada McQueen   Michigan    
56 03-Apr-03 Elma Blizzard F Lincoln Claude Blizzard Lincoln Michigan Farmer  
          Merite Blizzard   Michigan    
57 26-Oct-03 Robert D. Carey M Lincoln Lewis A. Carey Lincoln Ohio Farmer  
          Margaret Carey   Ohio    


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