1903 Isabella County Births

Child No. Birth Date Name (if any, and color other than white) Sex Birth Place Full Name of Each Residence Birth Place Occupation of Father Date of Record
284 23-Aug-03 Chester D. Graham M Isabella William Graham Isabella Michigan Farmer  
          Ida C. Graham   Michigan    
285 24/6/1903 Stanley House M Isabella Unknown Isabella      
      llegit.   Maud Sales   Michigan Domestic  
286 13-Dec-03 Cecelia Paisley F Isabella William Paisley Isabella Canada Farmer  
          Sara Alice McDonald Paisley   Canada    
287 23-Jun-03 James H. Paisley M Isabella Andrew Paisley Isabella Canada Farmer  
          Eliza Paisley   Michigan    
288 26-Jun-03 Elenor Therring F Isabella William Therring Isabella New York Farmer  
          Louisa Therring   Michigan    
289 20-May-03 Anna Gallagher F Isabella Thomas Gallagher Isabella Canada Farmer  
          Julia Gallagher   New York    
290 20-Oct-03 Howard Miser M Isabella Isaac Miser Isabella Michigan Laborer  
          Nellie Miser   Michigan    
291 31-May-03 Leonard E. Courter M Isabella James Courter Isabella Ohio Farmer  
          Julia Courter   Ohio    
292 13-Mar-03 Alfred French M Isabella Robert French Isabella Michigan Farmer  
          Ethel French   Michigan    
292 1/2 22-Dec-03 Reba Elsie Delo F Fremont William Delo Blanchard Michigan Farmer  
          Effie Moody   Michigan    
293 04-Aug-03 Mary Gleason F Isabella John Gleason Isabella Michigan Farmer  
          Elizabeth Gleason   Michigan    
294 24-Mar-03 Dena Ida Roy F Isabella Adam Roy Isabella Michigan Farmer  
          Myrtel Roy   Michigan    
295 26-Oct-03 Ethel Clare F Isabella Frank J. Clare Isabella Michigan Farmer  
          Angeline Clare   Michigan    
296 02-Jan-03 Leland Robinson M Isabella Frank Robinson Isabella Michigan Farmer  
          Anna Robinson   Michigan    
297 06-Mar-03 Elizabeth Bradly F Isabella Joseph Bradly Isabella Michigan Farmer  
    Indian     Jane Bradly   Michigan    
298 17-Feb-03 Helen L. Kane F Isabella John Kane Isabella Michigan Engineer  
          Sara Kane   Michigan    
299 12-Feb-03 Mertel Elliott F Isabella John Elliott Isabella Michigan Farmer  
          Minnie Elliott   Michigan    
300 10-Oct-03 Hazel E. Prout F Isabella Fred Prout Isabella Michigan Farmer  
          Rebecca Prout   Michigan    
301 17-Feb-03 Frances E. Marshall M Isabella Jason Marshall Isabella Ohio Laborer  
          Maggie Marshall   Michigan    
302 30-Sep-03 Elizabeth M. Peck F Isabella George K. Peck Isabella Michigan Druggist  
          Mary E. Peck   Michigan    


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