1903 Isabella County Births

Child No. Birth Date Name (if any, and color other than white) Sex Birth Place Full Name of Each Residence Birth Place Occupation of Father Date of Record
377 09-Nov-03 Ethel Loomis F Sherman Fred Loomis Sherman Michigan Farmer  
          Emma Loomis   Michigan    
378 12-Apr-03 Dewey Kirvan M Sherman William John Kirvan Sherman Canada Farmer  
          Miranda Charlotte Kirvan   Michigan    
379 20-Dec-03 Gladys Richards F Barryton Clarence Richards Sherman Michigan Laborer  
          Manina Richards   Michigan    
380 11-Oct-03 Beatrice Thompson F Sherman Frank Thompson Sherman Michigan Laborer  
          Lillie Thompson   Canada    
381 21-Mar-03 Berniese Agatha Bamber F Mt. Pleasant Charles Bamber Mt. Pleasant Michigan Mechanic  
          Bertha Agatha LaPearl   Michigan    
381 1/2 04-Jun-03 Alden Seight Kemmis M Mt. Pleasant Frank Kermmis Mt. Pleasant Vermont Planing Mill  
          Ida Louise Wolfraim   Canada    
381 08-May-03 James W. Campbell M Wise John Campbell Wise Michigan Farmer  
          Edith Campbell   Michigan    
382 29-Oct-03 Vern Owens M Wise Franklin Owens Wise Michigan Farmer  
          Edith Owens   Canada    
383 27-Apr-03 Adaline May F Wise Byron O. May Wise Pennsylvania Farmer  
          Margaretta May   Ohio    
384 03-Sep-03 Annie May F Wise Rueben Waldo May Wise Wisonsin Farmer  
          Rebecca Copeland May   Ohio    
385 11-Feb-03 Claire Harold Forbes M Wise Iirvin Silvester Forbes Wise Michigan Farmer  
          Helen Bechy Forbe   Michigan    
386 25-Dec-03 Amos J. Worden M Wise Philip Worden Wise Michigan Farmer  
          Eva Worden   Michigan    
387 18-Jan-03 Fred Zinzer M Wise Gottlieb Zinzer Wise Germany Farmer  
          Christinia Zinzer   Germany    
388 29-Jun-03 Maud Murdock F Wise John W. Murdock Wise New York Engineer  
          Minnie Murdock   Canada    
389 11-Sep-03 Kenneth Loomis Eberhart M Roscommon Martin Eberhart Wise Michigan Farmer  
          Rosalia Loomis   Pennsylvania    
390 29-Jan-03 Baby Quick M Wise Charles M. Quick Wise Michigan Farmer  
          Jennie Quick   Canada    
391 23,ay1903 Esther Anderson F Wise George Anderson Wise Canada Farmer  
          Lizzie Anderson   Michigan    
392 24-Sep-03 Theron White M Wise Clyde White Wise Michigan Laborer  
          Carrie White   Michigan    
393 11-Sep-03 Velma Durling F Wise Rufus Durling Wise Michigan Laborer  
          Oakley Durling   Canada    
394 25-May-03 Ida B. Snider F Wise Williard Snider Wise Canada Farmer  
          Etta Snider   Ohio    


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