1903 Isabella County Births

Child No. Birth Date Name (if any, and color other than white) Sex Birth Place Full Name of Each Residence Birth Place Occupation of Father Date of Record
321 16-Dec-03 Julia Marie Kunkel F Nottawa Jacob Kunkel Nottawa Canada Farmer  
          Anna Detzler Kunkel   Canada    
321 1/2 29-Oct-03 Alma J. Beebe F Nottawa Clarence Charles Beebe Nottawa Michigan Farmer  
          Ida Walsh   Michigan    
322 04-Nov-03 Clara L. Schriber F Nottawa Charles Schriber Nottawa Michigan Undertaker  
          Sarah Miller Schriber   Canada    
323 22-Oct-03 Peter Webber M Nottawa Moses Webber Nottawa Germany Farmer  
          Katherine Webber   Germany    
324 15-Aug-03 McMilian Age M Nottawa Joseph Age Nottawa Germany Farmer  
          Rose Age   Germany    
325 03-Feb-03 George Gruett M Nottawa Alfonso Gruett Nottawa Michigan Farmer  
    Indian     Maggie Gruett   Michigan    
326 09-Nov-03 Anna Moore F Nottawa Peter Moore Nottawa Michigan Farmer  
          Katherine Moore   Michigan    
327 28-Dec-03 Orlen Davis M Nottawa George Davis Nottawa Canada Farmer  
          Elina Davis   Michigan    
328 25-Sep-03 Chalrey Gross M Nottawa Michael Gross Nottawa Michigan Farmer  
          Catherine Gross   Michigan    
329 15-Nov-03 Josephine Maverick F Nottawa E. Maverick Nottawa Canada Farmer  
          Abelonia Maverick   Canada    
330 30-Jun-03 Oloisher Kuhn F Nottawa William Khun Nottawa Ohio Farmer  
          Sarah Kuhn   Michigan    
331 16-Nov-03 Julius Schumacher M Nottawa Dtephen Schumacher Nottawa Michigan Farmer  
          Anna Schumacher   Michigan    
332 14-Oct-03 James McGuirk M Nottawa James McGuirk Nottawa Ireland Farmer  
          Minnie Taner McGuirk   Michigan    
333 08-Jul-03 Elizabeth Otto F Nottawa Peter Otto Nottawa Michigan Farmer  
          Emma Otto   Michigan    
334 26-Mar-03 John Doll M Nottawa Joseph Doll Nottawa Michigan Farmer  
          Emm Doll   Michigan    
335 26-Mar-03 Dollwina Bulky F Nottawa Barney Bulky Nottawa Germany Farmer  
          Hellana Bulky   Canada    
336 13-Nov-03 Maria Wyer F Nottawa Jacob Wyer Nottawa Michigan Farmer  
          Mary A. Wyer   Germany    
336 1/2 08-Apr-03 Harry Chanselor Theodore House M Isabella Henry Stower George House Rosebush England Implement  
          Mary Ellen Jasmin   Michigan Dealer  
337 01-Oct-03 Mary Lanbenthal F Nottawa Frank Jerome Lanbenthal Nottawa Ohio Farmer  
          Christina Philamina Ping   Michigan    
338 01-Oct-03 Wilfred Simmer M Nottawa J. Simmer Nottawa Canada Farmer  
          Emma Simmer   Ohio    


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