1903 Isabella County Births

Child No. Birth Date Name (if any,and color other than white) Sex Birth Place Full Name of Each Residence Birth Place Occupation of Father Date of Record
248 1/2 06-Dec-03 Archei Cashenee M Denver John Cashenee Rosebush Michigan Farmer  
    Indian     Charlotte Wheaton   Michigan    
247 1/2 20-Oct-03 Harriett Cynthia Richardon F Mt. Pleasant Charles Richardson Mt. Pleasant Indiana Meat Cutter  
          Myrtie Miller   Indiana    
246 1/2 14-Sep-03 William Joseph Coughlin M Lincoln William Coughlin Shepherd Canada Farmer  
          Elizabeth Ann Carrigan   Canada    
249 14-Apr-03 Francis L. Kirkey M Denver Joseph Kirkey Denver Canada Farmer  
          Agnes Kirkey   Canada    
250 03-Mar-03 C. Walter Kirkey M Denver Charles Kirkey Denver Canada Farmer  
          Minnie Kirkey   Canada    
251 08-Aug-03 Leonard Mogg M Denver James L. Mogg Denver Canada Farmer  
          Sarah Mogg   Canada    
252 18-Sep-03 Eva Washburn F Denver Jesse Washburn Denver New York Farmer  
          Maggie Washburn   Michigan    
253 09-Sep-03 Lillie Owens F Denver Clyde Owens Denver Michigan Laborer  
          Sophia Owens   Michigan    
254 12-Aug-03 Marion Mogg M Denver Bert R. Mogg Denver Michigan Farmer  
          Eliza Mogg   Canada    
255 04-Sep-03 Martha Secor F Denver George Secor Denver New York Farmer  
          Inez Secor   Michigan    
256 30-Apr-03 Manley Nowlen M Denver Lewis Nowlen Denver Michigan Farmer  
          Nellie Nowlen   Michigan    
257 16-Mar-03 Clarence E. Lackie M Denver George Lackie Denver New York Laborer  
          Mary Lackie   Michigan    
258 04-Oct-03 Maurice E. Thorpe M Denver Frank Thorpe Denver Michigan Farmer  
          Bella Smith   Michigan    
259 06-Oct-03 Glen J. Detwiler M Denver Harvey Detwiler Denver Michigan Farmer  
          Margaret Detwiler   Pennsylvania    
260 29-Jan-03 Alfred Seaton M Denver John Seaton Denver Michigan Farmer  
          Libbie Seaton   Michigan    
261 28-Jul-03 Earl Richard Foster M Denver Christian W. Foster Denver Ohio Farmer  
          Jennie Long Foster   Ohio    
262 18-May-03 Emmanuel Render M Denver Kirt Render Denver Ohio Farmer  
          Rose Render   Nebraska    
263 31-Jan-03 Anna Hubble F Denver Luther Hubble Denver Ohio Farmer  
          Lilly Hubble   Canada    
264    21-Apr-03 Alfred W. Wicks M Denver John Wicks Denver Ohio Farmer  
          Maud Wicks   Michigan    
265 01-Nov-03 Harold Foster M Denver John G. Foster Denver England Farmer  
          Mary Foster   England    


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