1903 Isabella County Births

Child No. Birth Date Name (if any, and color other than white) Sex Birth Place Full Name of Each Residence Birth Place Occupation of Father Date of Record
266 17-Nov-03 Meriana Raymond F Denver Arnie Raymond Denver Michigan Farmer  
          Minnie Raymond   Michigan    
267 05-Feb-03 Orva Bowen M Denver Peter Bowen Denver Canada Farmer  
          Clara Bowen   Michigan    
268 30-Apr-03 Kenneth Minor Pontiac M Denver Emory Pontiac Denver Michigan Farmer  
    Indian     Nancy Peters Pontiac   Michigan    
269 05-Jan-03 Rosa Maishak F Denver Stanley Maishak Denver Germany Farmer  
          Mary Maishak   Germany    
270 16-Apr-03 Percy A. Rigle M Denver Daniel Rigle Denver New York Farmer  
    Later chg: Riegle     Alta Skuce Rible   Michigan    
271 26-Nov-03 Bernard J. Hafer M Denver J. E. Hafer Denver Ohio Farmer  
          Ida Hafer   Michigan    
272 06-Dec-03 Archie Pashennence M Denver John Pashennence Denver Michigan Farmer  
    Indian     Sallie Pashennence   Michigan    
273 31-Jan-03 Edward Adams M Ingham Co. Edward Adams Denver Michigan Laborer  
          Nellie Adams   Michigan    
274 18-Oct-03 Ina M. Thorpe F Denver Floyd Thorpe Denver Michigan Laborer  
          Mary Thorpe   Michigan    
275 12-Apr-03 Clinton Faber M Huron Co. Herman Faber Denver Michigan Farmer  
          Mary Faber   Germany    
276 10-Dec-03 James E. Watson M Denver John Watson Denver Canada Farmer  
          Martha Watson   New York    
277 03-Feb-03 Aggie Strong F Denver Soloman Strong Denver Michigan Laborer  
    Indian     Maggie Strong   Michigan    
277 1/2 26-Apr-03 Harold Francis Pascoe M Broomfield Joseph Pascoe Remus Canada Farmer  
          Margaret Cruzen   Michigan    
277 1/2 06-Sep-03 Richard Phillip O'Brien M Deerfield Alonzo O'Brien Mt. Pleasant Michigan Farmer  
          Catherine Swift   Ohio    
278 07-Nov-03 James Gordon Irwin M Isabella Andrew Irwin Isabella Canada Farmer  
          Louisa Irwin   Michigan    
279 08-Sep-03 Zoa Margaret Little F Isabella Albert Little Isabella Michigan Farmer  
          Bertha Little   Michigan    
280 19-Apr-03 Cecil Funnell M Isabella William Funnell Isabella Michigan Farmer  
          Viola Funnell   Michigan    
281 29-Sep-03 Anna Bell Lowry F Isabella John Lowry Isabella Canada Farmer  
          Birdie Lowry   Michigan    
282 07-May-03 Hazel B. Mathews F Isabella James Mathews Isabella Michigan Farmer  
          Mary Mathews   Michigan    
283 06-Dec-03 Frank Mogg M Isabella James Mogg Isabella Canada Farmer  
          Catherine Little Mogg   Michigan    


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