1903 Isabella County Births

Child No. Birth Date Name (if any, and color other than white) Sex Birth Place Full Name of Each Residence Birth Place Occupation of Father Date of Record
303 22-Feb-03 Bertha G. Endres F Nottawa William Endres Nottawa Canada Farmer  
          Rhoda Endres   Indiana    
304 18-Apr-02 Mary Burges F Nottawa Benjaman Burges Nottawa Ohio Farmer  
          Jane Burges   Michigan    
305 27-Nov-03 Irma La Pearl F Nottawa Fred LaPearl Nottawa Michigan Farmer  
          Minnie La Pearl   Michigan    
306 13-Apr-03 MabelGachten F Nottawa Joseph Gachten Nottawa Michigan Farmer  
          Martha Gachten   Michigan    
306 1/2 23-Nov-03 Leonard William Frank Cook M Broomfield Charles Cook Broomfield Germany Farmer  
          Mary Hummell   Michigan    
306 1/2 26-Jun-03 Carl William Esterline M Coldwater William Esterline Coldwater Ohio Farmer  
          Nancy Aurelis Dohm   Ohio    
307 01-Oct-03 Alma Dole F Nottawa Mathew Dole Nottawa Germany Farmer  
          Mary Dole   Germany    
308 14-Nov-03 Bertha Frunnell F Nottawa Thomas Frunnell Nottawa Canada Farmer  
          Clara Frunnell   Michigan    
309 11-Apr-03 Catherine Row F Nottawa Gottlieb Row Nottawa Canada Tinner  
          Clara Row   Canada    
310 08-Mar-03 Phelome Shaffer F Nottawa Mathias Shaffer Nottawa Michigan Farmer  
          Elizabeth Schaffer   Germany    
311 06-Jul-03 Alfred M. Pohl M Nottawa Jacob Pohl Nottawa Michigan Farmer  
          Anna Pohl   Michigan    
312 30-Mar-03 Anna Myhefer F Nottawa Peter Myhefer Nottawa Germany Farmer  
          Clara Myhefer   Michigan    
313 08-Jul-03 Arnold J. Schohl M Nottawa Frank Schohl Nottawa Germany Farmer  
          Elizabeth Schohl   Germany    
314 29-Dec-03 Charles H. Schumacher M Nottawa Peter Schumacher Nottawa Michigan Farmer  
          Anna Schumacher   Michigan    
315 06-Oct-03 John A. Zier M Nottawa John Zier Nottawa Germany Farmer  
          Anna Zier   Michigan    
316 02-Sep-03 Rosina Fidowa F Nottawa Peter Fidowa Nottawa Michigan Farmer  
          Elizabeth Fidowa   Michigan    
317 15-Nov-03 Mary Weiber F Nottawa Joseph Weiber Nottawa Michigan Farmer  
          Anna Weiber   Michigan    
318 20-Nov-03 Adolph Hundt M Nottawa Stephen Hundt Nottawa Michigan Farmer  
          Mary Hundt   Michigan    
319 23-Jul-03 Daniel Seaton M Nottawa Joseph Seaton Nottawa Michigan Mason  
          Emma Evans Seaton   Ohio    
320 30-Mar-03 Lorhty F. Craton F Nottawa Marthin Craton Nottawa Canada Blacksmith  
          Ratchel Craton   Maine    


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