1903 Isabella County Births

Child No. Birth Date Name (if any, and color other than white) Sex Birth Place Full Name of Each Residence Birth Place Occupation of Father Date of Record
358 19-Feb-03 Doyl A. Carey M Gilmore John D. Cary Gilmore Ohio Farmer  
          Alvilda Quackenbush Carey   Ohio    
359 03-Aug-03 Beulah  Grace Lamphere F Wise Frank Lamphere Gilmore Michigan Farmer  
          Ida Lamphere   Canada    
360 10-Oct-03 John Henry Ross M Vernon Claude Cecil Ross Vernon Ohio Farmer  
          Lottie A. Ross   Canada    
361 12-Apr-03 Velmar Border M Vernon Ford Borden Vernon Canada Farmer  
          Uretha Border   Michigan    
362 08-Apr-03 Edward Wallace Thayer M Vernon Edward James Thayer Vernon Canada Farmer  
          Bertha Belle Frost    Michigan    
363 31-Oct-03 Vernon David Funnell M Vernon David Funnell Vernon Canada Farmer  
          Maggie Funnell   Canada    
364 07-Sep-03 Raymond F. Dawson M Vernon David Dawson Vernon New York Laborer  
          Ella Dawson   New York    
365 18-Aug-03 Ruby Depotly F Roscommon George Depotly Vernon Michigan Farmer  
          Ida Depolty   Michigan    
366 14-Sep-03 Percy William Stough M Vernon John William Stough Vernon Michigan Farmer  
          Alice Stough   Michigan    
366 1/2 28-Aug-03 John Aloysius McDonald M Union George Patrick McDonald Mt. Pleasant Canada Farmer  
          Mary Ann McDonald   Canada    
367 20-Sep-03 Frances O. Marshall M Vernon Thomas Marshall Vernon New York Farmer  
          Maggie Marshall   Canada    
368 21-Jan-03 Harry Denton M Vernon Elvis Marshall Vernon Michigan Farmer  
          Sadie Marshall   Michigan    
369 10-Jan-03 Rachel May Woods F Vernon George Woods Vernon Canada Farmer  
          Merta Agnes Woods   Michigan    
370 21-Mar-03 Orlando B. Thayer M Vernon Lewis Thayer Vernon Michigan Farmer  
          Lillie C. Thayer   Michigan    
371 26-Sep-03 Ruth Irene Thayer F Vernon Delmer T. Thayer Vernon Michigan Farmer  
          Dora May Thayer   Michigan    
372 23-Jun-03 Vada M. Dell F Sherman Oscar Dell Sherman Michigan Farmer  
          Maud Dell    Michigan    
373 17-Jun-03 Joyce O. Lowry F Sherman William Lowry Sherman Michigan Farmer  
          Lena Lowry   Michigan    
374 02-Dec-03 Sterling Thompson F Sherman William Thompson Sherman Pennsylvania Farmer  
          Stella Thompson   Michigan    
375 01-Nov-03 Mary  Gardner F Sherman Earl Gardner Sherman Ohio Farmer  
          Iva M. Gardner   Michigan    
376 06-Jun-03 Gordie Moll F Sherman Frank Moll Sherman Michigan Farmer  
          May Moll   Michigan    


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